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tv   Action News at 5AM  ABC  October 5, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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expect an increase in intensity to get back to cat 4 then the dangerous turn to the north and west which continues ahead -- allowing it to head into essentially florida. in a certain respect, the track is worse than you would expect with landfall. if we get a category 4 hurricane hugging the coast for miles and miles up to jacksonville, that is going to be a lot worse than one area impacted with the winds, the hurricane force winds extending out. the difference as far as the watches and warnings, they have been extended. hurricane watch is extended further north. for us we are under tropical storm watches. i will show you that in a second. wednesday night heading into thursday night. by thursday night we have a cat 4 hurricane to the east of florida, close to the coast. that is when our impacts will begin here in the bay area. polk county, highlands county, that's where we have the tropical storm watches.
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per hour. a lot of colors but we will focus in on our counties where we have the tropical storm watch. thursday night through the entire day on friday, the potential is there for 40 to 60 miles per hour winds. the reason as i mentioned, this thing is paralleling the coast as opposed to going in. this will be an entire day event plus. highlands and polk county will be in the worst of it. the path of the storm takes us on a drier side. i don't think this will be a big rain event like hermine. we are looking at rainfall tallies of 1 to 3 inches at most. we got more in the last few days with thunderstorms. this is a wind deal, not so much rain. the rain will be a problem along 95 along with the fact that they will get hurricane force winds as well. so, we have to watch the track. if it shifts further west we have to increase the wind speeds and potentially the counties impacted by tropical storm force winds.
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the day on friday. i will talk about the exact path where it's heading and rain chances in a few minutes. >> thanks, ivan. as we mentioned, the storm is blamed for 11 deaths. in haiti, officials say key roads and infrastructure are wiped out. they don't know the real death toll. they won't know that until communication is restored. the governors of four states, florida, georgia and carolinas are declaring a state emergency. palm beach and broward counties schools are open today but they will be closed tomorrow and friday because they need to use the schools as emergency shelters. people are stocking up on supplies leading to long lines at gas stations and empty store shelves. >> whatever happens, even if the eye doesn't go over, we will get a lot of swell and wind and best to stay safe. >> many have decided to evacuate ahead of the storm even though most areas haven't issued mandatory evacuation
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backup in charleston. several u.s. airlines are waiving the change fees for travelers that want to change travel plans because of hurricane matthew. american, delta, you need and jetblue are changing fees to u.s. destinations. airlines will likely issue waivers for more airports as matthew continues to track closer. update on the roads. here is janelle. >> good morning, everybody. reports of a possible crash on the checking the cameras, you can see traffic moving smoothly into tampa. the crash is a little further back blocking one lane. traffic isolate this morning, it's easterly out there so no delays there. a check of the average speeds on the interstates, look at this. great shape. i-4 into tampa, 70 the average speed there. i-75 heading southbound looking great. 65 the average speed in pinellas county from the
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a rough night, while you were sleeping, pinellas county crews were pumping raw sewage from a palm harbor neighborhood after a major leak from an underground pipeline. abc action news reporter rodney dunigan is near the source. >> reporter: it could take a few days to get things back to normal. the good news, crews have got the leak under control and raw sewage is not spilling out into the neighborhood. neighbors were told to limit and other optional water use. thousands of gallons of untreated sewage guard from a 30-inch opening on tuesday. crews got the flow under control but not before it poured all the stinky stuff throughout the backyards. now crews initially worried that the sewage would find its way into nearby retention ponds threatening birds and other wildlife. that did not happen. now there are a number of signs throughout the neighborhood warning folks to avoid the
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up. as you can see here, a number of pump trucks are set up in the neighborhood. it should take at least a few days before all of this mess will be cleaned up so people in the community will have to deal with it all. reporting from palm harbor, rodney dunigan, abc action news. a car crash leads to multiple attempted carjackings, home invasion and a suspect's death. witnesses tell action news the suspect threw a br deputy's head after he responded to the crash. the homeowner saw someone trying to break in then saw a deputy shoot and kill the man in his front yard. >> he went to the cop car. the cop was trying to get out. he barely had the door open. that's when he threw the brick and made a hole right where the could be would be, behind his window. >> the shooting stemmed from a traffic crash involving the
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three other people. the deputy that opened fire is a 24 year veteran. no one was seriously hurt in the car crash. the deputies haven't released the suspect's name or a motive to why he ran. one of those that killed a florida state professor has pled guilty in the death of dan markel. investigators call it a murder for hire plot. police arrested markel's ex- wife and a woman linked to rivera is serving 12 years in prison for an unrelated crime. before the deal, he was facing the death sentence. now to democracy 2016. the vice presidential debate. polite at the fact checking the statements of tim kaine and mike pence. they clashed over foreign pole. >> pence claims isis overran iraq because hillary clinton
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renegotiate -- [ overlapping speakers ] >> that is incorrect. >> politifact said negotiations failed between the u.s. and iraq to lead u.s. troops in the country but the key discussions were between the white house and iraqi leaders and the iraqis refused to sign an agreement that gave american troops immunity from prosecutio trump and his plan to build a wall and deport millions of people. >> donald trump spoke in phoenix he looked the audience in the eye and said we are building the wall and we are deporting everybody. he said, quote, they will all be gone. they will all be gone. this is one of those where you can go to the tape on it and see what donald trump has said. >> well, that is in reference to an august speech trump gave in arizona.
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wall, politifact said kaine oversimplified the recent priorities. trump was talking about immigrants who committed crimes. they would be the first to go. trump said people here illegally that want to be legalized have to return home an apply for citizen shep. it is rated as half true. sweet tomatoes restaurants could shut their doors in the near future. the parent company of sweet tomatoes filed for bankruptcy. sales were declining falling by two years. the company says it will close 30 of the more than 100 restaurants. so far no word on which locations will close. americans are expected to spend more money this holiday season encouraged by an economy that is expected to continue to improve. national retail federation is forecasting a 3.6% increase in sales for november and december. much better than the 3% growth seen for the same period a year ago. the figure is higher than the
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the 3.4% growth sin from 2009 when the recovery from the financial crisis began. all right. looking pretty good this morning. thunderstorms later this afternoon. coverage about 40%. high around 89 and thereafter, of course, things will turn down. we have major hurricane heading for florida, folks. this hasn't happened in some time. we will let you know what we are expecting locally here with watches and warnings up in couple of minutes. coming up, a cruise company reroutes a trip to keep it from hurricane matthew and passengers are not happy. what they are saying about the alternate travel plans. >> are blue jays fans the worst in baseball? you will never believe what one fan did to keep an orioles's
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a dream carnival cruise ship turned sour for thousands of people. >> passengers hoping to be in the caribbean are docked in new york city because of deadly hurricane matthew. late saturday night passengers received an e-mail hours before they were supposed to set sail from baltimore, maryland, to the bahamas saying it would be reroute to new york city then brunswick canada. passengers were told they would not even be going to canada. they remain docked on the
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money back saying this is not the trip they paid for. >> i want to go home at this point. there is nothing they could do to make this cruise, if you want to call it a cruise better. >> the ship is scheduled to head back to baltimore tonight. carnival said they gave guests $250 to spend on board and half off a future cruise. many have no intention of taking carnival up on that offer. talkg have people losing their lives with this hurricane. the name will be retired, no question about it. it continues to churn across eastern cuba. the dangerous winds are in eastern cuba as this continues to head to the north. 125 miles per hour hurricane, a category 3 major hurricane. it is going over water, warm water. conditions, atmosphere conditions will be favorable for it to strengthen here after. the official forecast has this
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as that is happening, of course, it's making the dangerous turn to the north and west. by the way, interests on the carolinas have to watch this. i have never seen a track like this, i must tell you. this is an unusual event. it either goes in or it doesn't but to hug the coastline like that and then that's the change in the later part of the track, back out, kind of a c, atypical with a hurricane here. so, we h this in the areas that i think we have to be interested in. the hurricane warnings are flying through the bahamas. there it is as a cat 3. then approaching florida as a category 4 hurricane with 130 miles per hour winds. this would be thursday night placing it close to west palm beach to preferred as well. and then it begins to move to the north. i paused it here. this is when the effects will begin as far as the inland
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not hurricane force winds. those only extend out 40 miles. unless you are within 40 miles of the intern, you are not going to experience hurricane force wind. for us it will be 39 to 60 miles per hour winds. that can certainly cause damage and it will continue. not just thursday night but through the day on friday. the reason, not april landfall when the system would weaken. it stays over as it parallels the coast it will bring the conditions to millions of people. that is the forecast track. the cone, of course, is pretty wide. if this makes a little western jog we are going to get a landfall across eastern florida and that would change things of course significantly for the forecast on the east coast and along with is. breaking it down locally, the only two counties under tropical alerts are polk and
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storm watch that would turn into a warning closer to the event. 40 to 60 miles per hour winds thursday and through the day on saturday. we will continue to watch that. watches and warnings will likely continue to change as well. this is the wind. this is what i was referring to t. the red you see there, hurricane force winds. the yellow, obviously a big swath of tropical storm force winds. the red is the dangerous part. it will go through many of the islands with the fer of that tropical storm force winds for thursday afternoon. so, conditions go downhill for south florida quicker than for us. breaking it down for you, thursday into friday, 40 to 60 miles per hour winds across the interior. heaviest rain will remain east of us as will the hurricane force wind. that will be impacting the east coast. as i mentioned, further to the west and we have to change that forecast. today, we will get showers and
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pretty much what we had the last couple of days. rain coverage at 40%. diminishing rain chances west of matthew and the winds increase as well thursday into friday. by the way, the weekend looks great. sunshine, calm with temps in the 80s. we are checking the drive in lakeland. good morning. things are looking great out the door to i-4, heading to the tampa area, this is what the drive looks like. up to speed in botdi polk parkway. checking the toll roads, while the construction on the veterans has cleared from overnight, 17 minutes your drive time right now from 54 to 275 and your drive on the lee roy selmon expressway looking good as well. six minutes from 75 into downtown. as you drive to work today, use extra caution. there will be a lot more kids walking and biking this morning. >> today is international walk or bike to school day. dozens of bay area schools are
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kids riding bikes and wearing helmets, walking are crossing the streets and crosswalks. now poor sportsmanship from a baseball fan in canada. he is going back for a fly ball when someone throws a beer at him. he made the catch and was obviously upset. the orioles manager complained. no word if the fan was ejected. this isn't the first time on the field. several fans threw beer with the rangers last postseason. they play the rangers tomorrow. a 12-year-old is facing felony charges as an adult for making an alleged threat. what he posted that got the
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yahoo is under fire after a new report claims the company scanned all incoming e-mails for the national security agency. abc's kendis gibson and diane merced do -- mercedo have the story. >> the scams came after a
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national security agency. it's not known what information intelligence officials wanted or what data yahoo may have handed over. >> google is introducing the pixel and pixel xl smart phones. they are compatible with the day dream virtual reality headset. both available for preordering. >> finally, this might be the ultimate gift for people the new mac candle. it smells like an unboxed mac computer, the candle will cost you 24 bucks but they have to make more. it's sold out online. >> amazing. those are your techbytes. the 5:00 a.m. advisory, a major hurricane here. 125 miles per hour winds. safely away from florida but it will intensify and as it does so, it will be heading in our
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the forecast. temps in the 70s. partly cloudy skies by midday and a lot of moisture out there. humid. we hit 90 yesterday. close to that with heat index around 95 to 100 then winding things down by 7:00. again, we will talk about matthew's impacts across the local area at the bottom of the hour. a 12-year-old is charged as an adult with a second-degree felony in a creepy clowca to kill kids at his school in this post that you see here. he reportedly posted this on the app music lane. investigators say the seven springs middle school students created a page with pictures of a clown and a threat. pasco county sheriff said it could be connected to the creepy clown craze going on in the bay area and across the country. we are not naming the student arrested because he is a juvenile.
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kill. coming up on abc action news, big news for garth brooks fans if you are planning to catch his concert in orlando, you need to change your plans. >> powerful hurricane matthew is taking aim at the bahamas after tearing through haiti. we will hear from a tampa woman
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now at 5:30, hurricane matthew is churning north taking aim at florida's atlantic coast. families are stocking up on water and gas. how much of an impact will it have on the state and our area. >> this is a deadly storm. meteorologist ivan cabrera has been tracking the storm all night. >> we are looking at impacts for our area here. a couple of our counties are involved in tropical storm winds. the 5:00 a.m. advisory finds matthew a powerful category 3 storm. hurricane hunters found the center to the north of cuba. that means it's over water. over the next several hours and through tonight, it will continue to maintain its strength and then intensify and the official forecast has this going back to a category 4 as it approaches and moves through


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