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tv   Action News at 530PM  ABC  October 5, 2016 5:30pm-5:57pm EDT

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state about one hour ago a shift in the track. i'm laura harris. >> and i'm paul lagrone, people trying to get out of the way of matthew. denis phillips has the updated information that is impacting coastal bay area residents. >> wherever tropical storm watch in effect for most of the area. again, this is what we have been saying for the past couple of days, we figured they would take the track closer to the coast now that is where it the east coast of florida. in terms of the forecast things have not changed for the immediate bay area, winds in the highlands and polk county 55 to 65, if you live in highlands or polk or sumter you will have strong winds friday morning they be some downed trees. the rest of us on the fringe only because if the storm goes more to the west all of a sudden we might be having more
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that is why it is a watch and not a warning, here's a look at hurricane matthew, winds of 120 miles per hour, the storm looks ragged right now, when it went over cuba it did a number on the inner core. there is a decent probability over the next 24 hours ideal conditions for redevelopmento it could g stronger but we're hoping it won't. that is a possility, that is usually the part of tracking a rr in terms of t track both models have been in this camp bringing good close to the east coast of florida. that is where the hurricane centaser h its track wch means anywhere from melbourne, cocoa beach, vero beach especially to the north from daytona, saint augustine really watching this closely because right now this is no longer and
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hurricane is going to hit the coast of florida and but they will be seeing damage like they have not seen in a long time. west palm and miami have gone through this, areas north of melbourne, not so much in terms of the next 48 hours there is one of the computer models showing a track more offshore so we are hopeful there could be a shift to the east. i'm pretty confident in terms of the spaghetti models look at the cluster most reliable models) over the cape moving up the eastern seaboard eventually looping around at some point in time. we have got a long way to go before considering that, rain will not be an issue for our area. over the east coast there will get 4 to 8 inches of rain, surge and beach erosion will be a issue on the east coast.
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things are quiet right now, we will look at when things will change in our area coming up. struck i don't want to get stuck i am a little scared. >> a lot of people in that situation people in airports throughout the bahamas and started to close and stop all flights, one visitor from tampa stuck on paradise island, she plans hunker down. charlie keegan the commission's. >> i am on paradise island nobody on the beach the wind is picking up, if you look at the water it is more rough than yesterday. it will only get worse. the prime minister went on tv and said this hurricane could be a defining event, he is most worried about the flooding and storm surge, the tides could come in more than 10 to 15 feet
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tonight and when the hurricane comes thursday morning. he is urgi bahamians to seek shelter go inland finite ground and stay safe. charlie keegan, back to you. >> disaster teams are trying to figure out how much damage hurricane matthew has dealt elsewhere in the caribbean, it will announce it will send $1.5 million in aid to countries like haiti. >> as we prepare for the hurricane at home. i want to keep in mind haiti, one of the poorest countries in the world already sunge of prev disasters has been hit really hard by the storm and we anticipate they will need substantial help. >> the president said fema will be ready to help when matthew arrives.
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as well as in georgia and the carolinas. to prepare and aess da. struck stores in tampa are lookg ar the clock to make sure people on the east coast are stocked up. check out this picture of a store in melbourne it ran out of plywood this morning. the shows did not stay barren for long, it descends out trucks with additional supplies every hour on the hour. still, some people drove tampa from as far away as vero beach to pick up generators. >> make sure your gasoline is full. they tend to get really low. water obviously stay stocked up on water. >> the people at lowe's say consider adding a portable charger to your hurricane kit. some even double as a
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>> hurricane matthew may not bring rain to this side of florida but ttorm is having an impact on travel in the y ar >> amanda and jason just had their dream wedding saturday in clearwater but their dream honeymoon to jamaica canceled when they learned hurricane matthew was headed for the island. >> we found out during the wedding i had my phone on me to take pictures and i got an email from the travel agent saying we were canceled >> thankfully they had travel insurance to refund the trip and they're trying to make the best of it. >> it wasn't too bad. we were happy to be together more so just worried about everybody else getting a big impact from this people in haiti and jamaica. everybody in florida. >> while the storm is running
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benefit for some of florida's gulf coast businesses like tradewinds. >> the phenomenon we experience is when the hurricane goes past the east coast many of the folks come stay with us for the evuation phase. >> the resort has lost a few reservations from nervous travelers avoiding florida altogether, the people coming from other parts of the state is helping make up for it. >> we wish the storm did not affect florida in any way want to do our best to take care of floridians. >> kera mashek abc action news. >> several hotels are offering discounted rates for people trying to get out of the path of the hurricane. we have got that set up over here, visit tampa bay is updating the list as offers are coming in all the time. we have got a link to the page on our website,
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legoland it will stay open tomorrow but it might close early. it ll definitely be closed friday but the hotel will stay open. disney and universal will also be opened as normal but they will watch the forecast and make scheduling changes as needed. once again track matthew's every move with our live radar access it on we are tracking it all the time for you. you can also get mobile app. raw sewage, this bill in palm harbor crews have contained the leak from an underground pipeline and a corroded section of the pipe could be replaced tonight. about 1 million gallons of sewage gushed into the neighborhood streets before crews were able to stop it. pinellas county workers are collecting samples to make sure the sewage has not entered waterways.
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deputies are telling us about a serial burglary suspect accused of attacking senior citizens inside their homes. for this man arrest documents back in june he broke into a 95- year-old's home put the vacuum in a choke hold before stealing $300 worth of jewelry. tonight he is facing burglary and battery charges. struck video showing keith scott's final moments, police shot and killed him in north carolina two his death sparked protests, in this video you can see officers treating scott, they mention a gun twice. scott's family claims he wasn't armed. the family attorneyit makes it is not clear dose paint a clear picture. if you have a yahoo email
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the company searched your inbox ey built aoftware progralast ye specific information, they use the tool to help us intelligence officials, yahoo can search a phrase in an email or an attachment to scan through hundreds of millions of mail accounts, it is not known what information officials were looking for. keeping our eye on hurricane matthew there it is, the major storm nears florida. denis will show us the impacts it is expected to have on tampa bay . and supplies running low
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tonight older adults could beat risk after reports of water leaking into units. >> in one case a threat of mold. we look at why the multimillion dollar housing project is a potential health hazard. >> danny moved into the reed just weeks after the building went up last year. >> that was basically what i could afford. >> the 65-year-old like many of his neighbors could not believe he could call the seven-story center home. $32 million grant helped build the signature low income housing project. >> i love this building. >> on the outside it appears fine but inside reports of possible water damage. danny's apartment is okay. >> i like it here a lot.
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the alternative. >> the city would not address concerns on camera but the problem circle back to the original contractor. misconstruction the housing authority fired the company citing concerns of building practices, months later these potential problems with leaks and mold. i need to make anoth apartment. i don't want to live like this. >> it is disheartening, relies on her son to pay the bills, moving here could do it on her own, until the issue is addressed she wants to hold on. >> state law gives the contractor a chance to make repairs before being sued, they did not return calls or emails. danny feels hopeful the city will push to get things done, he recalls how officials worked tirelessly to get the complex built beautifying 28 acres
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news. there is a live shot from vero beach where you can see threatening skies out there, just the beginning of what likely will be a stretch of 24 hours very very nasty weather vero beach could be one of the southern points when things get going. here is letting going on. if you just walked in and you have seen interesting changes in terms of the watches you would be right, the entire bay area is under tropical storm watch with the exception of polk and sumter now hardy county which are now under warnings. the track really has not changed in the are prenng it. the gfs and european model have
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florida. it takes a while for the hurricane center to move their track they don't like to make sudden movements. they have now got it close enough that they think there is an outside chance we could see tropical storm force winds in the area which is why it is a watch, the warning the areas expecting to see winds of 65 would be polk and highlands and hearty. if you live in those counties expect to see winds easily 55 maybe 60 thursday night into friday morning those winds can bring down trees causing problems. the rest of the bay area not under warnings we will just keep our ey on it if the track goes more to the west, hurricanes can change so all of a sudden we may have to change the forecast. at this point that has not happened isolated showers interior moving toward
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tampa, early october 90 degrees in lakeland also 92 in sarasota. tempo right now partly sunny skies 90 degrees it is soupy tropical moisture is here and there is more on the way. a look at the sallite picture east to west flow a lot of sunshine today and tonight nothing more than isolated showers a couple of thunderstorms, tomorrow morning drive to start afternoon, and all of a sudden we see some bands rolling in by late tomorrow into tomorrow night. four of the leading edge of the moisture not even bands which will be late night into friday morning. the computer models are all over the place in terms of how heavy the rain is, but i do think by friday morning these rain bands will be closer to
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counties and the storm moves out to see for the time being maybe looping around on the road. will touch on that in a couple of days. finally things will begin to clear out, in terms of rainfall the east coast gets it we won't see nearly the rain this should not be a flooding event for the area. this will not be a surge event we will not have those issues because we are on the drier side the one thing to watch out for the interi there is the latest satellite picture this weekend although there is potential over the next 14 hours as it moveso eaith warm water and low share where matthew could intensify. ey expected to become a category four hurricane before friday. it will loop back we will see
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northeast. no longer in the track. here is a closer look, right there, if you live anywherene o from jacksonville down to coa beach, this is the real deal. i can't remember a stormver coming up at this angle with this kind of tensthe way to ckjasonville. if thifiries this n't going to changmuit cou turn more to the right or left but no majo be a major major storm for the east coast. we have already covered what we can expect, tropical storm force winds possibly across the interior counties hurricane force winds should be on the east coast and i don't anticipate anything other than maybe a cost close to 70 in eastern polk. 's numbers are percentages, pick up your neighborhood look
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citrus county it is yellow a 40% chance you'll get tropical storm force winds by monday. winds of 39 to 55 miles per hour. so this is a really good way to know the chances across most of the area are less than 50%, that has not changed, computer models same thin ced around the middle because of that there have been a few trending to the west but they are usually more reliable but never say never in the tropics. things can change, remember charlie from 2004, at this point in time comfortable with the track for the east coast of florida, if you have anyone living anywhere from the cape, melbourne up to jacksonville and they can get out tonight
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not 20 or 30 miles inland but where the bulk of this damages lie. here's a look at your seven-day forecast rain chances 60to 70% the windiest time late tomorrow night through 2:00 friday afternoon. things wind down later on the day the weekend turns out to be pretty nice. temperatures cooling off with highs in the mid-80s morning
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tonight this chilling video of what some call a missing persons shrine is racking up more than 500,000 views online one of the missing posters shows tampa native who disappeared from her orlando home 10 years ago, a hiker in long island posted about this
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the video shows several real missing persons posters attached to the trees. the hiker called police who told him it was part of a set up for halloween party. but that seems fishy because as you know halloween is several weeks away. a look at what is happening at 6:00. >> as hurricane matthew looms polk county facing a shortage in bottled water. bracing for up businesses and residents are boarding up windows taking the storm seriously. you may not be doing enough to protect your home, small
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live from the station taking action for you this is abc action news. >> we have to direct hit. >> matthew on the move. >> panic and they are pushing and shoving. >> millions heading for safety. >> there is no excuse. >> the catastrophic hurricane decimated parts of the caribbean now pushing to florida. >> the race for supplies. agonizing evacuations and what you should do to protect your home. >> good evening everyone thank you for joining us, you can see
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we are on the ground in florida ready to respond picks but the entire area under tropical storm watch or morning we have team coverage tonight of everything from evacuations on the east coast to the rush for supplies in polk county we begin with denis phillips and the potential landfall. >> as a 5:00 today there were changes and the cup people's attention, tropical storm watches in effect in areas of there is a chance there could be tropical storm conditions in the area but it is not expected, just a chance. there are tropical storm warnings across sumter, polk, and highlands county. look at these counties and they are expecting tropical storm force winds, it is expected they will see winds of 55 to maybe 65 miles per hour.


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