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tv   Action News at 6PM  ABC  October 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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we are on the ground in florida ready to respond picks but the entire area under tropical storm watch or morning we have team coverage tonight of everything from evacuations on the east coast to the rush for supplies in polk county we begin with denis phillips and the potential landfall. >> as a 5:00 today there were changes and the cup people's attention, tropical storm watches in effect in areas of there is a chance there could be tropical storm conditions in the area but it is not expected, just a chance. there are tropical storm warnings across sumter, polk, and highlands county. look at these counties and they are expecting tropical storm force winds, it is expected they will see winds of 55 to maybe 65 miles per hour.
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the changes. the forecast for our area has not changed much. we are expecting heaviest wind in polk county, this is more just in case the storm decides to go to the west because the odds are below 50% that our area gets directly impacted. the east coast is another story, this is a powerful hurric trained to get organized, it will have a lot of time to do so before it makes landfall and we believe that is what will happen, the gfs and european model have been making landfall around cape canaveral that is what the national hurricane center is doing they are usually more subtle, they have been saying we think it will be close to florida but not until 5:00 advisory that they have it going over the cape, this is
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a closer look showing you what it means to us in terms of floridians. at this point in time, if this verifies, we have seen a change before, charlie is a perfect example, hopefully that is what this will do a turn to the east would take it away from the state, the bottom line i don't think that will happen, i believe this will make landfall around the c the west. and i will bring winds of 130 miles per hour to the east coast of florida in areas that have never seen that for melbourne, merritt island, saint augustine, daytona, maybe southeast of jacksonville, if the track goes thfor us we are not even in the margin of error so the tropical storm watch very comfortable as a watch. we will see how the track continues to play out, in terms of timing overnight tomorrow
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is when the winds will crank up they will start first in the highlands move into polk and work their way up, this is the latest probability updated for tropical storm force winds, the orange color that means 50% to 60% chance of tropical storm force winds in the area. if you live on the coast the chances 40%. it is higher than yesterday because the hurricane center i bottom line, watches and warnings in effect for the area but it is an area from cape canaveral, melbourne, saint augustine up to jacksonville that has to be diligent. if you have any friends that want to ride it out and they live within two or three miles from the coast tell them that is not smart, in terms of safety there will be massive beach erosion, a storm surge and winds gusting to 140 miles
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south. getting some new numbers in, i will let you know what the new gfs is saying. coming up in a couple of minutes. this is the reason governor rick scott is so concerned the storm causing 11 deaths in the caribbean including five in haiti, that toll could go higher, the storm washing out a key bridge, roads rescue workers cut off from the western tip of haiti making the impact impossible to know. in florida a different roadblock we are finding gas pump after gas pump empty, drivers scrambling to fill up their tanks ahead of the storm many had to drive several miles to find a station with gas available. stores all over the state seeing a shortage of bottled
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ryan smith live in lakeland where the shelves have been clearing out. >> reporter: that is right in this publix parking lot you know we have been seeing a steady stream of customers purchasing in bulk and we have learned the hardest items to keep on the shelves, bottled water and jugs of water. stores trying to keep up with the demand. it has been fast-paced day keepin water providing storm essentials for cautious customers preparing for the worst. kim scott picked up multiple 24 packs. southgate shopping center all out of the store brand wate bottles by late morning. it wasn't longer for the warehouse send over a fresh shipment, this store received nine extra pallets of water to keep up with the growing demand.
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products. >> i was worried it would be empty. but it is not. >> emergency management officials morning there could be widespread power outages. >> stocking up preparing for m. not sure if it will impact us. >> many parents trying to beat the rush and stock up last- minute supplies before the kids are sent home. >> my son plays football for thursday. they a having it tonight because of the storm. >> a lot of these parents in polk county trying to beat the rush doing their last-minute grocery shopping tonight as school is canceled in polk county tomorrow and friday, we also want to management -- mention management officials
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medical help for those in need. for putting live in lakeland, abc action news. breaking news in brevard county, we are getting live pictures of people evacuating there is a steady stream of traffic moving away from the east coast. the hurricane forcing many people to look for a safer place to stay. a race against time to get homes and businesses boarded up ahead of matthew. beach. >> reporter: she is a tough woman, she owns an ice cream shop a couple of blocks away from here. their boarding up doors and windows just in case it happens, i want to show you video for some perspective, my photographer shot this in 2004 that is her awning ripping to
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devastating this business they rebuilt fast in 10 weeks. this time around there is an evacuation order, it is voluntary now but it comes to mandatory azevedo clock a tomorrow. we are familiar with what will happen. we will hunker down and get ready. >> you don't seem concerned. >> i am not frightened, was coming at us i would be concerned. since it is moving up the coast everyone will be fine.>> mary sue walker is staying positive for now she is not listening to the evuation order, planning to ride out the storm risky business for sure but we saw a lot of people heating the warning getting out of town before the storm gets close just in case. live from vero
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news. >> we were sent this picture of the shopping center on highway 27. hurricane matthew having an impact on travel, american airlines canceling all flights into miami, fort lauderdale and palm beach tomorrow. all-american flights departing uth florida will be granted at noon. officials at tampa international ex in the coming days. disney cruise announcing it is canceling friday's launch of the disney dream all tickets will be refunded, the current trip will stay at sea until saturday. the university of central florida postponing its game because of this hurricane, scheduled to play friday, the game has been moved to november
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so far the florida gators plan to play lsu in gainesville officials will make a decision on the start tomorrow. much more hurricane matthew information available on including school closings, office clothings and sandbag locations. follow matthew's track just download our storm shield app or our free abc actione heading to polk county, the simple things you can do before matthew gets here. the westside absolutely beautiful, sunny skies and rain free conditions but matthew heading to the east coast. i will let you know if there
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hurricane matthew moving closer to florida as we speak tropical storm force winds to part of the bay area. isabel rosales is taking steps for you helping you protect your home from damage.>> reporter: in 2004 when charlie passed through lake wells was a t hardest hit areas with o strong winds uprooting trees, peeling off rooftops and br people i talked to remember charlie quite well and are preparing for the same thing with matthew. employees at this building supply have been running around nonstop. keeping up with the demands of getting ready for matthew. the most popular request, plywood this store has plenty to sell. >> we bought a truckload of
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i checked in with a state farm agent and asked him what steps a homeowner should take to protect against the wind. >> the wood will make all the difference in the world. he tells me this is a great start but you need to make sure high winds do not pick up your belongings. >> these things can become deadly missiles. >> this bounce, the grill inside the house. >> he took me around his home. >> things like shutters that one would be problematic. >> he will secure that down. his biggest insurance claims from charlie, windows and roofs anything loose could mean paying big bucks. >> homes had major water issues
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actions you can do but a commonly missed step is caulking around the windows. it will only cost about three dollars. winds don't need to shatter your window to get water inside the hardware manager and insurance agent agree. >> if they wait untilhe last thais bad.>> beyond securing your home it is crucial to round up any important documentation like your ho prescription for medication. live from polk county, isabel rosales abc action news. polk county is going to get some wind there is no doubt about it, those steps may be necessary a look from vero beach not a lot of surf coming in maybe a little bit but the surf
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feet by the time we roll into friday morning on the east coast, not for our area, a look at the doppler radar isolated showers thunderstorms moving to the west temperatures in the low 90s, 88 tampa, 86 lakeland, there's the satellite typical day a lot of sunshine early on highs in the low 90s, tomorrow much like today where not feeling any effects for matthew until tomorrow night, the overnight and then half of friday things will go downhill especially for polk county and eastern citrus, sumter into highlands hardee and de soto. eventually matthew will move up the eastern seaboard, this model keeps it offshore which is a possibility, we hope that is the case. more reliable models, i just looked at the new gfs it
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canaveral staying along the coastline until jacksonville. if that verifies it is going to be a devastating storm for the northern half of the state, areas that usually don't get hit by hurricanes, heaviest rain to the east, rain will not be an issue certainly we will have some rain. the overall heaviest rain will be the east coast the entire heaviest weather will be the east coast, there it is appears to get better organized after the court was ripped up over cuba now it is moving into warm waters of the bahamas it will have the opportunity to re- intensified which is what the hurricane center is forecasting predicting category four. the gfs and euro have been making landfall in 36 hours. the advisory is in the middle
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coast, winds of 130 of 132 140 miles per hour within 10 to 20 miles from the center wherever the eye is if you are 10 or 15 miles away you will have strong hurricane force winds, for our area the forecast has not changed much in terms of tropical storm force winds, wave heights early friday morning looking at wave heights up to 30 feet offshore, the surge will from the cape north toward jacksonville in terms of the winds this is something to get your attention. these are wind gusts, by lunchtime friday this particular computer model is predicting wind gusts at 95 miles per hour, daytona, titusville 95 miles per hour, that is where the center or the
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area 45 to 50, those are gusts, sustained you could bump up 15 miles per hour. 2225 on the coast may be 30 inland, much higher polk county highlands county by friday evening it will pull away toward jacksonville eventually looping back the probability of hurricane force winds highest along the coast in our area extremely low. there's a look at tropical storm force winds, chance of sustained winds of 35 to 40 miles per hour, higher in polk county higher in highlands county, updates a live web chat in 25 minutes, check us out on or my facebook page. we will answer all of your questions. whether it is locally or on the east side, drying out behind matthew we will see cooler air
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morning lows in the 60s. hurricane matthew causing a change of plans for the
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hello folks, hurricane matthew has for the tampa bay lightning, tomorrow night's game against the florida panthers canceled. this trip has long been used by the lightning to get away from the rate -- distractions at home. the exhibition game was scheduled with the panthers, that did not go as planned so the bolts have one more
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for the season home opener sunday against detroit, either way they plan to bring a high- level game from start to finish. >> we have to make sure we focus on important things. it is a marathon not a sprint to the playoffs. we have to battle through advisory it will always hit you. the experience we had in the last few years >> officials say sporting events are planned to go as scheduled including the noon kickoff saturday between usf and east carolina. >> a good football team, they had a lot of turnovers last week which caused them to lose, hopefully we can continue that.
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>> thank goodness the weather would be all right. continuing coverage of our top stories at >> we will see you back here at
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tonight, the breaking news here. millions of americans now bracing for hurricane matthew. what could be a direct hit. hundreds of thousands already racing to get out. the mandatory evacuations at this hour. the deadly storm steam romming through the caribbean, the u.s. coastline next. the new track tonight. and is it possible this hurricane could circle around and hit twice? also tonight, the scare onboard a passenger jet. the owner who says his smartphone was burning, smoke in the cabin. this had been the fear all along. donald trump and his new attack late today, using bill clinton's own words, as hillary clinton now prepares for their second showdown. american secrets stolen? authorities say the government


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