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tv   The Now Tampa Bay  ABC  October 13, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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breaking news on "the now tampa bay", legoland shut down families scrambling to get out after a bomb threat. polk county, 53 years of marriage between a pastor and his wife comes to a sudden and violent end. >> there was this bomb that went off, a total explosion. >> the poor decision that broke this couple up. >> they will lie, lie, lie, the clintons are criminals. donald trump in florida
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restaurants and cities in tampa, how many people give you the fish you are paying for cracks amazon prime just upped the food game in tampa. we break down your delivery options it is 4:00 time for "the now tampa bay". as we come on the air a news conference just wrapping up about the bomb threat at legoland, we flew er being cleared out around noon. it took less than one hour to rush everyone out. the threat was a letter inside the park. >> we all got out safely and call me, it wasn't a mad dash everybody was shuffled along we didn't know anything at that point. >> what is your gametime?>> wait it out hopefully we can get in tomorrow and have some
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live at legoland. >> reporter: from what we know so far, what we just learned is that the bomb threat was placed on a note inside the theme park, the deputy police chief from winterhaven could not go into detail about what was on the note but is reassuring the public that they are not in any danger, behind me we have been posted up across the street i can tell you inside several law enforcement agencies including to the fbi and tampa bomb squad they are investigating at this time, we saw park caravans leaving the entrance shuttling guests out of the park and along the street. when the note was found the park and police evacuated guests and employees within one
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every entrance and exit in the park. no word on how long this will take, the general manager believes it is a hoax but would not elaborate on why he said that. police are saying they are taking this as a serious threat. the park will remain closed for the rest of the day and evening, a lot of hotel guests, their number one priority is finding out if they will have a room to stay at the park are waiting on answers to see when the hotel will open backup that is the latest, ryan smith for "the now tampa bay" a pinellas county deputy fired and facing charges after he pawned his service weapon, stephen smith sold his glock 45 caliber pistol for $250 to the silver dollar pawnshop in new port richey, he also stole a
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53 years of marriage gone in the blink of an eye, this is janice folds, she was getting up starting her day with her husband when suddenly, this man right here came crashing into their home in his truck. he was impaired at the time what they are calling miserably failed a field sobriety test. ryan raiche has been at the heartbreaking scene all day what can you >> reporter: such a sad sight, a few moments ago they boarded off the side of the home the gaping hole it is no longer in the elements, that room is where janice folds was laying down when the truck came crashing through, i want to show your perspective of how fast the truck was going. it appears it hit this ridge going airborne, there are no
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a lot of times we cover stories like this you see the back end of the car sticking out of the house in this case it went all the way through. ultimately resting in the dining room. here is another picture of the victim. a beloved member of the lakeland community very active at the redeemer presbyterian church in lakeland where her husband was a pastor for many years. today their family in total disk lea after he ramped the house he try to get out and walk home, neighbors stopped him until deputies arrived. >> they did the right thing they are lucky he wasn't assaulted in some way or another for what he did. >> investigators say the man behind the wheel is in jail
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has a long criminal history, he pled no contest in 2009 for a dui, driving drunk causing injury and property damage he is back in jail right now for a long list of charges, all day long he has been interviewed by detectives, he should get booked in any moment. ryan raiche "the now tampa bay" also right now the driver who hit and killed a high school seni hillsboro avenue is out there somewhere. this is the 17-year-old ashley perdomo, she was walking along hillsboro avenue last night to catch a bus trying to get home from work, the hit and run driver is out there right now, she was a senior at hillsboro high school. she planned to go to college soon. everyone at the school who knew her were devastated by the news, as one teacher put it they are trying to make sense
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wonderful young lady, you don't see a person like that deserving this. so, we are devastated. >> state troopers have no leads and are asking anyone with information to come forward. a crew is speaking with ashley's mom right now. we will hear from her later. 26 days until the election. today trump is firing back allegations that he groped women. within the hour, trump will be live in ohio, he made another stop in florida at west palm beach and said he saw this coming. but the claims are fabricated. complete fiction, outright lies calling it a coordinated attack. >> it is not coincidence these attacks come at the exact same moment and altogether at the
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documents exposing the massive international corruption of the clinton machine, including 2000 more emails just this morning. >> donald trump went on to blast the new york times and media for not confirming the claims. he went on to say he is preparing a lawsuit against them and by the way the new york time campaigning for hillary michelle obama said she hadn't planned to talk about those comments but felt she had no choice. >> this is not something we can ignore. it is not something we can sweep under the rug as just another disturbing footnote in a sad election season. >> michelle obama said his
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could not have predicted. >> i knew his old man, he voted twice against funding testing the rape kits. and then they have the audacity to raise that money. >> this is joe biden he looked a but he is campaigning for hillary clinton in las vegas right now, in the meantime in florida several women's groups organizing events all over the state and this weekend coming up more female voters for clinton they say in light of the trump stuff actress eva longoria is hosting one of the events. taking a moment to look outside, why does that happen?
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there.>> look at the rivergate tower camera, a nice mix of sun and clouds. also look at the radar, looking pretty dry a few light sprinkles working their way across the state, we have talked about this for a couple of days a pretty strong northeast flow, all we will see is a few extra class from time to time maybe one or two sprinkles. temperatures ranging from 83 in st. pete to 86 in clearwater, muggy out there, as we continue to the night the temperatures fall to the 80s and we will be starting off tomorrow near 70 degrees. so conditions are looking pretty good overall. i know as we are headed into tomorrow if you are planning on a round of golf, which direction are the winds blowing, how strong will they be and what chances do we have for
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the new recall related to the exploding samsung phones coming up. new numbers showing people may not believe the newest trump stories after all.
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right now it may not come as a surprise but even the replacement phones samsung sent out after the problems with the galaxy note 7 gauge are being
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million original and replacement phones. those are all in the united states. the consumer products safety commission said there have been 23 new reports of the batteries overheating since the first recall last month. two boston police officers are struggling to survive after being shot, they were responding to a domestic disturbance call. the now's todd walker joins us as this is the second time in after trying to respond to these calls. >> this is the man who police say open fire on officers overnight. he was allegedly wearing body armor when he shot two boston officers with an assault rifle. >> we could hear the officer screaming on the radio. 303 signifying shots fired and
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two of the officers were shot. >> the men were shot in killed on scene, this is the second time officers have come under fire. prosecutors announce charges of the men accused of shooting and killing officers in california last week. >> he wanted to gun down police officers. >> prosecutors charging counts. now in boston, two more officers clinging to life hours after this. >> there is an element in the society bent on killing police officers because they represent law and order. i think it is time everybody i law-enforcement and the public spoke up against that. >> for the now, i'm todd
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were hurt, the suspect reportedly had been a constable since july, the rank only allows him to serve court summons and make arrests. we are getting mixed messages about the impact the current turmoil in the presidential race is having. a daily national tracking poll just released now shows donald trump leading hillary clinton 42% to 41%. that is the opposite of what it showed yesterday. point lead monday in the poll. in the battleground state of pennsylvania, bloomberg found more than 80% of voters are bothered by trump's comments. right now clinton leads from 48% to 39% with third-party candidates included. that includes four suburban counties that usually lean republican. how important is pennsylvania in the race?
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he would be short the 270 electoral votes needed. that is even if he wins in florida, ohio, iowa and nevada which as we all know are the key battleground states. the states voted for the democratic candidate in the last two elections. look at this, the website says if only men vote in the election trump would map if only women could vote then clinton would win. the debate is so divisive it sparked a twitter hashtag saying repealed the 19th amendment giving the women the right to vote. one thing we are not divided on is how beautiful the weather has been. keep it coming. >> i am doing my best.
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weatherwise if you have been liking this, that was a picture of the beach on anna maria island where it looks gorgeous. we have extra clouds around sumter county, northern polk county and a few sprinkles working in a north easterly flow coming off the atlantic bringing some showers, the east coast of florida we have a chance for light rainfall but you can see how light it is an patchy, partly cloudy skies may be a sprinkle and a light breeze, this next front going to do that much, nothing to get excited about if you're waiting for a cool burst of air coming from the north which i know a lot of you are. but i will have some information coming up on when we may have the next strong front, for now the average highs are around 85 degrees, average lows around 69. we will stay a little bit about
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you are planning on the round of golf early in the day temperatures in the low 70s, by noon 80 and topping out at 87, northeast winds at 5 to 10 a light breeze should not cause problems, these are looking great with the exception of the tropics. nicole still out causing trouble. more on that and its impacts on bermuda and on north carolina coming up. the person that just might be able to put an end to the ridiculous clown
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right now hernando county deputies are working a dogfighting bust look at some of these pictures, the first dog found was possibly used as the bait the cage. to make matters worse, seven minutes down the street deputies found a dog breeding and fighting training facility. they found 20 peoples and puppies, two people have been arrested. a little more than two weeks till halloween unfortunately the crown -- clown craze is going strong especially in the tampa bay
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writing notes, putting them around r.b. stewart middle school . the kids say it was a joke but the police are not laughing, the notes are threatening teachers lives so the kids were arrested, all of this enough to make the pasco county superintendent make -- feel the need to make a 2 1/2 minute video posted today. >> we do not want good kids to jeopardize their future by making a domestic even joke, law enforcement and schools will not laugh, it will track them down, taken to jail and he will be prosecuted. >> it is those scenarios are scaring kids and adults so one group is finding a lighthearted way to handle the terror. >> 12 little kids being scared and affected by these clowns. you don't need to worry anymore. batman is taking care of it.
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to scare someone why don't you try to scare me? >> batman has your back, patrolling the streets in england where clown spotting's are happening and it appears to be working. look at this post from a boy who was scared of the clowns. he says he saw that batman was taking care of it, now he is not scared to go to school. a live look at a bermuda live camera. it is definitely raining out there, hard to see what was going on earlier but hurricane nicole passing over the island. the impact we might be feeling.
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will be arriving in ohio, holding his second rally of the day in a big battleground state, this time in ohio, this is a live picture from columbus. he was in west palm beach hours ago addressing the newest attack, women accusing him of groping them. in the meantime, time magazine is featuring trump, this cover was from an august issue showing trump in a meltdown. here's the one that will hit newsstands next week calling it a total meltdown. the magazine referencing the latest shockers coming from the chum campaign. he has been on the cover six times, by comparison clinton has been on their 31. mike sacks with trump's push back. >> under siege from a slew of
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donald trump hit back against the media his accusers and clinton in florida today. >> these vicious claims about me of inappropriate conduct with women are totally and absolutely false. >> yesterday the new york times ran a story featuring two women one who says he groped her on a plane 30 years ago. >> when he started putting his hand up my skirt, that was it. >> the other woman forcibly kissed her in a trump tower elevator in 2005. the same year someone said trump assaulted her at his florida resort and the same year he boasted on howard stern show he would walk through beauty pageants backstage while his contestants were undressed. whether or not coordinated by the clinton campaign the
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answer that trump gave to anderson cooper on the debate sunday. >> are you saying what you said , you did not actually kiss women without consent or groped women? >> i have great respect for women and they respect me and no i have not. >> trump's lawyers demanded an apology and a retraction promising to pursue all available actions and remedies. the times lawyer shot back writing we welcome the opportunity to set trump street in court. for the now i'm mike sacks. this cycle might as well be called the election of the hack, the latest victim, hillary clinton's campaign children first it was his email now his twitter account, whoever hacked him tweeted i
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the website we are talking about his public forum site claiming responsibility for the hack. my goodness. right now a live look at bermuda, this camera freezes every 2 to 5 seconds but you can tell it is raining and windy , but thankfully the storm is moving away, here is the thing, we've been wondering about the storm for a long time, is nicole going to do anything for our area? what happens to us is the question. this dangerous storm surge now that the eye has passed over the island. take a look at that. overnight hurricane nicole became a category four storm, by the time it made landfall it dropped to category three. a vicious hurricane with winds up to 130 miles per hour. you can just see how massive the storm was, the strongest hurricane to hit bermuda in a decade. thankfully we have not heard of
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or killed. definitely some flooding, road damage and power outages, for the us the curtain came and it will not hit us but causing huge rains all the way to the carolinas. it is amazing to me it can cause waves that far out. >> you can see where north carolina is and where the center of the eye is. it is moving to the northeast and take a look at this. here is bermuda, the little island and you can see nicole has just moved to the northeast, still getting the tell and of her case force winds. as we move to the night and it moves to the northeast and it weakens, right now it is down to category two. bermuda will see the hurricane strength winds drop to tropical storm force winds over the next few hours, 6 to 8 foot storm surge continuing over the next
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rainfall totals. possible tonight on the island. conditions will start to improve a little later tonight and especially into the overnight, the impacts being felt in north carolina, i will have more on that coming up in my next forecast. i will also have our weekend forecast. can't wait for that. back to you. new information out about the deadly new jersey train crash. the brakes were working properly when it plowed into the station. that is what has been found so far as they try to figure out what went wrong. one woman waiting at the station was killed in the accident. in its initial findings the ntsb says the emergency brakes were triggered just one second before the crash. the train was going 21 miles per hour when it crashed, twice the speed limit before the platform, the engineer does not
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22 restaurants between here at -- and atlanta put to the test. how many places give you what you pay for. coming up. it is time, the boys are back, less than three hours away from the puck dropping on a brand-new season for the tampa bay lightning. here is some video, all of your favorites back on the ice. a tough first opponent, the detroit arena something new, a traffic lane just for uber drivers to help people get to and from the
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is back in its enclosure after escaping. luckily no one was hurt, it was shot with a trunk laser gun and then captured. someone tweeted out this photo before it got out, he says the gorilla threw himself against the window, you will remember we recently had a girl incident in the united states, people online are comparing the two. at the cincinnati zoo when harambe was shot and killed after a three-year-o in the exhibit, the little boy is okay. have you ever heard of fish frog? are you getting the fish you order at the restaurant? apparently that is not always the case, inside edition went to 22 restaurants to find out if you're getting fooled, paying a higher price for cheaper quality fish. >> how is it possible for one type of fish to be switched to
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>> there looking at card, grouper and catfish at popular chains and hotspots, to find out if i had problems watch right here on your abc action news station at 7:00. we do the math, breaking down the amazon food delivery
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welcome back to "the now tampa bay", starting today the food delivery game in tampa just got major competition, amazon is now delivering for free to prime members from
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started. >> the lunch rush in west tampa is already busy. but the chain is dishing out even more deliciousness after signing up for uber eats. >> we had to hire an extra person to keep up with the orders. >> now the owner says they are serving amazon prime customers. >> it is making tampa so progressive. it >> log onto the apple or website and pick your meal, the order goes to the kitchen and then an amazon contractor driver delivers it to your trip -- door, the order has to be at least $20. the differences don't end there. >> both apps have the same amount of weight time, 40 minutes in tampa, amazon is new
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here's the big one, amazon delivers for free but that is with your $99 yearly membership, uber eats is five dollars per delivery. who was the winner? >> it is no competition, uber is the millennial and amazon prime are the more family oriented. >> clearwater and st. pete aren't in the mix that amazon reps are looking at bringing the service across the bay. in tampa customers love the choices. >> i convenience. how mumuch better to not have t get in my car somebody just delivers my dinner. >> i'm jake peterson for "the now tampa bay". amazon announcing they need more temporary workers for the holidays. looking to fill 120,000 physicians, 20% more than last year. you never know, that might turn into a full-time job, last year more than 14,000 people who started working for the
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include target 70,000 people, holding hiring events tomorrow or you can apply online, 40,000 people for jcpenney, 69,000 at kohl's and ups needs 95,000. do all of these seasonal jobs really mean we are in a purchasing mood? the us national retail federation is predicting holiday spending increasing more than 3.5% to a new record of 656 to a new record of $656 december. online sales expected to be up as much as 10%. every day this week we have been bringing you images from north carolina where they are dealing with aftermath of hurricane matthew. look at this video near greenville, you can see the river out of its banks spilling into people's homes. other rivers are expected to crest tomorrow at record
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we are not getting new reports of anyone else dying associated with the storm. also right now looking at the coast of north carolina, beautiful right now. hurricane nicole is kicking up the surf, thankfully that won't mean much to us. shay i want to know if it will be beautiful this weekend. will it be beautiful? >> fabulous. to talk a little more of what is happening in north carolina and part of the flooding concerns, the reason the rivers are having a hard time getting the water out is because we have a strong northeasterly to northerly flow around nicole and that is driving the water from the beaches or from the ocean right into where the rivers are trying to drain. the rivers are trying to go off to the east or to the south and
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right up against it, creating a more difficult scenario for the rivers to discharge their water into the ocean. as far as the next front goes, it is pretty weak so it could give a slight chance of rain to north carolina and areas that have not flooded, the good news we're not looking at flooding rains headed their way. we will see improving conditions for the weather. the high tides and onshore flow, the rough surf continued flooding coasta fortunate part they have a low chance for rain, we are enjoying the low chance for rain, look at the futurecast, those little bits of green popping up nothing more than a sprinkle if at all, most of this morning we still have the northeasterly flow bringing moisture off the atlantic into our area. what we are mainly seeing is extra clouds that will be the
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of that working its way into our area is pretty slim, a sprinkle at best, right now temperatures range from 84 in zephyrhills and crystal river to 87 in tampa, 85 lake wales, a nice amount of sunshine out there and this continued northeast flow is keeping temperatures above average and that will remain the same. the weak front fizzles out across florida tomorrow, behind it, no push of dry air and you can see chances for rain remaining between 10 and 20%. may be sunday a brief passing shower, that is the best chance for rain over the next four days, this weekend is shaping up beautifully, i have the seven-day forecast and more on when we will see a stronger front coming up. right now hillary clinton talking at a rally in san diego
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working with your two amazing senators, barbara and diane. we are really going to miss barbara in the senate, but i know diane will be an even more vigorous supporter of everything that we need to do especially if we have a i also want to think congress and mike thompson, the mayor, the assemblyman and san francisco for its supervisors. >> any moment, donald trump
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holding his second rally of the day. this is a live picture in columbus just waiting for him to come to the podium. he was in west palm beach hours ago. both candidates making their rounds across the country. after days of no power police in south carolina are finding the perfect way to celebrate with the community now that it has been restored in one neighborhood. that would start a dance party, they are blasting the 90s hit i have got the power through the streets saying this is what real police civilian relationships look like. >> it goes both ways, the guy who posted the video sharing these photos for us. you see his daughter's making cards for officers and workers.
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raising money for hurricane matthew victims, those kids are doing that. his neighborhood has really come together after the storm. people are delivering water to workers and first responders as well. running generator courts to other neighbors, offering hot showers, washers and dryers to those who do not have power yet. crews continue to work, were still in the dark this week, they are coming a long way, but unfortunately there are people out there who do not have power. the winner of this year's nobel prize in literature, rob dylan. the legendary singer and songwriter got the award today,
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for his new poetic expressions within the great american song tradition. they compared him to the ancient greek poet homer. he is 75 years old. president. obama will meet with the national security council to consider military and other options in syria as the continued worsening of the situation. this is aftermath after more than one dozen airstrikes in the area this week. at least 65 people have died in the last three days including some at a market. get that video, a truce worked out by the us and russia fell apart last month. the longest reigning monarch in the world has died. passing away today at the age
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known. he had been in the hospital since october 3 in failing health with kidney and blood pressure problems. president obama praised speaking as a man of grace and warmth who worked tirelessly to improve life in thailand. and the voice of conquering the repeated military coots. >> the most brutal military training anybody can go through. >> we want to take this time to say happy birthday to y united states navy. the more than 320,000 personnel on active duty, we salute you. thank you for your service. right now doctors are trying to get fda approval for a new drug that may prevent migraines. not just treat, but prevent, 5 million people suffer from them across the country, there are medications to treat them, some
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>> so severe that a patient cannot get out of bed. some people pass out with migraines and some people have stroke like symptoms, some people have committed suicide with the severe headaches. other people have lost marriages, they have lost relationships, that is common. certainly losing jobs. >> a patient gets an injection every few better, for side effects some people have gotten a little irritation at the injection site, doctors think the fda approval is a little more than one year away. an update to the guerrilla we told you about that escaped its enclosure at the london zoo, the guerrilla got out in the off show area. where the zookeepers are, but it is not open to the public, they had to trick lies the
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it is awake again doing well. they don't know how it happened. someone at the zoo took the picture you see right there, this was the guerrilla before it got out, the guerrilla threw himself against the window but officials are not confirming that. du remember that algae crisis from this summer? scientists are try to figure out what harm that might have on sea life. megan roberts joins us discoveries. >> harbor branch scientists released a stingray back into the indian river lagoon with the hope that they will see it again. >> i don't think you can afford to not know what is happening to the animals. >> this doctor is tracking stingrays and sharks to see how long they are staying in the area or how their health is and
4:58 pm
of how much of a home the species are making out of the indian river lagoon. >> research teams have tagged about 100 sharks and stingrays. some of them have had trackers like this implanted before setting the fishless, blood samples are taken to track their health. >> we don't have baseline information. right now we don't know what happens in the algae bloom with the sharks. we will hopefully get to few and far between, because sharks and rays live for decades the doctor says they are the perfect subjects to study the long-term effects. >> i hope this extends beyond my lifetime. >> scientists are keeping careful track of which species they tag and are finding once that they didn't know lived
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being paid for by the save our seas license plate. thank you for joining us on "the now tampa bay". abc action news at 5:00 starts right now. deputies released this brand-new clip about one hour ago, showing a man talking on the door of this home and shooting tou after getting evicted earlier in the day on tuesday. deputies had to shoot him to get him to stop his rampage. >> we are waiting to get more new video from this case specifically dash cam video we will show it to us soon as it comes into the newsroom. good evening everyone, more breaking news to get to,
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full refunds after a bomb threat forced the themepark to shut down. >> the theme park closed as authorities are working to find out if the threat is legit. we go to winterhaven. we do know the public was not in danger. >> reporter: that is correct. although it is considered an active scene, police are reassuring us the park is far enough away from the main street in winterhaven that the general public is not in danger at this hour. e piece of paper inside the park prompting an all-out evacuation. >> a popular themepark with no guests inside. all guests and employees rushed off the property after a note was found inside the park. guests were shuttled to nearby restaurants to wait it out. >> that is the state of affairs today. hopefully there's nothing over


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