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tv   The Now Tampa Bay  ABC  October 14, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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i'm laura harris. >> and i'm paul lagrone senior high school student ran down left to die on a road, the man arrested is out of jail. >> this seemingly heartless phone called the man made about his car that led police to him. a new woman coming forward with a high-profile attorney accusing donald trump of groping her, why they are
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count of milk in your fridge so you know it is more than four dollars per gallon so why are millions of gallons of milk being poured out? the explanation that doesn't add up. i want to raise money so i can buy them close and water. >> why some people think you're better off giving money to this little girl to help haiti than some of the other big nonprofits. it is bay". here we go, 25 days out from election day another bombshell. >> they are dropping almost daily on donald trump, let's walk you through what is happening this time a former star from the apprentice, summer zervos holding a press conference, she did moments ago she said she turned down donald trump's sexual advances, but wanted a job in his
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later offered the job for half the salary she was seeking, today she claimed she was being penalized for not sleeping with donald trump. >> i felt as though my dream of working for mr. trump might come true. as i was about to leave, he again kissed me on the lips. this made me feel nervous and embarrassed. this is not what i wanted or expected. he asked me for my phone number. i called a friend who lived in new york because i was upset about the kiss.>> in the meantime, trump is saying it is 100% not true. >> he calls it lies, speaking at an event in north carolina the same time that woman was speaking. he is calling it a conspiracy. >> it is a total set up, now
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month before one of the most important elections in the history of our country.>> we can expect to hear more about this tonight when trump speaks in north carolina. in the meantime, mike pence is in florida, this is moments ago he finished up the rally in pensacola. so far, not commenting on the latest allegations. in the meantime, clinton getting help in ohio from president obama. he said donald trump does not have the temperament knowledge or basic honesty to be president. he said he had no track record of supporting minimum wage increases or showing regard for working people. >> donald trump's closing argument is what do you have to
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also says the troubled campaign is dragging the campaign low. if enough voters get discouraged and may not vote. turning our attention, in a few hours classmates of 17-year- old ashley perdomo will remember her at a hillsboro high school football game. she was run over wednesday night trying to cross hillsboro avenue, the driver did not stop. >> this is the man that did it he is arrested but he has already bonded out of jail. brendaliss gonzalez joins us from where the crash happened. >> this memorial sits near the spot where ashley perdomo was hit and killed wednesday night, her driver tells us he didn't realize he did it hit anyone. this is nikolaos konstantinou after posting bail, at first he didn't talk, when he did he was riding along west hillsboro avenue when someone pulled up
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a busy intersection he was driving around 40 miles per hour, when we asked about if he known he had hit something he said this pick >> something hit me. that is the way it felt. i didn't know what it was. i couldn't see. so i went back to the place and i saw the damage and it was done. >> here is a picture of the damage on his car. this is the damage that tipped off his insurance adjuster to turn him in. as for his message to the family he said he thinks of his sister at a time like this but does not have any words to express reporting in tampa, brendaliss gonzalez for "the now tampa bay" a breaking story, the fate of convicted killers on death row in florida, those cases are in limbo. the florida supreme court just ruled today a death sentence will now require a unanimous
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10 out of 12 jurors, a big impact today, the supreme court deciding to allow inmates who are on death row to get their sentences reduced and that includes timothy lee hearst who was convicted of a 1998 murder at a popeye's restaurant. when sentenced the jury was divided on the case of this he deserved the death penalty but a judge granted it. let's take a look outside on friday. i like it. >> it looks like traffic out there, but at least it is friday. >> what you were telling me earlier about your friend taking the day off going to the beach, smartest person. here we are stuck inside, take a look at clearwater beach. this is fabulous. and with the jazz holiday kicking off last night continuing through the weekend,
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park take a look on our radar, you can see a few sprinkles working their way inland to polk county not really holding up, this is a lot like what we have seen the last few days, 86 degrees right now in tampa, 84 lakeland, braiding 10 at 86, saint pete at 82. temperatures have been a little above average and will remain that way again overnight tonight we will make it to lows in the 70s so i slight chance for a spring cool or two with partly cloudy skies, if you are out this evening unlikely any weather issues will come up to cause problems. i do have a butt, rain chances are going up for the weekend, higher than what i was telling you yesterday, i will have more on that helping you time things out as you make your plans. it is not entirely bad news. back to you.
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north carolina showing the flooding has just not let up, nearly one week after hurricane matthew hit, this is princeville you can see house after house surrounded by water at least 24 people have now died because of the hurricane and more rivers are expected to crest today at record levels, it is the worst flooding in north carolina going back to hurricane floyd in 1999. you might be a victim and not even know it if you're in the market for a used car. you have seen flooded cars in and around the places flooded out by hurricane matthew, many just hours away from tampa bay, they might end up in the hands of a secondhand dealer by the end of the year and once an engine is flooded it is never the same. a couple of things you need to look for, check out the car's
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red flag. check the seatbelt buckles for signs of mold it is hard to clean the car once it has been flooded out and signs of corrosion under the hood. also check the trunk specifically if there is a spare tire, people forget about dumping water and cleaning up damage there. shark cages are supposed to keep you safe from sharks when you are in the water, but what happens when one makes it through? we will show
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check this out, it is unbelievable, you know the cages divers used -- used to view sharks? look what happens when a great white shark gets in the cage, the people in the boat try to lift it up the shark manages to leap out. the blood you see is from the shark cage able to climb out. there he is, just fine. i have seen that movie jaws. i don't like how the movie ends. there you go. we have been watching this video all week from lumberton, north carolina, underwater because of the hurricane. >> the pictures tell the story, now we will show you a different view from a 360
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devastation. the storm i know they kept telling us to prepare and we did prepare but when the levees broke in lumberton, it came up so fast. when we pulled up on the boat, i was just praying the water had not gone all the way through the house. walking out in the garage, it is but, i am grateful, i'm grateful that we are okay, these are all things, but you have worked really hard to get them, now they are ruined. just by a couple of hours.
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same pain of all of our loss, and all of the damage that is done and the hard work that is in front of us to fill it back up, we are so blessed compared to some people who it is up to the windows on their home, they have lost everything, the fact that my husband and i are life and my mother and we got out of here before it got this bad so that we could get out, i think god for it. >> we can only show some of how the camera works on tv. you can actually control the video with the arrows on your computer with a keyboard your mouse or finger to see everything the camera captures, to get the full experience you can find the link on twitter. >> i sure feel for those folks. an update to the carjacking
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where a woman tried fighting back with a gun pointed at her face. we now know the suspect has been caught. he was spotted on the freeway driving the car that he took and at first he would not stop for police, eventually he did and pulled out his gun, that is when police shot and killed him, this crime was not his first rodeo, he is believed to be behind 14 different robberies in the las vegas area.>> is disgraceful and intolerable. it does not matter what party you belong to. i know it is a campaign, but this isn't about politics. it is about basic human decency. >> michelle obama says she did not intend to talk about donald trump but as todd walker tells us, what she said is generating
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>> it has shaken me to a court in a way i cannot predict it. >> a speech people can't stop talking about. >> i could not be prouder of her. >> michelle obama's review of donald trump she did not use his name once. >> we all know if we let her opponent win the election we are sending a clear message to our kids that everything they are seeing and hearing is perfectly okay. we e >> on twitter many calling it a defining moment in this campaign one that republicans have struggled to respond to. donald trump has steered clear of attacking michelle obama, he stayed away again yesterday and started denying the allegations. >> these vicious claims about me of inappropriate conduct with women are totally and
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a voice that people are hearing people are listening to, it is beyond the rhetoric. this is a motion and true. >> as trump's poll numbers continue to sink people believe the first lady's words have provided a motion for clinton's campaign. >> remember this, when they go low, we go high. >> for the now, i'm talking walking. turning our focus me when i tell you dealing with a child when they have not had enough sleep with meltdowns following it is not fun.>> i am the same way, research suggests there is another impact, they found children eat and drink more than normal when they don't get enough sleep. >> researchers say they had three and four-year-olds skip their afternoon naps and stay up two hours passed their normal bedtime, they are brave
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>> the next day the kids had 20% more calories, 25% more sugar and 26 more carbs. >> researchers believe this is the first published study to test how we lack of sleep impacts such young children. they say it speaks to the problem of childhood obesity. the latest estimates show 23% of children under the age of five are underweight -- overweight. that is not to mention the impact on self-esteem and increased risk of type ii diabetes. the national sleep foundation estimates 30% of preschool age children do not get enough sleep. >> it recommends children 3 to 5 get between 11 and 13 hours of sleep each night. >> it also helps adults. >> i would like to take a nap,
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camera. shay, we should have taken the day off. >> we could have taken a nap on the beach. that would be awesome. take a look at the radar, if you want to go for an evening walk or a jog or bike ride, or have dinner outside the weather is going to be working in your favor. anyhow, take a look at what is in northeasterly wind pattern bringing the moisture off the atlantic, we could see a sprinkle for nothing more than that, a light breeze, partly cloudy skies things looking fantastic into the weekend. rain chances have gone up from what i said yesterday possibly from this morning, a slight chance for a brief shower in the afternoon saturday, the morning looking nice and dry, the pattern tomorrow looking
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greater chance for the afternoon shower. on sunday we will have isolated storms in the mix and rain chances will begin in the late morning, the first part of the day as the sun comes up that will be the best time to assure yourself it will be dry and then toward 10:00 in the morning we will start to see showers and even an isolated storm bubbling up, with 30% to 40% coverage returning almost to a summertime pattern, not washout but definitely higher chances for rain than what i was telling you about yesterday. if you plan to go to the beach or coachman park for the jazz holiday, i will have the forecast with more on the timing specifically closer to the beaches coming up. there is a secret to saving even more money at stores like costco and sam's club what to
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a health alert, walmart offering free checkups tomorrow, wellness day events across the
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free blood pressure screenings, some places will have discounts on food shots, we posted a list for you on participating stores on our website. we know places like costco and sam's club can save you money on bulk items but did you know there are ways to save more, we found the secrets on a consumer website, the first one, costco has a pricing system most of the pricing will end $.99 when it ends in $.97 that is a markdown and look for an asterisk. those show items that have been reordered. next are the gift cards, often they sell them for less than the value. you can get a $50 gift card for $40 and when you talk about eyeglasses and i wear a lot of namebrand frames are cheaper at costco.
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york, the true rarity of separating conjoined twins and the prognosis for these little boys. now they can live separate
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on "the now tampa bay", samsung galaxy note 7 phones they have been completely banned on all airplanes, starting tomorrow the phone can be on you when you are on the plane it can't be in your checked luggage, you also can't ship the phone the faa had been passengers from turning on the phone during flights but this goes one step further. this is stemming from the
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if a passenger tries taking a phone on board they could be prosecuted and face fines. amazing for the first time these 13 month old boys are living separate lives. doctors were able to separate the conjoined twins in new york. the surgery started yesterday lasting for more than 16 hours. five more hours to reconstruct their schools. this is only the 59th time in the world this surgeryas took part in this, we will keep you updated on how the boys are doing as they recovered. a post from a florida woman about why you should not give to the red cross is now going viral on facebook. >> a haitian woman saying you shouldn't fight -- find haitian led organizations. after the red cross repeatedly
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hit 80. people still want to help like this eight-year-old girl from tampa who wrote this letter. madison fox getting attention for wanting to make sure medicine gets to those hit by matthew. nicole grigg went to class with her today to see where her amazing idea came from. >> inside this third grade class , at ca school, there is one girl standing out. no, not because of her ears. >> it is because it is the happiest place in the world. >> she's passing her test on lesson four. a word that she can barely say. >> civility i can't say it right. >> the meaning, she knows after
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social studies about being a good citizen. >> treating others the way you would like to be treated. >> she took what the books are teaching her to heart by making this fire. >> there is a hurricane coming, we need clothes, food and water. >> the plea is to help raise money on this website where the money goes to the organization direct relief international, situations. >> her idea of helping haiti making it to cnn. >> she took it from there and made it her own. >> in the third grade lesson it is really a life lesson. a reminder to all of us. >> she just, that is the rapidity of my daughter.
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website, i'm nicole grigg. >> we could all take a listen -- lesson from her. teething tablets like these used to soothe fussing babies, they are coming off the shelves, 10 children have died because of them, the fda does not know why, but they are causing all kind of problems like fever, vomiting, sleepiness and so forth, if your child has these problems go to the doctor. if the baby is in pain they say to massage their gums, use a solid teething ring a wet cloth, frozen bananas, barry's or a bagel. there has been a lot going on this week in the presidential election. since there is only 25 more days to go mike sacks catches us up to the biggest punches
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wikileaks released stolen emails from clinton's campaign chair would be the october surprise that is what donald trump wants you to know. >> we have seen this firsthand in the wikileaks documents in which hillary clinton meets in secret with international banks to plot the destruction of us sovereignty. in order to enrich these global financial powers. >> trump went full international conspiracy theory because election. trump was hit midweek with allegations from sexual assault to creepy behavior that seemed to confirm his boast to access hollywood from 11 years ago. given clinton's husband affairs , she left that to the heavy hitters. >> i can't believe i am saying a candidate for president of the united states has bragged
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stop thinking about this. it has shaken me to my core in a way i could not have predicted. >> he doesn't have the temperament or the knowledge, he doesn't seem to have the interest in acquiring the knowledge. or the basic honesty that a president needs to have. >> on the one hand there is that, on the other hand there are the emails showing a conventional and sometimes scandalous entry. then again we are only seeing these emails because russian intelligence may h have stolen them, this is not a normal election, for the now i'm mike sacks. >> what is the old phrase? no use crying over spilled milk? you will want to cry when you find out why millions of gallons of good milk is being
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the kid in the paper towel commercial may be having a blast playing in his milk but i bet mom is thinking of mess and money do t same thing dumping millions of gallons of fresh milk all because they have got too much. farmers started pumping out more milk about two years ago because there was a shortage, now they have too much. you might be thinking simple supply and demand. we know what that means if you make it cheaper people will buy it. is not that easy. prices dropped 22% since the
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so they are dumping it out, from january to august, 43 million gallons. enough to fill about 66 olympic sized swimming pools. we checked and one gallon of milk will cost between two dollars to as much as four dollars if you do the math it looks like 43 million gallons, three dollars per gallon, $129 million. it is a waste what they gets dumped, a marketing firm working with restaurants to put milk products on their restaurant menus. taco bell has a new menu item smothered in cheese. >> did you know insulin pumps and other medical devices can be hacked? the risk and what it can mean
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hurricane. areas getting pummeled with hurricane force winds, the weird thing there is no storm. you are watching "the now tampa
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25 days to go until the election and we are taking you in depth at some of the key battleground states. >> from protest over shootings to cleanup from hurricane matthew, the state of north carolina has had its share of headlines this year. we go to the one issue in particular that has the potential to determine the outcome of the presidential
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contentious issue in north carolina, but it could have far- reaching implications. >> at this rally everyone is welcome that is why the restaurant has these signs outside and the sign on the front door opposing house bill two a lot requiring people to use the bathroom and schools that match the gender on their birth certificates. >> hopefully that is motivating people to vote especially younger people. >> toward republicans because of this law. >> equality north carolina representatives say the incumbent governor is trailing his democratic opponent right now. >> the timing of the presidential election. >> turnout is key in this battleground state. >> all north carolinians care
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state that is why this is prominent. >> the nba and ncaa have relocated events despite the backlash the bill has served as a rallying cry for other voters. >> that might make people mad. >> on the lawn of the state capital the son of billy graham encouraged voters to cast ballots. >> i think it will galvanize a lot of people. >> dan martin believ t and conservative voters. on this swing state whether more democrats or republicans show up could determine the next president. >> it will depend on voter turnout, it is crucial, north carolina will be a big player and the election will be close. >> a state issue with nationwide impact. for the now, back to you.
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could cost the state $5 billion per year. i want you to look at your screen right now, hopefully you can hear that. listen. it sounds like a hurricane, that is a web camera in seattle, washington the pacific northwest getting hit with hurricane force winds and it is expected to continue through the weekend. now check out the oregon. right now 6000 people don't have power and we are hearing in addition to this house several buildings were damaged. it is rare for a tornado to hit oregon with hurricane force winds all from a typhoon system. no hurricane winds here, it will be a beautiful weekend, several chances to get outside and enjoy some fun and music. the florida orchestra putting
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they are doing the same thing in tampa at river tower park both will be at 7:00. if you're looking for more music maybe jazz, clearwater has their jazz holiday going on and through the weekend it is happening in coachman park this one will cost some money but still a great time. instead of getting outside, there it is, clearwater beach just a couple of showers may the weekend, if you're planning on going to clearwater beach or coachman park for the clearwater jazz fest tonight things are nice and dry, i am not expecting anything more than a brief passing shower, the same deal for tomorrow, the jazz experience goes on tonight and all the way through until sunday. the best chance or the most likely chance that you will see
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sunday, we are only looking at a few hit or miss showers even an isolated storm sunday, where saturday would be a brief passing shower, overall have got a lot of good dry hours and beautiful weather to be heading out there, or if you're going to be at pops in the park this is for saturday, i highlighted around the park, take a look through tonight and into tomorrow, we see those will work their way to the ground earlier in the afternoon, but all the way through the late afternoon and evening on saturday, we are going to see a slight chance for a brief passing shower, nothing really moving over tampa bay or pinellas county and to the north may be a heavier shower possible, again we are really looking at minimal chances for rain, whatever you have in mind this weekend you are probably going to turn out just fine. sunday would be the greater concern for an isolated storm
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little bit, into early next week the rain chances go down remember i was telling you about the next bigger front, i will have more on that coming up at 5:00. it is a good thing it will be nice this weekend because there is free parking that is what usf is offering to the first 300 vehicles at the game versus uconn.'s the idea is to get more people to the games. last week the 20 year homecoming history, you have to have at least four students in the car, kickoff is at 7:00 saturday night. shrek hp incorporated cutting more jobs, another 3000 over the next three years, they don't have specifics yet but right now hewlett-packard employs about 50,000 people worldwide. it says the cuts will reduce
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hp incorporated was formed when hewlett-packard split up divisions a few weeks ago, they have cut tens of thousands of jobs in recent years. they are trying to figure out in new york what went wrong at a building in new york city, a story so tragic that six-week- old baby died and her mother was injured after they fell 8 stories down the elevator shaft last night, when the doors opened the mother step forward with the elevator was not there. they say the elevator passed inspection in january but there have been dozens of complaints about this elevator in the past year. the building itself has 50 building code violations. new numbers showing young women not saving enough money for retirement, we find out why many are passing up on free money.>> a lot of people don't
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the sights. they are in for a rude awakening. >> i believe it. >> that was her reaction when i told her 67% of millennial women are not contributing to a 401(k). according to a recent study.>> if you do 4% and they match why wouldn't you?>> a lot of young women told us retirement seems a long way off, these three women looking at the ocean told me they are >> day-to-day life costs too much. >> that is true in san diego county where the cost of living is skyhigh. as a helicopter flew overhead leah told us her son is a navy air traffic controller. she has been talking to him about saving for retirement. soon, she will talk to her
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she thinks people of all ages tend to be clueless about money. they don't realize saving now pays off big later. >> if the money went into a fund it would be different. but we don't budget. >> for the now back to you. another study by a small firm called financial finesse claims women are not only falling behind in retirement, they need more because many take career breaks when was the last time you took the day off from work, let alone had a real vacation? >> this is an eye-opener, a report shows as a country we threw away 222 million vacation days last year adding up to more than $61 billion in unused benefits. >> for those of us who can rollover time off the stockpile
4:55 pm
equaling $272 billion, up 21%. >> most companies say lose it or use it. more than half of employees don't use all of their vacation days on average we take 16 days off per year, 15 years ago people were taking 20. >> why is that? 37% were concerned about returning to a mountain of work. when you come back from vacation you know. 30% can't afford a vacation. dedication to the job. there is a trade-off, lost productivity in the long run, take time for yourself. >> 91% of senior business leaders believe employees return from vacation recharged and renew. only 39% feel supported when it comes to taking the time off. project time off indicates if we had used our vacation time
4:56 pm
translated to $223 billion of spending for the us economy which could have in turn generated jobs. we have ruined jobs because we didn't take time off work. >> next time go to your boss and say i need time off to stimulate the economy. take a look at this video, gators are all over tampa bay, this one was pretty huge. this video shows a man the road in his neighborhood. take a look at that, no word what happened to the gator. remember your first job? mine was bagging groceries at a grocery store.
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people, mcdonald's is their first job, i bet the experience is nothing like what jennifer and wilson shows us. >> there is only one mcdonald in michigan maybe even the world to fulfill the order it is right here in pottersville where these kids share the same birthday and the same car and often work the same shift. >> we started one year ago. they wanted to know if we had more siblings. we said we have a couple more. >> there are five altogether, two girls lindsay and lauren. and three boys, lucas, logan and lee. >> a typical family just bigger. >> they are quintuplets but not identical, they each have their own look they usually seem to shift but they have their own position.
4:58 pm
from me. >> lucas assembles the meals, lauren takes the orders and lindsay in charge of all things further. >> i can call the house and if i need to cover a shift my chances are pretty good i will get one. >> she says they are hard workers and great team players. >> it is impressive how will they take care of each other.>> in part the kids tell have a bit of a sixth sense, i had to put that to the test. i had lucas hide his hand and asked lauren how many fingers he was holding up. what? it is all about statistics. they are definitely a fun family and a dream come true. >> intentionally, no one tries. >> the couple had trouble
4:59 pm
tried hormone therapy and it worked. >> i think god has a sense of humor. >> we are laughing with him. >> before the laughter there were a lot of tears, a challenging pregnancy and the babies were born premature each weighing less than two pounds, lindsay and logan almost didn't make it. the doctors didn't think they would walk, 18 years later all five are happy healthy college- bound high school seniors with a job they love. >> anything >> anything is possible and the quintuplets are looking -- living proof. that is it for "the now tampa bay", abc action news at 5:00 starts now. live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news.
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on roads under the microscope. the two things that could make it safer for everyone and what it will take for changes to come about. a lakeland family leaving a five-year-old boy's death tonight, the one thing that could have kept the tragedy from happening in the first place. good evening everyone i'm laura harris pick >> and i'm jamison uhler, a truck hit the five-year-old last night. >> ryan smith live in to explain why the family feels this is a been prevented. >> reporter: and a credible tragedy in north lakeland, parents and many neighbors along saddlewood boulevard mourning the loss of this child, their sadness coupled with frustrations of safety concerns of speeding drivers here. you can see the speed limit sign posted on the street but they say drivers ignore it, i checked with the sheriff's


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