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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  October 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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a new scandal at hillsborough's public transportation commission. new charms that could bring in the fdle. >> what happened and why it could be the end of the agency,
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new at 11:00 a state representative calling for an investigation into hillsborough's transportation commission accusing the group of colluding to keep ride share services like uber and lyft out. thanks for joining us. i'm jamison uhler. >> i'm laura harris in for wendy. we're live at tampa international airport where according to revealed e-mails, uber and lyft drivers may have been targeted. >> reporter: i talked with an uber driver earlier tonight on the phone, and she says she now avoids coming to the airport
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amount of tickets she's gotten here. so it's really no surprise for her to hear that the ptc may have been working directly with cab drivers to lure drivers like her into getting fines. >> i was outraged. >> reporter: representative dana young isn't the only one upset. >> it's huh mail 80ing, embarrassing. on the phone the chairman of the public transportation commission also calling for an investigation. >> i think it's time to find another agency that can handle these regulatory issues without jumping into bed with the companies that they're regulating. >> reporter: the tampa bay times revealing internal e- mails from the ptc, the staff reportedly stossing sting operations, the commission using taxi drivers to pose as customers, luring uber and lyft drivers to an area where ptc officers were waiting to fine them. >> it's not unusual for the agency to conduct sting operations.
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inappropriate was to use a competitive industry's drivers and staff. >> reporter: today representative young is asking the florida department of law enforcement to launch an investigation. as for crist, he thinks the ptc should dissolve. >> i'm saying this agency in its current form should be dissolved. >> reporter: crist thinks instead that county commissioners public transportation more like code enforcement. as for uber and lyft representatives from each company tell me they're not surprised but they will continue to work to reach a middle point with the ptc so they can remain here in tampa. right now in south florida broward county sheriffs officials are looking for two purse snatchers. take a look at this video as
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waiting until a woman actually goes to pump her gas, then crouching down as he opens her car door to steal her purse inside. he is long gone before the woman even notices anything happen. this video an excellent reminder to all the ladies out there to lock your car door while you're pumping gas. a man will appear before a judge after leading police on a car chase. it all went for a 13-mile joyride. when police gave chase she refused to stop. they only caught her when she crashed into another driver. governor rick scott says he is frustrated with president obama. scott says the president isn't doing enough to rebuild st. augustine after hurricane matthew. st. john's county suffered billions of dollars worth of storm damage. the governor says will take dollars from washington to rebuild the tourist industry.
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get help recovering from hurricane hermine. fema is opening a disaster recovery center in hudson. the shelter will be open monday through saturday from 9:00 to 6:00. you will be able to get help registering for federal assistance until november 11th. we had a few showers and some sprinkles a little earlier this evening, but we are dry right now. titan doppler radar scanning the skies. you can see over the last three hours we rainfall across the area so we are drying out. we're also clearing out. the skies, the clouds clearing out overnight which means tomorrow morning you are going to be waking up to a lot of sunshine and dry conditions. take a look. the temperatures are going to be falling through the 70s, and tomorrow morning as you are waking up they are going to be near 70 degrees, only to come back up to the mid to upper 80s. even close to 90 degrees again tomorrow in some spots. but a much bigger cool-down than we've seen so far is just
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up in the seven-day forecast. jamison. >> we will see you shortly. thank you. slightly good news for minimum wage workers. state officials are announcing it is going towppedz 8.10 at the beginning of the year. that's up 5 cents from what it is right now. florida law requires the state to annually calculate the rate based on increases in the consumer price index. a federal judge sording florida to fix a problem with mail-in ballots. state law requires election workers to compare the signature ballot with the one on file at the office. if they don't match, the vote doesn't count. and voters weren't told until after the election. >> let's put it in perspective. in 2012 we had 172,000 ballots returned to our office. of those 172,000, there was 99 that had a signature mismatch. we had over 380 that had no signature. so that's obviously the bigger problem is people just forget
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>> the ruling means election workers must now tell voters before the election if their signatures don't match. you will have until 5:00 the day before the election to get it fixed. people around the country right now are paying close attention to a key senate race here in our own backyard. senator marco rubio and democratic challenger patrick murphy facing off in orlando. marisela burgos has more on this race that could shift power of the senate. >> reporter: both capped dates took jabs at each other on this stage tonight, murphy saying over and over again that rubio is a no-show while on the other hand rubio called murphy's record phony. marco rubio and patrick murphy didn't hold back, feuding over topics like healthcare, terrorism, and immigration. >> senator, it's shocking that you continue to put your own political am beings front of what's best for florida and
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all, congressman murphy, you have never even been involved in immigration reform. you only started talking about it four weeks ago. >> reporter: both of them eventually returned to topics that matter to you. >> each of them stressed very strongly that a win for their party affects who is going to control the u.s. senate. >> reporter: rubio is fighting to stay in the senate. murphy hopes to move out of the u.s. house of representatives. >> in essence, i got more done for the everglades in one day than you done 28. >> back to question. will you join me tonight in signing a six-year pledge that you are committing to serving this job and not going to seek higher office? >> reporter: the contest is drawing national attention. this race is one of several that could lead to a shift of power in the senate. tonight's debate may have offered floridians the insight they need to pick their favorite before november 8th. >> i think that you saw in this debate a lot more discussion of public policies that affect floridians. everything from the everglades
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zika to the economy, to cuba. >> murphy and rubio go head to head again, their second debate is next week. marisela burgos, abc action news. >> marisela, thank you. well, a dream come true for a seven-year-old boy in west palm, the seven-year-old becoming a jedi knight thanks to the make-a-wish foundation, family and friends attending to show their support. he saved the city from evil by defeating darth vader in a battle, and west palm beach leaders honored him with a key to the city. so much more all new tonight, donald trump's wife speaking out for the first time since the access hollywood tape was released. and debt is like a monkey many of us can't get off our back. three things you can do to pay down what you owe. plus, caught on camera, a
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from one mom who looked away for just seconds. why police still aren't sure
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new tonight police in houston looking for the man you see in this video. he tries to pick up a 14-month- old from her mother's shopping cart. luckily the little girl her out. that's when the mother turns around, grabs her baby, then the man tries to take the baby out of her hands. the terrified mom saying she heard him tell the baby, if your mom wasn't here i would take you. police are looking for the man in the video investigating the incident as a possible attempted abduction. caught on camera, police in utah looking for a father who lets his five-year-old -- left his five-year-old daughter
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dropping her off, giving her a blanket. the girl's mother says he told her to shut up, lay down, then go to sleep. the girl slept there for about two hours before a security guard found her around 7:30 in the morning. the girl's parents are divorced, and she was staying with her father and his family that glie. if you are feeling stressed out about the presidential election you are not alone, a recent survey suggest more than half of americans with it, the study finding this season is equally stressful for republicans and democrats. also we're just 20 days away from the election, with new polls showing donald trump keeping close ground. the republican nominee is still fighting back on the campaign trail. >> it's all rigged. it's all rigged. >> the election is rigged. it's rigged like you've never
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many people within his own party, including ohio's secretary of state, calls trump's claims irresponsible. hillary clinton's running mate says he sounds like he's already making excuses. >> it's an insult to american voters and an insult to county reg strars to say that american doesn't know how to run an election. we know how to run an election. this is clearly a guy would feels like he's losing and trying to whine in advance. >> donald speaking is out for the first time since several women have come forward. she did address the video of her husband and access hollywood host billy bush in which trump bragged about being able to kiss and even grab women by their genitals because he is a star. >> he would lead on, like egg on for the host to say dirty and bad stuff.
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husband's, quote, boy talk, as she calls it. she claims she has never heard her husband speak in that way. within the last couple of hours, by the way, nbc firing billy bush who has been hosting the today show for two months. the third and final debate is just two days away. we will have the debate live on abc action news wednesday night at 9:00. then stay with abc action news at 11:00 as we fact check what the candidates have to in that final debate. breaking news right now firefighters working to put out a fire at the supercenter on hillsborough avenue. here is a picture of that massive fire right now. we are hearing the roof might collapse so the firefighters have actually had to leave the building to get to say. no word on how this fire started. four workers were inside at the time but thankfully they all got out. well, taking action for you tonight on the best way to pay down your debt. for many, debt is an ugly four-
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in debt for credit cards. if you are in debt you should stop using credit cards, pay with cash or a debit card. and when it comes to your credit card, pay often and pay more than the minimum balance. that will help you chip away at your debt one dollar at a time. also, helping you cut down on additional interest charges. well, despite several stores announcing they will remain closed on thanksgiving, macy's is doing the op on turkey day. the store will close at 2:00 in the morning and then reopen at 6:00 a.m. on black friday. macy's has been opening on thanksgiving since 2013. well, people in the twitterverse today exploding about history being made, and they're not talking about the presidential election.
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>> three-way tie, three-way tie! >> everybody got a dollar. that is crazy. i've always wanted to spin that wheel. i wonder how heavy that thing is? let me go on with this story. host drew carey just as excited as i am screaming saying not even sure there's ever been a three-way $1 tie. the contestants each got one more spin. the gentleman in the yellow shirt won the tie-breaker, then went on to win a car and a criens the showdown. talk about luck. unbelievable. take a look at this. very intricate handmade star
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his ton-ton, that being what he is riding there. one person even comment, the force is strong, with this costume. that is really cool. >> awesome. >> between the costume and the three-way tie, that was a lot going on there. >> good stuff. >> i was trying to figure out what's going on with that costume. i thought it was like a poodle. parents very creative. >> it was very cool. >> all right, take clear skies across harbor and davis island as part of downtown tampa, all looking good. yeah, we are dry. we had a few showers that rolled across from east to west from early this afternoon through later on this evening, but now we are all nice and dry from top to bottom, still getting that east to west flow. so if you are looking for rain showers tomorrow, and you're looking on your storm shield app, looking at that radar, if you see something to the east it could be headed your way,
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light. we're really not looking at anything extreme rain-wise over the next seven days, in fact. 78 degrees right now in tampa clear water, and in st. pete, all under clear skies. winds rather light, then 10 to 15-mile-per-hour winds around clearwater and st. pete. so a little closer to the coastline the winds just a little bit breezier, but still reasonable. take a look at the futurecast showing that it's absolutely dry right now, which we have already seen that it is by looking at the radar. as we put in th flow again picking up a few showers on the east coast of florida, right near the beaches there. nothing that really works its way into our area until about noon, and most of this wouldn't even reach the ground. we're looking at the same thing that we've seen here for days where it's either a light shower or some sprinkles, then it tries to work its way into hillsborough county, not doing a very good job of it through the afternoon. maybe something will make its way across to the coastline and
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be very isolated. there's a 10% chance in any given spot that you see a shower tomorrow. so that's why i've got the question mark here at clearwater beach. could we see some sprinkles? maybe, but it would likely be closer to sunsea. nice mix of sun and clouds with a high of 87 and a water temperature of 80 right now at clearwater beach. looking good out there. today we did make to the a high of 90, well above the average for this time of year. we're starting off above tomorrow, anywhere from 88 in tampa to 89 in apollo beach, crystal river coming in at 87. and that's the way the next couple of days will go until we get to the cold front that comes through friday night. we'll still have a slight chance early saturday morning for a stray shower, then we dry out for the weekend. it is going to be not only cooler but also less humid. check out those starts to the day in the sick, ending in the upper 70s. may not even hit the 80-degree
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sunday, but we're back in the low to mid crates by monday. that's florida's most accurate seven-day forecast. back to you, jamison. >> t.k. didn't like what he heard about usf.
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hello, folks. i'm sure there's disappointment tonight on the usf campus. you put your maximum effort into woulding the big 12 -- into wooing the big 12 conference, then the conference says thanks but no thanks deciding not to expand without taking individual votes on any of the 11 schools. now, i will get into my reason tonight the commissioner said this was not a decision to not expand. it was an endorsement, a reinvestment in the 10 universities it already has. really? here's how i see it. all 11 candidates weren't a slam dunk option. more importantly, the one voice that was nowhere near enamored with the field was espn and fox.
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said he thought this expansion was bad for the big 12. the real reason they didn't want it because it would trigger a clause for them to pony up big time in rights fees. from what we hear the big 12 might have pushed that right into fox's face saying if you don't want us to expand then pay us not to. in other words, a higher premium price for televising the new conference championship game. we were hoping that one of the top four buccaneers listed here would be back out on the field but no go. doug martin, clinton mcdonald and robert ayers are still not practicing. hopefully something shakes soon with one of them.
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return. murphy said he's ready to go but we will see what the buccaneers decide to do down the road. in any case murphy is back from a very trying year. >> i would be lie fog i said anything about retire. it's really tough. i commend anyone who has ever came off acl. it's really tough. it tested me mentally. there were a couple of days when we were in there, going back and forth, and he's telling me to push th i'm just glad to be back. just glad to be back. >> i wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't a slow start for both the bolts and panthers tomorrow night at amalie arena. panthers are a stingy team on d. they need to send an early season message across the panthers' bow, because the folks had such an incredibly slow start. but i'm going to take everything the bolts have here
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going to need it facing goalie roberto luongo. >> any time after you future hall of famer playing in net, they're just strong on d and they're strong down the middle, and they've got size. and now they've add year to win together. so they're probably that much more confident whap they're doing. should be pretty good clash on tuesday. >> and don't forget the lightning are going to welcome the festival gets going tomorrow night at amalie arena. that will put an icing on would should be a very good game. indians lead the blue jays 4-2 now in the 9th. we're back in a minute and change. >> closed captioning is brought to you by lakeland toyota.
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80s, near 90 degrees again. low chances for rain over the next couple of day, and then the big ta-da at the end of the week where we've got the cold front that comes through, and we may not even hit the 80- degree mark on saturday and sunday, really looking beautiful. but whatever you've got in mind to do inside, live it up. >> continuing coverage on >> have a good night, and we will see you back here tomorrow
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>> dicky: fr >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- ewan mcgregor. from "jack back," kobe smolders. and music from the 1975. and now, not only that, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and [ cheers and applause ]


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