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tv   Action News at 430AM  ABC  October 18, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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fire break out in a tampa store with employees inside. >> a state representative an investigation into hillsborough county colluding to keep ride sharing services out. >> if i don't win it will be the greatest waste of time. >> some anna lusts say trump is laying the groundwork for losing the election. why he says the obama administration is protecting hillary clinton.
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tuesday. i'm dan shaffer. >> i'm lindsay logan for deiah riley. a roof at the store collapsed. firefighters shut down the corner of hillsborough and 40th street. four employees were inside the store at the time. all of them got out safely. >> now to the latest in democracy 2016, some political analysts say donald trump is laying the he will tell his supporters if he loses the election. he said it is being rigged by the media and polling places. >> we are live streaming. >> comedian billly crystal -- billy crystal hosting a fundraiser for hillary clinton. >> we have to raise more money
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>> this is felony corruption by any standard. >> reporter: donald trump seizing on newly released fbi documents appearing to show a top state department official sought to have the fbi back down on an e-mail from clinton's server. the suggestion is that the state department and fbi may have engaged in acquitted pro quo discussion regarding the classification of the e-mail that gives the under siege. >> altering classification as part of acquitted pro quo. in other words, a deal. under secretary kennedy needs to resign. >> reporter: the state department says patrick kennedy will not resign. the fbi did not declassify the e-mail in question and both departments denied any quid pro quo arrange.
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election. a federal judge extended the deadline until 5:00 because of hurricane matthew. links to bay area supervisors of elections offices are available on our web site and action a live report at 5:00 if you plan to register today. a federal judge is ordering florida to fix a problem with mail-in ballots. state law requires election workers to compare the vote on mail ballot with the one on file. if they don't match the vote doesn't count. after the last election that theirs didn't count. supervisor of elections says might matched signatures is the least of the problems. >> in 2012, we had 172,000 ballots returned to our office. of those 172,000, there were 99 that had a signature mismatch. we had over 380 that had no signature. so, that is obviously the bigger problem people forget to sign the envelope.
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workers must now tell voters before the election if their signatures don't match. they have until 5:00 p.m. november 7th, the day before the election to fix it. the third and final presidential debate is tomorrow night. you can watch it live on your abc action news station at 9:00 and then stay with abc nations news at 11:00 as we fact check the candidates. state representative is calling for an investigation into hillsborough public transportation commission. they are an accused of colluding to keep ride share services out of the county. internal e-mails from the ptvrc -- ptc used taxi drivers to be in a sting operation. officers were waiting to fine them. now hillsborough county officials are calling for a full investigation. >> yes, i'm chairman of the public transportation
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this agency in its current form should be dissolved. >> hillsborough county commissioner victor crist thinks each county should regulate it. representatives from lyft and uber will continue working with the ptc to stay in tampa. happening today, there is a status hearing scheduled for the a man that authorities say killed his daughter throwing her off the state mental hospital will release his status. john chuck is incompetent to stand trial. authorities say he threw his 5- year-old daughter off the bridge killing her. deputies are looking for two purse snatchers. one man is caught on surveillance video sneak up to a woman's car. her back is turned. he crouches down, opens the car
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is long gone. she hasn't turned around yet, didn't notice anything. today an 11-year-old from south florida will appear before a judge after leading police on a car chase. it started when the girl asked her mom for the keys to the car and needed a book out of it. she went for a 13-mile joy ride. when police tried to pull her over, she stopped. she crashed in another driver. he was sent to the hospital but not governor scott is frustrated with president obama. he said the president hasn't approved the state's entire request for a major emergency deng claire raise after hurt -- declaration after hurricane matthew. he said it will take more to rebuild the tourist industries like st. augustine.
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recovery center in hudson. it will be inspect until november 11th where you can get help registering for federal assistance. the seasons have changed and we are expecting the first big cold front this weekend. ahead of it, isolated showers. we are looking good, low to mid- 70s. it will be warm. upper 60s and low 70s to upper 80s and near 90. we will be close to that again today. a couple of isolated showers. we will talk about the front in a few minutes. >> ivan, thanks. a live picture from one of our fdot cameras, i-4 at i-75, one of the busiest interchanges if not the busiest. you can see traffic is moving along fine on the majors in this area. jay nell has -- janelle has a check of the traffic in 15
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at a high school evacuated students when a van caught fire. crews were power washing outside when the gear caught fire. that fire spread to the van. one of the workers was taken to the hospital. slightly good news for minimum wage workers. state officials announced it is going up to 8.10 an hour. florida law requires the state to annually recalculate the rate based on increases in the federal people are paying close attention to the senate race in florida. marco rubio and patrick murphy which changed head words during the first debate last night. did you watch it here on action news? they stretched stances on health care, terrorism and immigration and they took jabs at each other. murphy called rubio a no show. rubio called murphy a phony. >> senator it's shocking you
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political ambition ahead of florida. >> congressman murphy you haven't been involved in immigration. you started talking about it four weeks ago. >> the race is getting national attention. it is one of several races that could lead to a shift of power in the u.s. senate. rubio and murphy's second and final debate is next week in south florida. a dream come true for a 7- year-old boy. he became a jedi knight. family and friends event to show their support and cheer on brady. west palm beach leaders honored brady with a key to the city. he has a rare form of leukemia. a dispatcher is charged with hanging up on a caller that wanted to report a deadly robbery. >> after looking into that
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on hundreds of calls to 911. how investigators found out. >> the big 12 conference decides not to expand. that's fine. the reasoning does not sit well
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is a pleasure. welcome back. take a look at surveillance video. police in houston looking for a
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month-old from her mother's shopping cart from the grocery store. the little girl was buckled in. the mom turns around and grabs the baby. he then tried to take the baby out of her hand. she heard him tell her baby quote if your mom wasn't hear, i would take you. police are investigating the incident as an attempted abduction. police in utah are looking for a father that left his 5- year-old alone on a college campus. what makes it worse, temps dropped to near freezing overnight. watch here as the man drops off his daughter. he gives her a plan l plan ket and -- blanket, told her to shut up, lay down and go to sleep. she was there about two hours before a security guard found her. her parents are divorced. she was staying the night with her father. we are taking action for you with the best way to pay down your debt. the average american has $3,600 in credit card debt. if you are in debt, you should
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pay with cash or a debit card. when it comes to your card pay often and mon the minimum payment. value of the u.s. dollar is at a 7 month high. it's on the rise because investigators believe the federal reserve might raise interest rates in december. it would be the first in a year and seen as a sign that the economy is healthy and growing. a study finds where you store your tomatoes they taste. the worst place is in your refrigerator. the cold stops tomatoes from releasing a natural substance that affects flavor. quite a catch. check out this -- wow, 14-pound lobster caught off the coast of bermuda. fishermen were out for snapper. they released it back to the
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and happy life. >> the big ones are tough anyway. today is the annual swan round up. they will gather up the bird for the vet check. the original swans were a gift from britain's queen elizabeth in 1957. it starts at 7:00. always entertaining. parts of south florida are under a coastal flood advisory until wednesday morning because of the seasonal king tide. on virginia key near downtown miami, the feet over the weekend. king tide happens when the orbits of the earth, moon and sun combine to produce the greatest tidal effects of the year. perfect weather for a perfect rocket launch two years after a catastrophic explosion. they resumed launching space station cargo. the ship will dock with the
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crew to launch from kazakstan tomorrow to the space station. good morning. 70s right now. we are looking good. 60s out there. by the time we wake up saturday, big change in the weather pattern. we talk about it as we look at clear skies this morning and almost full moon out there. we are waning at this point. upper 60s. nice and comfortable. no jacket weather necessary for the next few days. by the afternoon, a up, near 90 degrees. as far as the rain chances, only off the atlantic with an early flow that will bring us spotty chances. most of us staying on the dry side like yesterday. we did have a couple of showers approaching the coast did we not. here we are tuesday morning, wednesday as well. watch what happens as we head into thursday. we widen out the shot. futurecast gets interesting.
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look at that. to our east, right, that is a developing tropical system that maybe on its way to becoming tropical storm otto. it has a high chance of developing here. invest 99, winds 35, broad not closed. thunderstorms east of the center. it may get organized. the models are depicting just that. in the nick of time we have a front that will team up with the low and push it away from florida and from the united states. our -- eastern united states. you see the spaghetti models going west. sharp turn ahead of the front. the fronts do help when the storms approach from the east. some areas touching 90 this afternoon. there is the big change. still dry thursday, friday. by saturday and sunday, cooler temperatures in with widespread 50s and 60s at night. take a quick look at
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interchange. no big issues to report there. janelle martinez joins us at 5:00. after months of analyzing, 9 big 12 will not expand. the lightning host the panthers tonight. tom korun has the morning sports update. reporter: good morning, everybody. i'm sure there is disappointment on the usf campus, you put maximum effort into wooing the big 12 conference. they say thks to all 11 candidates. the big 12 deciding not to expand without taking individual votes on any of the 11 schools yesterday. i will get into my reason why in a minute. the big 12 commissioner on the right said this is not a decision to not expand. it was an endorsement and reinvestment in the 10 universities it has. really? here is how i see it. all 11 candidates weren't a
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that was nowhere he nor nord with the field was the tv writes holder, espn and fox. fox's sports president went on record saying he thought expansion was bad for the big 12. he said it would dilute it. the real reason espn and fox didn't want the expansion, it would trigger a clause for them to pony up big time money in rights fees. from what we hear, the big 12 might have and espn face. if you don't want us to expand, pay us not to. in other words, a higher premium price for their new conference championship game. it's always about money. the lightning take on the panthers tonight. we will welcome back vinny lecavalier to the tampa bay area. that should put the icing on what should be a good game
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enjoy your day. a 2-year-old accidentally shoots his mother in arizona. how did he get his hands on a gun. that's ahead. >> a 63-year-old grandmother is accused of smuggling more than half a million dollars of cocaine across the country. where police say she hid the
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good morning. quick check of the forecast, upper 60s. low to mid-70s on the coast. by the afternoon, we are all going to warp up again. today a high of 90 yesterday. we will be close to that with temperatures around lunchtime of 83. a bit humid. the cold front will bring us probably the coolest season. that will be coming up in the next half hour. history is made on a popular game show on television. watch this. >> you got a dollar. [screaming. >> three-way tie.
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>> the host as excited as the contestants. he isn't sure if there has been a three-way dollar tie, consecutive. waiting to hear from bob barker on this one. they went on to a spin off to determine who would make it into the showcase show down. take a look at this. intricate hand made "star wars" costume. it is called tonton. that is from the empire strikes back movie. it's getting a lot of attention. people love it and they are calling the parents trying to place order for these costumes. i can see why. this morning we are working to find out what started a fire at big and deals super center. >> it caused the roof to collapse. a lot of damage inside. who was inside at the time and
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>> isis is clinging to control in iraq despite overwhelming forces to push them out. it could be a key tipping point in the war on terror. >> telling you for the last time after two extension, today is the last day to register to vote. what you need to know. why this service center is calling >> and armed men turned away from the florida senate debate. why they had a way to be there. the fireworks between rubio and murphy over gun control in the wake of the pulse nightclub attack. thanks for joining us. i'm dan shaffer. >> i'm lindsay logue. janelle has a look at the roads. >> a crash on i-4 in the westbound lanes around 301. that has been cleared.


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