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tv   Action News at 5AM  ABC  October 18, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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>> isis is clinging to control in iraq despite overwhelming forces to push them out. it could be a key tipping point in the war on terror. >> telling you for the last time after two extension, today is the last day to register to vote. what you need to know. why this service center is calling >> and armed men turned away from the florida senate debate. why they had a way to be there. the fireworks between rubio and murphy over gun control in the wake of the pulse nightclub attack. thanks for joining us. i'm dan shaffer. >> i'm lindsay logue. janelle has a look at the roads. >> a crash on i-4 in the westbound lanes around 301. that has been cleared.
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us. i don't know if he has a look at it. but he went by earlier. it's cleared. as you can see at i-4 around i- 75, you are good to go on i-4. checking the average speed on the interstates, back up to speed on i-4. 65 from 75 to 275 and looking great on i-75 and 275 in pinellas county. >> good news. hopefully it will stay th 70s. clear skies. we will clear off but it will take a while. this weekend and we will talk about that in a while. we hit 90 yesterday. we will be close to that by 4:00. we will do that with a spotty inland shower. otherwise mostly dry. we will talk about the front and perhaps developing tropical
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minutes. in democracy 2016 following two extensions by a federal judge, today is the final day to register to vote in florida. the judge made that decision after seeing the impacts from hurricane matthew. jams tully is live in -- james tully is live in hillsborough county. election offices are expected tobies see this morning? >> reporter: well, they have no reason to think otherwise. voter registration nu that could mean a higher voter turnout, they think it will be busy today as it has been the last several weeks. if you haven't registered to vote, you have until 5:00 p.m. to turn in the registration or if you are mailing it in, have it postmarked and ready to go. sample ballots are being sent out to anyone in hillsborough county who is not receiving a mail in ballot. this gives you something to reference before heading to the
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study and look at. that is not all. there will be a public test of election equipment at the gilder election service center in hillsborough county starting at 11:00. a meeting open to the public. they will test equipment for accuracy and you can be there to check it out. james tully, abc action news. if it were up to elementary school students, hillary clinton landslide. 53% voted for hillary clinton. 25% picked donald trump. 35% of students said the economy was the most important issue for them. education second place with 23%. and if the students are anything to go by it will be a tight senate race. 43% of students picked patrick murphy. >> not all the action was on
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a scuffle broke out at the door as bruce nathan tried to enter the building. he doesn't have a ticket but he has armed security guards. there were fireworks on the stage when rubio was asked where he stands when it comes to abortion rights for women with zika. listen. >> if i'm going to err, i err on the side of life. i understand the vast majority of americans and floridians disagree with me on this issue. this is not an issue of deeply. >> another hot topic is gun control. he called for stricter background checks and enforcing laws that would prevent people on the terror watch list from buying a gun. >> my opponent has taken millions and millions of dollars from the gun lobby, doing their bidding in the u.s. senate. that is shameful. >> rubio came back to say the nra does not support his gun
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of several that could lead -- national attention because it it is one of several that could lead to a change in the senate. the third presidential debate is tomorrow night at 9:00 on abc action news. we check with political to check what the candidates say.governor scott is frustrated with president obama. he said the pres augustine. st. johns county suffered billions in storm damage. it will take money from washington to rebuild the vital tourist industry. fema announced it is opening a disaster recovery center in hudson to help hurricane hermine victims. it will open monday through saturday from 9:00 to 6:00 to get help registering for federal assistance until november 11th.
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possible firebombing at a g.o.p. office in north carolina. it appears that vandals struck at a democratic campaign office the same day. the words hang the capital lifts and kill your landlord sprayed on the orange county office. no evidence that connects this vandalism to that at the republican office. one woman said p didn't like. when she took it down, they left a new sign. >> i am watching. if you touch this, i will shoot you in the face. you have been warned. >> she didn't want to be identified out of fear of retaliation. the strange part of the story, the political sign wasn't for the presidential race or a congressional race. it was for an initiative to allow social marijuana use in designated areas.
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have anybody tell me what to do with my property. >> the campaign for the marijuana initiative says no one in their office put the sign up or made the threat. an update on the battle to retake mosul. a coalition of 94,000 troops lead by the iraqi government. they are south of the city. >> there are believed many as 8,000 isis forces in the city. kurdish forces advanced against isis. the they used suicide bombers to slow the advances earlier. they weren't sure they cleared the isis fighter explosives out of the villages they took. pentagon claims iraqi troops are ahead of schedule. a million people could be forced from their homes.
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in south florida, broward sheriff's deputies are looking for two purse snatchers. take a look. one man is caught on camera sneaking up to a woman's car while she is pumping her gas. crouches down, opens the passenger door -- driver's side door. she is on the other side of the car, then steals her purse. he is long gone before that woman notices anything happened. debt and it could be costing you way more than any other debt. we have tips on the best ways to pay it down. the average american is $3,600 in credit card debt according to the investment group the motley fool. if you are in debt, stop using credit cards. pay with cash or deb bid card only. pay down the balance often and more than the minimum balance. that will help you chip away at
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interest charges. the ceo of visa is resigning. he said living too far from his family is putting a strain on his personal life. he was running the company based in san francisco while his family is on the east coast. he will step down in december after four years in charge of visa. visa has already named alfred kelly junior as president and ceo. he is the former head of american ere seen record highs in this october but in one part of california, take a look at this. it's snowing. several inches of fresh powder fell in the sierra nevada yesterday. >> so beautiful. more than 5,000 pounds of food and supplies are on board to astronauts on the international space station.
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rocket unsuccessfully launched, it lawn much. we will talk about a tropical storm otto developing east of florida. i will break that down for you coming up in a few minutes. >> coming up, an update on the ain't nobody go time 911 dispatcher. how many calls prosecutors can prove she hung up on. >> you won't believe the number. tonight is the president's last state dinner.
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a houston mom thinks someone tried to kidnap her baby and it was caught on store security video. watch this. the man walks up to the 14- month-old strapped in a shopping cart and tries to pick up the baby. mom says she has never seen this guy before and says that he said to the little girl, i wanted to take you when your mom wasn't looking. >> police are watching more of the video to see if he approached any other children in the store. wow. remember the 911 dispatcher in houston accused of hanging up on callers? prosecutors say they are center
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hung up on 825 people. she hung up on a caller trying to report a convenience store robbery in which the owner was shot and killed. prosecutors say there are recordings of the calls. >> there was one recording where she hung up on a gentleman calling to report people racing on the freeways and after the phone call is disconnected you can hear her speaking. what she says is ain't nobody got time for this for real. >> williams went to july of 2014 but the 2kr07d calls were not -- dropped calls were not discovered until last may. williams' supervisors should have caught the problem earlier. good morning from the weather center. impressive stuff. 90 is what we had at the airport. amazing that wasn't a report. even this late time of the year
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we will be close to that again today. i want to show you what we have to look forward to next sunday. temperatures in the upper 50s. the airport 62. respectable 65 in st. pete which is hard to do. the water is 80 degrees. inland areas, upper 50s to around 60. before we get there, weather to get there and heat as well. hot again today. 71 in tampa. mid-70s right now upper 60s inland. the difference on sunday will be the humidity. it's rather humid out there. very dry. that makes a difference. so, i think james tully was wearing a sweater. you may have to wear a parka into sunday morning. here is the east flow, moderating flow for us in the economic off the water -- atlantic off the water. we had a few in pinellas and
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the east and then the front begins to move in. it will be moving in with a very narrow band of moisture. i am not expecting big rains on friday night as it heads in. it will be important on the western atlantic. that could be otto by tomorrow as it continues to spin up and tries to head in our direction. the front is waiting for it. it will push it safely out to see. we will be in good shape and get the for the time being warm and moderately humid with temps approaching 90 this afternoon. the rest of the week, staying quiet. mid- to upper-80s. friday night as you sleep, the front comes in. when you wake up, cooler, drier and temps in the 70s for highs and overnight lows in the 50 ts and 60s. good morning. heading out the door, smooth
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about on twitter are cleared. this is the tampa side of the howard frankland. six minutes to get across. construction in downtown. this started yesterday at 9:00 a.m. this is the first for the morning commute that it will be in effect. morgan street is closed off the selmon between brow reason -- brorein. you can't get off at morgan but you have to get or willow. for more on the projects, make sure you follow me on twitter at tampa bay traffic. . school leaders in pinellas county want your help on how to achieve -- close the achievement gap.
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if you want to give your thoughts, it's at 6:00 at boca see egg gay -- ciega high school. the cold in your refrigerator is not a good place to store tomatoes. copy how you found them at the store. strawberries frig gear a president obama's last state dinner is tonight. the white house has tapped mario vitally to be the cook. gwen stefani will perform after dinner. still ahead, a toddler shoots his own mother. how the 2-year-old got a hold
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busted for smuggling cocaine. >> a computer system caused major headaches for people on three airlines. >> reporter: in techbytes, more computer issues for major airlines. for a while, passengers had troublemaking or changing reservations. several airlines affected including southwest, jetblue and virgin america. technical glitch is being blamed, not a hack. google flights has a new way a new feature shows you when ticket prices are expected to rise on certain flights. >> book before they get more expensive. hotel finder is getting an upgrade. it may be back to the drawing board for facebook in australia. the social network is look being at whether to greet people with temperatures but it
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an arizona mother is recovering after being shot by her two-year old child. she was trying to remove the gun from her child's hands. the gun was unsecured when the child got a hold of it. the woman was taken to the
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no charges have been filed. a phoenix grandmother accused of flying across country with half a million dollars worth of cocaine won't be going home any time soon. police say she influence from vegas to detroit last week with cocaine in her luggage. federal officers noticed she was acting strange at the airport. they followed her to the hotel. she didn't check in. she got in a chauffeured s.u.v. officers pulled the driver over and a drugs. still ahead this morning, are the people who are supposed to tampa bay regulating cab companies in the bay area in bed with them? the call for a state investigation into the agency keeping uber and lyft from an operating agreement in tampa. >> we would never do that. everything was organized and put together to hurt him.
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is defending him. ahead what she says about conspiracy claims.
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melania trump fires back against critics and. a huge fire tiers through a tampa supermarket with employees still inside. how they were able to make it out. >> which college majors help you make the most money when you leave school. we will have that answer. i have a senior in high school. i will pay close attention. a quick check of the weather to help you get out the door on this tuesday. ivan cabrera. >> good morning. 70s out there right now. clear skies. a few upper 60s checking in. mid-60s in brooksville. you thing this is cool, get ready for the weekend. that front is coming in. ahead of it, we have an early flow, 10% coverage. warm temperatures today. above average, near 90 by 4:00. the extended cooler forecast in a few minutes.


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