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tv   Action News at 530AM  ABC  October 18, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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melania trump fires back against critics and. a huge fire tiers through a tampa supermarket with employees still inside. how they were able to make it out. >> which college majors help you make the most money when you leave school. we will have that answer. i have a senior in high school. i will pay close attention. a quick check of the weather to help you get out the door on this tuesday. ivan cabrera. >> good morning. 70s out there right now. clear skies. a few upper 60s checking in. mid-60s in brooksville. you thing this is cool, get ready for the weekend. that front is coming in. ahead of it, we have an early flow, 10% coverage. warm temperatures today. above average, near 90 by 4:00. the extended cooler forecast in a few minutes.
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we are checking your drive from pasco to hillsborough county, no issues. the drive on the sun coast and veterans looking great and i-75 right here at fowler, look how wide open the lanes are. 275 starting at the apex in the green here. no crashes or break downs to slow you down. 13 minutes from the apex to i- 4. 5 minutes from busch to i-4 and five minutes i-4 to the howard frankland bridge. >> thanks, janelle. developing this massive fire guts a tampa supermarket. it's sparked with employees still inside. rodney dunigan is live at the big and deals super center on hillsborough avenue. is everyone okay? >> thankfully they are, dan. this happened around closing time. so, thankfully no customers were inside. there were four employees inside at the time. one of the employees smelled smoke before they saw the fire.
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an extinguisher. it was too late. active scene. firefighters are still on the scene. one of the aerial units is trying to knock out a hot spot. all of this happened very quickly last night. when tampa firefighters arrived flames were coming from the building. they were forced to stay outside and attack the flames with two aerial units. as you can see out here this morning, definitely a very active scene as firefighters still try to knock down the hot spots this morning. >> about an hour into the fire, they called for additional units. fortunately the employees here, there were four of them working at the time, they got out of the building safely. they were all accounted for and we have no reported injuries. >> this fire caused a number of traffic issues in the area for
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the intersection of 40th and east hillsborough was closed. all lanes are back open this morning for rush hour. back out live, the fire marshal will be out here to assess the damage and try to determine a cause and as you can see, firefighters are still knocking down the hot spots. no one was injured. the four employees inside were thankful liable to make it out safely. as for the calls, that is something that the fire marshal will try to determine. thankfully no one was hurt. reporting dunigan, abc action news. state representative is calling for investigation into hillsborough transportation commission saying a blurred line between the ptc and cab companies that they regulate. danny young wants fdle to launch an investigation into the pctc after there were internal e-mails that have staff reportedly discussing sting operations.
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as uber and lyft customers to lure the ride sharing drives to an year where ptc officers were paying to fine them. >> find another agency to handle the regulatory issues without jumping into bed with the companies that they are regulating. >> uber and lyft claim that ptc staff work under special interests. deputies in palm beach county are looking for a killer after a ups a murder victim. the driver was making rounds in jupiter when she spotted a man lying on the lawn. the driver called 911. paramedics found the man dead from gunshot wounds. he was identified as david middleton who friends described as a gentlemen man with -- as a gentle man. an 11-year-old from south florida will appear before a judge after leading police on a
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her mom for the keys to the car. she said she needed to get a book out of it. instead, she went for a 13-mile joy ride. police gave chase. she refused to stop. she crashed in another driver. that man went to the hospital being checked out saying he wasn't feeling well but not badly hurt. teachers the apopka high school had to evacuate students when a van caught fire. it was caught on camera. investigators say a crew was outside power washing the building at the the gear caught fire and the flames spread to the vehicle. none of the students were hurt but one of the workers did go to the hospital with burns. in democracy 2016, election day is three weeks away. if you want to vote you have less than 12 hours to register. forms can be filled out today. driver's license office or a public library or tax collector office or register online. instructions are on the state election web site.
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this afternoon. looking ahead, early voting begins in some florida counties next monday. all counties must open early voting no later than saturday october 29th. the deadline to request a vote by mail ballot is november 2nd. election day is tuesday, november 8th. republicans are going on the attack over new documents about hillary clinton's e- mails. the documents were released by the fbi yesterday. at issue is whether there was quid pro quo between the fbi and state department. under patrick kennedy, appears to be bar gong with the fbi in ex--bargaining with the fbi. hillary clinton is behind closed doors practicing, rehearsing for the financial presidential debate. her husband and daughter stepped in for her at a fundraiser in new york city
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famous actors and actresses performed with association and monologues. she -- with songs and monologues. guests paid as much as $100,000 for a premium package that included a meet and greet with some of the actors. >> the antijfk, ask not what your country can do for you but what my country can do for me. he is formidable, a force of nature in real life i think he is a human hurricane season. starts out with a lot of hot air, you watch it spinning out of control, hits america, causes a lot of damage and panic but completely over by november. >> billy crystal taking jabs at republican nominee donald trump. a national cbs poll shows clinton with an 11 point lead over trump. >> donald trump continues to beat the drum of media bias and poll rigging even though his own party has discouraged it.
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you can't beat them, join them. he may start his own tv network. his son-in-law, ivanka's husband talked about starting a trump tv network. a tape of trump making lewd remarks surfaced, his wife is speaking out blaming the clinton campaign. >> people from the opposite side that they want to damage the campaign and why now. they planned it they don't want to talk -- they don't want to talk about the wikileaks, benghazi and the rest of the stuff. they don't want to you can take about it. so, they said let's do something so we will hurt his campaign. >> "the today show" fired billy bush last night because of the tape. in an interview set to air on "good morning america," donald trump said he never crossed the line with women.
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campaign appeared to be abandoning virginia. maybe not. he bought $2 million worth of tv ads in the state and put new campaign leadership in place. a reminder the third and final presidential debate is tomorrow. watch it on action news starting at 9:00. we will stream it live on our free mobile app and facebook page. now your college major can have a big impact on how much money you make after school. according to glass, if you want to make money out of school, major in computer sigh criminals. the average starting salary is $70,000. electrical engineers $68,000. mechanical engineering majors, chemical and industrial engineering majors round out the top 5. >> how many years to pay back all the student loans going to an engineering school. >> an issue as well. now a strike that could put
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>> jim beam workers picket ahead of another round of talks. workers voiced complaints at a management listening session monday. one of the biggest complaints is time. the union wants more full time workers rather than temp employees. a big day in lakeland. in 90 minutes the city will start the annual swan round up. parks and recreation will gather the flock to a vet can assess their health. many were suffering from a calcium deficiency because they were eating too much white bread. the vet will see if their health improved over the last year. weather-wise looking good. bus stop forecast is quiet. mostly clear. look at the sunrise, 7:33.
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weeks. 85 at lunch. 88. rather hot this afternoon. the weather for the weekend is coming from the western u.s. denver is 35. not that cold here. it will moderate by the time it gets here. it will be cool. we will talk about that in a couple of minutes. still to come, red tide on the sun coast puts popular
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uncle tom road in hillsborough county. have you heard about this one? it's not named after the 19th century character but the naacp wants the name changed. it is named after tom murphy whose family donated a bunch of land to the county. commissioners are wo people that see it and don't know the back story will think it's a racial lure. red tide algae bloom is offshore from pinellas county to collier. now it's getting its claws in a culinary tradition. red tide is affecting the catches. it can kill fish. in addition, with all the dead fish around, stone crabs have plenty of food so they are not
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fishermen's traps. it opens saturday through may 15th. good morning. we are looking good this morning. low 70s. clear skies. we have fall weather to look forward to for the weekend. i will tell you what, these temperatures, it will be like this right around midday hour by the time we get into the weekend, something to look forward to, it's been a while. titan doppler radar, not much. i have been showing you the flow off the water in the atlantic. a low level moisture with us. that will, once again, set the stage for a couple of isolated showers. dry across the area, especially up above. we won't be doing much with the showers and thunderstorms. in fact, the next time we get a really good line of storms, we will be with the front as they roll through and the fog, air mass thunderstorms, wet season
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rearview mirror. east flow continues the next couple of days. today and wednesday, 10% chance of isolated showers. then we will have a low to the east. it could be tropical storm otto. we have the front to the west. we will get the squeeze play in between that will provide us with sinking air. less coverage. once the front moves in, this is fast forwarding morning. a sneak peak. if you have morning plans, nice bike ride or walk, we are getting into the season with the charity walks. temps in the upper 80s this afternoon. moderately humid. you don't need that much humidity to make it uncomfortable. near 90 at the airport. then the front comes in friday night. by the way, sometimes they come in with a line of showers and storms.
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limited moisture. a narrow band of showers. you may not notice it. saturday and sunday, benefits behind it with highs in the 70s. low, dry desert humidity. cool overnight lows in the 50s and 60s. >> thanks, ivan. looking forward to the morning drive, no crashes or break downs on the road. let's check your virtual drive on i-4 from 75 to 275 passing through ybor city. all the traffic indicators even right here at the junction you can see all in the green here. there is a live picture of 275 right where i-4 comes in. no crashes or break downs. continues on through the downtown area, down to the howard frank -- down to howard frankland bridge, 5 minutes. yesterday we showed you video of a wind surfer being rescued in washington state.
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michigan. the wind surfer's mask broke a mile from the beach. without the sale, he was stuck. -- without the sail, he was stuck. he text a friend for help who called in the coast guard. good friend, right? the wind surfer is doing fine today. a canadian mom was forced to breast feed her son in a club's basement. she was at a charity event when she was breastfeeding in a hallway corner. the manager came up and said someone complained about her feeding near the dining room. >> it's unethical. if someone finds that shameful, that is their problem, not mine. >> the club's president apologized and said employees
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human rights code. big 12 decided not to expand, a disappointment for usf. big 12 commissioner said it was not a decision to not expand more it was an endorsement and reinvestment in the 10 universities it has. tv deals with fox and espn might be the real reason. adding teams would have triggered a clause for pony up fees for rights. take a look at what happens when you lose a pet. patrick peterson had to wear a t rex outfit. et cetera a corner -- he is a cornerback. he lost the bet. t recollection's short arms are -- t rex's short arms aren't
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>> this is from princeton. they say they know which end the icing will end up on all the time. we will reveal this groundbreaking study. >> and a man going blind is creating art. it could help others who are
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low 70s out the door. sunshine by the afternoon. plenty of it. 83 then nice and warm with upper 80s to near 90 degrees. now to a halloween costume from a galaxy far way. detailed "star wars" costume. this is hand made. the video is called a boy and his tonton. that is the animal he is riding the boy's parents posted it to youtube. it's trending. people are calling them parents of the year and trying to place orders for more. >> that is cute. researchers at princeton studied the oreo cookie. they can predict which side the cream ends up on when you twist it apart. this is scientific research
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pay attention. keep the box facing you so you can read the words correctly. take one cookie out and twist it apart. whatever side the cream ends up on, researchers say the cream will stick to the same side for the rest of the cookies in the box. we will test it out for you coming up. >> does it work with double stuff, too. police in houston, texas are looking for who stole they used a crowbar to break down the front door. the entire heist took about four minutes. they took four english bulldogs and two french bulldogs. >> the dumbest thing i have seen somebody that stole a puppy to smash it and try to hurt them. >> the store owner is offering an $800 reward for each dog's safe return.
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is going blind, has a degenerative disease causing him to lose his vision. he entered a contest sponsored by the cleveland sight center. the painting he entered is one of three in the country that will be featured on christmas cards sold all over the world. he began painting when he started losing his vision. >> i wanted to find things that i could do when i couldn't see that i could still do. and still have a meaning in helping people. >> i think he could give bob rosa run for his money. >> the money raised will be used to help other people dealing with vision problems as well. several stores announced they will be closed on thanksgiving. >> we have been reporting that. but macy's apparently is doing the opposite. they will open an hour earlier than in the past. that means at 5:00 p.m.
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they close at 2:00 -- turkey day. they close at 2:00 a.m. then reopen the next morning. the value of the u.s. dollar is at a 7 month high. your dollar goes further when you buy things made oversees. the dollar is on the rise because investors believe the federal reserve will raise interest rates in december. it would be the first one in many years and would be seen as a si and growing. coming up on the news at 6:00, super center on fire. we are getting a better idea of the damage at this tampa store after fire ripped through it
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a discount store goes up in flames while employees are inside. a look at the destruction of that store. >> plus, iraqi fighters are gaining ground in the battle against isis this morning. but wi crisis. >> the clock is ticking if you want your voice heard this election year. we are down to the final hours. you can register to vote. james tully has more on that. >> thank you for waking up with us. >> i'm dan schaffer. >> i'm lindsay logue in for deiah riley. first weather and traffic


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