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tv   Action News at 6AM  ABC  October 18, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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a discount store goes up in flames while employees are inside. a look at the destruction of that store. >> plus, iraqi fighters are gaining ground in the battle against isis this morning. but wi crisis. >> the clock is ticking if you want your voice heard this election year. we are down to the final hours. you can register to vote. james tully has more on that. >> thank you for waking up with us. >> i'm dan schaffer. >> i'm lindsay logue in for deiah riley. first weather and traffic
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election day. in fact, before it. this weekend a preview of fall. we are into fall. we have a delay in florida as far as temperatures. low to mid-70s. today won't be different than yesterday. out of the 60s and 70s. nice and cool relatively so. by the afternoon, we push 90. we hit that at the airport. that wasn't a record but it will be warm and toasty. the humidity moderate, not oppressive but it will be out there. with the east flow off the atlantic, spotty inland showers. we will climb to near 90. then we will talk about a couple of things. a cold front moving into the weekend then a potentially developing system, otto coming up in a few minutes. good morning, everybody. warning from fhp. they are reporting a black object in the southbound lanes of i-75 around the lee roy selmon expressway. here is a live look at what the area looks like right now.
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heading southbound. be aware if you are heading in that direction, look out for something in the roadway. i'm sure they will have that picked up shortly. veterans 17 minutes from 54 to 275. lee roy selmon expressway up to speed 6 minutes from 75 to downtown. >> thanks, janelle. we are waiting to find out what started a fire at the big and deals super center on hillsborough avenue. the flames out. the damage was so bad it collapsed the roof. firefighters shut down the corner of hillsborough and north 40th street after the fire sparked around 9:30 last night. four employees were inside at the time. they made it out safely. the cause is under investigation. following two extensions by a federal judge, today is the final day to register to vote in the general election. a judge ruled on the extension
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hurricane matthew. james tully is live in hillsborough county. the offices are expected tobies see today? >> reporter: well, lindsay, you know this better, you have to work with me every weekend. i can procrastinate with the rest of them. voter registration numbers are up across the board in our area. so, what you want to do if you want to register, go find the get your registration form. turn it in. if you are mailing it, you have to have it postmarked by today. now, remember, we have mail in requests, requests for mail-in ballots, you still have time with that as well, six days before the election is your deadline, november 2nd. there is still time to have
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registered today by 5:00 p.m. hillsborough county calls it a milestone day. they have a public test of election equipment at the gilder election service center. they have a meeting testing for accuracy. live in hillsborough county, james tully, abc action news. if it were up to usf students, hillary clinton would wi thousand students found 53% vowed for clinton. 25% picked donald trump. 35% of students said the economy was the most important issue. education second at 23% and if students are anything to go by, it will be a tight senate race in florida, 43% pick patrick murphy. 40% want to reelect republican marco rubio.
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key battleground states. he is doubling down on his claim that high tide presidential election is rigged with illegal votes. >> more than 1.8 million deceased individuals right now are listed as voters. oh, that's wonderful. well, if they vote for me, we will thing about it. >> during an event in wisconsin, he had a little fun bringing two kids up to the today trump is rallying in colorado. on the democratic side, hillary clinton is taking time off to prepare for tomorrow night's debate. yesterday dozens of comedians held a fundraiser on broadway. many used the opportunity to mock trump. >> he blames everything on the media. everything is the media's fault. he may be right about certain
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every morning there he was. at one point he was the boy that cried wolf blitzer. in virginia clinton is ahead by 15 points. that is up from 7 points earlier this month. heated words between mark i don't rubio and patrick murphy as they went head to head. not all the action was between the candidates. there was a scuffle, a small scuffle at the door. no ticket but he had armed security guards. on stage, fireworks between rubio and murphy as they discussed the main issues that matter most to floridians. >> the job of the u.s. senator in our republic is to represent their state and up hold the constitution of the united states. i am prepared to do that no matter who is elected. >> we are both on the
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it's national security at stake. >> the senate race is getting national attention. it could lead to a shift of power in the u.s. senate. the final debate is next week in south florida. iraqi fighters are making strides in the fight to retake mosul from isis. you are looking at video of the operation. troops took 80 square miles from the militants but there is growing concern that the impact civilians. the united nations estimates more than 1 million people will be forced to flee the city. groups are opening camps to shelter more than 160,000 people. in south florida, broward deputies are looking for two purse snatchers. this story is a reminder to lock your doors when you are getting gas and be aware of your surroundings. the guy on the left is caught
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as she gets gas. just a few seconds ago the man -- here we go. he opens the driver's side door, grabs her purse, gets back in his car and drives away. all of this happened before that woman ever turned around. still to come on action news at 6:00, a grandma is waking up in jail. wait until you hear what airport k-9s found in her a change in her routine that lead her to danger and the one
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a phone next grandmother is accused of flying across country with half a million dollars of cocaine. >> they say she flew from las vegas to detroit with the was acting strange at the airport. when they followed her to a hotel, they noticed she didn't check in. she got in a chauffeured s.u.v. officers pulled over the vehicle and a canine sniffed out the drugs. an oklahoma woman says she was attacked by clowns over the weekend. she claims a woman standing on the side of the road
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help. the clowns got spooked and ran off. still ahead this morning, we told you about the 911 operator that investigators say hung up on people that needed help? now we are getting shocking numbers on how many lives she
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we have an update on the 911 dispatcher in houston that investigators say hung up on callers. >> they are certain she hung up on, listen to this, 825 people. she is currently charged with hanging up on a caller trying to report a convenience store robbery in which the store owner was shot and killed. prosecutors have some of the recordings of the calls. >> there was a recording where she calling to report people racing on the freeway. after the phone call is disconnected you can hear her speaking and what she says is ain't nobody got time for this, for real. >> williams went to work there in july of 2014 but the dropped calls weren't discovered until last may. williams' supervisor should have caught the problem earlier. a houston mom thinks someone tried to kidnap her
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police are involved. watch this as the man walks up to the 14-month-old in a shopping cart, tries to pick up the baby. mom says she has never seen this guy before and he said to the little girl i wanted to take you when your mom wasn't looking. police are watching more of the video to see if the same man approached any other children in the store. an arizona mother is recovering after being shot by her own 2-year-old child. she was shot in the arm trying to take child's hands. according to officials, the gun was unsecured when the child got a hold of it yesterday. no charges have been filed. we are taking action for you with the best way to pay down debt. if you are in debt, stop using credit cards. only buy things with cash or
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when it comes to your credit card, pay the balance often and pay more than the minimum balance. that will help pay it off faster and cuts down on interest charges. >> speaking of credit cards, the ceo of visa is resigning. he is living too far from his family and it's putting a strain on his personal life. charlie is running the company based in san francisco while his family is on the east coast. he will step down in december after four years of leading the credit visa named alfred kelly junior as president and ceo. he is the former head of american express. more than 5,000 pounds of food and supplies are on their way to astronauts at the international space station. >> it is after this successful rocket launch in virginia. this happened almost two years after a rocket exploded seconds after launch at the same facility. it was blamed on faulty engines.
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with the iss on sunday. the launch could be seen for hundreds of miles. >> thanks to clear skies we got a look at it. let's check out what is happening the next few days. still under the pattern with plenty of sunshine. spotty inland shower threat, about 10% as far as the coverage. yes, still on schedule. the cold front comes in for the weekend, moves in friday night then we monitor the tropics. otto may be forming to the east. the cold front will in that as well. we will talk about it in the next couple of minutes. temps are in the low to mid- 70s. some of us are in the mid-to- upper 60s. moderate humidity so it doesn't feel as crisp as it will feel saturday and especially sunday morning. by afternoon the showers impact with 95. they will move to the west and like yesterday bring us about 10% coverage. this is the pattern today and
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expect less rainfall in between the cold front and what could be otto to the east and by the way, you don't have worry about whether this becomes otto or not because the front will push this away. for the time being, squally weather may kick back as close to the bahamas. 35 miles per hour winds. hurricane hunters investigating that. you notice the trend moving to the west or the movement to the west. that has been the trend all along. there is the year. you have the troughs swinging through. that will be enough to push otto or whatever becomes of it east of us. there are the temperatures. this is what you are waking up to sunday morning, upper 50s and lower 60s. this will feel colder for two reasons, the temperatures and the wind as well. we will do this with breezy conditions and, of course, the humidity will take a tumble. we have to get there first. we are not doing it today.
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we are not setting records but this is above average for this time of year. steady as she goes the rest of the week. mid-80s. overnight lows in the 60s and 70s then the change comes in, perfect timing for saturday and sunday with a lot of sunshine and comfortable in the 70s. >> saturday will be nice with the music and the barbecue. more cars are on the roads. we have u.s. 92 east of williams drive. reports of a crash. fhp reporting roadblock but traffic indicators are showing it in the green so it could be that cars can get around. a crash further south in manatee at fordham road. i was seeing reds but a little bit of a yellow. it could be the crash is moved
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@tampabaytraffic. pinellas county leaders want your help for kids succeeding in school. tonight the school district is hosting the second of four meetings to gather ideas on how to improve school performance in pinellas. if you want to give your thoughts, the meeting begins at 6:00 at boca ciega high school. where you store your tomatoes may affect how they taste. the worst place is in the refrigerator. the cold kept them from producing a natural that ads flavor. a good rule of thumb storing fruits and veggies, copy how you found them at the store. still ahead this morning, a cash crime trend that aims to scam you out of your hard
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a crime alert. a trend that is picking up this holiday season.
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bills -- hundred dollar bills. do you notice anything funky? these are teller training notes. they are used to train banking employees. criminals are using the fake cash to rip off business owners. you can see the pink lettering on them. if you are not careful you can fall for it, too. anyone that handles the cash slow down, take a good look at it. if something doesn't look right, call police. one woman in denver said someone put a political sign in her yard that she didn't like. when she went to take it down they left a new sign with a death threat. the note reads, quote, i am watching. if you touch this, i will shoot you in the face. you have been warned. the really strange part is the political sign wasn't for a presidential race or a congressional race. it was for an initiative to allow social marijuana use in
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identified decided to remove the sign anyway despite the threat. >> my property and i'm not going to have anybody tell me what to do with my property. it doesn't seem like an issue that would cause this much anger to threaten in such a way. >> campaign workers say no one in their office put up the sign or made the threat. a massive fire tears through a tampa speck with four employees -- supermarket with four employees
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now at 6:30, store fire investigation. we are finding out how the building is damaged. >> you ups driver makes a deadly discovery. you are running out of time if you want to register today. the cut off time is today, the places to go and how early you can place your ballot. thanks for waking up with abc action news on this tuesday. >> i'm dan shaver.
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with traffic and weather together. ivan cabrera has florida's most accurate forecast. good to see you. temperatures in the 60s and 70s. we will get into the 80s in the afternoon. we had a high of 90 yesterday at the airport. we have a big cold front on the way that will set the stage for one of the cooler weekends. i will have that in a few minutes. let's head out the door and check on janelle with traffic. >> good morning. we are following seffner. captain al is flying over the scene. what can you tell us? >> it looked like a serious accident. they have a wrecker on scene. they are beginning to move cars. this is u.s. 92 south of i-4 between williams and 579, man go road. they have both lanes, both directions closed east and westbound. a wrecker is on scene. hopefully it will be cleared up
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in manatee. this is a little further south. northbound u.s. 301, reports of roadblock. leave yourself extra time to make your way around that. this is 275 and busch. things are getting busy. cars are tapping their brakes. eight minutes from here to i-4. back to you guys. >> thanks, janelle. developing this morning, the fire marshal is expected at a tampa supermarket that went up in flames. >> inside. rodney dunigan is live on hillsborough avenue. we know the employees were okay. what about any customers? >> reporter: lindsay, thankfully no customers were inside. this happened shortly after closing time. you can see behind me it's an active scene. firefighters have been out here with ladder trucks knocking down the hot spots. the inside of the supermarket
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due to safety concerns, firefighters were forced to stay outside and attack the flames of this three-alarm fire with two aerial units. four employees were inside closing up the store when they smelled smoke. >> they were finishing up for the night. he said he saw some smoke. so, he grabbed a fire extinguisher to fight the fire, opened up a door. smoke came out. it was one of the employees that called 911 to get here. his quick actions brought us here to start trying to save as much as we could of the building and make sure that there weren't injuries. >> reporter: again, thankfully, no one was hurt. no customers inside at the time when this sparked. four employees made it out. the fire marshal will be out this morning to assess the damage and try to determine an exact cause. back out live, again, firefighters have been knocking out hot spots throughout the
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to ensure that the building doesn't go down. the inside is gutted. the owner of the stories on scene trying to look over the damage. but, again, it appears that this stories a total loss and will be closed for the foreseeable future. we will be here throughout the morning speaking to investigators as they try to determine an exact cause of what sparked the fire. reporting live in tampa, rodney dunigan, is abc action news. deputies in palm beach county looking for a killer after a ups driver came a murder victim. that delivery worker made rounds in jupiter and spotted the man lying on the lawn. the driver called 911 and paramedics found the man dead from gunshot wounds. authorities identify the victim as david middleton who friends describe as a gentleman with no criminal record. detectives have not made any arrests or revealed a motive. a state representative is calling for an investigation into hill hill's public
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between the ptc and people, cab companies that they represent. dana young wants an investigation launched into the ptc after the tampa times revealed internal e-mails where staff discussed sting operations, specifically the commission used taxi drivers to pose as uber and lyft customers to lure the drivers to an area where ptc officers were waiting to fine them. >> time to find another agency that can handle issues without jumping into bed with the companies that they are regulating. >> uber and lyft claimed for some time that ptc staff work under special interests. despite this, they will work on a deal to stay in tampa. in democracy 2016, election day three weeks from today. if you want to vote, you have less than 12 hours to register. forms can be filled out and submitted at any supervisor of election office, driver's
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or tax collector office. they are available online. instructions are on the state web site. mail the application by 5:00 this afternoon. looking ahead, early voting begins in some florida counties next monday. all counties must open no later than saturday october 29th. the deadline to request a vote by mail ballot is november 2nd. election days i tuesday, november 8th. the third and final presidential debate is tomorrow night. you can watch it hive here on abc it starts at 9:00. if you don't have cable, we will stream it live on our free mobile app and facebook page. and tune in when thursday morning when we fact check what the candidates have to say. in hillsborough county, more people are expected to vote before election day. the supervisor of elections has mailed out 192,000 vote by mail ballots. that is on pace to beat a record set in 2012. there is one incident of an
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from a homeowner's mailbox after it was filled out. but that is rare. there are safeguards in place to protect your vote. one of those features, using paper ballots. each has a unique identifying number. >> if somebody says i don't know what happened to my ballot, give me another one, we will cancel that ballot and furnish another one to them. if that ballot hits late in the mail it won't be accepted. >> if you don't feel coor ballot you can drop it off between now and 7:00 p.m. at the county supervisor of election office. you can track your ballot online and make sure that it gets to you and back to your election office. many of you are talking about melania trump and her first interview since recent allegations against her husband that he groped women. melania calls the claims lies and reacted to her husband's lewd comments from 2005 that
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bush. >> i wonder if they even knew the mic was on because they were kind of boy talk and he was leading on -- like egg on from the host to say dirty and bad stuff. >> nbc news announced last night that they have fired billy bush. at "the today show." he was on the morning show for two months. donald trump and many republicans are accusing the fbi and state department of criminal conspiracy related to hillary clinton's private e- mail server. trump seizing on fbi documents that appear to show undersecretary of state patrick kennedy asking the fbi to back down on classifying an e-mail. it seemed like he was trying to bargain, offering to put more agents oversees in return.
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the fbi denies any deal making. trump is calling for kennedy to resign. famous comedians and broadway legends came out in support of hillary clinton last night. the family put on a multimillion dollar fundraiser in new york city. it was holland by bill and chelsea clinton and headlined by billy crystal. >> we have to raise more than donald trump lost in 199 56r7b89s some guests paid as much as 100 grand for a ticket. the premium package included a chance to meet some of the famous stars. today the u.s. department of health and human services give us an update about funding plans to stop zika. late last month congress
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kay funding. -- zika funding. today's news conference in washington is set for 1:15 this afternoon. caught on camera, teachers at a apopka high school evacuated students from the school when the van caught fire outside of the building. investigators say crews were there power washing outside when their gear caught fire. that fire spread to the vehicle. one of the workers was taken to the hospital. today an 11-year-old from south florida will go before a judge accused of leading police it started when the girl got the family car keys, told her mom she had to get a book out of the car. instead, she took the car on a joy ride. when police chased her, she refused to stop and they caught up with her when she crashed into another driver sending that other driver to the hospital. that driver said he didn't feel well but wasn't badly hurt. netflix stock is
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trading monday. the gains come after the streaming service announced 3.6 million new subscribers in the third quarter. most came from international markets. the company credited the better than expected performance to its original content. it's dark. amazing. 7:33 the sunrise coming up. we will see it clouds throughout the afternoon. similar set up from yesterday. 90 yesterday. low to mid-70s. we will get close to that number for 3:00, 4:00. moderate humidity will make it feel more uncomfortable this afternoon. east wind bringing us spotty showers through the inland sections that eventually will move on the coast. limited coverage once again.
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to get back to the upper 80s. we have the cold front on the way. we will talk about that as it arrives through the weekend. potential for tropical storm otto east of the united states. that is ahead. >> thanks, ivan. still ahead, an incredible recovery. a high school athlete triumphs over a shocking injury on the field. the comeback he is making and
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morning sprint brings you everything you need to know before you head tampa supermarket overnight. four employees were still inside. they were closing up the big and deals super center on hillsborough when they smelled smoke. one worker tried to put out the fire but it spread quickly. the fire marshal will be out this morning to assess the damage and determine an exact cause. thankfully no one was hurt. a state representative is calling for an investigation
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commission. they are accused of colluding to keep lyft and uber out of the county. they used taxi drivers to pose as customers in a sting operation luring them to officers that hit them with fines. despite this, representatives from lyft and uber will continue torque working with the ptc to stay in tampa. for drivers in new tampa and southern pasco county, more traffic cones are in your future. on bruce b. downs they are preparing between pebble creek and county line road from four to eight lanes. there will be a meeting at wharton high school tonight at 6:30. pasco hernandez college is helping people get ready for a job fair. it runs from 3:30 to 6:30 at the east campus in dade city where the job fair will happen tomorrow from 9:00 to noon.
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the panthers at amalie. they welcome back vinny lecavalier. he played 14 seasons with the lightning and is the franchise all time leader for games played and goals scored. he retired last year. a wesley chapel man who fought to find a kidney and is now fighting cancer is getting support. joey got the transplant he needed but is battling foam may. -- lymphoma. tonight a found raiser from 4:00 to 9:00 p.m. at the restaurant on county line road. in about 20 minutes now, the annual swan round up begins on lake morton. every year the city checks on the health of the flock. that began with a donation of swans by queen elizabeth in 1957. last year a vet discovered many of the swans had a calcium deficiency because they were eating too much white bread.
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the bird's health has improved at all. macy's will be opened on thanksgiving day. they will open at 5:00 then close at 2:00 a.m. and reopen on black friday at 6:00 a.m. macy's has been open on thanksgiving every year since 2013. the value of the u.s. dollar is at a seven month high. investors believe the federal reserve may raise interest rates in december. that rate hike would be the first onin be seen as a sign the economy is healthy and growing. >> a maine high school football player makes a huge come back against the odds stacked against him. he was nearly paralyzed when he broke his neck after another player fell on top of him. listen to this. 70% of people that suffer the same injury end up in a wheelchair. one year later, not only is he walking but is back on the
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the biggest part. being so close to being not able to walk and football is a blessing. >> chris credits the support from his family, friends and teammates for his speedy recovery. maybe a little bit of luck or a medical miracle anyway. scored his first touchdown of the season. he was named on of the team's captains. >> terrific. >> really cool. time to turn to a priceless war honor making its way back employees at an arizona goodwill came across a purple heart. knowing how special the item is, they put it on social media to try to find the family. they got in contact with the american air museum in england and found out it belonged to a world war ii airman. they located the family out of state. goodwill is keeping it locked in a safe until they can
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around state road 54. this is at trinity boulevard. take a look at the backups. a lot of delays heading eastbound. leave yourself extra time to work around that crash. checking your drive times, veterans 13r?es, in the normal -- expressway, in the normal range, yellow. 20 minutes 54 to 275. 14 minutes from van dyke to 275 and seven minutes from waters to 275. ivan? all right, janelle,th we are in for pleasant temperatures by the weekend. it's only tuesday. we have to wait a little longer. it will be nice but warm and humid in the afternoon. temperatures in the 60s. a few 70s out there, including st. pete where you are 74, usually the milder spot. water temp is still at 80. east wind bringing a couple of spotty showers like the last
6:51 am
most of us will stay dry. we have changes for the weekend before we get to that today and tomorrow. similar pattern setting up. thursday i think we will be dry on the western side of what could be tropical storm otto to the east then we have a cold front getting ready to bring us refreshing cool temperatures and low humidity by the weekend. it does move in friday night and then as the cool air mass gets established by the time we wake up sunday morning, look at this treat, definitely jacket weather through the morning. before we get there, a warm and humid day. temperatures in the upper 80s. humidity is not oppressive. but you can feel it. the heat index is higher than the temperature which will be above average for this time of year. we will make up for that, mid- 80s dry thursday and friday. the front comes in with limited moisture. it will leave us with one of the coolest weekends we had so far this season.
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still ahead on "good morning america," video of a man being handcuffed for walking in the street near a sidewalk closed for construction. this is sparking outrage. >> alex perez has gma first look. >> reporter: controversial encounter sparking outrage. >> you can't just put your hands on me like that. >> reporter: that is a plain clothes police officer stopping a black man for walking on the shoulder of a road in a mi sidewalk is closed for construction. you can see the officer holding on to thomas' jacket as he keeps walking. >> you are not taking me to jail for this. >> reporter: in the seven minute video, the officer says thomas was impeding the roadway. the woman recording the roadway said he was hugging the right side of construction. the officer that appears to be
6:53 am
we will be live on the scene with the latest at 7:00 a.m. with your gma first look, diane
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good morning. getting through the odessa area won't be easy. take a look at this. this is a crash at state road
6:56 am
can. >> weather-wise looking good. warm and humid once again. temperatures in the upper 80s. spotty showers, 10% coverage. then we look forward to the weekend with the front coming in and cooling us off. >> today is the final day to register to vote in florida following two extensions by a federal judge following hurricane matthew. if you want to vote november 8th you have until 5:00 this afternoon to turn in the registration applications. >> let's take a look at this hand made "star wars" costume getting a lot of attention. it's called a boy and his tonton. i believe that's the animal he is reading from empire strikes back movie. i know you want to buy one. >> hand made? no way. >> the parents posted this on youtube. it's trending. people love it. they are calling the parents to
6:57 am
of the year. >> fantastic. >> so cute. >> "good morning america" is up next. >> that's right. keep up to date with us on air,
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good mor good morning, america. melania trump breaks her silence standing by her husband after that lewd tape >> i accept his apology and we are moving on. >> attacking bill clinton. >> they bring my past, why not. >> and donald trump opens up to abc news fighting those sexual assault allegations. >> have you crossed the line in the past with women ever? >> i don't think so. i have great respect for women. hillary clinton under fire. the democratic nominee facing new questions over the fbi, the


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