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tv   Action News at 6PM  ABC  October 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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polk county deputies just resting a well-known banker accusing him of running over and killing a 70-year-old woman. >> they say that he tried to cover up the dent in his truck they crashing it the second time. >> jarvis can direct -- kendrick is the man who struck and killed janice joy of the road. >> it is an arrest sure to stop. then, a senior vice president of the credit union a man so beloved by his coworkers that he was named in emerging leader by the local paper. >> you not only fled but he went through an elaborate scheme to hide the damage on his vehicle.
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the morning of october 6 when he hit the 74-year-old according to the sheriff. he says parts of his truck was found at the scene of the accident just a mile from where he works. they said he tried to hide the damage by getting in a second accident just days later. >> he faked the crash to get the police report. he notified his insurance company took the car in for repair and went home. >> as -- narrow side the damage to right around the time of that hit and run accident. the sheriff says he is wondering why he left the scene in the first place. >> he could've stayed at the scene and help to that lady. and called for help. and she is in the roadway he wouldn't have even received a
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the public for more help about that morning. they are trying to piece together his minute by minute activities. a 67-year-old woman says that she gave an unlicensed contractor thousands of dollars and this is what she has to show for it. a tunnel underneath her house. police say she's not alone. ryan smith is taking action with those warning signs you need to watch out for. >> were getting a great deal on very complex plumbing work right here. and he offered up his services at a fraction of the cost compared to legitimate competitors and not long after that the family and many others found out why. >> from the outside, the naked eye cannot detect how much work went into fixing the plumbing problems. not long ago, -- >> he wrecked
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>> they were left as an underground tunnel, massive holes dug out on both sides. discounted handiwork all thanks to christopher >> i'm really upset because now, i have these two big holes and i don't know what to do about it. >> she suffers from ms and is legally blind. she believes that he took advantage of her and her husband. they paid him $3000 and a county inspector told them that the work halted -- and halted progress. >> and, the problem still needs to be resolved >> mike hennessey said he collected nearly 30 grant from unsuspecting homeowners in this neighborhood alone. one woman forked over $21,000 for electrical plumbing and home remodeling work. >> he was unlicensed,
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working. >> she says he lied about it and provided them with a phony contract license. >> he is a ripoff person that has no feelings for the emotional distress that he caused. >> deputies arresting him last night in hillsboro county and several charges. as i mentioned including brought into counts of grand theft auto. are a few important things that they can make note of to make sure that you are hiring a legitimate licensed contractor. we will have those online. for now, we're of reporting live. and company want you to take a good look at your screen. deputies need your help finding this white man. they say that three people smashed their way into the
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covered up front and side. the car. hillsboro county deputies are asking for information. they're offering a new reward to help solve angela morales's death. an unknown gunmen shot and killed her and her home back in august 2016. invest but they have not found any suspects. if you know anything, please call crime stoppers. deputies are taking a dangerous and violent men off of the streets. they captured him and crystal river. they say that he robbed and demand. and, it was at the rv park on golf lane highway. they say he is a career criminal.
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so looking at mostly clear skies. just in the last few minutes, a few showers and a couple of sprinkles. otherwise, we are dry and clear and we are warm. temperatures are right back into the upper 80s. tomorrow morning, we will be waking up to temperatures mostly in the middle 60s. and lower 70s as you get closer to the beach and in a couple of days the clear skies aren't going anywhere, but the coolest air rolling in that arrives later on. partly cloudy to clear, an update on that in the tropics. that's coming up. and breaking at this hour, and charlotte county marine rescue units are working to free a sperm whale. they posted these pictures online the this afternoon. for the fish and wildlife
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to have been -- biologists say that it appears to be separated from his mother. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton is making final preparations for the last debate. you can see this debate live tomorrow night at 9 pm right here. in the meantime, donald trump is continuing his callon today we asked the florida governor what he thinks about those claims. the governor saying, this instead. >> it is a sacred right to get to vote. and i don't want that right deluded by any fraud but i do when it raised. >> despite instances of actual voter fraud being very rare,
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their election systems. the department of homeland security says it can take up to two weeks for the time it received authorization. and, you can then take at least another week for state and local election officials to deal with it. new numbers show that donald trump is said to outspend hillary clinton on out -- on tv ads. that's compared to clinton's $10 million. but if you could spending with super pacs clinton still comes out on top. trump's advantage this week is an anomaly. clinton has heavily outspent trump the general election began. a new plan to save you from being hit with huge air ambulance bills being passed along to patients. have been exposing this growing issue. investigator joins us now have state leaders will address that problem.
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nation's largest air ambulance company is considered out of network. they end up getting hit with huge bills even though they have insurance. >> they can provide a lifeline for trauma patients but their costs have skyrocketed leaving patients with big bills. advocate has now formed a working group of regulators insurance companies and local governments to try to come up with a growing problem. >> a collaborative manner. >> since march we have reported how patients have based big charges on very short flights. >> the surgery itself was a total of $16,000. >> the nations largest air ambulance provider sues patients for the amount that their insurance does not pay. and, they lose money on seven
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have to shoulder those high costs. >> it's just wrong that we have to worry about this and it's -- my gosh >> he said even though they can regulate that industry she hopes by bringing everyone to the table that they can find a way to keep patients from getting hurt a big bills. >> continue to work with the national association of registration that would regulate. and in the meantime, my thought was that we couldn't sit and wait. >> she says she has received about 60 complaints from consumers regarding the high area ambulance bills. she believes that's just the tip of the iceberg. thank you. can find all of the previous
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our website at peer still to come, unfair rates the real key to how much you
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new video showing a dramatic rescue in the new york state fire. and, suddenly, nearby construction worker step in with a piece of heavy equipment. and, they used their excavator to bring that man down. another man jumped from a second-floor window thankfully everybody was safely accounted for. use of your driving record
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how much would pay for auto insurance. but not anymore. jackie callaway has new information that shows it's more about financial fitness. >> a pristine driving record no longer guarantees low rates. >> there's a lot more data point today and there were 10 years ago simply because they can store the data and analyze it. >> new research shows that economic characteristics will -- rule income larger part in your premiums than even an accident or a ticket. karen clones seaboard insurance. and she says all of this nonrelated information adds up to your financial responsibility square. >> yet the same profile person and they had a financial responsibility score very high good by ray could be half of somebody that the only
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responsibility is not as great. >> some think that all of these traits affiliated with people making less money to a higher rate of accidents. >> yellow financial responsibility score are more likely to get into an accident. >> in a crash and the wealthy still fare better >> the consumer federation recently released its new study. if found, -- it found, the higher income driver with a troubled driving history paid less than a modat >> it didn't used to be like that. it used to be a lot less data points. >> so here's what you can do, if you want to shop around go with an independent agent who can write for multiple companies. insurers use different formulas to come up with the rates so there could be adjusted difference in price from one company to the next. and never go longer than a couple of years before you shop
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>> thank you. bad news for you. and, the fifth year in a row, more americans received historically low increases the cost of living increase just .3%. that translates to less than four dollars extra per month. it affects about one in five americans. are going in the right direction. >> we are. >> and, most folks are going to be happy about this change and it is the perfect fall weekend coming up just before halloween. we had beautiful weather in store. it's not too shabby out there. you can see from the circle to apollo beach, that the skies are clear.
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through friday. and, let's call this a cold front. florida, it's deathly going to be the coolest weather that we have seen since last april. temperatures right now, we are still hot. lower 90s, tying a record high in tampa. 89 sarasota, 84 plant city, brooksville 85, you get the idea. and highs near 90. 91. and outside right now, tip of his 87. and, the overwhelming majority of our viewing area a drop of rain for the next 10 days and the only thing that will change as a couple of sprinkles are possible and that front comes
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that's are ready covering the area and even though a front plows moisture ahead of it and increases the rain chances there was just not be much to work with. things will begin to dry out. the rainy season is over. this evening, partly cloudy. and, it won't be cool. it will still be upper 60s. and, it will be a nice way to start off the day. and even into the afte and i think that that's probably the way that it plays out. there could be one or two sprinkles. but the chances are so low i didn't really even throw it in the seven day. and, much like tomorrow it's more of the same. and, i think friday when the front comes in there could be a lot of moisture. but if you look at the european model is printing out for 100
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and that will bring in the cooler drier air. and here's a look at what will likely become tropical storm auto believe it or not although the same front will bring in beautiful weather this weekend. it will help to push this to the northeast over the next couple of days. at this point, no threat to the united states. and, they will keep our eyes on that. the seas are a couple of feet. and, your >> and, hour by hour forecasts, temperatures waking up into the upper 60s. and here's where it's get good. >> 88 on wednesday, 84 on friday with that front coming in and look at the weekend. sunny skies, cool temperatures most of us are in the 50s. and afternoon highs stay in the 70s. still ahead, the buccaneers
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hello folks. the head coach, is doing the right thing. thing as little as possible about the decision as for these two men, the oklahoma president, and the commissioner bob mosby on the right. what they had to say about not expanding. and, many people in texas. and, they are banging the table for a public apology. mostly for taking the university of houston for a ride. and i even read stewart mandel's article calling for an
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but i did find it interesting, since the president was totally against the big 12 expansion in the first place. meanwhile, many -- vinny will be welcomed back tonight. i'm a little bit concerned with the slow start. i do not think it will work tonight. and, only been suspicion. >> are doing pretty well, creating opportunities. and, sticking with it as long as i did that's going to change. and you don't want to get used to that. and, there's enough firepower. and, this is news they won't enjoy hearing, vincent jackson an hour ago and jackson tearing nacl. and jackson and he helped set up
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what else could go wrong? >> hopefully he hangs around we will see you back here
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toni tonight, breaking news. donald trump and his bold claim. as this evening, president obama now taking aim at trump with and the woman from "people" magazine accusing trump. tonight, the new image that's now emerged. also tonight, that deadly plane crash, right into an apartment building. now, the new and alarming report about the cockpit. what happened seconds before? the american troops tonight, backing up the iraqis. their biggest assault yet on isis. our team on the front lines right now. the abc news exclusive.


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