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tv   Action News at 9AM  ABC  October 19, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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clinton preparing for the final show down. what you can expect at the final debate in democracy 2016. >> the pinellas county sheriff's office facial recognition program has been labeled as a crime stopper. a new report indicates that the technology could be abused. ahead in a live report, if you should be concerned. >> deputies are trying to track down the man accused of attacking and shooting a woman.
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>> we begin with democracy 2016. hillary clinton, donald trump hours away from their last face to face show down. >> it is in las vegas. that is the last chance to win off undebated voters on the debate stage. >> tomorrow night will be interesting. she is home sleeping and i'm working. >> reporter: donald trump taking a shot at hillary clinton ahead of the final presidential debate. >> that's the way it will be in the white house. she will be sleeping and i will be working. >> reporter: fitness to be president will cause controversy in both campaigns including hillary clinton's e- mail and donald trump's insistence that the election is being righted. president obama. >> i would invite mr. trump to stop whining and make his ca to get votes.
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you lose, you blame somebody else? you don't have what it takes to be in this job. >> reporter: the nominees engaging in psychological combat. clinton inviting meg wittman and also billionaire mark cuban. trump inviting obama's half brother as well as the mother of a benghazi victim that accused clinton of murdering her son. >> you can live on abc action news station tonight at 9:00. we are teaming up with politifact. regal cinemas is showing the debate on the big screen. a night to remember for president obama and the first lady. they hosted the last state dinner. >> they honored the italian prime minister and his wife. hollywood turned out in a big way for this event. it included some of hollywood's biggest stars including jerry
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james taylor. >> mario batali provided a dinner that involved carting hundreds of plates from the white house kitchen to a large tent yards away. >> hopefully the weather was nice. >> it was. they have been warm out there on the east coast. but that will end. one more day of hot weather then the cold front moves through. the same one that will get us this weekend and bring us the coolest air of the season. that happens friday night. the front moves in dry. usually showers thunderstorms along it. this one carries little moisture. not expecting much except for the big drop in temperature that you will notice with the humidity falling. low to mid-70s. nice day today. it will be warmer than usual for this time of year. the humidity is in check. not oppressively humid. the upper 80s won't feel bad. compared to what is coming, it will be a shocker. this is what we have going. the east, warm, dry and cold
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by sunday morning in a few minutes. good morning, everybody. it's still slow on i-75. we started out this morning with a crash on i-75 slowing it down southbound. that's hoe we are ending. we have a crash in the southbound lanes, a big semi- truck involved there. this is slowing it down just past fowler. this is north of i-4. in the other direction, we are seeing slowdowns for onlooker delays and emergency vehicles. the emergency vehicles have moved out of the way. southbound. take a look at this. it's taking 40 minutes from 52 to i-4 and 30 minutes from the apex to i-4. following breaking news out of the philippines. an anti-american protest outside the u.s. embassy in manila turned bloody. three student activists were injured when they were run over by a police van. tv cameras showed the van ramming the protestors as they
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police line and through red paint at the american embassy. left wing protestors gathered at the embassy to demand the u.s. leave the military bases in the philippines. a number of concerns over the facial recognition system used by pinellas county sheriff's office. >> it is used by law enforcement across the country and florida as well. a study points to a lack of transparency that could lead to abuses. abc action news reporter rodney dunigan is live at the pinellas what is the sheriff saying about this. >> reporter: for his part, he maintains that most of the information used for the system is already available to the public. police department mugshots, driver's license photos and pictures on facebook, all of it can be used in gathering facial recognition information.
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effectiveness in fighting crime and getting criminals off the street. >> it can be retail image, any type of face image. >> systems analyst explaining to us in a past interview how the system maps more than 100 facial features to make an id match. >> if you are looking for the needle in a haystack, face recognition can help you find it. >> reporter: according to the report released by the center on privacy and technology, the pinellas county outlining the use of the software that raises privacy concerns. the pinellas system is used for 8,000 monthly searches without audits. the system is used by law enforcement agencies across the state including in st. pete and tampa. >> to have a mechanism to search that image against other fasts and be able to get a robust result is huge. >> reporter: the sheriff's office launched the facial
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it's one of the longest running programs in the country. we will be speaking to the sheriff about this at 9:30. he will tell us exactly what he thinks about the study and if folks out there watching should be concerned. you can keep up to date by heading online. for more information, for now reporting live outside the pinellas county sheriff's office, rodney dunigan, abc action news. a crime alert out of deputies are asking for your help finding a dangerous felon. this is michael putnam. detectives say he got in a physical fight with a woman then shot her in the arm. putnam was last seen near state road 52 and altoona avenue in hudson. once he is caught, investigators plan to charge him with attempted homicide and
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do not approach him. call crimestoppers right away. a former tampa teacher convicted of having sex with two students is getting out of prison. she pled guilty to having sex with two teenagers. she was sentenced to 10 years. she is getting out early. she taught at davidson middle school and will be required to register as a sex offender. the woman that cared for the 74-year-old victim of a deadly hit-and-run accident is heartbroken over what happened to her friend. jarvis kendri hitting janice joy. polk deputies found a piece of kendrick's truck near the scene. they say he deliberately crashed his truck into a sign then contacted the insurance company to cover up the hit and run. the care taker says because of his selfish actions, two families are left hurting. >> i feel he was selfish. the choices he made now his family is fixing to lose him as
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leaving the scene of a crash involving death and tampering with evidence. plans are moving forward for the college football play- offs in tampa in three months. organizers will meet this morning -- right now, in fact, to discuss the venue, security and traffic for the game and related events. the game will be played monday, january 9th at raymond james stadium. thrilling night on the ice for tampa bay lightning fans. >> the bolts paid contribute a sold out crowd welcomed vinny lecavalier back to tampa. he dropped the first puck with two of his three kids. >> mike cat mathison scored the -- michael mathison scored the first goal to give florida a 3- 2 lead. with seconds remaining, the lightning tied it up. >> stamkos, top of the crease,
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they score. what a goal. >> stamkos with the goal there. the game went into a shoot out where braydon point showed off his skills taking the puck past the goalie. light forecast win it 4 ---lightning win it 4-3. coming up, not what one georgia man expected to see out
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new york city police shot and killed a woman armed with scissors and a baseball bat. it happened in the bronx last night. police say they responded to a 911 call about an emotionally
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bedroom. a sergeant tried to get her to drop the scissors but she grabbed a baseball bat and tried to strike him. he fired two shots. >> from what i have seen of this lady, they were probably defending themselves. i didn't see it but they were probably defending themselves. >> nypd says the officer was armed with a taser and an investigation is underway to see why he didn't use it. a major show of support in palm springs, california f take a look. 10,000 people honored them at a memorial service yesterday. they were shot and killed after responding to a family disturbance october 8th. hundreds of law enforcement officials attended the memorial service. one was with the department 35 years and was going to retire in december.
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4-month-old daughter cora. democratic national committee is under fire for what this tour bus did. a witness got this photo of the tour bus illegally dumping in a storm drain. the incident spawned an all out haz-mat situation. >> just dumping it pouring out in the storm drain. at this time i got my cell phone out and i am taki that is wrong. >> dnc representatives explained what lead up to the incident. the driver saw that the sewage container for the bus was starting to leak because it was full. he was concerned that the bus would have to drive a substantial distance leaking sewage potentially putting cars at risk. the dnc said this was an honest mistake and apologized. one man in nebraska loves donald trump so much he decided to show his support in a big
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visit in may and the words dump trump were spray painted on his silos. he wasn't happy about that graffiti that sat on the silos for two weeks. he made his own sign. he mowed the letters trump on the side of his hill. >> one everything a bunch of string and tape measures. >> to keep it visible, he trims the letters once a week. it takes he supports trump because of his tax plan, national security plan and thinks he will protect the borders. professional clowns say the creepy clown incidents are beginning to affect their livelihood. they say bookings at parties and other events dropped sharply. they worry about going out in public with their makeup on.
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their costumes at the party. a new way to get the best deal on airfare. google flights has a fee take your that will notice you about flight changes. they are updating the hotel search showing discounted fares. airlines could be required to refund fees when checked bags are substanti obama administration is taking for passengers. airlines are required to refund fees for lost bags but the latest proposal would include delayed bags. transportation officials have not defined what is exactly considered a substantially delayed bag. remember letter when sunday newspapers were filled with great coupons. now it's harder to find them.
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upset about this trend and what you can do so you don't waste your money. >> reporter: shoppers have been asking, what happened to the proctor & gamble detergent coupons. the inserts no longer contain the valuable coupons. joyce runs a dog rescue. each week she buys lots of dog food and laundry detergent. >> i do a lot of dog laundry. it has to come out >> i love tide. she was stunned to open the latest brand safer insert in her community newspaper and find this. >> they had coupons that are not coupons. >> instead, the little dollar off tide and gain coupons was a box that told her to go online and register for p and g coupons. >> if you are not reading them closely, you don't see that. >> joyce said she likes to clip
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not register. >> if you don't go on their web site you can't get coupons. >> reporter: she has been noticing it with the fliers that arrive at the door or newspaper. there are a lot of ads but fewer coupons to clip. "time" magazine says paper coupons are declining as brands switch to digital coupons that lead to more shopper loyalty and stores to track usage and coupons are less generous which joyce has noticed, too. >> reporter: for coupon clippers like joyce, the great deals are harder to find. >> reporter: p and g continuously tests ways to reach consumers but it doesn't mean that they won't necessarily not print old style coupons. john matarese, abc action news. >> save us a lot of trouble by lowering the price a dollar. >> that's the only thing we get
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the first cold front. it will be so nice. refreshing. take a look at this. gorgeous shot. plenty of sunrise. the difference this weekend is the humidity dropping big time and the temperatures as well. in fact, i can here complaints about sunday morning. a little too cool for us here. we will be in the 50s rand a bit of a breeze will make it -- and a bit of a it chilly. low to mid-70s. still comfortable. the humidity is not terrible, right. not oppressive but it's noticeable. by the time we get into the afternoon, the upper 80s will feel toasty. east wind won't bother us. it will bring in clouds. we don't rain today. it stays dry. we have a lot of dry air on top of us here. that will remain the case. further east an area of low pressure. not tropical. it could develop into something
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the cold front coming this weekend will merge with the low that happens when the things come in from the east which is where we like them. there is the front blocking it from us and merging with big rains to the northeast then we cool off behind the front. usually we have showers and storms along the frontal boundary. this time when i showed you the dry air, look at this, a band of clouds. that would be it. that will happen through the overnight hours. you won't notice it. that is the morning which will be chilly with temperatures in the 50s. keep in mind the peninsula of pinellas will be warmer. elsewhere low to middle 50s. with the breeze, it will feel chilly and compared to where we have been, almost a record high of 89. look at this.
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next couple of days and the front won't get here until friday night. if you don't like the cool air, you have about three days to be comfortable. northeast winds 10 knots. this his the issue for boaters into the upcoming weekend. 4 to 6-foot seas by saturday morning. boating will be iffy. likely need a small craft out there. 70s saturday and sunday. again the first seven-day forecast without any precip chances throughout good stuff. overnight lows cool and nice next week. coming up, an unexpected passenger aboard a plane that made the flight anything but normal for the people behind them. we have the story behind the
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you have heard of therapy dogs but what about a therapy duck. daniel the duck took a trip with his owner carla. other passengers tweed that daniel was a big -- tweeted that daniel was a big hit. he helped calm carla down. a therapy animal. popeye has more than 100,000 followers, dan. people love seeing and posing with all kinds of food at pet friendly restaurants. he looks like he is happy. >> who wouldn't be. >> popeye is so cute.
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>> you are in luck. >> pinellas animal shelters waiving the fee for large bread dogs. all animals -- all breed dogs. all -- for large breed dogs. all animals are spayed or neutered. who a firefighter was called out to save. >> trapped inside a car. how a group of men sprang into
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on another big night in politics, how a rising number
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>> the presidential candidates making statements with who they invite to the final debate. who will be in clinton and trump's corner. >> the mysterious death of a florida teenager. the one thing stopping investigators from arresting the suspected killers. good morning, i'm deiah riley. >> i'm dan shaffer. we will get to the headlines in a minute. first ivan cabrera has the forecast. a cold front is coming fantastic. gorgeous sunshine with the marina. we will have problems with the boating conditions this weekend. cold front moves in. winds 4 to 6 feet saturday morning. 3 to 5 in the afternoon. keep that in mind. before the front, temperatures are climbing into the upper 80s. if you want to see where the weather is coming from, take a gander. temps in the low 40s. the air mass will moderate as
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we will talk about that in a few minutes. ahead of the final press den shall debate we are -- press den shall debate we are seeing more people registered to vote. >> do the increases favor either candidate? abc anchor james tully has more from hillsborough county. >> reporter: here in hillsborough county, they reported over 80,000 new registered voters from the that was before the deadline was extended twice. mail in ballot requests are up across the bay area. in past elections, more mail-in ballots favor the republicans. it's easy to assume that more registered voters would help voter turnout overall the negativity surrounding the campaigns could be pushing others away. as dr. susan mcmahon nice explains, pushing away voters
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elections. >> there are traditional voters that are soft and not really sold on the candidates and we don't know whether at the last minute they will vote or won't. no poll in this country can predict turnout. everybody tries. it's difficult. >> reporter: it has been an exciting election campaign and more people may be following it because of that and that could lead to a larger voter turnout. many feel it's a stressful election campaign and they thing the stay home and not vote at all. reporting in hillsborough county, james tully, abc action news. >> there will be extra measures at polling places around the country to keep them safe. officials in several states are rushing to reassure you about voting locations. they are taking subtle the steps to boost security because of the passions stirred up by the race. some places are increasing patrols like in south carolina and at least one town in maine
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agitated voters at polling places located at schools. trump and clinton are trying to rattle each other with their choice of guests for the debate. trump invited the mother of an american killed in benghazi. patricia smith gave an emotional speech at the republican convention where she personally blamed hillary clinton for her son's death. hillary clinton invited mark cuban. strum' invited clinton invited meg wittman. you can watch the debate at 9:00 on your abc action news station. we are streaming it live on our web site and free mobile app. at 11:00 we will fact check and we will have undecided voters to see who won their vote. asian markets are higher. european investors are
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18,193. the dow gained 75 points tuesday. a tampa man is behind bars for allegedly setting a mobile home on fire. hillsborough deputies responded to the fire on gunn highway. they say someone called 911 to report seeing an unstable person in the area. when deputies arrived they saw the man set the fire and arrested him. no one was hurt. it appears the home is a total loss. 25 minutes until 10:00. this shows an explosion at gas station in the the s.u.v. crashed into the pump. a woman and man were trapped inside. the owner got out on his own. the passenger was still stuck. >> a woman. oh, my god. hurry up. >> 9 witnesses were worried that the entire -- the witnesses were worried the entire station would blow up. a brave group ran into the danger sunday. >> like let's get her out. let's get her out. she was unconscious. she couldn't move.
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her out. the window was so small, it was flipped over. >> herbert and that group managed to get her out of the burning car. he said he is relieved that both of the people inside will be okay. police in central florida are trying to get to the bottom of a teenager's mysterious death. >> sad to inform you that one of our students passed away. >> that is the message students and families heard at winter park high school. 15-year-old student trindadi was found unconscious over the weekend and taken off life support monday. he was beaten but had little signs of trauma. the medical examiner has to figure out what caused the death. until that happens, they can't arrest anyone. they have identified a group of minors aspects. a father is facing serious felony charges after deputies say he left his two small children inside a hot car. pinellas deputies arrested kevin slane, they say walmart
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he left his children in the car for 27 minutes. a good samaritan snapped a picture of the girls then called 911 for help. he said the kids were trying to crawl through the open sun roof. >> they were sweaty. they had no shoes on, which is fine. they are in the car. but i don't think there was proper parenting going on with that. >> slane faces two counts of felony child neglect. if you have flown out of tampa international you >> i have noticed. >> the airport is undergoing renovations to let travelers enjoy local favorites. they celebrate news link, airside c. it features ten tampa bay exclusive brands. still ahead, if you have seen the hit show storage wars, you know how the auctions work. one man got more than he
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bid for a stager you -- storage unit. what he found inside. >> a new movement into donald
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we are following a developing story in new york where detectives are trying to figure out how 40 dead cats ended up inside two freezers in a self storage unit. they were discovered after a man bought the contents in an auction for nonpayment of rent. more disturbing is what the man found next to the cats in the
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a bunch of plates, like, you know, the festival restaurant, the folding plates. you think do i eat a cat before. >> police say they don't know how the cats died. in southwest ohio, deputies seized more than 130 animals from a home they are calling the farm yard of horror. many of the rescued dogs, coats, chickens, sheep were barely alive due to the filthy conditions they were living in. many didn't have around. the homeowner told officials he was going to try to feed his animals. the homeowner is not facing charges. a utah mother is angry but grateful after a driver hit her teenage son in a crosswalk but then him to the hospital but then took off. she said her son isaac was walking to school monday morning when he was hit. isaac said he jumped on the hood of the car that hit him but the impact sent him into
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driver got him out of the car and started walking toward him. >> the next thing i know, he picked me up and walked me to his car. i just was in too much pain to really try to fight him. >> i am grateful and upset at the same time because he could have left him there and got hit again. it could have been so much worse. >> as soon as isaac got out of the car at the hospital, the driver doctors and police officers say i sack is lucky -- isaac is lucky. police are looking for a '90s model white minivan. terrifying video shows why it's important to slow down or move over when driving on a highway. this police dash-cam video shows how one wisconsin officer narrowly escaped death after a car smashes into her cruiser. officials say the officer was helping a disabled car.
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hour didn't switch lanes and barreled into the officer's cruiser. the officer was not hurt. the driver was ticketed. the department is hoping by releasing this video it will show people why it's important to move over or slow down for police vehicles or construction crews working on the highway. a routine call for an arizona firefighter turned into a personal one. he saved his father's life. derek dee is a firefighter in phoenix. he was dispatched to a medical emergency at on the way there, he realized he was on his way to his parents home for a cardiac call. >> the worst call that i could get. you see your dad lying on the ground and his face is blue and not breathing and -- >> you can imagine. his father was shocked three times, revived then went into heart surgery at the hospital. his dad is back home, we are
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err and a -- pacemaker and a story none will forget. a photo may change the conversation about locker room banter. here is a look. it shoes six high school athletes from oregon wearing t- shirts that read wild feminists. they are made by a local designer. she created them to spark conversation. they decided to take a stand after donald trump claimed that bragging about sexual assault is locker room banter. they say that on in a locker room. >> we talk about sports and usually grades. our teachers and coachers get in our heads about that. they want us to succeed and go to college. >> since we posted it, the picture has been shared thousands of times and the message reaching professional athletes. an olympic fencer wearing the shirt and a soccer player. let's check in with ivan. he is talking about the cold
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we can't wait. >> pumpkin weather. finally, right. we got charlie brown tonight going on. is that tonight? it is tonight. >> tonight at 8:00. >> another thing going on tonight on tv. competition there. apollo beach cam. let me get closer. there is cumulus clouds beginning to build. that is moisture that we have available to us. that would be about it. i think we won't rain today. no showers or storms or anything like that. we are season. to get thunderstorms things have to get going. sometimes you get the cold front moving through like saturday night but this one is coming in quietly. it won't rain for some time. keep that in mind if you have a dirty car or lawn that needs to be taken care of, no excuses with the weather. low to mid-70s. we are climbing into the 80s. 89 yesterday. we almost hit the record high of 90 degrees set in 1989.
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the upper 80s. we will do that with little in the way of cloud cover. we have a lot of dry air with us. we6 this moisture. folks are -- moisture. folks ask is this otto? perhaps. it will be going up to the north and merging with the front. this is what we care about. this is the weather on the northwestern side of the front that right now is across the mid-section of the country. that's why they had the record heat days across the eastern u.s. those will be well. for us, 60s pinellas. otherwise 50s. this is sunday morning despite saturday morning will be according, not as chilly as here. also i have been asked is this going to hold in it's florida this time of year. we go back and forth. it will be mild early next week but temperatures go back up. enjoy the weekend. 87. if you haven't heard about the front coming in, you will feel it. upper 80s to upper 70s for
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humidity. bone dry humidity. desert humidity. boating looks good until friday. then the front comes in. the winds pick up then we turn breezy saturday. keep that in mind. temps in the 70s for daytime highs with the low humidity that continues into early next week. warmer but comfortable with highs around 81. still ahead, bay area rest dents have 10 state certified domestic violence centers they
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on positively tampa bay we continue our focus on the volunteer opportunities at local domestic violence centers. the emergency shelter is only a small piece of what they do.
9:52 am
sarasota county. last year there were six deaths and 1,400 reported cases of domestic violence. >> we have a variety of opportunities available to get involved at spark. we need volunteers to help us answer the help line and in the thrift shop. we provide the training so somebody could be comfortable in whatever role they can give of their time. even a donation as little as $25 can help us purchase socks and underwear for people staying >> to connect with spark or any one of the local domestic violence centers in the tampa bay area, visit our web site at we have dv centers in our facebook page and we have them for you county by county. >> life changing.
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87. warm, sunny. enjoy the warm temperatures. cold front this weekend. >> we have a few more days to wait until it feels like fall in florida but not the case up north where the harvest is underway. >> in boston, look at this. the great pumpkin. i mean great pumpkin made the changing of the official. it weighs 1,082 pounds. boston's official pumpkin made the debut yesterday. it's gorgeous. it outweighs last year's giant pumpkin by 62 pounds. >> there he is. there he is. it's the great pumpkin. he is rising up out of the
9:57 am
turning 50 years old. the popular special debuted in 1966. you can watch it tonight right here on your abc action news station. >> it will reair friday october 28th. we have continuing coverage of the day's top stories at >> tampa bay'smorning blend is
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