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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  October 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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here, and we're gonna get them out. >> when it comes to the wall that donald trump talks about building, he went to mexico, had a meeting with the president, he didn't even raise it, he checked. >> we're breaking down the debate with our live panel of undecided voters to see what they think. good evening. i'm jamison uhler. >> i'm wendy ryan. thanks for joining us. tonight the candidates pulling
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about self issues including one -- about several issues including one for the very first time. but there was one question donald trump refused to answer. >> reporter: hillary clinton and donald trump facing off in their third and final debate forgoing a handshake greeting. >> my opponent, if she should win this ray, which i truly don't think when happen, we will have a which will be a very, very small replica of what it is right now. >> bick support the second amendment doesn't mean that i want people who shouldn't have guns to be able to threaten you, kill you or members of your family. >> reporter: clinton and trump duking it out over immigration. >> well first of all she wants to give am necessary team. we have some bad hombres here and we're gonna get them out. >> you're right, i don't want to rip families apart. he started out his campaign calling immigrants rapists and
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responding to allegations of sexual misconduct. >> i didn't know any of these women. i think they want either fame or her campaign did it. >> donald thinks belittling women makes him bigger. he goes after their dignity, their self-worth. that's who donald. >> reporter: the republican candidate answering tough questions on his claims the election is rigged. >> do you make the same commitment that you will absolutely, sir that will you absolutely acc time. i'm not look at anything now. >> that is not the way our democracy works. we've accepted the outcomes when we may not have liked them. >> reporter: and despite the tension on stage, the candidates won't be getting away from each other just yet. thursday night is an annual charity dinner in new york, and in line with tradition, both of them are scheduled to speak there. lauren lister, abc news, las
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live facts checking the candidates. one of the hot topics, immigration reform. >> hillary clinton wanted the wall. hillary clinton fought for the wall in 2006, or thereabouts. now, she never gets anything done so naturally, the wall wasn't built. >> what donald trump is referencing is in 2006 clinton voted in favor of a bill that would put a fence up, not a wall, along 700 mi border. but because the fence clinton backed is not nearly as large or expanse i, politifact's truth-o-meter rates that half true. hillary clinton quickly countered calling out donald trump for using undocumented workers. >> he used undocumented labor to build the trump tower. he underpaid undocumented workers, and when they complained, he basically said what a lot of employers do. you complain, i'll get you deported. >> politifact also rating that
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himself who hired the undocumented workers but a contract other who worked for trump did hire 200 undocumented workers to demolish acknowledge to make room for the trump tower. politifact also finding trump went on to pay those workers to settle a lawsuit. wendy. abc action news anchor watched with a group of undecided voteers from the bay area. paul, did either candidate pick up any new supporters tonight? >> ye we're live here in our debate room, wendy. i can tell that you this was a pretty interesting process. as we were watching in this real time, a quick show of hands, guys, you wanted to know about healthcare security negativity in this debate process, and the economy. who did a better job of answer your questions? raise your paddles, blue is for hillary clinton, red is for donald trump. go ahead. anybody? we're seeing some trump, seeing some sideways, seeing a little
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undecided tonight? raise your hands. okay. who do you think won the debate? bottom line. hillary clinton or donald trump? neither. stevie do you think no one won? >> i just think they were very nonspecific, and they deflected all the issues. there was no answers as to how they're going to do would they say they're going to do. >> reporter: kimberly? >> i think it was a draw as well. they both pretty much side stepped a lot of the questions an answers. >> reporter: jennifer, i did notice that you had some times during the debate where you favored what donald trump had to say, but are you firmly in the donald trump camp tonight or are you still not decided? >> i'm about 75% trump. >> bottom line tonight, do you guys feel like on election day will you be able to make a decision? so none of you are undecided you think on election day. >> i think i will know, but i need to do some more research
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these plans work. >> reporter: all right, third and final debate. back to you guys in the studio. bottom line, they say they will be making a decision by election day but as for tonight's debate still a wash. jamison, wendy, back to you. >> thank you paul. abc action news political analyst susan mcmanus watched the debate. despite all the rhetoric she says nothing changed. >> the frustration for many people will be after these three debates they're still divided. and no real details on how they're going to fix big problems in this country. >> dr. mcmanus does not believe this debate swied voters much and won't have much of an impact on the election. new tonight, elections officials in florida testing voting machines as concerns grow about the threat of hackers, these tests happening in miami-dade county. each voting unit tested for logic and accuracy several times before it can be used in
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pregnant women who recently spent time in miami-dade county to get tested for zika. this includes women who live or visited the area since august 1st. zika is mainly spread by mosquitoes and can cause severe brain related birth defects. good evening everybody. in weather tonight titan doppler quiet. it is going to stay that way even though we have a pretty strong cold front coming this way. now usually once you hit january or february a cold front means a cooler air is on the way. right now temperatures are in the upper six to low to mid 70s, although still upper 70s in st. pete. first thing thursday morning still a comfortable start, low to mid-60s. that front is not here yet and is not even going to arrive until friday. when it arrives, will you know it because saturday morning and sunday morning temperatures
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our northern county. tonight clear skies, waking up to the 60s. >> thank you. new information about creaxz officer taken hostage by a prisoner. investigators say before david ross ran he locked four other prisoners in a room. michael paluska joins us live with more on how those prisoners helped police. michael. >> r story. when it was all said and done after all that happened here in this park, those four inmates that were working here were here all alone. they could have escaped no. one would have been the wiser. instead, they close to do the right thing. >> those four guys, in fact, we would -- the police department would not have even known something was wrong until 5:00 this afternoon if those inmates had not have taken the actions
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detail got the jump on a corrections officer using a shank. ross locked the other prisoners in this building, then took the man hostage driving a stolen city truck, they headed to pinellas county. for 30 minutes no law enforcement agency knew what had happened until the other inmates escaped. >> they were able to break the rope that was tieing the door to get out, as they came out there was a young lady that was sitting in her car a couple hu >> they told her to call 911, then deputies and police swarmed the area from polk county to pinellas. police did not warn the public because investigators were tracking the officer's cell phone and didn't want to tip off ross. the two-hour escape ended near a grocery store in pinellas county. >> whenever my grandkids are here and they're out here work i take them in the house. >> reporter: cathy lives across from the park. she wants to know why the
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will do in the future to keep her family safe. >> all this time, these prisoners working here, and you see what happened now. i mean, it might happen again. >> reporter: most of these prisoners are on good behavior, and they're about to get out of prison and serve their ?fnltses ross was scheduled to get out february 2019. now with these new charges key be facing maybe even decades he made the decision to try an escape. live in bartow, michael paluska, abc action news. the florida highway patrol releasing this dash cam video of an eagle rescue on the florida turnpike. troopers say the bird flew too close to traffic and nature windshield of a passing jeep. the eagle, resting in the patrol car until animal rescue arrived, that bird now recovering at an animal rescue.
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temporarily shut its doors. the not so fresh reason why coming up in my dirty dining report. juve heard the saying. it's in the mail. that didn't have the same meaning for some, the feds now investigating who dumped hundreds of pieces of mail out in the woods. plus, police right now looking for a man who tried grabbing a florida boy on his way to school. what that fast thinking little guy did to get away. >> download the new abc action news app for your mobile phone and tabl.
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imagine your important e- mail tossed out in the woods. right now postal inspectors near atlanta are picking up a huge pile of discarded envelopes. they are also checking to see which mail carrier was supposed to deliver them. people in that neighborhood have been complaining that mail delivery in that area is undepend afternoon. police in kissimmee are searching for a man who tried
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man in an older model car offered him candy and cash. the boy says when he refused the man jumped out and grabbed his backpack. the child says he broke free, ran home, and called 911. new this fall, subway offers an autumn carved turkey sandwich but we found out that one subway couldn't serve that or anything else for over seven hours last week. our i-uncori inspectors saw over 20 live and dead roaches near the bread warmer, bread machine, sandwich cooler, the counter, near chips for customers, and their cookie display. the state also finding evidence of rats inside the kitchen with over 35 rodent droppings under shelves, behind the bread warmer, and rodent shoe marks under the shelf. i reached out to sub wisconsin's public relation manager, kevin kane, but he
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statement inspectors also found live roaches inside the subway also in tampa. jamison. next week apple fans may learn about a new gadget for their christmas wish list. sources close to the company believe apple will be debuting a macbook with touchscreen capabilities. right now engineers at the european space agency are trying to reestablish contact with their mars lander. from the lander yet. engineers aren't sure if it crashed or had some sort of technical problem. it's part of an ambitious program to search for life on mars. take a look, a stray kitten hopping on the anchor desk. so cute one of the station employees actually took this little girl home. check out this next anchor, cracking himself up.
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about 175,000 rice -- i think that's supposed to be pantries. >> yeah, he's right. at least he caught himself. accidentally misreading pantries as panties. he said she noticed the typo but it was too late. even the meteorologist coming over to say hello to the internet from virginia. they knew this one was going viral. nice job, buddy. let's say hi to our ow >> hey, we make mistakes from time to time. we just don't want toned up on youtube. >> and what's funny is when you really laugh and then you can't stop laughing and you're live on the air. priceless. >> looking outside we've got a cold front on the way. and folks it is actually going to be a beautiful stretch of weather coming up on next several days. we've had our sun scheibe of late, and temperatures have been warm. we've got one more day, but then big changes later on friday as much cooler weather comes in by this weekend.
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and a lot of folks have been, for that first real cool front of the season, this one is it. by saturday morning we are going to see 50s, and i still think by sunday morning there could be a couple of folks up in citrus and maybe hernando county that could see a few upper 40s. doppler rain-free, and it is going to stay that way. mid-70s right now. tampa, st. pete cle that way until the middle of next week. the rainy season, it's done. now all we have to think about is how warm or how cool it gets because rain chances remain extremely low usually right on through the early part of winter. that rainy season, the late-day storms, they are done. this is one of the main reasons. the water vapor. typically in florida this time of year we start to see drier conditions come in and all that moisture from the tropics takes
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not so much for us, but maybe for folks up in new england. we will be talking about what could be otto in just a minute. here is a look at our futurecast from overnight. right through tomorrow morning waking up to clear skies. first thing tomorrow morning it is going to be comfortable. low to mid-60s across most of the area. sunny skies. if you live along the coast you can always add four or five degrees to most of those forecast lows because that gulf is still 80 degrees. then you go through thursday sprinkle over on the east side of the statement we're still going to go mostly sunny. i still have rain chances below 10%. on that seven-day i still after zero. it could be 2 or 3%, but even with the front coming through friday morning, and there it is, dry. maybe a few more clouds as the fronted comes through, but by friday night and into saturday, there it is. you see friday evening, 6:30, you begin to see the actual front working through. by saturday morning is when you are going to notice it.
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let's not go overboard. but when you wake up monday morning you are going to notice it. i actually think sunday morning will be even a little cooler. these are the latest numbers literally coming out five, ten minutes ago. i think they will end up beg a little cooler than this. palm harbor 55. near the water it could be warmer, but those northern counties, spring hill, brooksville, areas up in citrus county, crystal river, i if brooksville wakes up to 49 degrees and everybody else in the low 50s. even our southern counties, that cool air is going to stream right down the spine of the state. low to mid-50s from polk, hardy, de soto, highlands, and maybe closer to 61 from bradenton down to venice. believe it or not we are still talking tropics. even though this looks pretty disorganized there's a high
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ought tomorrow. it will likely get a name. the same cold front is the reason it is not going to pose any kind of a threat to florida. that front is going sweep it out. but i still think if you have relatives or friends up in new england, cape cod, back to prof tense, nare ray -- providence, nare ray watch out. water temperature, that's why the coast is warmer. still 80 degrees off clearwater. there are your tides, your sunrise and your sunset. hour by hour forecast. beautiful. temperatures in the 60s come wake-up time. another day with temperatures above normal. and then it all changes.
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look at saturday. 77. tampa we're going 59 on sunday. our northern counties are going to be well down into the 50s, maybe even a few upper 40s, and then back to where we should be, maybe a little below normal. lots of sunshine right on through the next seven days. >> all right, thank you, denis. the bucs will be without doug martin for awhile longer but their defense gets a boost.
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hello, folks. as if the buccaneer injuries situation couldn't get worse, it has. running back doug martin out indefinitely. no timetable set for his return. martin hasn't hit the field since the second game season. as we know in arizona when he injured his ham string. according to the head coach, martin had a setback in his rehab. >> that whole thing on injuries. there's no -- there's -- nobody is at fault when somebody gets hurt. injuries are the worst part of this game on all teams. look around the league. a lot of teams have injuries. we don't like it.
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worse about it than the player. >> and so much was made in the buccaneers version of the twin towers. the wide receiver, mike evans and vincent jackson both 6' 5". now that jackson is sidelined with an acl tear, jameis winston's targets become more ordinary in size. >> reporter: what do the buccaneers do now that jackson is out? for starters they he was released this past season before recently re- signing with the team. >> i still have the same passion and effort. >> reporter: he does provide a fast and deep threat for the bucs. the pewter and red should be getting another boost. cecil shorts and louis murphy are getting closer to return from injury. >> i'm really confident about sunday.
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by day, then we will see what happens. >> we're kwr50d to representing plays and getting stamina up. you can do all the rehab in the world, but nothing is like actual practicing. >> reporter: murphy still might be a week away. one this is for certain. with jackson out, adam humphreys will now be the number two target with shepherd and dye at options three and four. >> with the dd coming back cecil and louis murphy coming back, those are three guys who are very capable. >> reporter: the bucs still could make a move to add another veteran wide receiver but for now they are hoping shorts and murphy can get healthy fast. and this is definitely good news. defensive tackle jarrod mccoy has returned to practice on a limited basis after injuring his calf against denver earlier this month. the not so good news, along with martin, defensive end
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mcdonald are still sidelined. as for the bolts, one guy moving quietly along is center alex kilarn. tomorrow night against colorado. >> in a way, you want to prove to the team and to everyone that they made the right decision, when they invested so much in you. you want to be able to show fort. so whenever you can score goals help your team win, it's huge. >> and game time tomorrow night will be 7:30. mlb playoffs, indians closing out the a.l. c 1st. they beat the blue jays 3-0. cleveland headed to the world series. over in the nlcs, game four, how about the cubs. they lead the dodgers in the 7th. we're back in a minute and change. closed captioning brought to you by lakeland toyota.
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a beautiful start to your thursday. mostly sunny. it will start off in the six. 85 and sunny. the weekend look beautiful too. if you are going to the beach tomorrow, why not. water temperature is still 80 degrees, but that cold front is going to knock that temperature down a little bit by the weekend. >> but it's not going to be cold enough to wear boots. >> saturday night. >> have a good night. we'll see you back
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we are we are back with our ninth straight hour of post-debate analysis. let's turn to undecided undecided voters. who here is still undecided? still? how is that even possible? >> jimmy: we don't know, joe. we might be undecided. on the record, we might not. >> that doesn't make any sense. >> jimmy: i totally agree. to disagree. i go back and forth, right, everybody? we go back and forth.


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