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tv   Action News at 530AM  ABC  October 20, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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5:30 -- who won the final debate? more importantly, were candidates telling the truth? now at 5:30 -- we fact check their claims about border control. good morning, i'm dan shaffer. >> i'm deiah riley. first we want to look at the forecast. with ivan in the weather center. >> we'll check on what is ahead. cold front on the way but get here until friday night so until then we'll still be warm. not humid though. but we are going to usher in very cool temperatures so by the time you wake up saturday morning really going to be a shock to the system. something we have not experienced, well, since last season. 69 tampa now. 73 st. pete. a lot of us dropped back into the mid-60s. a nice cool start compared to where we're going to be.
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upper 80s once again. and dropping big time by friday night. details coming up. good morning. a couple of crashes but nothing to really slow you down so make sure you check twitter out before you head out the door @tampabaytraffic. checking cameras across the bay area, this is i-4 around mlk. those tail-lights you see there are heading towards downtown tampa. a smooth ride from lakeland all the way into downtown. a check of the toll roads. still in the green on veterans expressway. in iraq special forces join the offensive in mosul today. they came under heavy fire in are a small town held by isis. the troops are expected to lead the push to get isis out of iraq's second largest city.
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booby-trapping the city in preparation for a climactic battle. kurdish forces are fighting alongside the iraqi troops. the timing of the offensive has become an issue in the american presidential campaign. donald trump claimed the major offensive on the isis stronghold is in an effort to get hillary clinton elected. >> the only reason they did it is because she's running for president. they want to look tough. they he violated the red line in the sand and he made so many mitts takes. made all mistakes. that is we have the great migration. she wanted to look good for the election so they are going in. >> it also appears that trump is blaming clinton and president obama for syrian president al-assad's attack against his own people. trump claimed last night that the syrian city of aleppo had fallen. it has not fallen.
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with help from russia. trump also repeated claims that refugees have ties to isis. clinton says the u.s. must accept refugees but with the proper screening. >> i am not going to let anyone into this country who is not vetted who we do not have confidence in but i'm not going to slam the door on women and children. >> clinton also made the point that trump publicly supported the war in iraq at the time. as we do after every debate we fact check the claims they made. >> ashley yore is live in studio with the truths and half truths. >> no surprise it was a heated debate. one issue hillary clinton and donald trump argued over, immigration reform. and trump says drugs are moving over our southern borders at an alarming rate. >>the single biggest problem is heroin that pours across our southern borders, and destroying the youth. it's poisoning the blood of
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people. >> reporter: politifact rates this true. here's why -- the number of border seizures for heroin have quadruidened since 2008. quadrupled. experts say it's smuggled through secret can compartments in vehicles. and hillary clinton called out trump saying he uses undocumented workers and underpays them >> to use undocumented build the trump tower. he underpaid undocumented workers and when they complained he basically said what a lot of players do, you complain i'll get you deported. >> reporter: that is rated half true. in the statement clinton is referring to a contractor would worked for trump hiring 200 undocumented workers to demolish a building to make room for trump tower. trump himself didn't actually hire the undocumented workers but politifact also says trump
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a lawsuit for what they called horrid working conditions. we have a full recap of last night's debate on our web site, that is going to include fact checking with politifact so you can decipher what is true to inform your vote. the candidates did not shake hands at all before or after the debate. at the beginning they didn't even look at each other. they went straight for the podiums. to an unusual protest in vegas last a wall of taco trucks set up outside the trump international in vegas for that presidential debate. the rally was organized by the culinary workers union to adamantly be anti-trump. accusing trump of refusing to bargain with hotel employees who voted to unionize last year. the union represents more than 50,000 workers in nevada. the trump hotel is one of the very few on the vegas strip that doesn't have union negotiated contracts for its workers. in illinois one homeowner
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clinton a witch. it was originally a different word but someone pointed out he lives near an elementary school so he changed it. he didn't however change the misspellings of several other words. president obama is coming to florida today for a campaign stop for hillary clinton. that trip got postponed two weeks ago because of hurricane matthew. during that cancelled trip the president was supposed to talk about health care reform at usf in tampa. that spee delivered instead at miami-dade college today. a realliy at florida memorial university in miami gardens, the president plans to urge floridians to take advantage of early voting. even though the president isn't coming to the bay area today he's trying to help a local politician get elected to congress. >> the voters of pinellas county have an opportunity to elect a public servant who
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charlie crist. >> the president notes crist crossed political lines as governor to get things done. republican david jolly is running against crist. also happening in miami- dade county -- elections officials in florida are testing voting machines as concerns grow about the threat of hackers. each voting unit is being tested for logic and accuracy several times before it can be used in the election. a prisoner foiled. you won't believe who took him down. other inmates. bartow police say david ross used a shank to get the jump on an department of corrections officer supervising a work detail with four other inmates. police say ross forced the other inmates into a room and tied the doors shut with rope and stole a city of bartow truck and drove to pinellas county with the state corrections officer as his hostage.
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for nearly 30 minutes until the other inmates broke out of the building. >> a young lady in her car having lunch, they told her what happened and to call police and that's who called us. >> he was arrested two hours later in pinellas county. the officer wasn't hurt. that inmate now is facing felony charges for escape,kick and grand theft auto. he remains in the pinellas county jail. 5:38. bizarre new details in the mysterious death of a 15-year- old near orlando. investigators say he died during called skunk spray. roger trendate was found unconscious in winter park over the weekend. a boy has come forward telling investigators his friends sprayed him with what they are calling that skunk spray. he started to chase them, then more kids showed up, one of them shoved him to the ground and punched him in the head. police are still waiting for the medical examiner to find a cause before filing charges. miami city officials are trying to figure out why a
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of a downtown highrise. one man died, five others injured. it happened yesterday afternoon on a 60-floor condo building under construction. the man who died was a 50-year- old who ran from the scene and had a heart attack and later died. a woman hit by debris while in a car also had to be taken to a hospital with non life- threatening injuries. two construction workers were taken to hospitals too with minor injuries. two more treated at the scene and released. the property developer reled a statement saying it's with city officials to figure out what went wrong. in miami -- health officials want all pregnant women who recently spent time in miami-dade county to get tested for zika. it includes women who live or visited the area since august 1st. the mosquito-borne virus can cause severe brain-related birth defects. clear skies, nice and cool this morning, in the mid and
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morning. then back in the 70s. mid to upper 80s today. a couple of more days of warm weather and then the big cooldown for the weekend. more on that coming up. 5:39. also still to come -- a rocker that john -- a job that jon bon jovi really wants.
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5:43. the presidential election could all come down to florida and the people who haven't yet made up their minds on who to vote for. >> abc action news reporter paula grone watched the debate with some inundecided voters. >> reporter: third and final debate in las vegas, so who are you going to vote for? have you made a decision in we're in the debate room at abc action news with nine voters who have not made a firm commitment yet to either donald all right guys, you saw the debate. all 90 minutes. we tracked your reaction in realtime. you wanted to know about health care. security, economy. who answered the questions for you better tonight? donald trump or hillary clinton? go ahead and raise your paddles. blue in fave of clinton. red in favor of trump. kind of a mishmash here. still undecided? ok. who won the debate? bottom line?
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give me the paddles if you can real quick. all right. kimberly, what were your thoughts on the debate? >> i think it was a draw for the most part. both candidates pretty much sidestepped the questions, didn't answer them directly. >> reporter: jennifer, i know you said you were a little more satisfied with trump's answer but where are you tonight? >> 75% trump. >> you wake up in the morning, do you think you're going to where you are in terms of committing to one candidate? >> not really. i came here hoping to hear more. now i'm thinking i'm running more against a person and wishing there was a third candidate. >> reporter: bottom line, do you think you're going to have a decision by the november 8th, election day in raise hands if yes. you will not be undecided on election day, you will make a decision. there you go, decided on election day but still need a
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final decision. 5:45. a super typhoon slamming into the philippines, lashing that country with sustained winds of 140 miles per hour tearing roofs off houses and knocking out power. many of the areas hit by this storm are recovering from another typhoon that hit last weekend. that storm killed at least two people and forcedded thousands of families out of their homes. philippines in the track of >> absolutely. a friend of mine, a typhoon chaser is in the middle of it. not compared to some of the worst they've had clipping the northern side but no matter how you slice it a powerful storm there. they crank them out. just imagine cat 4 and 5 hurricanes running through the atlantic. typical season out there in the western pacific. quiet for us now, upper 60s and low 70s. clear skies and it's pleasant. you step outside and nice little breeze with mid-60s. a couple of things to determine
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the other is the humidity. and we talk about the dew points. 70 degrees is not always a 70 degrees depending on how much moisture we have at the surface, that determines how comfortable we are. this is not bad but it's still on the humid side. by saturday morning these numbers will be in the 40s as far as the moisture. that means dry. that means we are going to be very chilly with both factors combined. the cool temperature and the very dry air and that breeze is going to make dry air on top of us today will result in very sunny skies. a few clouds but not much in the way of significant cloud cover and certainly no rainfall. so here's the futurecast temperatures. we'll watch this and watch the front as it begins to move in. still warm today and friday. by saturday morning here you see the 50s beginning to rush in. by the way this makes it all the way down to south florida as well. with the dew points and
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very dry and breezy, that combination is going to make it feel like a whole different season here. something we have not felt since the last cool season. it's coming of course on the heels of what we have now. what we've had going. mid and upper 80s. these are the morning lows for saturday morning. get ready there if you're up early enough certainly and even through the good chunk of the day it will be cool. we will recover nicely through the afternoons in the upper 70s. this will be a morning event. then a very nice afternoon setting up, a good 10 degrees below where we are humidity both saturday and sunday very low and very comfortable through the early part of next week. a little milder but not bad, still staying below average for this time of year. we're starting in st. pete just hearing of a crash, a crash with injuries, 54th avenue north at 22nd street north just east of 275. again this is a crash with injuries so expect roadblock there, flashing lights and
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here looking great. running smoothly through the st. pete area. this is a live look of the same area, 275 at 54th avenue north. up to speed in both directions here. if you're heading to, across the water this morning no crashes or breakdowns to slow you down. 5:49. look at the massive damage from a gas explosion in portland, oreg the accident happened less than an hour after a utility crew reported hitting a gas line. firefighters did evacuate the area but three firefighters, two police officers and three civilians were hurt. none of the injuries life threatening. the explosion destroyed that building there. subway advertises its fresh food, not fresh evidence of a rodent infestation but health inspectors say it's what they found in a local subway in our "dirty dining" report.
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october 11th tampa subway on east adamo drive had to close more than seven hours after inspectors saw more than 20 live and dead roaches near the bread warmers, sandwich cooler, counter and near chips and cookies as well. the state also finds evidence of rats in the kitchen with more than 35 rodent droppings under shelves, behind a bread warmer and rodent chew marks under shelves. we reached out to the subway public relations department and got this response. jon bon jovi is coming to tampa this tampa this february. he dismissed a rumor that he
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he tried to buy the buffalo bills two years ago. coming up -- the treats that really do the trick for most americans. >> the three halloween candies people think are the best. this cuted video here of a bird perching on a man's shoulder. why the bird keeps coming back
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good morning. coming up on 5:44. quick update on the forecast for today. much like we had yesterday. a cool start, nice and pleasant with upper 60s. quick jump to upper 70s by 10:00 and then upper 80s by 4:00. so quite a range for temperatures today but we'll do it all the while with lots of sunshine and then of course the cool air on the way for the weekend. more on that in surprise guest visited the set of turkey's version of "good morning, america." you see her on the left side. stray kitten on the anchor desk stealing the show. a station employee took her home. in poland wildlife officials released this rehabbed woodpecker in into the wild and keeps coming back to visit and gets free meals.
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wildlife center when he fell out of his nest in june. this has been viewed more than two million times. if you want trick-or- treaters to be happy this halloween there are two things to buy. >> a web company says it's identified the most popular halloween candies in the country. the company surveyed more than 40,000 people nationwide and as the number one candy. other top candies, kit cat and butterfinger. others disagree. several others say candy corn is best. you can vote for your favorite halloween candy on we'll have the results on halloween. i pick snickers. my weakness. a high school near green bay, wisconsin is getting ready
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reviews for its sets thanks to a retired marine. dave volunteered to build sets at denmark high three years ago. now he's spent countless volunteer hours creating these elaborate theatrical sets rarely seen. at a high school level. dave says he starts building months before the performance and the school's musical director says his handy work makes the show even better. >> the north dakota that he's to work all summer long. it's huge for the kids. >> i love doing it. so much fun. >> the next show that dave is working on, "les miserables," september 5th. it's not just a one time show. it runs for a week for plenty of people to see. beginning to see there's a great new way to get around downtown tampa. >> and it's free. the tampa downtown partnership
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downtowner ride service tonight. 12 six-passenger all electric vehicles, run from the ut tampa campus to the channelside district from 275 to harbor island. seven days a week. hail one for free using the downtowner app. i will tell you at the time. i'll keep you in suspense. >> the a coming up at 6:00, donald trump's refusal to definitely accept the election results and hillary clinton's strong reaction, after the showdown. >> more questions on how a prisoner was able to escape custody and keep a jailer hostage. ahead in a live report the alarming questions now being asked by people in this quiet
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6:00 -- final face-off. the last presidential debate getting a little more personal. the big question lingering, what will donald trump do if he loses? thank you for joining us on abc, i'm dan shaffer. >> i'm deiah riley. one of the most talked about moments from last night, donald trump refusing to say if he will accept the results of reaction also. first traffic and weather together with ivan cabrera. >> i vote for good weather. >> fantastic weather for today no question about it. as we head into the weekend, big chill still on the way here and it's going to -- am i crooked? i feel like it. 68 tampa. and widespread mid-60s so a


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