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tv   Action News at 9AM  ABC  October 20, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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at 9:00 -- hillary clinton and donald trump's final face- off gets personal. who voters think won the debate and a look at one of the most shocking moments during that showdown. >> how much of what trump and clinton said was true? we're fact checking debate claims. >> also coming up -- what we're learning about the moments leading up to the mysterious death of a 15-year- old central florida boy and why it may have been started by something called skunk spray. >> the third and final
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year 2016 now in the history books. >> antagonism we've seen throughout the general election was on full display last night. no shake hands at the beginning. in fact they didn't even look at each other. they went straight to their podiums. >> moderator chris wallace worked on focusing on policy but the debate was brimming with personal attacks. at one point donald trump implying he may not immediately accept the results of the election. >> will you make the -- you will absolutely -- sir, that you will actsly accept absolutely accept the result of the election? >> i will look at it at the time. i'm not looking at anything now. >> after the public battle the candidates left without shaking hands. cnn/orc poll found 52% of debate watchers thought clinton won. 39% gave the night to trump. that 13% margin of victory smaller than what clinton got in previous debates. as we do after every debate
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fact-checked the claims. ashley yore with more. a heated debate. >> reporter: it was. at times the candidates even talked over each other. one big issue they argued over, immigration reform. trump says drugs are moving over our southern border at an alarming rate. >> the single biggest problem is heroin that pours across our soututhern borders destroying t youth. it's poisoning the blood of their youth and people. >> reporter: politifact rates this claim true. here's why -- the number of border seizures for heroin quatroupeled since 2008. experts say it's smuggled through secret compartments and nearly all of it comes through south america. and clinton called out trump saying he uses undocumented workers and underpays them. >> he used undocumented labor
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he underpaid undocumented workers and when he basically said what a lot of lawyers do, you complain i get you deported. >> reporter: politifact rates that half true. in that statement clinton is referring to a contractor who worked for trump hiring 200 undocumented workers to demolish a building to make room for the trump tower. trump himself didn't actually hire the undocumented workers but politifact also says trump did pay those workers to settle a lawsuit horrid working conditions. we have a full recap of last night's debate on that includes the fact checking with politifact. if you're still undecided that could help you figure out who to vote for in a few short weeks. president obama is coming to florida today to campaign for hillary clinton. the trip is the one that got postponed two weeks ago because of hurricane matthew. he's not stopping in the bay area as previously planned. during that cancelled trip the
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about health care reform at usf if tampa. that speech now happening in miami-dade college today. a rally in florida memorial university in miami gardens the president plans to urge floridians to take advantage of early voting. even though the president isn't coming to the bay area today he's trying to help a local politician get elected to congress. >> this year the voters of pinellas county have an opportunity to elect a public servant who has always put the people first. charlie crist. >> charlie crist is getting support from the president in this new ad. the president notes charlie crist crossed political lines as governor to get things done. republican david jolly is running against charlie crist and has yet to comment. elections officials in florida are testing the voting machines. as concerns grow about the threat of hackers. the tests are happening in miami-dade county, each voting unit will be tested for logic and accuracy several times before it can be used in an
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florida's most accurate 7-day forecast. ivan here with that. >> talking about big temperature changes for the weekend. our first cold front coming in friday night. temperature still comfortable. 60s and low 70s. this weekend looking at the temperatures not even reaching 80 by saturday and sunday. big changes here. titan doppler radar not doing much. we have that easterly flow still continuing bothering a couple of counties but for mostly sunny again. we have this area of low pressure that will likely merge with the front that is going to be coming. in this may still acquire tropical characteristics and we could be calling it otobut as i mention -- otto but as imaned the last few days it will stay safely to the east along with the rain associated with it. temperature this afternoon, there it is forming up still in the upper 80s. a couple more warm days and then a front comes in friday night. behind it we'll talk about that, in a few minutes.
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the selmon expressway in the westbound lanes. 301 is -- it's completely out. so all lanes back open. flashing lights but cars are moving fine along the selmon. we have a stalled car on the howard frankland, it's off to the side. not causing mitch delay, still 10 minutes to get across the bridge. the slow spot, i-4 heading into tampa, down to 52 the average speed there but on the other bridges, back in the green. 9:06. a bradenton mother and boyfriend are facing charges of child neglect after her 10- month-old baby was severely burned in the shower. investigators say the couple then left the baby alone in a car while they went to shop for burn cream at a walmart. according to an affidavit the 21-year-old mother carla went to work and left her 10-month- old son with dennis ziprian.
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with the child 4r5e67b9d baby alone in a hot shower for five to seven minutes and he suffered second degree burns. police say he drove to the place where she works to show her the burns and drove to walmart to get burn cream and investigators say they left the baby inside the running vehicle where they shopped for 20 minutes. not until hours later they got medical attention for the baby. the iraqi reporting the liberation of mosul from isis is going faster than expected. in one town they encountered heavy militant fire. the iraqi military says the armored vehicles are as close as four miles from mosul. new details surrounding the mysterious death of a 15-year- old boy near orlando. this morning investigators say he died during a fight over
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roger traindade was found unconscious over the weekend. a friend says they sprayed him with skunk spray, he chased after him and more kids showed up. one shoved him to the ground and punched him in the head. police are still waiting for the medical examiner to find a cause of death before filing charges. south florida man getting a lot of attention on the internet. >> he was arrested in miami earlier this week and it's his mug shot that has people talking. here's a look. police say this man, 31-year- old carlos rodriguez was arrested monday his home on fire but nobody's paying much attention to the crime because of his shocking mug shot. he's missing half his head. in the youtube video he posted he explains he lost half his skull years ago in a bad car accident. police haven't said what provoked him to set his house on fire but he faces attempted murder and arson charges for the crime. florida highway patrol releasing dash cam video of an eagle rescue on the florida
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windshield of a passing jeep. it was resting in the patrol car until animal rescue arrived. now recovering in an animal rescue facility. 9:08. a massive building explosion rattling a neighborhood in portland, oregon. we'll tell you what caused the blast and what is next. >> a deputy in california is killed while responding to a disturbance call. now he's being identified. deputies on what happened as california loses another law
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9:12. a deputy killed while responding to a disturbance call has been identified. the local sheriff's office there says 31-year-old jack hopkins was killed yesterday when responding to the call and an assault. we're told the suspect who shot him was take was taken into custody. the fourth law enforcement officer in california to die in
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two weeks. alaska man accused of shooting a police officer five times appeared in court yesterday through this live video feed. 29-year-old anthony alexi faces multiple charges including attempted first degree murder. police say he shot the fairbanks officer sunday morning. video from sergeant alan brant's dash cam shows him stopping near a man on the side of the road. that man then crosses in front of the patrol car with what appears to be a gun. brant survived the atta reportedly in stable condition. a georgia man convicted of killing an atlanta police officer was executed last night authorities say 63-year-old gregory waller was pronounced dead last night at the primp. he was convicted of murder in the 1997 shooting death of officer john soa. and authorities say he also critically wounded another officer.
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northwestern portland yesterday. injuring at least five people. fire department says two firefighters and two civilians were hurt. local utility company got a call that construction workers hit a gas line here. thankfully officials from the company and portland fire rescue division skydive decided to evacuate the building before the plast. firefighters say it knocked out what looked like the entire facade of a nearby structure. damage littering the naked leaving families -- neighborhood leaving families in shock. >> a lot of damage and loss. >> structural engineers have been asked to assess the building's integrity. the heartbroken brother of a woman shot and killed in front of her two young children in a horrible case of road rage is now talking about what happened. dylan gray says his sister didn't have to die. that it started when he started
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passed her so close he almost caused a wreck. according to court documents the 16-year-old niece with her through a liquid at taylor's vehicle. moments later taylor reportedly record pulled out a gun and shot whitney gray in the chest. 8-month-old and 3-year-old sons were in the vehicle and watched it happen. >> the baby is too young to understand. as long as he has love he's content. the other one is probably in shock. >> taylor was arrested dakota and now faces second degree murder charges. in texas, houston police department catches fire. the sciencer is looking to see what can be salaged and what could still be held up in court. researchers say itcould take severamonths for technicians to get through it all according
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combined to a small area of the freezer affecting cardboard boxes and envelopes that contain ence. the church where martin luther ki jr. once preached is undergoing a major restoration. the historic clayburn temple has been falling apart since it was abandoned in 1999. the church was the base for the memphis sanitation workers during the 1968 strike which brought dr. king to the ci. the building for its next life but right now not sure what it's going to be. plan on rushing out for the best deals on this black friday you need to make a shopping game plan. john matarese shows us when and what you can expect in this year's black friday ads so you don't waste your money. >> reporter: we're just over a
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antsy. want to make shopping plans and know when the big ads are coming out. we got a tease last week when leaked the first black friday ad of the season from harbor freight tools. that is cool but my wife would kill me if i put a her a power sander for christmas. so when will we see the big ads? filled with electronics and clothing deals? the web site analyzed releases for the past and has the following predicted release dates -- >> reporter: of course all the black friday web sites are looking to leak the ads even sooner but bottom line, you shouldn't expect to see any of the big ads until after election day. i'll tweet them as soon as i
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i'm john matarese, abc action news. friday still seems far away. as does fall. but wait. >> but wait. that's right. this weekend. it's going to finally feel like fall here. in fact we may be going too fast for you here. we're going to jump from upper 80s to upper 50s. by the time we wake up on saturday and sunday mornings, there will be low to mid-50s as well on top of that we'll have low humidity, a little bit of a it's going to feel like october here finally or november. in fact. we'll be below normal. temperatures in the 60s and low 70s. pretty respectable for this time of morning. we had cool morning lows, renegade showers getting going across south florida. look at the fast movement of these from northeast to southwest. in a way, on a broad westerly side of this tropical/non-
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its mind here. could still become otto. i believe the hurricane hunters are flying in as we speak so we may get better data soon but not that important to us. it would normally be proximity- wise. here we are but we are quite certain this is going to be pulled up by a frontal boundary that is the one that is going to bring us the cool air so that will merge with this front. by the way, bad news for the northeast. that is going to be a big rainmaker for the weekend for them but for us, we've just going to get the cold front moving through and notice the line of showers here, not going to find much in the way of shower activity. in fact just a ribbon of clouds friday night rolling through and then on the back side of it we get into the cool air. let's get specific and talk about the temperatures. fast forwarding to friday. warm today, warm tomorrow. out ahead of the front. still in the mid, even upper 80s but there comes a front already slicing through the southeastern u.s. and then from
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northern side of it here with cool temperatures funneling in from the panhandle. 50s, widespread across the area. 61 or thereabouts at the airport. the other thing we have to factor in, which is how we feel outside, the humidity. these are the dew points. notice the scale. anywhere between 60 and 65. humid and muggy but watch the front as it comes in, dew points in the 40s. very winter-like, no question bit. again we have to wait a couple temperatures around 87 but for the daytime high. and then we cool off, no rain as i see it now, saturday and sunday fantastic. just breezy, keep it in mind. if you're planning boating, no good for saturday. it's going to be 5 not to 7- foot seas. 59:20 -- 9:20. how a hospital visit for a
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addition to the family. >> five reasons why you trust your friends on social media
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9 the:24. you've probably seen the facebook posts about changing privacy settings? >> did some of some information on why you believed it was true. according to cnn, you trusted it because your friends posted it. >> there is safety in numbers. that's number two. number three, being a skeptic may get you kicked off the team.
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comments from friends. some studies show even more than money or food. delta employees are sporting some new uniforms created by fashion designer zach posin. the new look made its debut on facebook. they will be worn by more than 60,000 delta employees from technicians to flight attendants. the airline says the uniforms "elevate the look and brand of tesla says all new teslas will have the self-driving hardware and software. that includes the more affordable model 3 -- the company says the self-driving features in the new cars will be substantially safer than a human driver. the car's feature ultrasonic sensors to detect objects near and around the corner, even further than the human eye can see. a massachusetts woman still in shock after a minor medical emergency turned into a surprise of her life.
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gas, five hours later gave birth to a 5 pound 4-ounce baby boy. i willanna martinez says she was shocked, never had classic pregnancy symptoms. she even had a medical checkup with no hinlt she was pregnant. >> i was like why didn't you tell us? he came out of me and i'm shocked. >> the baby's dad was also shocked. he thought it was a prank. he was eventually convinced it was real and arve the nurse had to drag him into the room. doctors say both mom and baby are doing well. coming up -- piles of mail tossed in to a ditch. how the post office now cleaning up this big mess. >> how a screwworm infestation in the florida keys is causing a state north of us to take
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into concern among some in the quiet bartow community regarding a prisoner escape. ahead in a live report the tough questions they are asking as to how this could all happen in the first place. >> there are two new travel related cases of zika in florida and now an interesting proposal to combat the spread of the virus. what animal may be the key in fighting off zika. >> an attempted central florida, the two things the suspect allegedly offered to this young boy to try to lure him away. good morning. thank you for joining us, i'm deiah riley. >> i'm dan shaffer. 9:30 on the button. let's update the weather forecast. >> no change. nice and cool out there. we can call it cool. we had lows in the low to mid- 60s. you saw rodney, very impressive there keeping his eyes to the
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breeze. still a few upper sections though that temp in brooksville has been suspicious. 72 bartow. polk county, good morning, temperatures this afternoon for all of us warming up into the mid and upper 80s. two more days of this warmth, then we're back into, well, what we have not seen since last spring. very cool temperatures coming up in a few minutes. it's 9:31. we're learning new details now prisoner was able to escape and take a corrections officer hostage in the process. >> investigators say david ross was on work detail and even locked four other prisoners in a room in the process. abc action news reporter rodney dunigan, investigators could get help in determining how this happened. >> reporter: the police chief tells us that surveillance cameras right here in the park may have captured the moment
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the community are asking pretty serious questions this morning on if the prisoners should even be allowed to work in communities like this one. >> all this time these prisoners working here and you see what happened now. i mean it might happen again. >> concern among some this morning living near mosaic park in bartow. all following wednesday's escape of prisoner david ross. >> whenever my grandkids are here and they are out here working i take them in the ho detail near the park when he pulled a shank on a corrections officer. locking four other prisoners into a room at the park, then stealing a city truck, driving to pinellas county with the officer as his hostage. it was the other prisoners who eventually broke out of the room and called for help. the folks in this neighborhood surprised. >> these guys are out on work release or you figure they are
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something so crazy. >> reporter: ross was caught two hours later outside a pinellas county grocery store. those here thankful a man they are calling extremely dangerous is behind bars. >> i would say so. i wouldn't want to mess with him. >> reporter: david ross is set to be in court later today to face a long list of new charges. for now reporting live in bartow, rodney dunigan, abc action news. 9:33. the florida department of health reporting two new travel- related cases. one in sarasota county. and one involving a pregnant woman. meanwhile health officials now want all pregnant women who have been in miami-dade county recently to get tested for zika. this includes women who live in or have visited the area since august 1st. miami-dade county is the only area in the continental u.s. where mosquitos have been spreading the virus since the summer. the zika is mainly spread by
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a miami city commissioner has an unusual proposal to combat the spread of the of the zika virus. to set up bat houses to curb the population. they eat the mosquitos. deputies in manatee county want to found a person that fired a bullet that hit a woman's car. the woman says she was on u.s. 301, at 6:00 last night when she heard a lot noise. but didn't go into the vehicle. deputies couldn't find the bullet though. police in kissimmee are searching for a man that tried to grab an 11-year-old boy walking home from school. the child told investigators a man in an older model car offered him candy and cash. the boy says when he refused the man jumped out an grabbed his backpack. the child broke free, and ran home and called 911. miami city officials are trying to figure out why scaffolding fell from the top of a downtown highrise.
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injuring five more people. this all happened yesterday afternoon on a 60-floor condo building under construction. the man who died, a 50-year-old who ran from the scene and had a heart attack. then later died. a woman hit by debris while inside a car you see there was taken to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries. two construction workers also taken to the hospital with minor injuries. two more treated at the scene. the property devel officials now to find out exactly what went wrong. a screwworm infestation in the florida keys. we're told animals should be carefully examined for signs of screwworm and treated appropriately. animals from the florida keys
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permit. officials confirm the presence of the new world screwworm in the florida keys earlier this month. they are maggots that eat live stock and pets alive. in missouri a mom says a stranger collide tried to choke her newborn, happened in a walmart. mom started to scream when the 54-year-old attacked her 4- month-old. the baby wasn't seriously hurt. by standers wrestled the attacker to the ground, he was taken to the hospital then to jail. police believe he's a pastor of a ukrainian church in new jersey but don't know -- missouri but don't know why he was there and attacked the baby. a woman says she caught a person responsible on camera, postal inspectors are picking through a pile of discarded mail and checking to see which carrier was supposed to deliver it. the post office is investigating further. residents in the neighborhood are now worried they are at risk for identity theft.
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investments at 9:36. the dow now down 7 points. mostly unchanged. the dow posted a 41-point gain yesterday. next week mac fans will learn about a new gadget likely on their christmas wish lists. sources close to the company believe apple will be debuting a mac book with touchscreen capabilities like an i-pad. apple rumored to be holding an event next thursday to make that announcement. hundreds of community leaders came tet violence. casa held its annual peace breakfast. we were there at the st. pete coliseum with them. our community affairs director liz liz emceed the breakfast. lisette campos. the primetime special just aired last week. a all this month abc action news has been spotlighting local domestic violence centers and tomorrow at 9:00, we'll tell you how you can help save lives without even opening your
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get resumes ready. career source polk will hold a job fair in winter haven. heartland community church. the event organizers expect more than 50 employers to attend the fair. the hillsborough county fair kicks off today in brandon at the hillsborough county fairground north of state road 60, about a mile east of dover road. the fair starts 5:00 tonight, runs through the next two weekends. 9:38. coming up -- mars lander after it reached the martian atmosphere. what may have happened. >> first, another arrest in the death of an olympic athlete's teen daughter. who police have taken into
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9:41. breaking news just into the newsroom. hyundai is recalling nearly 63,000 mid-sized cars in the u.s. because the sun roof can come loose and fly off in traffic. that recall covers 2015 and 2016 model year sonatas. dealers will repair the sun december when they can take the cars in for service. a fourth man arrested in connection with a deadly shooting of the 15-year-old daughter of olympic sprinter tyson gay. trinity gay died sunday morning after being caught in exchanging of gunfire between two cars in lexington, kentucky. police say she was in the parking lot of a restaurant at the time. yesterday 20-year-old lamont williams was arrested in connection with the shooting. police say all four men charged in this crime fired multiple
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incident. indiana officials are clarifying an investigation they launched into suspected voter fraud. >> indiana secretary of state saying many of the thousands of altered registration records she flagged might just be residents rushing to correct their names or birth dates ahead of the election. this comes after she had warned of potential widespread voting fraud. she said she actually wanted indiana state police to investigate to ensure there was no widespread fraud after her office discovered a heavier than usual number of changes hundreds of drinking fountains in chicago parks are shut down after testing revealed high levels of lead in the water. chicago park officials say they shut down 459 or about 18% of their water fountains. officials are telling people not to worry, that the fountains are -- of concern will be removed, repaired or replaced. an update on the 21 school girls recently released by boka
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families. it was a tearful scene as parents saw missing daughters for the first time in more than two years. apparently negotiations are underway to free some of the remaining girls but sources say only about 83 of the almost 200 left are being negotiated for. the girls were taken from their school back in april of 2014. no at at least five people are dead after a super typhoon spashes into the northern philippines. it brought appreciates people evacuated. about 20 typhoons and storms lash the philippines a year. that country considered one of the most disaster prone nations. scientists in germany are trying to figure out if the spacecraft landed safe on mars. >> it appeared to show the entry occurred as expected, then something went wrong. scientists fear the heat shield ejected too soon and the
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>> the spacecraft's primary role was to test landing technologies to be used on the exomarches rover mission in -- exomars rover mission in 2020. how about the fill -- philippines. 20 a year? >> they are so flat on lake taiwan they get really crushed there and they had that monstrous one not many years ago. let check what much what it will look like the next couple of days. the difference by the weekend will be the seas will begin to build a little and we'll have issues. quick update on the typhoon in case you're interested. just barreling through, equivalent of a category 5 hurricane in the atlantic. it's now headed up to china. we have our own tropical feature that we'll monitor. hurricane hunter aircraft are on the way.
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this thing is headed to the north. forecast depicting a subtropical to tropical storm could develop. that would be otto on our list and headed to the north as a big rainmaker for the northeast. it won't arrive in tact as a tropical storm or anything like that. once it hits the front, it will just enhance the front with a lot of moisture and a lot of rain further north. in fact the tail end of the front that is going to get us this a lot of dry air so as it moves through all the energy goes to the north and we'll just be left with a ribbon of clouds, that is about it as it rolls through friday night. the important part is the cool air back behind it which right now is still bottled up across the western u.s. but by saturday morning we are going to drop back into the 50s. again we have not done this since last spring. still very comfortable, low to mid-70s now. we'll continue to see temperatures climbing so that
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back to 87 for the daytime high. averages about 84. we're not going to get any more close to that saturday and sunday. we'll stay well into the 70s. it will feel cool, because of the breeze and very low humidity. this will be important if you have any boating plans this weekend. you may have to check on that. northeast winds 10 to 15. today still looks good, even tomorrow but behind the front very gusty winds, and there will be 5 to 7-foot seas throughout the day saturday. a small craft advisory wilbe so. keep it in mind. we'll be breezy here land-wise but it will be the sea that's start getting churned up here. so saturday and sunday, both weekend days, gorgeous stuff, upper 70s, despite the cool start nice moderation by the afternoon. even milder, recovering nicely the next week, back north of 80. 9:47. made in the shade.
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9:50. outdoor living is a $5 billion a year industry that figures to only get bigger and more and more people outfit their backyard decks and patios with indoor conveniences like ovens and refrigerators. now comes the latest trend in outdoor living. >> reporter: ginger darrow doesn't spend much time inside anymore. she's usually enjoying her back patio under her new smart pergola. >> everybody loves it. whoever has seen it. it's turned my home as being from indoors to being outdoors. >> reporter: regular ones have been around since roman times but only recently did they become smart.
9:52 am
that allow you to control the amount of sunlight coming through. >> you can have shade any time. it doesn't matter where the sun is, you can rotate them as a 150-degree rotation, you can create shade and maintain an open roof. >> reporter: keeping them open allows the heat of the day to escape. if the weather turns wet adjustable aluminum slats can close completely. built in sensors can do this automatically when you're not home. >> very tight. has the gutter system that goes all the way collects the water. >> they allow to you enjoy your outdoor space even if the weather isn't ideal. remember when talking to your contractor they may require a building permit to install. >> reporter: ginger's structure took over a week to install, longer than expected but still well worth the wait. >> the looks good, it feels good. it's still very open.
9:53 am
size deck is about $17,000. if you have a unique space you're trying to fit angie says request a free onsite estimate
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last check of weather. warm and nice, a lot of sunshine upper 80s. we have an update on a story we first brought you last week. remember this adorable couple? the dog couple, took the internet by storm after they posed for a maternity photo shoot >> there i do. this morning we have learned the mother gave birth to 11 puppies. eight little boys, three little girls. golden retriever puppies. the owner didn't miss a beat getting the first family photo.
9:57 am
are doing well and adjusting to parenthood just fine. so cute. i want one. into we've got continuing coverage of the top stories on >> tampa bay's "morning blend"
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captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 well, good thursday morning. i'm carley boyette. joining us this morning for the next few days as natalie takes some days off to get ready for the new baby, we welcome again shawn daily. yay! i feel like we need applause. >> a month ago i was with natalie, and i said i will not


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