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tv   Action News at 5PM  ABC  October 20, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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tied the rope -- door shut with rope. the inmates did the right thing. if the story has a hero. >> there were four inmates that came running up to me. >> the award would go to the woman eating her lunch in the park who called 911. >> these inmates are freaking out. >> also the inmates caught in a tricky situation who don't want trouble near the end of their sentences. >> tina morris called for help when the men frantically explained what happened. she calmly relate every detail. >> there appointing which way they went, i am driving around the block. >> every unit on this side of the county raced to the area, by then it was too late. the prisoner was long gone with
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investigators used his cell phone to track their every move and finally captured him at the st. petersburg area. >> i don't like it at all. >> rattled neighbors are questioning their family safety. >> i am not surprised in a way they only had one guard for five guys. i think they should have had more.>> tonight the arrest affidavit is shedding light on how c inmates he used a knife and said if you don't go to the bathroom i will cut his neck. ross was serving time for fraud. the florida department of corrections is doing a full review, i asked about having the prisoners work in the community like this the police chief reiterated these are low- level offenders and they have
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ryan raiche abc action news. donald trump on the campaign trail and the attack after the third debate with hillary clinton not only did he declare victory he countered those who criticized his refusal to say he would accept the outcome of the election. >> i will totally accept the results of this great and historic presidential election. if i win. >> did you trump explained he wouldn't say either way if he would accept the results because the question was unprecedented. meanwhile a cnn poll finding half the debate watchers thought clinton was victorious. barack obama thinks clinton won. he was congratulating her on twitter, he praised her three debate sweep, no one else has
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clinton had an unfair advantage he said he thinks she received the debate questions ahead of time. they are supposed to be secret to everyone except the moderator who was chris wallace. trump and clinton not expecting to address each other until election day but they will be at the same event in new york tonight, meanwhile karen travers shows us the way the past controversy is haunting trump. >> the nominee laying the groundwork f clear election result but i would also reserve my right to contest or filed a legal challenge. in the case of a questionable result.>> the debate was trump's last big opportunity to take back control of the race, instead the headlines focusing on what trump will do november 9. clinton and democrats
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down democracy. and i am appalled. >> this is so fundamental. what an indictment of who we are. >> some republicans chastising trump including john mccain who said conceding an election is an active respect for the will of the american people. it is the american way. in new york another woman coming forward with her lawyer gloria already accusing trump of sexually aggressive and allegation. hillary clinton back on the trail friday in ohio. donald trump campaigns in pennsylvania and north carolina. karen travers abc news washington. as election date draws closer the importance of florida to clinton is clear, her husband will be in jacksonville tomorrow trying to encourage voters to vote early. tim kaine will be in central
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florida plays a pivotal role in the election, coming up the reason one pressing deadline has officials so worried and how it could impact your vote and the donations from the donald trump foundation that could be in violation of irs rules and the questions the foundation would not answer. president obama in south florida encouraging people to sign up for healthcare on november 1. that is when care. 's healthcare bill is helping many americans.>> but, we have also always known and i have said for all the good that the affordable care act is doing right now, for as big of a step forward as it was, it is still just a first step. >> for many americans premiums
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the higher prices of failure to expand medicare in florida. enrollment will be open through january. abc action weather. >> talk about a gorgeous warm day out there, look at temperatures across hillsborough county in the mid to upper 80s, across tampa into westchase, 87 degrees. into polk county temperatures the same if not one or 2 degrees lower, 83 winterhaven and lakeland 84, lake wales 82, through the evening we will see temperatures coming down but no dramatic changes yet. i know you know about the cold front on the way, but you won't see the impact until saturday morning, for this evening temperatures will fall to the seven-day forecast more on the
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tonight a 10-month-old baby is recovering from second- degree burns. it is what his mom and boyfriend did next that has both of them facing charges. last week dennis zipprian left the boy in a hot shower, he and the child's mother cayla zarvas went to walmart to buy burn cream leaving the boy alone in the car for 20 minutes. help. he had to be in the hospital burn unit for three days. disturbing details about a south florida uber driver accused of raping a woman. miami-dade police say he admitted he took advantage of the woman while she was drunk and incapacitated, he told officers that she woke up with her pants and underwear taken
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soon break ground for a veteran resource center at the hillsborough county veterans memorial park , our congresswoman toward the park meeting with leaders to talk about the additions. >> it will be a partner to a number of other regional memorial and military historical facilities around the bay area. this will be the linchpin of part of the mission is to remember all hillsborough county soldiers who died fighting for our country. in one hour a new way to get around downtown tampa will launch open you save hard- earned money, 12 of these electric vehicles will shuttle you anywhere from the tampa campus to the channel site district. the cars will operate seven
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the halloween staple that could be harmful to your child's health. a plume of smoke rising high above a community tonight is the one action that might have meant the difference between life and death. it is devastating to have your life disrupted. >> the insurance policy she paid for 18 years led her down when she needed it the most, coming
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new video showing a rescue, look at this scene the sheriffs office and fire department teamed up to rescue a worker that got stuck in a pipe at a power station earlier today, the man was stuck halfway in
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transformer that workers shut off after the man was trapped, he was not hurt but he was taken away by fire rescue officials. look at this new clip from tmc showing a group of men accused of tying up kim kardashian and robbing her. you can see them fleeing the apartment complex where it happened, one of the men on a bike holding what looks like a backpack. no arrests have been made. behind in portland, oregon after a gas explosion, it could've been worse if firefighters had not acted quickly.>> there was a woman sliding on her rear end and the firefighters got back up in the rubble pile and pulled her off. >> the video shows the woman and the firefighters helping her to safety. a ghastly tomorrow morning
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-- evacuations. the powerful explosion destroyed a building burning eight people, everyone expected to survive. taking action against domestic violence this campaign makes it easy for you to get involved and help, donate unwanted mobile phone and accessories to the hope line program from verizon. last year verizon stores collected 700,000 phones and distributed them to do coast, donate at your nearest verizon wireless store, the program provides survivors with a working cell phone with minutes included so their abuser cannot find them by tracking their old phone. if you or someone you know may be in a domestic violence situation operators are standing by right now to help, the number one 800 1-800-500- 1199 it is posted on our website at
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insurance bill for 18 years and then she was hurt, she made a call for action to jackie callaway after waiting months for money she should have received in the days. >> i felt and heard a snap. >> rebecca fell in her garage breaking multiple bones in her left leg. >> i looked down and my ankle was turned the opposite direction. up.>> woken bones and shattered tendons put rebecca on the operating table for four hours. for two months every move she had taken for granted required help. >> it is devastating to have your life disrupted. >> financial stress adding to the suffering when the disability policy she had paid on for 18 years delayed the
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know, everything that is in my policy book, it should have covered it. >> according to her policy she would require direct personal assistants for things like bathing, moving, dressing and eating. rebecca's documents include paperwork from her doctor that indicate she needed daily assistance. in this letter dated july 21, aflac they closed it. saying they needed more information. >> it has been very difficult on my family, i have had no income. >> i emailed aflac the denial letter and the paperwork filled out by rebecca's dr. three days later. >> by 1:00 that afternoon they had told my agent they didn't contact me they contacted her and said they were playing the
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for not making a comment. within a week they paid $5100 in disability benefits she had kept for nearly 2 decades. >> i was crying, i was crying because it was like this long drawnout thing and it was finally over. jackie callaway taking action for your. now, abc action weather. >> tightened doppler radar scanning the skies and we are dry, you can see that in the clearwater hyatt beach camera just gorgeous, blue skies and fairweather clouds, no rain in sight and that is not just to tampa bay as we take a wider view you can see we have been very dry across tampa bay and all of central florida for the last three hours, a little rain in south florida today, otherwise things are looking great, temperatures have been
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this time of year as well, 86 degrees you can see partly cloudy skies reported across the area, saint pete at 85, our winds have been variable bud light at 5 to 15 miles per hour, a nice breeze out there, the futurecast is showing us a really nice set up into the weekend even with the culture on the way we are on the dry side, take a look you can see over the next couple of hours a few clouds rolling through, when we get into overnight we are dry with relatively clear skies but you see the gray tones this is the cloud cover and that increases a little bit and then afternoon we will see those showers and this is what is associated with the front, not to say we won't see significant range the front is in the spend of florida but ahead of it may be a brief passing shower. and then this is the tell end
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the afternoon we start to see the winds changing picking up speed that is the cooler drier air coming into the area really starting to feel the cooler air settle in overnight tomorrow night. the cool air is back here tomorrow afternoon, that means we have got a gorgeous day for the beach tomorrow around 85, 86 degrees possibly 87 if we get the front slowing down a little bit, temperatures will be warmer but clearwater with a nice mix of sun and clouds may be a passing sprinkle as you saw the front pass-through midday but most likely it will be dry for a nice beach day ahead, the dew points a measure of how much moisture is in the air check them out right now, mid to upper 60s, when you see how that feels, that makes it feel between muggy and oppressive, we spent most of the summer in the oppressive range but the dew points have come down that
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slightly cooler temperatures lately in the morning but we are in for a treat, by the weekend with the updated numbers coming in the dew points will be falling into the 50s and 40s by sunday. that means it is going to be invigorating, brace yourself it is quite a change. as we look at what is going on in the tropics, we watch the same system 35 mile per hour winds developing into a tropical storm but we will continue to monitor this. the highs tomorrow are going to be in the mid to upper 80s depending on how fast the front rows through it may be a few degrees warmer than what i stated but the lows are looking good. we have a gradual warm-up into
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disturbing and potentially stranger -- discovery in a loaner car. a woman's weekly drive to art class taking a dangerous turn, the one thing that saved
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an important health alert, a disturbing report finding potentially harmful chemicals in face paints at least two of them are linked to cancer. a study tested 48 face paints, for heavy metals which can alter brain development. only half tested positive for at least one of these. a handful came back positive
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of you are commenting on my facebook page about this, a south carolina waitress received this in place of a tip that waitress said she was mortified a couple lectured her after she served them. the note reads thank you for your excellent service. here is your tip, the woman's place is in the home, it even says so in the bible. the note suggests the waitress clean her house and cook her husband and children the way god intended. the waitress says the writer made some incorrect assumptions about her life. in fact she has no children but a supportive boyfriend who has been with her as she tries to better herself. to read this whole thing i have posted it to my facebook page. it allows the integrity of the election. >> unverified voters casting
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monday. the new plan for florida's newest voters. struck the one thing you cannot see in this video that has a
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live from the station taking abc action news. >> all-new at 5:30, worries about voter registration in florida. we will tell you about the issue that could mean many voters won't get to cast a regular ballot. good evening i'm paul lagrone. >> and i'm laura harris, adam winer explains why the issue can be blamed on the weather. >> thanks to hurricane matthew, early voting won't be as simple
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make sure these were all done by sunday which is clearly impossible. >> impossible because verification takes time, when florida pushed the deadline back it meant many last-minute submissions might not be verified in time for those voters to use a regular ballot. >> it is counted at that moment, you can't undo it. >> that is why election supervisors told a judge voting starts on monday in counties like hillsborough and pinellas, those unverified voters should use a provisional ballot. >> it is the same identical ballot but it goes into a sealed envelope comes back securely and allows us to do the research. >> that ensures the integrity of the election and the federal judge agreed but some voters have concerns. >> the resources they have to


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