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tv   Action News at 6PM  ABC  October 20, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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class. >> i heard and felt this big impact on my door.>> the 60- year-old in great spirits but asked we not share her identity. she is relieved the bullet struck below the passenger side window. >> if it would have been a couple inches higher it would have hit me. >> driving north on us 301 near state road 70 she believes the bullet came from the east. for now police are chalking this up to random shots fired they say drivers on 301 are not at risk. >> we certainly don't have evidence there is someone out there taking shots at vehicles. >> a freak accident and it -- a lucky break. >> i was so shaken up i couldn't take the class. my painting would have been a mess. basically it wasn't my time.
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track down any bullet, they stress the general public is not in danger driving along this busy highway. ryan smith, abc action news. police are warning you to be on the lookout a violent man on the loose. they are unidentified suspect injured a woman last night, trying to carjack two people, during the first attempt he actually jumped into the bed of a pickup truck, the driver parking lot and hit the brakes throwing the suspect to the ground, the crime wave continued when he attacked a publix employee, please call the venice police department with information. charges for the men that kidnapped a polk county four- year-old. the grand jury just indicted west wild hogs on federal kidnapping charges, he snatched rebecca lewis from her home earlier this month. investigators caught up with
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for a crime spree across three neighborhoods. between tuesday night and wednesday morning, 19-year-old dante scott and 317-year-olds committed 17 burglaries stole five cars and two guns the cases happened in the mulberry area, every vehicle was either unlocked, had the keys inside where the victims left their garage doors unlocked. st. petersburg police on scheme at least 18 victims totaling $10,000. isabel dallas got critical information over the phone from her job, her daughter jessica used the numbers on fake cards to pay off bills, she even gave money to her child's dad who is in jail. in the meantime chantel jones
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permission, they don't know how she did it. tonight abc action news tracked down one of her alleged victims. >> they had my name, my date of birth, my social security number. no one deserves that. i work really hard i am still young and building my credit. >> if you have seen her contact the st. petersburg police department. now, abc action weather. >> still looking dry, nothing crazy whether we have had lately and it will continue through the evening, temperatures on the warm side this evening, in the mid-80s for the most part but when we get past sunset we will see temperatures falling into the 70s, if you are planning on taking the dog for a walk or you have a bike ride or a jog in mind the weather will support it, no issues tonight and into tomorrow morning you will wake up to temperatures
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day forecast and a look at the weekend cooldown coming up. trending to democracy 2016, a 10th woman coming forward accusing donald trump of sexual misconduct, this woman claiming trump groped her at the u.s. open in 1998.>> don't you know who i am? that is what he said to me. i felt intimidated powerless.>> virginia said she felt compelled to speak up today in response to trump denial of the allegations he is facing. the nominee said during the debate last night all of the sexual claims had been debunked but that statement was rated false, trumps campaign releasing a statement also denying the latest accusation. trump again hammering home
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incite violence at his rallies. >> these were paid people by the clinton campaign. it just came out and i give credit to the people that brought this out. >> james o'keefe released and edited video earlier this week showing a democratic organization talking about ways to incite violence at trump rallies, robert kramer resigned his position working at the dnc over the video. new audience for the third debate was a big one, preliminary data for 11 channels showing nearly 70,000,000 people tuned in, rankings for pbs have not come in and that will add to the total the audience was smaller than the first face-off but larger than their second debate. a group of neighbors say one man's construction is messing up the community. brendaliss gonzalez went to bass lake where they say the
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money. >> this isn't the view adrian imagined he would have to look at every day. >> i used to have dear, peer. -- up here. >> he first noticed the construction more than one year ago. >> when trees started getting cut down and dump truck showed up. >> this isn't any land it is wetlands, land you need according to the pasco county this property owner does not have one. >> i am disgusted the fact that someone would want to do this. >> steve turner who lives nearby says the construction is running the area's natural water flow especially after rain. >> it is getting stuck in the neighborhood keeping the water level high. >> a supervisor for the county says they issue the owner a citation after receiving a complaint this month, they are
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permit, that amounts to nearly $300,000. that is not including separate fines issued for other violations. >> in some ways i feel bad for him but i don't think he was too worried when my insurance company paid over $30,000 to me last year to fix my problems.>> i think it is something to do with this. >> we left the owner several adrian and his neighbors, they are done counting the days before they can get their view back. >> i want it to be returned to what it is supposed to be. >> that was brendaliss gonzalez reporting. we want to know what questions keep you up at night hopefully we can get you answers to make your life easier. go to and go to the good question logo.
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one blood confirming they found the zika virus in a blood donation in florida, a sample at the saint pete lab virus testing positive, they found it after they started testing for the virus in august, the donation did not enter the blood supply, one blood says it uses cutting-edge technology to make sure infected blood does not reach hospitals. the company provided this statement about its >> this test goes a long way toward eliminating or at least greatly preventing the likelihood of transmission of zika through blood transmission. >> they refused to give specifics about where in florida the positive donation came from, at the end of the summer blood banks in florida stopped taking donations from miami, people in miami-dade and
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on the mend after collisions on cars on florida roads. this eagle was hit by a jeep in osceola county, also this month and eagle found in the middle of a countryside boulevard in clearwater another trapped in a car grill after hurricane matthew. it is common for birds of prey to get hit by cars. >> along the interstate or major roads there are raccoons and possums and armadillos that think about cars and roads, they just see the food source. >> the eagle in clearwater is recovering at busch gardens. still to come, cross country flights and upscale hotels on your dime, all while your kids deal with deteriorating school buses and classrooms. tonight we uncover one school
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outside, the rivergate template tower camera showing you that, it is also hot out there, but
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teaching positions left unfilled, some of the effects the school budget crunch will have on your kids, travel for employees also banned anne but that does not include school board members. >> the school board who travels the most has no plans to stop. >> it is desperate and it has been desperate for some time. >> the league of women voters is talking about the budget crunch in hillsborough county. >> when we don't have air conditioning in classrooms but she has been able to do whatever. >> she is talking about susan valadez. >> susan has taken advantage of her position to travel and it
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years she has been on the board. >> since 2012 she has flown tens of thousands of miles spending months in upscale hotels on your dime. >> all of these markers from boston to miami and seattle to san diego represent troops valadez took at an average cost of more than $1000 each. >> we need and have to make changes on how we spend our money. >> the superintendent announced cost-cutting measures including an employee valadez refused multiple requests for a sitdown interview but we caught up with her. >> from july 12 to april 16 $44,637 seems like a lot of money. >> the thing is, i am an active board member and my statute is also there it is something that i can do.
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since she is not considered an employee. there is no policy restricted board member travel last year her out-of-town travel costs were more than the other six members combined, she set her trips are necessary since she sits on multiple boards and committees. do you have to be on all of these boards?>> yes, i do. the gazette is the right thing to do on behalf of our students. >> among expenses charged, nine days of parking expenses for a three- day washington dc conference. a five-day trip to pitbull slam academy charter school in miami. >> typically it would be one or two back hours it doesn't make sense. >> she says she made more than one stop on that trip. >> while i was there i go visit schools. >> she build the district for local travel including travel
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mileage and cost for her to go to a concert. >> it is something i am invited to attend as an elected official and those are part of the costs. >> records show valadez canceled plans to attend a racial equity concert. >> it was a little bit too expensive. >> she said she has cut back. >> there is one organization we belong to, one because i don't see the value of that particular organization. >> the records show she did go to two great scaredy -- city school conferences costing the district $3800. >> so you are not slowing down? >> i won't slow down on travel that is not productive to what
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walser taking action for your. >> we have included an interactive map showing your travels including the purpose the dates and the costs all on board members don't have to submit reports about what they learned from their travels but valadez says it she would support a policy to require that in the future. now, abc action weather. >> looking weather on the way. >> everybody is so excited. take a look, today is one of the warm days, anna maria island showing perfectly clear skies, looking great, it has been a beautiful beach day, if you are planning on going to the beach tomorrow that is your one last warm beach day, if you like it cooler, we have got that in-store as well, take a look bradenton beach 83
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look further to the south in sarasota county temperatures in the low 80s to 80 degrees along the coast, we are off to a beautiful start to the evening, very clear skies, nice and dry across tampa, clearwater and saint pete. temperatures in the mid-80s, 84 tampa under beautiful sunny skies, clearwater 83, saint pete at 85, are pretty light at 5 to 10 miles per hour, now they will start changing over the next 24 hours, more in a moment. the futurecast showing the gray and white tones showing the cloud cover that will roll through at midnight on the dry side, very clear until tomorrow morning and then we start to see those clouds building tomorrow early in the day and then a few spots of green, this is the cold front right at noon, this is the rain associated with a cold front,
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while to the northwest, even tomorrow at 6:00, there is a possibility of this front slowing down, it will still make it to highs in the mid to upper 80s tomorrow, but if it speeds up or stays on track i think we will begin to see the winds shifting to the northwest through the afternoon and the winds will pick up and that is the cooler dryer air coming in behind a slight chance for a few showers, if you are planning on golfing tomorrow keep the winds in mind, early in the day the winds will be at 5 to 10 miles per hour coming from the northeast, once we get to 1:00 we will start to see them shifting and it will pick up to even 20 mile per hour gusts, so that could affect your game but with all that sunshine it will be very comfortable with highs topping out in the mid-80s, so another beautiful day for a round of golf or whatever you like to do outside, 85 degrees the high tomorrow in tampa and like i
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than it could be warmer than that, most of our highs tomorrow will be in the mid- 80s, behind the front is the big treat, feeling like fall, starting off in the morning near 60 degrees saturday and then sunday, upper 50s, the afternoons not only are they cooler, they will still be dry and much less humid, the latest updates on how much drier the air is going to be, it is going to be very noticeable, humidity is gone, this is going to continue into next week, our next front a bit weaker, but reinforcing the cooler than average air with highs in the low 80s into thursday. that is your most accurate seven-day forecast. still ahead, the lightning find itself moving to the front
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hello folks, i remember a time when many said hockey wouldn't work in florida, they were wrong. dead wrong, those naysayers can see it in black and white in the newest edition of espn the magazine, lightning ranked the number one franchise in sports in the united states, head coach john cooper talked about the owner against colorado. >> that 100% starts at the top and for the lightning to be viewed as the number one franchise when it becomes to what is the most important is how you treat your fans and for our organization to be number one, gosh, that is a heck of an accomplishment.
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based on categories that matter most to fans, last year the lighting was there, the buccaneers rank 73rd, the devil rays 90th. you can book this, buccaneers defensive tackle gerald mccoy will play against san francisco. the defensive tackle clinton mcdonald also practiced but robert ayers did not, it doesn't look like he will play, mcdonald may be, mccoy likely. keeping the 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick from running all over the field is the goal.>> he can get around in a hurry and he is not a quarterback who wastes time making a decision. if he is going to go, he goes. if he decides to go you better get on your horse. we've definitely got to be in the rush lanes. >> the ncaa will not impose sanctions on the men's best low
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did find the head coach guilty of not monitoring and assistant coach who reportedly hired stripper escorts for the players and recruits. that was a total mess. all of today's top stories are on we will see
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toni tonight, breaking news. the fallout after donald trump and the bombshell dropped at the debate. he says he's not sure if he'll election. moments ago, michelle obama taking aim. also, the president on what he saw last night. and hillary clinton tonight, what she revealed in the moments right after. also breaking, an american killed in iraq, in the massive effort to take out isis. tonight, the images right here. the missile sent straight into cars driven by isis and their suicide bombers. the school bus horror. the car swerving, hitting children waiting for the bus.


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