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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  October 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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a model with intense neck pain tries alternative medicine and thinks later she is -- and days later she is dead. >> the procedure her family
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all new at 11:00 neighbors in shock. police searching for a killer who dumped a body thanks for joining us. i'm wendy ryan. >> i'm jamison uhler. michael paluska live tonight. did any of the neighbors get a look at this killer? >> reporter: jamison, tpd telling us late tonight they are getting prom ming leads in this case so hopefully that is some of the information that they are receiving as they canvas that entire neighborhood. we are also learning the woman
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>> they came to us and asked us, hey, did you see them drop off a body? >> reporter: tampa police going door to door trying to find any leads in the murder of a woman found in the middle of the street. police initially thought the woman was in an accident but quickly realized her injuries weren't caused by a car. >> they shot a woman either in the car or maybe somewhere else, and they ended up just dropping the body off on the street, like on the ground. >> reporter: the homicide detectives few clues except the body. >> hopefully they end up finding who did it. >> reporter: gonzales now worries there could be more violence in the neighborhood he grew up in. >> it is very concerning just to be in this neighborhood. i have lived here my entire life so 22 years. i have never seen that happen, this serious. i mean, it's getting bad, this neighborhood. >> reporter: so obviously if you live in that neighborhood you would be troubled by this
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late tonight as well that this crime they believe was not random. live at tampa police headquarters, michael paluska. >> michael, thank you. breaking news in venice, police telling us they've taken a violent criminal off the streets. the officers say the man confessed to beating a woman at a spa, then trying to carjack two people. people in one ft. lauderdale neighborhood feeling uneasy about surveillance camera captures this woman snatching a package off someone's doorstep. turns out the package had a camera inside. police say it serves as a warning for all of us when you get packages delivered this season. a south florida man is blaming a kia dealership for putting his family in danger. the man said the dealership
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another american killed by a takata air bag. the national highway traffic safety administration tonight says an air bag ruptured and killed a woman in california. she was driving a 2001 honda civic. the air bags can inflate with too much force. the florida department of highway safety warning drivers who own certain 2001 to 2003 honda and acura vehicles should replace their takata air bag they're warning you not to ignore a notice you may have received in the last month. jam son. a new study finds most floridians don't want college students studying in forren countries where there's a risk of terrorism. marisela burgos is live at usf to show us the new way the school is making study abroad safer. marisela. >> reporter: usf follows the state department's recommendations, and they say they have seen more students who are interested in the past
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suggests that floridians do not think it is a good idea. college is about growing and taking chances. >> you know, one of the opportunities i missed out in my undergrad years was studying abroad. >> for some people that means going to a foreign country to learn. >> i was hoping to go to south korea this summer to do some research. >> reporter: a new usf nielsen survey finds a majority of floridians colleges and universities supporting study abroad programs in areas of the world with known terrorist activities. >> what we won't do is we won't say to our students, you should not go into the world. >> reporter: he says they spend months planning in advance before sending students abroad. they hired two risk and security officers whose jobs is
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>> we have had students in locations where there has been terrorist activity. we know our system works. >> reporter: new this year, students must have international student health and travel insurance. >> we're really trying to take care of that student's travel safety. >> reporter: nicholas can't wait to study abroad in the future. >> really worried about terrororist attacks there, just as i'm not worried about them here. >> the main question they get is how close they are to places like orlando and ferguson. time and fortune magazine is showcasing 16-year-old rachel for her business skills. she is expected to earn more than $10 million next year.
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dick's sporting goods. now is the perfect time to get a flu shot. usf is hosting its annual free flu shot drive tomorrow. all you have to do is go to the college of public health from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. for 18 years old and older. but the cdc encourages anyone six months and older to get your flu vaccine this year. it's been a gorgeous day and very warm out there but take a now. we are headed into the 70s tore the overnight, and i think we will even be starting off in hillsborough county tomorrow morning with a lot up offer six. at least for right now in tampa 74. 71 in winona. if you do need to head out and walk the dog, we are looking at dry conditions across the area.
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and tomorrow through the day we're looking at very little chance for rain but i will show you in the seven-day forecast what point in the day and where we have a chance to see maybe just a little bit of rain as that front is pushing through. and yeah, that's a cold front that's going bring us much cooler temperatures for the weekend. all that coming up in just a bit. >> thank you, shay. presidential candidates donald trump and hillary clinton back in the same room but not at an official debate. this is more of a roast for a great cause. the al smith tie fund-raiser to raise money for children in the diocese. >> but your i am neaps, you do deserve great credit for bringing together two people who have been at each other's throats, mortal enemies, bitter foes. i've got ask, how did you get the governor and mayor here together tonight? >> michelle obama gives a
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it's fantastic. they think she's absolutely great. my wife melania gives the exact same speech, and people get on her case. >> both candidates getting some laughs from the crowd as you heard there, and at each other's expense, but then things got awkward. donald trump also got some boos, which is not really normal years past. the event raised $6 million. all new tonight, a woman hurt her neck at work. she does would many people do. the one thing she did that ended up killing her. and stranger danger. the violent thing one man did to a four-year-old with the toddler's mother standing right there. living in the city could make you sick. but we have three easy things that you can do to help cut down on the stress in your hectic life.
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news app.
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new tonight the centers for disease control has staff going over spirit airlines jets, 20 passengers getting sick on the atlanta to los angeles flight reporting a sweet smell inside the cabin. a former pastor is facing charges for baby at a kansas wal-mart, witnesses saying the man just walked up tot mom in a checkout line, grabbed her four-month- old infant and then started choking the girl. by standers wrestled that baby away from the guy. >> i don't believe i done anything different than my parents, may brother would have ever done. definitely would have done it for my own baby. >> the baby is okay.
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church in new jersey. investigators say he left that church about 10 months ago. this texas teenager is on the run right now after leaving a literal paper trail of a robbery. investigators say the 18-year- old stole $2,000 from a home but left his cell phone and a traffic ticket behind. now a warrant is out for his arrest. we now know what killed a woman known as the queen of snapchat. a trip to the chiropractor, autopsy revealing she died following a neck adjustment. she hurt her neck holding a pose for too long at a photo shoot so she went in for an adjustment, but it didn't help. she planned to go back but before she could she suffered a stroke and went into a coma and died. the cause of the death was listed as neck manipulation by a chiropractor.
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toddler's life. the three-year-old add seizure. the officer started cpr on the boy. the officer realized that wasn't work and ran to his patrol car to get a cpr mask, and that did the trick. >> there's nothing i can give him for my son's life. he just seems like a very good man. >> just doing my job. i truly believe that any other officer that i work with would have been there and done the exact same thing. >> and that little boy is doing just fine tonight. wendy. well, living in any has a lot of perks but there is also one health drawback, mental health officials saying that people who live in cities have a lot more stress, traffic, air pollution, crowded streets, just some of the things that cause people to suffer from anxiety and mood disorders. but there are things you can do to help. they say first go to the park. get out of your car. walking or cycling to work is
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mental health. finally, be aware of your environment, mindfully observing the area around you can help reduce stress by restoring a sense of control. well, it's halloween season, and that means haunted houses are popping up all over the place, but the skeletons in one haunted house extra creepy. they are actually real. that's right, they say someone actually donated two 19th century coffins complete with the skeletons nintendo's newest console made with gamers on the go in mind. the nintendo switch gives gamers the ability to switch devices. nintendo hopes it helps them gain ground on xbox. it won't be available until march 2017. neiman marcus' annual christmas catalog is out, and
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everyone. prices range from $10 to $1.5 million. the cheapest items, snowflake shaped marshmallows. the most expensive, a rose gold colored private plane. there are also his and her island cars forced 65,000. you can also train with hall of fame quarterback joe montana for a day. you can also bay a $25,000 mattress with a fireproof impenetratable lockbox. i guess if you like to smoke in bed. allied bank is circulating fake pennies worth $1,000 each.
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detroit. i'm waiting for tampa to come up on the list, but not yet. it's all tone courage people to save every penny, i guess. one california pup very lucky tonight. this little one, 12 years old, pick pi was the pup is currently staying with friends until his family gets back home. great story. >> boots and sweaters? >> i'm thinking on saturday bhorng and sunday morning you're definitely going to want to do that. >> denis told her no last night. >> here's the thing.
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studio. >> so do i. >> i say yes to the sweater for us. >> you two against each other. >> we floridians, we've got thin blood. we need the sweater. take a look at the rivergate tower tampa camera, and you can see right now it's nice and clear out there. beautiful across tampa bay here tonight. and that's the way it's going remain overnight. you can see on the radar not a drop of rain in sight. temperatures across the area are ranging from 74 76 in clearwater as well as in st. pete. winds right now are coming from the north. they're at 5 to 10 miles per hour. so no big changes here overnight. it's into tomorrow night that we really start to see the cooler air settling in. so here's how it comes together. take a look at futurecast. you can see these tones of white. those are the clouds. we remain with only a few
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plenty of sunshine. from pinellas county into hillsborough county, a slight chance that we could see a brief shower right around noon to 2:00. you can see right there, that's the front passing, and you saw few more little green spots coming through our northern counties later in the afternoon and into the early evening. that's our best chance for brief shower as that front starts coming in. but if you would like to head to the beach tomorrow it is still going to be a great day. 85 the high, maybe a sprinkle midday as that front passes through but probably not. the water temperature in the gulf is still at 80 degrees, so it's looking good out there. get that beach day in while you can unless you like your beach
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take a look. we've got our area of storms out here. at this point no concern about it affecting land. 84 degrees is where we should be on average this time of year. tomorrow morning starting off around 68, ending the day at 85. it's the weekend with temperat average. it's not only going to be cooler, but sunday lacking beautiful with a slightly warmer an. a high of 79. into early next week we start to see that gradual warm-up. a slight chance for rain wednesday and thursday. we've got another weak front that's going to push through the statement all it does is just level those temperatures off. we don't see a big drop in temperatures or humidity behind this next system. it just levels it o. that's
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day forecast. back to you. >> thank you shay. the bounce of the puck definitely didn't go the bolts' way tonight. here's jimmy kimmel with what's coming up on jimmy kimmel live. >> look at what we did tonight. >> show me the demons. are they possessed? >> basically they ate like 50
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hello, folks. well, the lightning found itself playing from behind once again tonight only this time there was no third period rally, the avs scoring their first two goals in the last in the third period, another bad puck deflection. martinson will score as bishop was behind the knelt. that's twice in four games that's happened. colorado wins this one by a final of 4-0. earlier today the bolts found out it was named the top sports franchise in america by espn.
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major pro sports leagues based on categories that matter most to you the fans. last year the lightning was third, the buccaneers ranked 73rd this year, rays 90th. the buccaneers' running game will 0 primarily be in the hands of rogers. he filled in nicely in the carolina john sabol. >> reporter: the bucs would have never had a shot at winning if it wasn't for their third string running back. he racked up 101 yards and helped the bucs' offense get in field goal range. >> i was a little sore. i ended up getting three
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>> reporter: thirty carries is a rare feat. so the question remains, can the bucs continue to rely on rogers with this type of work load? >> i think. so but again, we brought him here because he's a good football player. >> reporter: san francisco's defense is ranked as the worst rushing d in the entire nfl. just last week they gave up more than 305 yards on the grounding a gains buffalo. however, these stats affect his approach. >> the nfl is always week to week, so you've got to approach each and every week with a new mind-set. >> reporting with the bucs, john sabol, abc action sports. the good news defensively, we can just about bank on gerald mccoy suiting up.
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so it doesn't look like he will play on sunday. the front four needs to keep colin kaepernick in check. >> he can gain ground in a hurry. if he's going go, he goes. you better get on because he can get downfield quick. game five of the nlcs tonight. the cubbies lead the dodgers 3- 1 in the 8th. we're back in a minute and change. closed captioning is brought to you by lakeland
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have one more warm day ahead. get it in, whatever you would like to do in that 85-degree weather, then as we head into the weekend, it's a noticeable drop in temperatures. i'm acting like it's going to be 30 out there, but -- >> it's 70. we'll take it anyway. we have continuing coverage of our top stories on our website, >> have a good night. we'll see you tomorrow. >> you watch us, you'll be up to the minute the min you're up, weekdays from 4:30 to 10:00
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"jimmy k "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, benedict cumberbatch isla fisher this week in unnecessary censorship a m and now, here's jimmy kimmel! ? ? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: t >> jimmy: thank you. thank you. very nice of you.


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