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tv   Action News at 530AM  ABC  October 21, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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militants held up in a city 100 miles from mosul. a young woman's lifeless body found in the middle of the street in a tampa neighborhood. ahead in a live report, the clues investigators are revealing about the case this morning. >> here she is tonight in public pretending not to hate catholics. >> boos and laughter. you will hear from donald and hillary clinton like never before trying to make people laugh. good morning, thanks for joining us, i'm deiah riley. >> i'm dan shaver. the forecast on this friday, we are anticipating a fantastic fall like weekend here in florida. >> fall weekend, absolutely. a month later. 70 in tampa. 70 clearwater and in st. pete, 74. good morning to you. clear skies. we will stay mostly sunny
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are in the low 60s in some spots. colder tomorrow. the difference will be as well with the temperatures, the humidity will be solo a combination with the gusty behind -- so low the combination will be the gusty winds. 85 is the high temperature. we get chilly in the morning and thereafter as minutes. good morning. the construction on the sunshine skyway is cleared. so, no reason to avoid that. traffic is moving nicely across the sunshine skyway. nine minutes across. the other crashes we started off the show with on i-4 and 275 or cleared as well. right now we are starting off with a clean slate. the drive through pinellas county on 275 is looking good
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at 275 and gandy. up to speed from bridge to bridge. the drive on the veterans, we are in the green, 16 minutes from 54 to 275. deiah? >> thanks, janelle. happening right now, tampa police are searching for the suspect behind a cold-hearted murder. a woman's lifeless body left lying in the middle of a street. abc action news rodney dunigan is live at tpd headquarters this morning. arrest? >> reporter: deiah, police tell us they have a number of potential leads. they do not believe the murder was random. in fact, meaning, it possibly could have been personal and that the killer may have known the victim. late last night tampa police identified the victim as latoya smith. she was found yesterday afternoon lying in the middle of the street in the 2100 block of west flora street.
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community are shaken. >> it is very concerning to be in this neighborhood. i lived here my life, 22 years. so, i mean, i have never seen that happen this serious. >> now, investigators will be back in the neighborhood gathering information. they are hopeful that someone that knew the victim, lay to i can't -- latoya smith can shed light on the investigation and rodney dunigan, abc action news. a reminder don't drink and drive. st. pete police will be emphasizing that this weekend. they are conducting dui patrols. extra patrols will hit the roads overnight tonight. grocery store options in downtown tampa take a giant leap forward. at 10:00 this morning, mayor bob buckhorn will break ground on a publix grocery store. in december they announced they
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channel district as part of a condo tower development. the 38,000 square foot grocery store will feature rooftop parking. it will be open by early 2019. a south florida man is blaming a kia dealership for putting him and his family in danger. he said they rented him a car with a loaded gun in the center console. the weapon belonged to an employee. people in one fort lauderdale neighborhood feeling uneasy about having packages delivered. a woman snatched a package off a doorstep. the package had a camera inside. they hope someone recognizes the woman and helps police track her down. this should serve as a warning as we get packages delivered this holiday season. a teenage entrepreneur is making a name for herself and a fortune. she is featured in two national
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she launched a lacrosse equipment company expected to eastern more than 10 -- earn more than $10 million next year. >> i was just trying to get my license at 16. not driving well they are. for many students it's the best part of the college career. a survey shows floridians have reservations about study abroad programs. four out of -- three out of four people in our state don't think it's a good idea colleges and universities to sponsor study abroad programs in countries with known terrorist activities. the university assures they have plans in place to protect students and staff as much as possible while they get their education. in the last three years they hired two international risk and security officers to advice them about safety. new this year, students must have international student health and travel insurance. >> we have had students in
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terrorist activity. and we know our system works. >> usf says over the past four years they have seen an increase in students studying abroad. breaking overnight, armed militants attack targets around car cubbing today. much of the fighting is centered on a government compound in the city. the assault was quickly claimed by the islamic state aimed at diverting iraqi troops from the battle over mosul. there are no report we know putting the presidential candidates in the same room can get awkward. both hillary clinton and donald trump put up with each other's company for several hours all for charity. >> the al smith dinner is an annual fundraiser put on by the catholic church to raise money for church. it was not a trump friendly crowd. >> [boo]. >> you can hear the boos from
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obama gave a speech that people loved it but when his wife melania gave the exact same speech, people got on her case. >> last night i called hillary a nasty woman but this stuff is relative. after listening to hillary rattle on and on and on, i don't o'donnell any more. >> he brought up clinton's e- mails and said he would appoint her ambassador to afghanistan or iraq. clinton answered back by taking aim at trump's relationship with russia. she said he was as healthy as a horse vladimir putin rides on. >> donald looks at the statue of liberty and sees a 4. maybe
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tablet and changes her hair. >> one bright spot, the candidates did manage to shake hands which as you know didn't happen during the last debate. a crime alert this morning. thieves posing as bank employees to steal from older adults in florida. here is how the scheme works. police call up and say police caught someone trying to use their credit card and it needs to be replaced. someone will come to the house to door and the victim hands the card over to the thief. there are several victims in south florida. >> really had me fooled. i don't think i had been hoodwinked that way any time in my life. >> police have leads but they say they aren't quite ready to name suspects yet. before you buy anything online, you check the reviews,
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reviews. there are a few ways to spot a bogus review. words like fabulous and unbeatable are common in fake reviews. if you see several positive reviews posted in a short time period, that can be another red flag. check the web site fake spot which grades amazon and yelp reviews. good morning. 70 for the bus stop. heading through the afternoon, anothe on the warmer side than it should be this time of year. we will make up for that big time by the weekend. by the time you wake up tomorrow morning, forecast on the cooler temps in the season in a few minutes. still to come, this landing looks smooth but experts say the pilot had to make several smart moves to keep from
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friday morning. the cdc words has staff going over a flight where people got sick reporting a sweet smell
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and dangerous landing look easy when the plane tipped on its nose. experts say it took incredible skill. he was on his way home to jacksonville from oklahoma city. he noticed the nose gear wasn't dropping. he told air traffic control he was having a problem then diverted to an airport with a longer runway. the pilot touched down, eased off the gas while keeping the nose up as long as possible. tough video to watch here. a deputy in oklahoma hits a cow. it was caught on his dash cam. the cow runs in front of the deputy's car. the impact killed the car. the cruiser was totaled. thankfully the deputy was not seriously hurt. this highlights the importance of farmers keeping their cattle secure. did you pick up stray pennies when you see them on the ground? if not, you may want to start.
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pennies around the country. they are worth $1,000 each. they are putting on the ground in a number of cities including miami but tampa is not on the list. good start to your friday. 70. 74 in st. pete. clear skies and nice breeze. mostly calm. it will get gusty later on today behind the front. then we will c temps in the upper 60s. compared to what is coming, comfortable. we have been dry most of the week. a few sprinkles with the east flow. that is done and there is the front as it's current position pushes low pressure system up to the northeast. we will get in on rain for the weekend. dry air as the front arrives. not much of a contrast. thinking a few clouds rolling through. not much in the way of rainfall. then the cold air comes in.
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overnight tonight and then the early part of tomorrow. then we hang on to that for several days at a time. 85 for the afternoon high. completely different world tomorrow as we wake up. remember a breeze out there will make it feel colder. a bit of a windchill in the morning with temperatures in some spots droppingel to below normal. we hit 90 a couple of times this week. so, big change certainly and big contrast. there is the forecast heading into the weekend. by the afternoon, we warm up nicely despite the chilly start. temps in the upper 70s. low humidity continues early next week with milder temperatures. if it's cold for you this weekend, we will recover nice limon day and tuesday. good morning, everybody.
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this is old lake highway and clinton. fhp reporting old lake highway is closed in both directions. no word how long it will be closed. in the meantime, use 301 and 98 to work around it. i will watch that and let you know when it opens back up. elsewhere in the bay area, no big crashes or break downs to slow you down. this is what it looks like i-4 at the polk parkway. your drive from lakeland into line road to downtown. seven minutes at the bottom from 75 down to 275. deiah? >> thanks, janelle. this texas teenager is on the run right now after leaving a literal paper trail at a robbery. the 18-year-old allegedly stole $2,000 from a home earlier this month. deputies say the homeowner chased the teen but stopped when it looked like the teen had a gun. deputies found a traffic ticket and cell phone belonging to the
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be considered the best franchise in the country by espn but the bolts have work to do to be the best team in the nhl. colorado avalanche won 4-0. they start the season with a 3- 1 record. they play in ottawa tomorrow night. in college football, watch the usf bulls on national tv. south florida temple owls. watch it live on espn at 7:00. chicago cubs are one win away from playing in the franchise first world series since 1945. last night chicago short stop broke a tie in the sixth inning homering this to center field. then in the 8th inning, a double to right to score three more runs and the cubs win 8-4.
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chicago. the winner plays the cleveland indians in the world series. actor charlie sheen would love to throw out a ceremonial pitch. several team members of fans of his movie and they have put up a shrine in the locker room like in the movie. hundreds of athletes are in the bay area to compete in by athlete and triathlete ch events through sunday. among the athletes are the men's rand women's world champions and former university of florida swimmer that holds the world record for the pentathalon swim. this house has a giant wiji
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metlife is saying good-bye to snoopy, charlie brown and lucy. >> the company describes a new campaign that doesn't include the peanuts gang. >> i tried to spook him to get him to run back into the woods. he wasn't having it. >> texas police officer freed the tied up deer but he did something that created a
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welcome back. this is live at nasa tv. a soyuz capsule is set to dock with the international space station. they are lining the vessel up there. the space station -- the rocket blasted off wednesday morning. >> astronauts are set to welcome members at 8:35 when they open the hatch. looks great out there right now. temps are at 70 degrees from tampa to clearwater with 74 in st. pete. mild. comfortable in the upper 0s. we have been talking about these changing temperatures across the southeastern u.s. big cold front coming through tonight. kansas city, 42. 44 st. louis.
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the mid-80s by later on. a resident in a houston sub bush spotted a deer tied up outside of a home. the police had the body camera. the deer didn't want to go. finally the officer chased it back in the woods. the deer later returned. kids in the neighborhood nicknamed it talking to a reporter when this happened. >> is that him right there. >> as a matter of fact, it is. >> is that right? >> perfect timing. he came back to see me. >> the officer says it's too dangerous for him to hang around the suburbs and worry about the intentions of the person that tied him up in the first place. he is corralled behind a house
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the woods. they are looking to see if they need to relocate him. >> i had a lawn service when i was a kids. but there is an 11-year-old in north dakota mowing lawns all summer to buy a headstone. >> bryan was adopted earlier at birth. he found out that his biological father passed away. his sister told him his father was buried in suburban without a headstone. he started working early last summer to buy one. he said it's his gift to the father he never met. >> i know if he would be here he would be very proud and, like, is even though i have never known him and i never got to meet him, i still honor him and i still believe in him.
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that made the headstone donated it to brandon and would not take his money. he got to meet members of his biological family for the very first time. a haunted house in wisconsin is under fire for props that turned out to be real. >> really real. someone donated antique coffins to the terror on the fox house years ago. the haunted house opened the coffins and -- at the opened the coffins at the time, i should say and put them in storage. when they pulled them out this year, they were shocked to find real bones inside. they are part of the halloween show. charlie brown got fired. >> metlife says it will no longer use any of the peanuts gang in its ads. they will replace the characters with clean, modern aesthetic. the giant blimp featuring snoop
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giant logo instead. >> zing zing. >> that's roger waters performing pink floyd's class sick in the flesh. waters is coming to amalie arena net july 11th. if you want to see him, tickets go on morning. new safety concerns about the takata airbag recall that affects millions of floridians. it's a story you can't afford to mix next at 6:00. >> how do you respond to that? >> donald trump walks out on an interview. the question a reporter asked
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memorial mural. brand new contribute for the pulse victims. first another death linked to recalled takata airbags. the way the company tried to prevent this and it's prompting a renewed warning this >> i'm dan schaffer. >> there is one thing that makes the airbags more dangerous in florida. we will have that in a moment. we have traffic and weather together. we start with ivan. cooler? >> cooler and especially tomorrow and sunday getting the first cold front of the season. upper 60s to mid-70s are well ahead of the front. this is not the temperatures we will be dealing with this weekend. the humidity is up there. by the afternoon, we will climb


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