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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  October 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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thanks for watching tonight, and have a great weeke . working against the clock to find a missing boater and why they believe the man may still
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0. -searchers are staying in the waters toon. still looking for a still looking for the boater who disappeared under the water. >> live tonight and searchvers still looking for the man ---searchers are still looking for the man at this hour. do they still think he is alive? >> reporter: it could be a long shot the waters are still choppy but the man knows how to swim
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rescue. two helicopters searching for any signs of life. they hit a sand bar at low tide and got stuck. and one of the subjects left the vessel and was trying to push it off and he was over come by the >> reporter: the wamen -- woman on the boat through a life jacket. officials have not released their name but they know they rented the bet for the day. >> the water was toothol shawlo and they tried -- too shallow and tried to get off. >> divers searched under water
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sonar to try to locate the man. >> the new-search with a similar amount of people first thing here in the morning. we are live in tampa. right now tampa police are searching for murdered woman's boyfriend. shy had a head emergency crews rushed her to the hospital where she later died. a family happy to be alive thereafter were robbed at gun point. they got ahole of the phone and called police -- ahole of the
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>> people in tampa's hard rock casino are fed up of people who are too cheap to park in the garage, so how bad it out there? >> reporter: maybe iters are saying it is bad, especially -- neighbors are saying it is and they will get back and find onfriendly note like this one. >> this note is one clue about how some people in east lake park feel epeople parking here. >> it is 10 dollar more to throw in the slot machine. >> she is not happy about the neighborhood is being the new
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on there and you have them throwing the gregs on the ground -- gorge on the garbage on the ground. >> they thought the park issues were improving but it is getting worse. >> it is mainly on the entrances and if they can't park neighborhood. >> they got approval tool put traffic delineators to keep them from the side walks. >> we are hoping it does for the short term and if it doesn't we will address further issue down the road. >> in some cases there were
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in this neighborhood and they say, those issues have been are zauvd. >> south florida animal control are saying cooler temperatures can mean unwanted guests and a couple of snakes were poled out in jensen beach. speak of which we temperatures in our forecast. >> i don't like the sound of that at all but we do have cooler temperaturesm we are in the upper 60s and 71 in tampa right now. and that cooler air is filtering in from north to south and temperatures are in the mid60s
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mid50 has to north of citrus county and if you are waking up first thing, but by 10 o'clock we will be up to 67 degrees and topping out around 76 tomorrow. so if you want to do something fall festive like. head over to the little monster pumpkin's patch. between o'clock. and up to 3 thousand pumpkins given away. and more about what is ahead for the weekend. coming up in the 7 day forecast. >> thank you, south florida residence are more careful when they step out sides after a bear was wandering this neighborhood. they check the fatage when they
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noticed their garbage can was open. >> and a hacker gang claiming responsibility for a cyber attack that shut down twitter, netflix and pay pal on the coast. and over loading them with requests for service. >> still much more and a bizarre 91 call that helped -- 911 call solve a 30 year old murder. as if sangsong doesn't have enough to deal with we will show
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msung doesn't have enough to deal with we will show you what they are doing next.
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dangerous moment on a wisconsin highway a driver pulled in front of a crane and hitting the breaks. the smoke pouring out the tires. and this was a case of road rage and eventually it will get someone seriously hurt. >> authorities hope video will help catch video that vandalized a cowwardly and offensive and the fbi is looking into it. >> a man confessed to a 30 yearole murder. he said he shot a man from a drug daly in 19 scabietics. they -- deal in 1986.
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the avepdying evidence to make the event -- evidence to an arrest. >> this 13-year-old girl woke up kick asking screaming the man got through in a window and warns that may me may try this again. >> an ohio substitute teacher sends students into the subwho was fired -- the subwas fired. >> he said he would cut our heads off and burry us. and the kids were jumping out of their seats and screaming and crying. >> wow, without the students called the comment ainappropriate and alarming and
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substitute will will not work there depending an investigation. >> there is enough support in the poles to take part in a tell vised debate. >> his appoint disagrees that she should be allowed to debate calling the language destructive and distractive. >> hillary ground among early voters. using 2012 she is in a sprang position in early -- strong position in early voting. democrats have requested almost many as republicans. 39% 40%. >> ohio and georgia and iowa
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trump. today he is adding another visit to florida he will stop at naples on sand before coming here on map -- sunday before coming here on monday. right now a move. to oust paul ryan. this comes as he refused to continue to deafed the presidential candidate -- defend the year ryan reluctenly to bid for speaker and he would do so he would be assured the caucused with unite behind him. >> the retail japed was recalling -- giant was recalling the jell and the decorations are
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and -- windows and they are offering refuns. >> the new law authorizing finds up to 75 dollar$7500 it is a speecher alturn toov hotels and this will -- cheaper alternatives to hotels and this can mean more money on your next trip. >> and maybe pizza. pizza hut is now accepting applications for they will have to travel bringing pizza to dozens of division one champ whereinship games and it pays -- championship games and it pays
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a ling if you would like to a -- link if you would like to apply it is november 6th. >> modphics of the -- modifications of the autogame are using samsung galaxy phones as weapon and throwing them like grenades and killing characters. they have been linked to numerous a filling a bogus copyright claim. the original video was ewas removed. -- removed. >> allen writing that woman over 20 should not be allow to wear yoga pants and say it is
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of woman's body they will be yoga pants in a parade of eying parade onandy -- in front of his house on sunday. >> a wedding photography is nearly hit by a speeding car. and thank hurt and -- thankfully she wasn't hurt. >> an 8-year-old transferring his wheelchair, his family works to make a special costime for him every year and it lights up and plays the ghost buster song.
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creative ones. it is supercool. very creative. >> there was a star wars one the other night. >> i am couraging you to wear yoga pants an all weekend long, i it will be chilly anyway. >> at least a jacket? >> with this cooler weather and speak of halloween this would have been perfect. that is what be theed a nice cool front -- what we in their costimes it is nice and clear and dry you can barely tell anything is going on we have been dry here and the way we can tell the front pushed to our south is not the wind direction but the temperatures are starting to cool down. the winds are coming from the
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we have been having that east-north east flow and it is switching at 5-10 miles per hour so not a real windy night and as you look at the temperatures over the next few hours. they will fall to the 60s and it will be in the upper 60s to near 60 degrees let's get start as and look at some of what is going on for tonight and into tomorrow. that frontal boundary and pushing to the south and that cooler and drying air andee wil will continue to have that northerly flow so it shouldn't geten yore way of whatever -- in your way of what you are doing and you may want that pray layer in the morn organize at least -- that extra layer in the morning. they have come down to the mid50s and this means it is less
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and then they will come back up on saturday into upper 40s. this means that as that moisture level comes down it feels more like fall it will feel crisp and noto humid. so if you are planning on doing something fun and take in a corn maze with the family we have one in lakeland the corn fusion crop maze from 9 in the morning until 6 in the sunday. so -- then again on sunday and we will have temperatures of 60s tomorrow and up to 70 by noon. so look at these morning lows. low 50 has to north around crystal river and upper 50s a roun tampa and closer to the --
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beaches in the 60s. and not record breaking. it was set in 64 and that was 40 degrees but below average from start to finish. a high 76 and a colder morning on sunday and sunday afternoon up to 79. so we see that warm up kicking into gear dpi sunday afternoon and lot -- by sunday afternoon and it will be a gorgeous weekend. is coming through and soak it up. and into early next week we ron the dry side and -- are on the dry sides and we have another week front that will move through and that will help keep our temperatures from begining sore but the rain chances remain on the low side. >> did they lose their quarterback tonight?
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. the 3 game win streak has come to a stop tonight and their chances of a possible conference
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one mistake that turned the momem in temple's -- momentum in temples favor it setup a 9 yard touch down run and scoring giving tempthal biggest lead of -- temple the biggest lead in the game. and look likes a ham string injury and in steps and easy pick and temple going on to beat usf tonight. and the real exfactor in the 49ers game is that kaepernick. is a guessing game you will get out of this guy will it be the terror of the 2013 season or a
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-- the 4 niners don't know. the only head hinehy has made was kneeling for the season. he lost his job to get a back for the first time last weekend against buffalo. >> she a guy that had a lot of success in the nfl and has one game under his belt we will see he through for 167 yards and motbad for a guy -- not bad for a guy who hasn't played in 11 months. people often forget he is one of the best mobile quarterbacks in the nfl. >> he see as hole and will take it. i think he has good speed. >> he can again ground in a
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is gone. if he goes you betting get on your horse. >> and if the bucks defense have any shot they will need mccoy to play. he missed the game with an injured calf but practiced all week and should be ready to return, reporting with the bucks. abc action sports. >> m coy look andmic donald is out and -- mcdonald is out and as for my pick in this one i had to thing pout this long and hard. no martin, but the buccaneers have a defense that is on the rise and i think their wins this season have come on the road.
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thing they -- special teams and i will give the buck against all odds and role the dice.
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dicky: f dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live." tonight, matthew perry and music from nas and erykah badu. and now in all probability, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: ve >> jimmy: very nice. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show.


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