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tv   Action News Weekend Edition at 6AM  ABC  October 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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right now at 6:00 a search for a missing boater will resume and we're learning there's hope he could still be alive after 13 hours in the bay. check out your halloween decorations, there's an important recall this morning to keep your little ghouls and
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>> glad you're with us, first, hey, get out the light sweater, you have been begging for boot weather and you're not wearing them. >> not yet, everybody is talking about the cooler temperatures. they were nice and debora is in this morning and the cool air feels good. >> i think we need a couple of cool days before we pull out the boots. maybe we'll pull th tomorrow. definitely the first cold front has arrived. believe it or not, even cooler temps are on the horizon. let's look now at the current conditions around the bay area. 57 in plant city, 60 in tampa, 58 in crystal river. take a look at the 24 hour temperature change.
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tampa than yesterday, 6 degrees cooler in bradenton. so this is what you can expect for your weekend planner, delightful and plenty of sunshine at 76 for the high. tomorrow, just a little bit warmer and plenty of sunshine. so the pumpkin patch planner, sunshine through the day, by 4:00 p.m., 76 and then dry and beautiful as we head into end of the day. for boaters, it's going to be choppy out there. breaking overnight, a deadly crash on the veterans express way, all lanes are blocked at the airport, while they investigate. it's near the memorial exit.
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we expect an update and we're making phone calls right now, we'll let you known as soon as this reopens. a powdery substance was found at clinton's headquarters. campaign workers found the powder in an >> police are testing that substance now and we'll keep you posted here when we find out what was in the mail. a search for a misses boater will pick up again this morning. he was reported missing on friday. >> several different agencies searched all day and night. he tried to push his rented
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head. >> a woman is board threw him a life jacket but then told the officers that he was swept into the channel. >> as usual for renter boats, they got out of the area. they got stuck and tried to push it off. >> the man can swim, so they want to make sure they can do everything they can to save him. right now police looking for a murdered woman's boyfriend. police found the woman in the middle of the street, she had a head injury and died at the hospital. the police are trying to figure out --. well people near the casino say they're fed up with high rollers too cheap to pay for
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want to pay $10 to park. the neighbors are leaving notes on their car warning them. they caught it was getting better at the parking lot, but that's not the case according to neighbors. >> it's annoying when you have people coming out of there and they're throwing the garbage on the ground, that's the problem. >> according association, they received permission to get orange poles and hope that will deter people from parking in the neighborhoods. a family happy to be alive this morning after being robbed at gunpoint. two adults and two children
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looking, they called the police. the thieves the got away withhundreds of dollars in cash and jewelry. people in south florida are a little more cautious this morning after seeing wandering bear. a family checked their security footage and saw ole hungry bear. a hacking gang is claiming responsibility for a massive cyber attack that shut down google, papal and netflix on the east coast. an interesting twist here, the
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attempting to distance themselves from the attack. hilary clinton is gainingground in the states of north carolina and -- if she wins those, she will be strong holding. democrats have requested almost as many ballots as republicans. very important states for trump but not enough if he loses florida. he added florida in his plans. he will stop in florida at 7:00 p.m..
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free event. we have tips so you don't lose your money. hopefully they haven't lost their quarterback, we'll show you what happened to flowers. we'll talk about how cool we'll get coming up in just a
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i just can't believe that people do this to people. >> a classicco again -- calls from fake irs agents. >> this morning, we're finding that the con is making a comeback. >> in some case strikes those that can least afford it. >> reporter: taking care of cj allows her to focus on other
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cancer. >> it's really too much -- chemo. >> they answered the irs services are they gave me his name and badge number. >> i repeat, the agent -- >> that said i owed back tax. i'm shaking on the phone because i'm so worried. >> reporter: the government estimates have lost a total of 23 million to the irs scam. the consumer protection chief says that complaints are pouring in. >> it's a scam, so they lose the number out right. >> reporter: this cancer patient proved no match for the
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cards, same as cash. >> when you give them the money it's like giving them money. >> reporter: we have checked with the irs and you are not an employee there. >> i'm an employee, okay? >> reporter: he even provided a fake id number. why are you calling and it's our job, okay? >> reporter: it's too late for sherry, but she share her story in hopes of sparing others of the pain. >> now, remember, the irs will never call you about the back taxes that you owe. you can also report it to the ft
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feeling the cold, freshish air. turning up the car heat, i went midway this morning. not all the way, but kind of in the middle -- near where the blue and red meet.. that's where it was this morning. >> i was very excited to see this front come in. here's the river cam, overlooking downtown tampa. it looks like a beautiful start to the day and we're going to see plenty of sunshine. current temperatures, if you haven't been outside, you want to go outside to feel how cool it is. our cool spot is brooksfield at 62 degrees.
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tallahassee. cooler weather bottled up to the west. tomorrow morning, the temperatures are even a little cooler. this is what happened, the cold front has sunk to the south and races off to the coast. the cooler and drier air will filter in and we'll that for the next couple of days. 76 for the high to today, in the mid 70s, with lots and lots of sunshine. overnight tonight and tomorrow, the temperatures drop a little cooler. we'll be cooler on the coast and cooler inland. crystal river in the 50s. now if you're out golfing, looks like a fantastic day.
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nothing but sunshine, so get out and enjoy it. today and tomorrow are definitely the best days to be outdoors. this is the most pleasant weather we have seen in about 7 months. small craft advisory is in effect. a little choppy out there on rip currents are possible up and down the bay area beaches. so certainly keep that in mind if you head out to the beach today. the next high tide tonight at 10:51. low humidity and fantastic weather with a high of 76. northerly winds at 10 miles-per- hour. tonight the coolest temperatures of the season, we expect them to be in the mid
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we head into the beginning of the work week, we stay with lots of sunshine and bright and cool. then we begin to warm up a bit as we head into the end of the workweek and the rain chances increase. here's a look at the morning sports. good morni. streakcame to a stop. now the chance of a title a gone. all it took is one mistake and turned the momentum. that play sent that up for a 9 touch down run giving tempo their biggest lead of 12 points.
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hamstring injury. he'll throw this one up for an easy pick. all right the real x. factor in the buckners' game is the quarterback, kaepernick. will bust from 2015? the 49ers don't really know, but they can count on one thing, he can run and he will. here's john -- >> colin kaepernick has made headlines this year for kneeling during the anthem, but that's the only headlines. he lost his job as quarterback only to get it back.
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the nfl and has one game under his belt. >> he threw for 109 yards last sunday for a touchdown. people often forget he's one of the best mobile quarterbacks. >> he can take it if he see as hole, thatwastes decisions. when he goes, you had better get on your horse, because he can get down field quick. >> if they have any shot of stopping him, they will need jared mccoy to play.
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week. >> as john said, mccoy looks to be a go, mcdonald is now listed as out, although he practiced all week, robert airs is also out and that puts therunning game into the hands of smith. i had to think about this one for a long time, a lot of players missing, but they have plus the special return team can give them a boost, i think they'll come home a winner. i nobody likes 6 games to the road, but i think it's good for the lightning team. they have dazzled fans and then
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their structure. but i wouldn't be surprised if they didn't get two to three starts, depending how bishop plays. that's the morning sports update. enjoy your weekend. still ahead, marijuana marketed to children. it was a claim you probably have seen on tv and we're finding out if it could
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pot sold as candy and next to schools, those are the strong claims made in a
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two. >> well, is any of this true? >> it's one of the strongest commercials on tv right now. >> with amendment two, pot packaged like candy, up to 20 times stronger, marketed to kids and sold to schools. >> wait a minute is true? in fact here it is. it is true that it does allow for edible forms of marijuana, but nowhere does it say that it will be marketed to kids or sold as candy. >> no medical standards, no prescriptions -- >> time out gang, there's no way to know how many shops will
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on demand. the department of health will regulate that but the details are sketchy. time to follow the money, who is bankrolling the ads? >> d? here's a megadonor, to the republican third richest person, he's given 7 million to drug free florida, and 85% of the group's money. the daughter of george jenkins also donated 800,000 to drug free florida. >> 6:26, still ahead this mornings we're revealing new
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helped detectives solve a 30- year-old cold case. and as if samsung doesn't need to worry more, here's a new problem, with phones and
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welcome back to action news edition. it's just about 6:30 now, in the last few minutes, we have learned that two people have died on the expressway on memorial. they're investigating this and it's near the memorial high exit. here's a officer the search resumes this morning for a boater that went over board. they searched all day and night for a man that tried to push his rented boat off a sand bar. they think he may have hit his head and went under water. new york police investigated a white powdery
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headquarters. they found a powder in an envelope. animal control warning that there could be some up invitedguests in your home. they have already pulled a couple of snakes out of one person's house. on that note, we have cooler temperatures in the forecast. lindsey and debora -- >> well, you come into my house, i would open the windows and the liz lizards would come in to the screen. here's a cool look now another our tower cam, over looking parts of downtown tampa.
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current conditions in just second. it actually a gorgeous around the area today, refreshing and cool and in the 50s and 60s across the bay area 56 in tampa now. here's a look at the 24 hour temperature change over the last 24 hours they have drop by 9 degrees in tampa and plant city, 7 river. so the weekend planner looks like this. delightful with plenty of sunshine, sunny and dry and 78 for tomorrow. in the pumpkin patch planner, looks to be a great day to go out and enjoy 72 by 1:00 p.m. then the temperatures drop as soon as the sun goes down, so you'll likely need a jacket as you head into the evening tonight. if you head out, not the best
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the small craft advisory because of the wind and choppy water. rip current at the beach, so keep an eye on that. other than that, a fabulous day outside, guys? get this, a houston man called 911 not for help, but to confess to a crime 30 years ago. he told the operator he shot a man in police say lawrence was always a suspect and now he'll face a judge on monday. a substitute teacher now out of a job after a shocking threat. a 7-year-old said that the substitute threatened to behead
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heads off and bury us outside of the school. then all the kids were screaming and crying -- >> they called the comments inappropriate and disturbing and there's an investigation into a reported threats. all right, caught on camera, a dangerous moment on a minnesota highway. a driver massive crane and then hits the brakes. this was a case of road rage according to police. in consumer alert this morning, if you bought halloween decorations from target here's a new recall to know about. the retail giant recalling these gel clings because they
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they're meant to cling to windows they're offering refunds on this product. well, listen up, you have to deliver pizzas for this job, but to all division one championship games. there's 90 games every year and the pay is 50 grand, all have to do is travel the country and deliver pizzas. submit online showing why you're the perfect person for the job. >> i never did that as a young person, i never did it. i'm also not a big video game guy, but this doesn't surprise me. samsung is calling on youtube
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showing characters using samsung phones like grenades. they have been linked to numerous fires. it's clearly a parody of the really life situation. the original video was removed, but others have posted like this one. look horrified here in this photo. the bride and groom say that just as the wedding photographer shot this, she was almost hit by a car. luckily this photo is as bad as it got.
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costume, inspiring people, this wheelchair is transformed into the echo one car, pretty high tech there. jeremy and his dad have been creating special halloween costumes every year. pressure and fear, 24/7. i don't sleep. >> still ahead, a mother watching her cancer and the steps you can
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fall and halloween festivals are abound, bring them to the park on friday night for the costume contest for the little ones and the dogs. plenty of head out to local businesses and mark your calendars for the tree of life breakfast by the
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right now, this man right here is facing a second life- threatening illness. he got a new kidney from a stranger. >> but now his medical bills are adding up. we're showing the billing manageable, even during crisis. >> reporter: with this hashtag, a very public fight to safe his life. >> you know, a year of just one thing after another. >> reporter: a successful kidney transplant from a stranger kept him alive, but in a rare medical twist it also
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>> now he was served foreclosure papers. >> i thought that the scariest thing was the transplant and then maybe cancer and now the scariest thing is my child is going through chemo and every day asking me, are we going to be okay, what is going to happen to us? >> the richmonds aren't alone, intense be devastating. in this case, an attorney prior prior -- for keeping your mortgage. >> well, she would still be
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>> at the hospital, there's special groups for funding for patients and many are based on specific illnesses. transforming a neighborhood, the plan to turn this lot into brand new affordable housing inpin
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6:46 we're glad you're with us this morning. we know that some people have a hard time finding a safe place to afford. >> that's a motivation behind a new housing development in
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have a job and be homeless. >> reporter: that's the reality for this man, he has been working for 8 months. >> you can't save money, because you have to live day to day. >> reporter: they know it's a challenge here and now they're working together with a local developer to build affordable housing. even a some what small house can rent dollars. for transforming the housing here, many are hoping it will be more affordable. >> these renters and families that move in, may be homeowners in thats community. raise their children here and participate in the activities i think will be really wonderful -- >> they just moved their church
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can only brighten this part of the community. >> we can make it a better community, no matter what people think. >> reporter: renters would have to make 40 to 60%, or $20,000 roughly. construction would begin next year. >> i think this could make a difference. look, i'm break out the long johns yet -- >> his first florida winter and he admitted that he turned on the car heater. >> what was the low? >> well, we were at 60, that's the coolest. >> i turn the knob from the red and blue, right in between, that's what i did. >> that's fine. >> i think that's acceptable, don't you? >> it's nice and crisp fall air. >> it feels gorgeous.
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cam, it's a beautiful start to the day. we'll have a fantastic week, temperature in the 70s through the weekend. delightful and 78 on sunday, sunny and dry. here's a look at the current conditions across the bay area. these are the coolest temperatures so far this season. even cool down arcadia and lake plas cid -- look at the area in key west, the cold front starting to move through there and temperatures are definitely moderating as we head into the southern part of the state. the cooler air is bottled up in
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in over the next 24 hours. you may need a jacket as you head out tonight. here's a look at the corn maze planner. it's open from 9 to 6:00 and then it starts to cool down. our highs in the mid to upper 70s then tomorrow morning, we expect to drop to 55. for boaters, not the best day. choppy conditions on the bay and inland waters. here is a look at the high tide, this evening at 10:51 is the next one. for the afternoon, 76 and low
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this is the nicest day we have seen in months. you might need a jacket tonight and maybe you want to put on your boots. here's a look at 7-day, today and tomorrow, fantastic. then we head into the end of the work week and that's when we introduce a slight rain chance with temperatures t low 80s. guys? debora, thank you. in democracy 2016, their voices won't count, but they want to make their voices heard. >> clinton is the winner here's 52% and 13% going for a third party or write in candidate. a little bit of a higher number from the scholastic break down
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state, texas, normally a republican state you can see there --. >> yeah blue and clinton won most of the battle ground states. texas and nevada --. >> really cuts the whole, i mean it's just a different map then we're used to looking at. it was less than 10% between clinton and trump in florida. they have been holding this vote every year since 1940. 40,000 students voted online or by mail in paper ballot. the student vote has only been wrong twice when president harry trueman won and in 1960 when kennedy won. >> interesting, hmm. >> there you go. still to come, a sneak peek
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moviescoming up. >> jack reacher is competing for the top spot. >> don't miss the previews,
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happy week, artists are taking
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street at the museum. they are booing up some science fun and discover the scientist who discovered the crater on a beach. welcome back, four new movies open this weekend. there's a battle shaping up >> how is it going? >> i am being followed. >> tom cruise returns for the jack reacher film and hoping that enough fans will go back to put it back on the top. another movie is challenging
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and could make up to 20 million. >> i want to stay here and talk to friends -- >> costing just 9 million to make, they expect it to make 17 to 19 million for ouja. >> don't expect keeping up with the jones, to keep up with the others. they expect million. >> could tom cruise get you to the movies this weekend? >> no, it's just too beautiful this morning. we're looking at the weather this morning. and people pay hundreds of dollars to see a show, we'll show you how to save one.
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for their first down payment, all the details coming up after
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new at 7:00 the search for
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plus, just in, a possible threat to clinton's safety. the scary substance found in the mail. also a scary recall this morning to keep your little ghouls and goblins safe. we'll get to the news in just a moment, but really this is news of the day, how about the nice and >> even my grocery guy was talking about the beautiful week ahead. >> how can you not talk about it? it's gorgeous outside. these are the coolest temperatures we have seen and even cooler tonight. we're taking a look here, 60 degrees and james almost had to turn his heat on, we understand. >> almost, not quite. middle of the dial in the car.


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