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tv   Action News at 5AM  ABC  October 25, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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residents. i will explain in a live report. >> donald trump tells tampa what he can do for us. and hillary clinton will make her pitch in person soon. thanks for waking up to abc action news on this tuesday. i'm dan shaffer. >> i'm deiah riley. >> we will have more from clinton and trump but first weather and traffic together. ivan is back from a little vacation. nice weather here. we will warm things up the next few days. we are back into where i last saw you as soon as temperatures. the east wind is responsible. that will increase the humidity and temperatures the next few days. the atlantic tend to moderate this time of year. nice though, mid- to upper-60s across tampa, clearwater and st. pete. the usual cool spots are just that. 58 in zephyrhills. brooksville 53. all of us warming into the low 80s by this afternoon.
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we will talk about that and the extended forecast coming up in a few minutes. good morning, everybody. the drive on the roads is not bad. we have one issue not causing any major problems. let me show you where it is. this is in pasco county. a crash with injuries reported at state road 54 and daquirri lane. reports of possible roadblocks. the traffic indicators are in the green. your drive south from the apex, the looking good as well. this is 275 at fowler. not a lot of cars on the road. the average speed on 275 and i- 75 south, we are in the green. perfect speeds on the roads. hillsborough public transportation commission is hold willing an emergency meeting after damaging reports that they were colluding with the cab companies they were supposed to regulate to force
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mails to lobbyists from cab companies. the messages showed the ptc was planning to fight ride sharing companies like uber and lyft. the ptc was caught using cab company workers to conduct sting operation of ride share operators. they are expected to vote on a temporary operating agreement for ride shares november 9th. a saint cloud police officer under investigation for child porn will return to work next week child porn. the chief won't say if daniel will be patrolling the street when he comes back but does admit that the criminal child porn investigation is still active. let's talk about returning to the scene of a crime. a burglary suspect treated a storage facility like his personal piggy bank. he was accused of burglarizing uncle bob's in large go. he was released then almost immediately he went back to
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climbing through the ceiling and stole less than $4 from a drawer and then grabbed keys and started raiding storage units. deputies thing this might be the fourth burglary this week. 20 years ago police in riot gear struggled to control a violent crowd in st. pete after a white officer killed an unarmed black man. now that man's family says nothing has changed. they held a vigil to remember they say the decades ago shooting was justified. the officers were cleared. >> certain amount of officers taken above their training and go against everything that they have in their training. >> lewis' brother recognizes it is a complex problem.
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opportunity and distrust against police that leads to confrontations. a man from tennessee died after riding the star tours attraction at walt disney world. according to a state report on theme park accidents he had a preexisting heart condition. that was listed as the cause of death. it is a 3-d motion simulator ride at disney's hollywood studios. a man painting a mural on the side of a south florida hi in less than a week. the video from this scene in hollywood shows two people dangling from the building. two of the painters were saved by a third fell 40 feet to his death. authorities are looking into whether a mechanical problem is to blame. one man died and five others were injured when scaffolding fell near downtown miami. to democracy 2016, with the
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concerns from some election officials about double-dipping. >> with so many seasonal residents there is concern they will vote early in their home state and head to florida and vote on election day. rodney dunigan is looking into the issue this morning. good morning, rodney. >> reporter: good morning, deiah. as you know, voter fraud has been at the top of mine for many voters especially considering republican presidential nominee donald trump has made that one of his talking points on the campaign trail. right here i could possibly land you five years in prison. however, election officials believe that some voters will simply take that risk. >> i have had discussions with some snow birds who say very proudly that they voted up north and then came down here and voted here. to what degree it's happening,
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says it's a real problem. seasonal residents living part time in florida voting here and in their home state. now, some thing it's a growing problem and could possibly affect the general election. officials say the state of florida has been unable to fully participate in a cross- check program due to differences in the state's public records law. if all the states get a database and we can put them but we have no way to check it. >> the department of state has the authority to conduct preliminary investigations into possible voter fraud. of course, they have a form that you can possibly fill out if you think you have information regarding voter fraud. find that on our web site at reporting live in tampa, rodney dunigan, abc action news.
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of florida. he will be in sanford and tall a tall today. more than -- tallahassee today. more than 10,000 fans showed up. it was the first time at a bay area speech that trump outlined a clear and consigns plan for his first 100 days in office and spoke directly to florida voters about environmental issues and what a trump presidency would mean for our state. >> the rebuilding of our military will include major new assets across the state of seas, new advanced manufacturing on florida's space coast and new aircraft that will fly from macdill air force base and naval air station pensacola. we know that. >> florida state university football coach bobby bowden introduced trump at the event.
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in florida that begins with a rally in coconut creek today. yesterday she teamed up with eliza wet warren in massachusetts. she said millions of people are standing up to trump by voting early. >> for me, the peaceful transfer of power is one of the things that makes our country great. something we can't lose, something i don't think we are. >> last night in new york, clinton attended her final fundraiser before the election. it served as a birthday party. hillary clinton turns 69 tomorrow. meanwhile, the tight senate race between marco rubio and patrick murphy could help determine whether republicans or democrats control the senate. it is attracting big donations. $30million has been spent on
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if you have obama care your premium is going up again. price hikes for next year with the sill vary plan going up an rage of 22% next year. that makes the average premium $296 a month in 2017. but experts note most people won't feel the price hike. about 85% of people on obama care get will decide whether to keep paying to fund local schools. the average homeowner pays $65 a year for arts, reading programs in pinellas schools and teacher salaries. on election day, voters will decide whether to keep the arts funding or get rid of it. >> don't thing that this is something that you can just ignore or pass by. it is important to all those people that really take a look
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high school and this is one of those things. it's very important. >> the tax is expected to generate more than $30 million in revenue to help with programs like theater and choir. the company which owns burger king and tim horton stores reported a rise in third quarter sales but growth was lower than a year ago. sales rose 1.7% around the world but were hurt by weaknesses at the u.s. a keeping americans at home for meals rather than going out which could be one reason for weaker growth. big differences in temperatures this morning. we are still hanging on to very chilly readings. crystal river 46. brooksville 53. closer to the water and you get the moderating effect. 65 in tampa. 69 in st. pete. all of us will be under that moderating effect. with an east wind from the atlantic.
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we will stay dry. that hasn't changed. hour-by-hour forecast, a couple more degree drop this morning then back to the 70s. today north of 80. low 80s. humidity increases along with the temperatures. more on this big change in a few minutes. 11 minutes after 5:00. coming up, a survival story of an expected mom who suffered heart failure days before her due history. a deadly accident at a theme park in australia on a
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welcome back. we are taking you live to france where french authorities are about to get ready to demolish a migrant camp right now. these live pictures from the camp known as the jungle. more than 2,000 migrants hoping to make it to great britain. gunmen open fire on police trainees in pakistan killed 59 people. more than 100 were wounded on a police training center. security forces shot and killed one attacker. two attackers detonated explosive vests killing more trainees. breaking news this morning, four people are dead after a theme park accident in australia. authorities say they were
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ride. it's a family friendly ride at dream world in queensland open to anyone over the age of 2. one of the six person rafts flipped over on the conveyor belt trapping people underneath. authorities confirm two men and two women were killed. childbirth is dangerous in itself. doctors in boston experienced a first days ago when an expectant mom two days from her due date was rushed into the she came in with an enlarged heart. before she could leave the cardiac care unit, she went into labor. it is the first time a patient in the unit has ever given birth. >> born in a place where a lot of people pass on. she brought light to that part of the world. >> the baby is doing well. it could be months before
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good morning here on tuesday, looking good. so clear and cool out there. at this point, a little warmer than yesterday. tomorrow will be warmer than today. there is a trend starting here in ernest by this afternoon. mid- to upper-60s. a huge range in temperatures depending where you are watching us from. good morning, crystal river. 46 the cooler spot then a good 20 plus degree temperature jump. st. pete 69 and we below 70 tomorrow in st. pete. that's how warm things will get here. higher humidity as well. early wind will bring us high- level clouds streaming in from the gulf. in the lower levels, we tap in the moisture from the atlantic, really not going to do much except bring us clouds. so, as far as rainfall, we are not looking for that. it will bring us higher humidity and moderate temperatures as well.
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the peninsula, we will get back to 60, 65, not a press safely humid. with warmer temperatures, you combine that and it will not feel like what we had this weekend for the coming days here. 83 for the afternoon high. still average this time of year. we bump up the temperatures, not just tomorrow morning where we wake up 20 degrees warmer in crystal river. by the afternoon, tomorrow, mid- to upper-80s with higher humidity. staying rain free. that is upcoming weekend. but the temperatures continue nice and mild here. warm at that. in fact, mid-80s and overnight lows in the upper 60s, heading into monday, which is, my goodness, halloween. good morning, everybody. we are watching cameras on out sunshine skyway. they are doing construction out there. they just turned the camera around on us because they cleared the construction. it was in the southbound lanes. we are good to go. the drive times across the sunshine skyway this morning,
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nine minutes heading northbound toll booth to toll booth. 10 minutes on the sunshine skyway bridge. your drive on i-4 looking great. if you are heading out the door in the lakeland area, getting ready to head into downtown tampa, 22 minutes. the drive will take you 15 minutes from county line road to 75 and seven minutes from 75 to 275. >> thanks, janelle. still ahead, putting the shotgun in shotgun wedding. a jewelry store and a gun store team >> fired for crashing a wedding. a largo firefighter said he
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welcome back. a largo firefighter is arrested and fired after being accused of crashing a wedding and threat closed fists. >> investigators say josh willard and his friend patrick mcallister didn't know anyone at a wedding reception at the house of beers in dunedin but they are accused of helping themselves to the open bar. when they were asked to leave, willard shoved several guests, started cursing and threatened the bride. he said it's not in his nature to behave that way.
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make a statement and based on that statement my career got ruined. >> willard was only employed three weeks. the chief fired him yesterday. he has worked in four departments in five years. two stores in west texas are redefining the term shotgun wedding. >> a jewelry store and a gun store are teaming up for a buy a ring get a gun promotion. actually the third year in a row that they have run the special. it's popular. it doesn't start until but runs until saturday. they are promoting the sale on the facebook page with the message whether you are stalking a bird or a bride, thacker has you covered. coming up, taking money back from veterans. an official in california trying to get national guard members to give back bonuses says his hands are tied. >> mosaic is putting serious cash up. what they have to do to avoid being fined 10,000 dollars a
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y256iy yy6y detectives need help to catch a gunman that killed a plant city man. the killer isn't the only
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>> have uber and lyft drivers been unfairly targeted in hillsborough county? coming up, the recent controversy sparking an emergency meeting later this morning. >> barack obama is the sharknado of presidents, loud, stupid and overhyped #sharknado 4. >> president obama reads mean tweets on jimmy kimmel live including one from donald trump. >> you have this. drop the mic moment. so funny. >> i'm deiah riley. >> i'm dan shaffer. let's get you out the door with traffic and weather together. ivan cabrera is back from a long weekend. >> sharknado 4? in production maybe. >> still chilly. if you are watching us from the nature coast you need jackets and sweaters. 40s and low 50s there.


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