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tv   Action News at 9AM  ABC  October 25, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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unfairly target. an emergency meeting underway to investigate the close ties between taxi companies and the group supposed to be regulating them and how it's impacting uber and lyft. >> a theme park ride turns into trading in australia. >> a scary thought. sheriffs warning parents this halloween, your kids could be
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marijuana. >> good morning. thank you for joining us for abc action news at 9:00. happening now, people are demanding answers. >> an emergency meeting is underway as the public transportation commission faces questions about unfairly targeting ride sharing companies like uber and lyft. >> ryan smith joins us live from downtown tampa with the latest. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: good morning. that emergency meeting beginning just moments ago. inside this county building, we anticipate hearing from only commissioners but also the group's executive director now accused of working hard in hand with taxi companies on pushing out uber and lyft from hillsborough county. ptc staff e-mails revealing the group paid taxi drivers to pose as travelers luring uber and lyft drivers to specific spots where ptc officers were waiting to fine them. now accusations of the ptc colluding with the industry it
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the ticket trap sparked cause by lawmakers for an fdle investigation. >> a good alternate means of transportation. >> reporter: scott williams doesn't understand why the ptc opposes hillsborough or lyft in hillsborough. >> for the younger generation, going on your cell phone, having it preset, it's too convenient. >> reporter: e-mails obtained by "tampa bay times" show the ptc executive director reassured that the ptc would fight any movement to legalize ride sharing. again, this emergency meeting just now underway. we are heading inside right now. you can check out abc action news for the latest update on the emergency meeting. that's the latest live in downtown tampa, ryan smith, abc action news. now a developing story out of australia. a water raft ride at an
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malfunctioned killing four adults today. two men and two women were pronounced dead following the incident on the thunder river rapids drive at the dream world theme park. two people were thrown from the ride. two others were caught under one of the rafts. staff trying to help them performing cpr. all four of them died from their injuries. tourists who rode the ride earlier in the day were in shock. [ indiscernible ] >> the parkways closed following the accident. investigators are trying to determine what caused the ride to malfunction. the ride had problems in the past including one almost fatal incident in april, according to a report by cnn affiliate 7 news. we did digging and found out the same ride manufacturer had a hand in similar river rapids rides in busch gardens and animal kingdom at walt disney
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digging into theme park safety records. we will update you to keep you and your family safe. the family of a haines city man at florida a & m are, a student was shot and killed. his friend was rushed to the hospital. tallahassee police detectives say a large crowd at the off campus party when into the crowd. >> he was standing outside on the sidewalk and they just heard gunshots and they turned to run and they wasn't sure where it was coming from. >> hearing that news, it really -- words can't describe it. the worst thing in the world.
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student at famu studying construction and engineering. detective vs not arrested -- have not arrested anybody in the case. good morning. on a tuesday, looking great. look at the temperatures this morning. manage goodness, 46 in crystal river, good morning. you are still shivering. now it's warmer. look at what a difference the water temperature around you at 75. 66 this morning. all of us will get to the low 0s quickly through the afternoon. current temperatures, still cool by the afternoon, we climb out of that. we are doing that with very little in the way of cloud cover. we do have high clouds which provided us a spectacular sunrise. i will have pictures coming up. hour-by-hour forecast getting you out the door in the 70s. no jackets needed by this afternoon. low 80s. higher temperatures and higher humidity. we will talk about that in a few minutes. good morning, everybody. so, we have this crash in the
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county. this is at curlew road. westbound roadblock at u.s. 19. seeing southbound delays as well. that crash is in the clearing stages. use belcher if you are heading out the door in the next few minutes. it should be cleared shortly. crash in the clearing stages at 275 and 31st street in the northbound lanes. not really slowing you down too much. checking the slowest parts in the tampa bay area, it looks like i-4 heading into tampa is slowest spot. i-75 and 275 are looking great. now to democracy 2016, donald trump is continuing his whirlwind tour of florida. he is holding rallies in sanford and tallahassee. he was in tampa speaking to a crowd of more than 10,000. it was the first time at a bay area speech that trump outlined a clear and concise plan for his first 100 days in office and what that would mean for floridians. this is what he had to say
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him trailing hillary clinton. he says he is on top. >> the new poll from investors business daily, the most accurate poll for the last three presidential elections by far has us up 2 points nationwide. >> he cites two surveys that don't meet cnn's polling standards. hillary clinton is focusing on florida holding a rally in coconut creek near fort lauderdale. she spent the day new hampshire alongside senator warren. she said that liberal senator gets under trump's thin skin like nobody else. warren didn't hold back. >> he things that because he has a mouthful of tic tacs that he can force himself on any woman within groping distance. well, i got news for you, donald trump, women have had it with guys like you. [ applause ] >> warren referring to that
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billy bush. trump is under scrutiny for critical remarks to one of his accusers. much more on that at 9:30. we are seeing new surveillance video of the woman behind a triple shooting in miami. that video shows a woman approaching three people on a sidewalk saturday night. she demands their belongings then opens fire. all three were injured. a 12-year-old boy shot in the stomach is in stable condition. the other two were treated and released from the hospital. th case. the florida sheriff's office is warning parents their kids could be targeted and given marijuana candy. >> james tully is live in hillsborough county. james, there is one group coming forward claiming this claim is unfounded. >> reporter: deiah, that is right. an orlando based pro medical marijuana group called united for care. they might have a point here.
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association made it no secret that they oppose legislation for to approve medical marijuana in the state of florida. so, this candy warning is in a poll struggle or is it something else, a legit concern? jerry deem mings made the -- demings made the claim. he said this has happened in colorado. but the most recent statistics from the associated press that we found from 2014 show that there were zero reported cases of this happening in colorado. that pro medical marijuana group, they say they never heard of it happening in 24 other states that legalized medical marijuana. but authorities are calling this a legitimate warning. they say that parents this halloween should look out for suspicious wrappings around candy and any unusual [no audio]. >> we apologize for that.
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how its officers are using body cameras. the demonstration will happen during a meeting of the citizen review board designed to improve trusts between police and the neighborhoods they serve. tpd started using body cameras early last year. 60 officers wear them. a two-year study by researchers found tampa police officers that wore body cameras are less likely to use force than officers that don't wear them. coming up on abc action news this morning at 9:00, cars playing how phantom owners are popping up on one popular car and how some are down right terrifying. tracking new information about a deadly crime spree out of oklahoma. police say a double murder suspect has a disease that he
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happening now the hunt continues for a double murder
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trying to spread a communicable disease. police released this wanted picture. officers say he posted live video to social media during a violent crime spree on sunday that including the shooting of two police officers, armed car thefts and the murder of his aunt and uncle. oklahoma sheriff's office did not release his medical condition. officials say he may have a communicable disease that he may be trying to spread. an attack on a police training facility in western pakistan leaves 59 and more than 100 people hurt. the prime minister is expected to fly to the scene today. cadets were sleeping when gunmen burst into the barracks and began shooting. two of the militants blew themselves up. security forces shot and killed a third attacker. so far no one claimed responsibility. authorities are blaming the taliban and al-qaeda livinged groups. a bus driver didn't try to hit the brakes before crashing into a tractor trailer.
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including the driver. california highway patrol says investigators sought no appearance of -- saw no appearance of braking. no skidmarks were left by the bus before it rear ended the trailer. they are looking at the lighting on the road to company safety compliance and history. the bus from 1996 did not have any seat belts on it. they hope there is a recording device that could lead to more information. ment. a middle school teacher in texas is facing capital rd outside of his home. it's unclear what lead up to the shootings. according to the school's web site, the man is an 8th grade science teacher that served in the air force. he is on administrative leave and held on $1 million bond. a security scare at an airport in virginia after the tsa opened a man's bag to find what appeared to be a suicide vest. he found an old military manual
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the tsa said the man said they were props used in a live action game but they are realistic enough to cause a scare. tsa officials say this is a good reminder to check your bags for anything that could disrupt the screening process. in time for halloween, owners of a popular car are reporting phantom warning messages that tell them the car has a problem when it doesn't. as john matarese investigates, so you don't >> reporter: we love high-tech cars. one woman claims her high-tech vehicle is the computer from 2001 than the car she thought she was buying. she loved her honda civic until it nagged her with phantom warning messages. >> yellow error message. >> reporter: the 2016 honda
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flashes with failure problems. >> the brake system has a problem or brake fluid is low. >> error messages about constantly any more. >> reporter: some are down right scary. >> i have a charging system problem. >> reporter: surrey like voice tells her to stop -- suri like voice tells her to stop driving. >> she has been to two dealerships. the car spent several weeks in the shop. no one has figured out how stop the error codes. >> they have replaced the modulator a couple of times. they have done resets. >> reporter: honda has dozen of complaints of this happening with the honda link smartphone look up. honda dealers are telling customers the problem is phone related and keep driving until there is a software solution. amy says she is tired of the message that cries wolf.
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i will ignore it because it has been doing it for so long. >> reporter: honda of north america promises to reprogram the car free of charge. i'm john matarese, abc action news. a california high school football player ends up in the hospital but it wasn't because of a tackle. >> no, it was a bolt of lightning. 14-year-old is a 6-foot ta 250-pound football layer. he was powerless against that force of nature. he says it was the second lightning strike he saw as he was leaving the football field that got him. >> a wave of electricity hit my body. it knocked me to my knees. it just -- [ indiscernible ] >> he remembers his teammates talking to him but he couldn't talk to them then the smell of
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>> he is lucky. it hit the ground next to him. >> if you can talk after it, you are in good shape. we know about it all summer but i think it is done for us for a while. no thunderstorm activity soon. this time of year, we have spectacular sunrises. i will share this with you. lovely. notice the clouds? they are high clouds up above in they are comprised of ice crystals. they refact the sunlight. when you get the perfect set up and the timing, you get that. look at the sunrise, gorgeous stuff. more where that came from. another shot from kelly. look at odessa. fantastic hue. fire in the sky. once again, changes here. we aring going backward as far
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the warming trend won't feel like fall as much with an east wind bringing the atlantic moisture. i don't think that will turn into anything more than a few clouds. not looking at rainfall. by the way, breezy tomorrow. we will watch that for boating. otherwise we are in good shape. this morning's low temperatures in the mid-40s in the nature coast. climbing into the 50s and 60s. ment eventually back to the lower 80s this afternoon. we will do that again with dry conditions and that will set the stage once again for some nice conditions heading into this evening. by tomorrow, that moisture will be with us. watch the dew points, very comfortable. talk about the scale, 40s, 50s, and i think this afternoon will feel nice. watch what happens. the east wind continues to bring us more moisture here and that will increase our humidity tomorrow so that by the afternoon, you will notice a difference and nothing doing
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influence. dry up there. low to mid-80s this afternoon. nice day. looking at temperatures tomorrow, what a difference. 20 degrees warmer across the north. and all of us uniform in the mid- to upper-60s so by the afternoon, with more of a head start and the east wind continuing, down right warm with temperatures in the mid- to upper-80s for afternoon high temperatures, well above average this time of year. some of the forecast hasn't changed. the rain chances are higher humidity and temperatures heading into the upcoming week. coming up this morning, a baby born at a massachusetts hospital makes history. we will tell you what makes the baby's birth so special. >> plus, a very serious mix-up in one hospital after two bodies are switched. the bizarre way the family
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a grieving colorado family is demanding answers after the body of their loved one went missing for several days. the v.a. hospital is taking responsibility. his ashes finally made it home but not before his remains went unaccounted for from a denver v.a. hospital for five days. he died october 2nd. the family later learned the v.a. mixed up his remains with someone else. the man's wife says she knew something wasn't right. >> call it intuition or whatever, i know he was telling me, letting me know i had to find him. >> she kept telling me the next day, we have to find your dad. we have to find your dad. he is telling me he is not where he is supposed to be. he is afraid. he is not where he is supposed to be. >> the v.a. hospital is taking full responsibility for the mistake and will be reviewing their procedures. title work is dangerous but doctors experienced a first
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way from her due date was rushed into the e.r. with heart failure. she was rushed in. e.r. with an enlarged and weakening heart. before she could leave the car yak intensive care unit, she went into labor. this is the first time a patient in that unit has ever given birth. >> a place where people pass on. she brought light into that part of the world. >> the baby is doing well. but it could doctors know if her heart has recovered. coming up, haiti is reeling from the devastating aftermath of hurricane matthew. a major concern for people living there. how many people are in dire need of assistance. >> real life wedding crashes. the threats of firefighters
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concerns about voter fraud in the state of florida. it involves around seasonal residents. i will explain in a live report. >> plus, alleged hate crime at a mississippi high school. the naacp is demanding a federal investigation. >> good morning, thank you for joining us on this tuesday. i'm deiah riley. >> let's get this half hour started with the forecast. >> it was frigid this morning. >> frigid? >> 46. that's frigid in florida. the 46 wasn't widespread. that was crystal river, the usual colder spot. an indication that our air mass is under the influence of what we have. the cold front came through last weekend. now we will begin to moderate.
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water, 66 in st. pete. you get the wind off the water and you get warmer temperatures. that's what will happen the next few days. not just for st. pete but for all of us as the east wind fetches in from the atlantic. more moisture, higher humidity and the temperatures will begin to climb. today, low 80s and somewhat comfortable humidity. both of those will change beginning tomorrow. we will talk about that and the weekend in a few the start of early voting in florida, there is concern from some election officials about double voting. >> it involves seasonal residents known in florida as snow birds. rodney dunigan is looking into the issue this morning he joins us live at an early polling sight in tampa. good morning, rodney. >> reporter: good morning, deiah. you know, with so many part time residents living in the state of florida, there is concern this morning that some of those folks may vote here as
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become a big problem over the next few weeks. >> the issue of voter freud is top of mind for many floridians. >> we want to make sure that our vote gets counted. >> especially considering it's a talking point on the campaign from donald trump in recent weeks. >> yank of an election that i remembered that i have been more concerned. >> worry stemming from the possibility of seasonal florida residents voting twice, once here and back in their home state. clara ann grah league county league of women voters says it's a real problem. >> i have had discussions with some snow birds who say very proudly that they voted up north and then they came down and voted down here. now, to what degree this is happening, i have no idea. >> reporter: election officials say the state of florida has been unable to fully participate in a cross-check program due to differences in state's public records law.
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them together, we could catch people that might be voting twice but we have no way to check it. >> reporter: in florida, voting twice in a federal election is a felony. those caught could face up to five years in prison. voters we spoke with are hoping for good early turnout along with a fair election. >> i pe it is. i think it should be. >> reporter: now, just within the last 20 minutes we checked with the supervisors of haven't had reports of fraud but they do state that the database that connects the different states would help out in any of those cases. the state will investigate any reports of fraud. to get more information on that, head to our web site to get the form, reporting live in tampa, rodney dunigan, abc action news. donald trump is responding to an adult film star's allegation that he kissed her
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during a radio interview. >> grabbed me on the arm. she is a porn star. now, you know, this came out recently. he grabbed me and he grabbed me on the arm. well, i'm sure she has never been grabbed before. >> trump is talking about adult film star jessica drake who he says grabbed her and kissed her without consent. trump threatened to sue the women. he told a miami tv station there is too much prec amendment. both trump and hillary clinton's campaigns are continuing whirlwind tours of florida today. vice presidential hopeful tim kaine stopped at early voting sites in miami and west palm beach. tea a shot at republican senator marco rubio for his past comments about trump. >> let me just quote -- let me just quote marco rubio. he called donald trump dangerous and he called donald trump a con artist.
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>> democrats who would take the senate majority if they pick up four seats and clinton wins the white house. >> the tight race between marco rubio and patrick murphy is being closely watched. it could change which party controls the senate. that's why it is attracting big donations. roughly $30 billion has been spent on this race -- $30 million has been spent on this race. a largo firefighter accused of crashing a wedding and threatening the bride. >> he is defending himself against what he says are flat out lies. >> josh willard says he and a friend were outside the house of beer warehouse where a wedding reception was going on. he claims they were invited inside. they then helped themselves to the open bar. the arrest report says when willard was asked to leave he shoved several guests, started cursing and threatened the bride. he said the night did get
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>> not fair that somebody can make a statement and based on that statement my career got ruined. >> willard was only employed with the largo fire department for three weeks. the chief fired him yesterday. he has worked in four departments in five years. a hate crime on school grounds. that is what is being alleged in mississippi as officials investigate claims of a noose being put around the neck of a blackfoot ball for a federal investigation as students parents stood be -- student's parents stood beside him. >> individuals took the liberty to lasso a rope around his neck and pull the noose tight. >> he said up to 20 students verified the incident happened earlier this month around the hilfe football field house. both the victim and alleged perpetrator were members of the
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but said the incident is being taken seriously. the fertilizer plant mosaic has to fill in a toxic sinkhole and monitor it for two years. the department of environmental protection filed a concert order that requires mosaic to take a number of steps. they have to put up $40 million as sort of a bond money and drain polluted water and make sure that the waste if mosaic fails to follow the order, the company faces up to $10,000 in fines per day. nearly three weeks since hurricane matthew roared through haiti killing hundreds leaving a swath of destruction behind. now they fear the nation could face an additional food crisis. 1.4million people are in need of assistance. of those nearly 800,000 are in dire need.
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crops in some areas of haiti and it could take years for those crops to grow back. now to the latest in the fight against the zika virus. mosquito spraying will happen in three cities in highlands county. spraying will be done between dusk to dawn. it will happen every day until friday. county officials say the chemical being used is approved by the epa. if you don't want to be exposed, stay indoors with windows and doors shut. asian stocks are mixed. european markets are higher. dow is down 1 points to 18,205. -- 18,205. some cyber security experts are meeting in tampa right now talking about the biggest threats we are facing online. last friday a cyber attack blocked worldwide access to web
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twitter. cyber attacks on the democratic party are blamed on hackers by the russian government. if you have obama care, your premium is going up. price hikes for next year. if you have the silver plan, the premium is going up an average of 22% next year. that makes the average premium $296 a month in 2017. experts say most people won't feel the price hike. 85% of people on obama care dity in a new york park has police scrambling to find a culprit. the crime putting the community on edge.
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a night of fun at a frat party takes a tragic turn. >> an indiana state university student died at the event in illinois. the fraternity is suspended after sunday morning's incident. deputies responded to a report that a person had fallen from a small boat into a pond. crews later pulled the college freshman's body from the water. he was taken to a hospital where continues to make improvements to the exhibit where a gorilla was shot and killed after a child fell in the enclosure. they are improved the barrier. it stands 42 inches high, 6 inches taller than the previous barrier. they will hand over any internal reports or analysis that could explain how it happened and how the zoo responded to the killing. the county commissioners are satisfied with how the zoo handled the incident and the aftermath.
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rash of public nude dity events at a local park. >> officers say one suspect is in custody after running through that park half naked last week. now there is a new warning about two new cases of a partially naked man approaching women in the park on sunday. it's scary to know that somebody could jump out half naked. you don't know what they want to do. >> police searched for the men but didn't find comfortable start here. chilly to the north. >> the leaves have not changed here. there is a tree behind the station that does change. they are maples. you have to look closely. use a filter to help us out. >> there is the golden rain tree that changes its colors. >> there you go. >> look for those. >> or denis likes to say the
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talking about, the high cirrus clouds from the gulf. beautiful sunrise if you were able to wake up. sky on fire. there is where you check in on the conditions right now. temps along with the beautiful sunrise, we had very cold temperatures up to the north. mid- to upper-40s across the nature coast. they are responding nicely. the sun will do that for us. a milky sky early. we will break conditions the rest of the day. nothing that would rain on us. those are high up above. at the lower levels an east wind tapping into and that will give us partly cloudy conditions over the next few days. if any showers develop, it will be on 95. i don't think we will get into that but we will get into the humidity higher and the temperatures as well will begin to warm. by the way, the hurricane season is not quite over, the 3rd of november. a few waves out there but not
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expecting any development. the western caribbean is quiet as we like it to be. the however, we do have see more missouri -- seymour. this is forecast to become 125 miles per hour storm as it continues heading to the west and north. it is not going to bother any land mass. we are in good shape in case you hear of seymour. we will warm it up tonight. with the east wind. instead of mid-40s, mid-60s tomorrow morning. that will set us up for a 20- degree jump into the mid- to upper-80s this afternoon. seasonal today. humidity comfortable. gets more humid wednesday and into the end of the week. weekend looks great for any halloween activities. keep in mind it will be mild.
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after the sports legend's death. and if there are leads on a
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a piece of artwork worth thousands of dollars was snatched from the muhammad ali center in kentucky. >> police believe it was stolen from the museum saturday. they do say security cameras center ripping the print off the wall an walking out. the artwork is valued at $5,000. the center has been part of that gallery since it opened in 2005. ali died in june at the age of 74. kim kardashian west dropped her lawsuit against a celebrity gossip site after it admitted that the report suggested that she staged a robbery in paris were false. the reality tv star sued media
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libel. the article has been taken down from the site that published a retraction monday. two stores in west texas are trying to redefine the term shotgun wedding. >> jewelry store and a gun store teaming up for a buy a ring, get a gun promotion. this is the third year in a row they started the promotion. it runs from thursday to saturday. the message, whether you are stalking a if you drive a pickup truck, chances are you are creating dangerous conditions on the road. they tested truck headlights that cause excessive glare. one large pick up, the honda ridge line earned the highest rating. most pickups headlights create glare that can be dangerous for drivers coming the other direction and don't light the road well enough for drivers. ticket prices to watch the
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some tickets for box seats on sites like stub hub are $50,000. standing room tickets are going for more than $2,000. the mlb says lift prices for world -- list prices for world series are from 85 to 165. >> watch it on tv. >> good idea. rei will keep the stores closed on black friday for the second straight year. employees will be paid for the day off as part of a campaign to encourage time outdoors. online shoppers can put items in your cart but no orders will be processed on that day. an ice cream man said his best customer walks or runs on all fours. >> rambo, the english bulldog has a taste for ice cream and knows the sound of the ice cream truck. ?[ music ]? >> who wouldn't, right? there he goes. his ice cream addiction started a year ago when he saw the
9:53 am
a treat on an impulse at first. rambo quickly became a regular and the dog usually makes it to the truck long before his owner gets there. >> he is like give me my ice cream. my dad will pay you. >> the favorite ice cream is a popsicle. i haveve a feeling he would wol down just about any frozen
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cool start this morning. we warm up into the low 80s this afternoon. humidity but staying nice with a lot of sunshine. >> a deer ends up inside a bar in alabama. it was caught on camera. >> for two hours police officers and game wardens tried to coax him out. elf he got out, ran down the street but the deer running
9:57 am
someone causing that person to trip and break a bone. >> that is terrible. >> bussed an antler too in the process. >> we have more coverage at >> "tampa bay's morning blend"
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captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e- mail >> good tuesday morning. i'm carley boyette. >> i'm shawn filling in for natalie once again. >> no postcard from natalie. no postcard yet. tuesday is a big baseball night tonight. are you rooting for the indians or the cubbies? >> oh, man. >> i put you on the spot. we didn't talk about this. >> that's all right. you know what? i'm going to talk about the


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