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tv   Action News at 5PM  ABC  October 25, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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deputies say it came to this. >> -- >> reporter: ask how they were looking for him. and he is a known member of the aryan brotherhood. they got a call this morning. that he was staying here at the roadway and and when they found him he did not want to go quietly. >> is negotiations dragged on, he still wouldn't give up. he even through a piece of furniture for his motel window. they had the squad team ready after he threatened violence. >> with some he told us that they are not coming out that they are going to shoot out they are going to die first, it's a very serious situation. >> and, it watched it will on -- and it was all unfolding. >> and, it was shut down during the standoff. >> traffic is messed up. >> authorities got him on the
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progress. >> and, another time he was sobbing on the phone and other times, he said bring it. >> they didn't wait much longer. they used an armored vehicle to clear the way. then they threw tear gas in the room. he can see them jump out of the window. and he has been on the run since last week when they say he shot a woman in the arm. >> i'm glad that everyone's all right. i don't know what to make of it. >> yes. and part of that story is that putnam was doing math last night and had a shotgun in that motel room but today after the standoff they found a weapons inside of that room. >> new tonight, busch gardens says it's temporarily shutting
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ride. and, out in abundance of pump -- rapids. and, as it works with other right manufacturers to understand what killed four people on a similar ride in australia. under 5 pm, we have learned surveillance cameras capture that moment that two people were thrown from the thunder river rapids ride. two others were somehow caught inside the right. authorities are still going over the video to see what might have caused that deadly malfunction. that's on also use east coast. we also a media saying that the victims were 32-year-old woman her brother the brothers partner and an unidentified man pick test of making sure that taxi drivers are safe boating to investigate its executive director after it allegedly gave a green light to help in sting operations. adam winer shows us how today's emergency meeting got heated.
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it took place this morning >> harsh words, and with the public transportation committee. >> it will be a better agency. >> to that, he responded. >> probably a better agency river companies but not for the people we serve and like an advocacy group helping to fight ridesharing in hillsboro even helping cabdrivers. and, they catch those drivers at the airport. and, some of them defended the involvement. >> course they will help them catch the people who are stealing their business. >> so the board decided, but they will investigate their own executive director's relationship with taxi companies that they are supposed be monitoring.
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and, they might have a full investigation out the window. once that report turns next month. and, that means the deal to lugo -- legalize the ridesharing companies may be up in the air. the even compared it to killers. >> bonnie and clyde had a big fan club. at the end of the day they were bank robbers. and it's not just the business model that they find threatening. but it's the drivers. >> you can call the public transportation commission can't sit there and say that they can guarantee public safety. >> the executive director defended himself. tonight at 6 pm we will have his take. back to that breaking news, they just arrived at the apartment complex where we are told that the two-year-old fell 15 feet to the ground.
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>> >> reporter: -- >> reporter: she was cleaning her apartment she opened the windows to let the fumes out. she overheard her four-year-old son talking to her two-year-old sign -- son as don't want the window. she ran to the window we believe that it was possibly that building right behind us. she did not see her two-year- old son inside of the apartment and ran downstairs and saw him on the concrete. he looked to be okay but authorities say that they transported him to the hospital just precaution. and, at this point, the manatee county sheriff's office they believe that it was an accident so did you like our fall weather fall is gone, it's time
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up a little bit. but at least it will be sunny and dry. and, it's not too shabby. and for the rest of the week, we're going to be closer to the 80s and you will notice the humidity creeping up. and in october, just a tease and by november we start to see a little bit more of the cooler weather kind of on a regular basis. a little bit of cloud cover, although all in all a very nice forecasts. partly cloudy to clear temperatures not nearly as cool dropping down into the 60s. and i'll let you know if we have any long rangers in the forecast. two weeks ago -- two weeks to go until election day. and, they are not kicking into high gear. many floridians have all ready made up their minds. and, clinton heading to tampa
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wrapped up a rally in coconut creek right across the street from early voting sites. >> i think that you only see numbers like this when people are standing up for what they really believe in and that includes not just democrats but republicans and independents coming together to reject hate and division. political experts say that clinton can win the presidency even without florida. but, it is really a must win for donald trump. >> it really is. despite a pole at the seven out of 10 voters think that clinton will become president. the florida numbers as you know the polls are packed. nobody knows how they are voting but they all seem to have chum stickers and trump hats and pins. >> well, trump is in south florida today a group of veterans took part in the invasion and divorced trump.
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endorsed a presidential candidate. and new rules will help protect mail-in ballots from being tossed out with a second -- without a second look. you may remember a judge ordered the state to fix the law that says mail-in ballots will not count if the signatures do not match with one on file. here's a solution, your local election office will reach out to you if you're signatures do not match. then, he will have a chance to fix that problem by november 7. status of your mail-in ballot you can do so on this website. go to my twitter page. police in oklahoma are trying to track down a man they believe has a hit list. michael vance is all ready accused of killing two people and injuring four. the manhunt started saturday night were police responded to shots fired. they shot and injured two officers.
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another card. a bystander who shot describes that crazy scene. >> after he stole the car he shot a couple of shots off towards us and i happened to get hit. >> authorities say that he drove to home and killed his aunt and uncle. the suspect has in ailment in may try to spread it. right now we are not saying with the disease is. suspecting trick-or-treaters ending up with drugs and halloween backs. it's a thought that would frighten any parent tonight we are revealing how often it happens in the one threat that worries experts the most. plus copy and from walt disney world the excuse they say a man gave when he was caught packing heat. plus, cars equipped with dangerous cars making it tough for some recalls to ever get
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the nikon this man is banned from all disney parks because deputies say that he tried to sneak a gun past security. they say that michael links and sold security guards he was carrying after he went through a metal detector at the park gates. the gun was loaded with six bullets. he says he realized he had in his backpack when he was on the way to epcot go back to put it away. police in a new hampshire town trying to work out how prescription drugs ended up in a pizza restaurant's toy vending machine. courtney jones posted these photos. she says that she bought free prizes from a toy vending machine for her daughter and one of them had four pills inside. she says her mom, a nurse was there and told him that the
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courtney told the manager of the restaurant who taped off the machine and even though officers say it seems to be an isolated incident they say, that they will keep their family away from those machines from now on. me tonight, a law enforcement warning that marijuana laced candy right before trick-or-treating. right before the amendment to legalize medical marijuana in the state. ashley yore explains what the real threat is and how you can keep your family safe. >> gummy bears, or chocolate chip cookies or pop tarts. >> it's no secret that kids love sweet and the poison control once make sure that your little ones aren't eating something that they shouldn't. with the legalization medical marijuana they feared that kids could collect edible marijuana on halloween. >> i think it's very unlikely that it would happen but it certainly possible that it
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and, there warning parents about marijuana k. some say that the timing is eerie not because it's halloween but because it's election day. >> anything like that that interfaces with something on the ballot is always going to be perceived as highly political. in the other hand with a pretty good history of were concerns about objects and things in children's candy is something that we talk about. >> for member to check your kids candy the wrapping is from the manufacturer. poison control says the top call that they get on halloween is about glow sticks like these. poison control says that washington state saw a spike in kids ingesting marijuana after they legalize it. so, we chatted with them and they say that they have not had any cases of kids getting marijuana candy around halloween time. >> and over here, google is
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good afternoon everybody. a little bit of cloud cover out there. a little bit of a milky look. this is how we describe it. certainly nothing to bring us any rain. but this is actually the place we could see a ring around the moon. that's we get that high serous clouds and the like kind of refracts to those ice crystals. we see those when we get this kind of a pattern. thing we aren't seeing is any rain. i think that our chances of rain about a sprinkle or maybe a quick five-minute shower. temperatures are creeping up. you go outside this morning and it didn't feel quite as refreshing. and all of a sudden i'm hearing people say, the humidity is returning. it is. in fact, it hit the middle ages across part of the area which is a little bit above normal.
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you can see me as clouds, they are not the kind of clout separateness any sort of rain. and this is coming in from the west. and, our weather over the next three or four days will not be coming from the west it will actually be coming from the east as moisture returns. this is the water vapor. usually show it when it's brown. now, this is sort of a sign of things to come. because of this we will see a few more clouds. you'll notice that humidity increasing you may see a couple sprinkles off to the east. but with this is certainly flow, it's what we've had over the last couple of weeks very often in the summertime it could lead to pretty nasty weather. but late october into november it's just is not as must moisture. wednesday morning, 8 am, this is coming across, a couple of green areas a sprinkle or shower and that is all you really have
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and, it's almost identical to what we had next week. and we had that strong cold front and there are no think -- fronts to speak of in the future. which means our afternoon highs are typically what they should be. and, same thing up north, even in our northern counties, hernando and pascoe indeed city up towards springhill over to crystal river we are going to see temperatures in the middle 80s even though your mornings will be pretty comfortable. long-range, a dip in the jet brings cooler air and over the next 10 days is see a lot of red meaning that we stay warm not necessarily up around 90 the back in the lower to middle 80s. and joining the tropics, a lot of folks say, the season's over. 95 years ago today, a major hurricane hit the tampa bay
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so, it's been a long time but clearly it can happen. and, the season runs until the end of november. but for the time being all is quiet. and, a moderate chop the seas are 2 to 3 feet. and, you are types, sunrise and sunset. and hour by hour it's not too bad. it's a little bit more humid with temperatures in the 60s the most accurate seven-day forecast this chances are less than 10% not just through the weekend well highs right where they should be. sunshine this weekend in rain chances remain slim right here next week. binky. new concerns florida voters may be able to cast their ballots twice. the group of people under scrutiny in those that put the issue to bed for good. radioactive concerns. >> tonight, the conflicted messages waiting -- leaving her
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right now, hundreds of thousands of cars and possibly explosive airbags are on the road. >> yes, we are talking 300,000 airbags that have a 50% chance of rupturing in a crash. honda says it's doing all it can to reach out to people who are drivin to track down these drivers especially if it has had several previous owners. they have been linked to 11 deaths they are working to make changes that would lead to faster appears on recalls. and expanding the field before recall are made. international requirement that they be done before license plates can be renewed. police tracking down stolen
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noticed the car in front of his home and he says the alarm went off at least three times as a woman tried to get inside. he thought that it was strange. so he googled the license plate and the page came up. police just launched it so people could place information about stolen vehicles. >> was like wow, ava chance to help them and get the car back. >> he said the help came 72 hours after they launched new page. >> they started in response to a spike and stolen cars. according to the fbi crime report, a car is stolen in the united states every 46 seconds. florida ranks third in the nation with more than 40,000 that just last year. still to come, another piece of bad news for obama care. premiums are said to go up but you don't have to pay more for health care.
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dangerous trend police are
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you updated on the breaking news a two-year-old balls 20 feet out of a window. he landed on concrete at the world pond ter., apartments in bradenton. the mother tells us that she was cleaning and opened up those windows to let the fumes out. natalia was alert when the emergency crews got there. >> and caught a standoff between deputies in a man wanted
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today as a s.w.a.t. teams surrounded a room in new port richey. michael putnam was held up and threatening to shoot out with law enforcement. the teargas eventually worst him out. deputies were him for allegedly shooting a woman in hudson last week. good evening. tonight we have information about your health insurance. >> just a week away from open enrollment. and they are confirming that the insurance premiums will rise by so tonight, the big decision that you should be considering right now to cut down your costs. >> i cannot afford to pay my employees insurance rates. >> christine and jim are trying to figure out how to provide employees with health insurance. >> to lower our monthly premiums


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