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tv   Action News at 6PM  ABC  October 25, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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of what to believe. >> and, they would like to be inside right now. obtaining a nursery or sorting new close. >> i'm eight months pregnant, and it's a big issue. >> instead she is overseeing a crew of water samplers back out to take former test. >> the first one taken a few weeks ago came back with high levels of radioactivity. from the toxic sinkhole. and, it's called the natural geology. and, we just want to verify. >> and, they have been drinking well water up until this month. >> i'm scared that it's going to affect him or even, being a newborn. >> and, he's getting late messages. and, the man in charge called
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meets the standards. but the rent -- the latest results won't come back. and, we like to have a piece of mind. >> and, radioactivity from national geology would be at a level where they would be okay to wash their clothes in. but you wouldn't want to drink it. stink with bottled water or infant water. and at one point -- one point the guy kept her up at night. >> now >> and, tonight they are looking for an independent testing company. and, breaking news police just closing toledo blade boulevard because of damage to an interstate overpass. and, they tweeted these pictures just minutes ago they believe a large truck hit that overpass going north. and 75 is still open but
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it's not clear where that part of the road will be open. >> and, take a look at the scary surveillance video on the 711 and 49th st., north. you can see the mass man here, walked up to an older man here and they say that he implied that he had a gun walked the victim back into the store and took cash from the register. thankfully, no one was hurt. a taking a more destructive part. and new at 6 pm, we are shown how you -- there's a common pattern not just on how they are breaking into cars that what -- -- >> reporter: there is a reason that these signs are now posted around heritage united church. >> don't leave any valuables in
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>> just the day before, she says someone broken to not just one but for vehicles in the parking lot taking off with each driver's purse. >> they just ran over to grab their kids. >> less than a mile away we found this shattered glass at the parking lot. someone smashed the window with at least one window. -- at least one window there. >> it's like they know to target moms who are in a rush. >> but they didn't take everything in sight. at one case, leaving behind free phones. >> one had a laptop. they just took the purse. >> now, they hope that is not the only reminder of how easy it is to become a target. >> i'm just going to be gone a second and it doesn't take very long. >> -- are you doing everybody?
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and it has been that way since late last night. and, i think that we will actually see some of those clouds lingering through with temperatures still warm upper 70s to lower 80s and you can definitely sense the change. and so that cool refreshing air the humidity is creeping up, the afternoon high is creeping up and even those morning lows will also be back into the 60s across most of the area and partly cloudy overnight, and we will let you know if that will continue through the weekend. and, 1.6 million floridians are ready casting their vote and, that's on pace to be early voting from 2012. and so far, they will be the lead in turnout. and, the post office returning
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back to them at least three voters thing that happened to them. and, these are all three noticing each one of them has the postage cancel which is what goes through the automated machines at the post office. >> you wanted to count but you don't to question the process but when the process fails. >> it is concerning when a make sure that you receive every eligible daughter. -- dollar. >> went wrong and what could be done to make sure that it does not happen closer to the election. >> politics turning physical a homeowner confronting people who tried stealing his donald trump son -- sign. and, during the latest attempt to homeowner decided to chase the guy when things turn physical. >> i guess that he decided he
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me with both hands and knocks me down. >> homeowner has filed a police report and once to press charges. he also said, the thief spit on him when he followed him down the block. and they need your help identifying two men. they are capturing these images at land o lakes. they say, that they were going car to car looking for easy unlocks targets. if you saw anything suspicious call the paschal county sheriff's office. deputies need your help tonight finding a piece who likes expensive phones. take a good look at the surveillance pictures from the at&t store. and, deputies say that they took two samsung galaxy seven phones from a display case and left without paying. they are worth nearly $1500 combined. they say he drove off in a black infinity. and, if you recognize this guy
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stoppers. and, the three women in this video, police saying that they worked to gather numerous bluetooth speakers and phone cases from a t-mobile store. and, investigators say that they use scissors to cut tax increment security chains. if you know who they are, your tip could be worth a cash reward. deputies busting venice. take a look at these drugs that they confiscated. deputies served a search warrant and found math, prescription drugs, and all kind of paraphernalia. they charged seven people in that home. a man on the run following a bizarre crash. they say, that his own truck ran him over. they said the unidentified driver fell out of the truck after leaving a truck. and, the driver ran off before
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were sorting through major traffic issues leaving a lot of you and some jams. if you are in west tampa, it would likely get stuck off of pines avenue because of road closures. and, they were so confused that they were driving around there. and, the emergency water main break under the interstate leaving people confuse. >> try to go around it and it just gets worse. and, the city of tampa should be wrapping up right about now but things may not get completely back to normal. and, they've have those as their detour. and we know that you want answers, as part of the commitment, we have a way for you to let us know. -- what you are wondering about. and to tell us what we can get to the bottom of for free.
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companies, now defending his job. kyle cochran the executive is expected to regulate them in hillsborough county. and, they had a sting operation to take and huber and lift driver. and, he did not apologize saying he will continue to go after the drivers who are breaking the law. >> i am guilty of favoritism. if we're going to create an open market, let's reach out and create operating illegally. >> and, hillsborough county saying that they will have a third-party investigate the local tax will come -- local taxi companies. it's very racist.>> booted from the classroom. the jaw-dropping comments that will keep a teacher at home for the next year.
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growing annoying number of robo calls. get out of there. >> and calm moments from disaster a car crashing and catching fire at a florida gas station. and, incredible reason that this is nothing new. >> and, pretty quiet out there, traffic is quiet. and, the last day the bay area hit the
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new at 6 pm, banning a florida teacher for a year. they say that she called students morons and made inappropriate jokes during the class. she taught technology at a school. recently filed settlement agreement does that she may racist jokes about hispanics and black people. >> teachers especially i don't
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>> and, the school suspended them without pay after the incident. and, they did not renew her contract. and, did not know if she was teaching anywhere before her suspension. >> 87 million calls thing that the report of number of robo calls justin september. tonight, she shows you the best free tools to block those annoying calls political ones from both your cell phone and your home phone. >> it just keeps calling. >> filing a lawsuit against you. >> a simple and easy way to apply directly with the lender. >> they are so ramp and that every -- rampant that one in six cause turns out to be one.
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ourselves for him who works out of his house, the repeated distractions affected his job >> i would be on the phone having a business conversation and then i have the interruptions. >> in the political calls and you have a recipe for frustration. >> voter turnout is low. >> they installed the priest -- the free software and got relief. >> and, he before a senate subcommittee about the problem. >> currently, they are almost ineffective against the illegal robo callers. >> the blacklist database has more than 4000 phone numbers. and, they are in the united dates every day. and, we will answer for you and hang up on them. >> they are free for land lines
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>> 15 seconds. >> and, they ranked as the spam true color also works. whatever goes to the database more than 1 billion numbers to notify you of who is calling. some are identified as junk and automatically flagged. >> is wonderful and it's free. >> depending on what service you go for you may have to endure as for -- premium service., you may have to check with your cell phone carrier. and, jackie callaway taking action for you. >> an emotional meeting, two women crashing into this gas station and that collision is setting off a fire. good samaritans rushing in to help. they captured the frantic moments on the way to her
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and risking their lives to save smith. and, they got to meet one of her heroes. >> you don't know what you didn't know. and you don't know what you did. >> it's a blessing. it makes me feel good. and it just shows that if you're the type of person that goes a long way. >> and, this is the time making a good deed, and from t found from an overturned truck. >> -- dennis, i just wanted to bring your information, thus bring you some information. -- bring you information, i was hoping that the weather would continue. >> it didn't happen. >> we're going to stay warm.
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turtlenecks, and a lot of the ladies out there are loving it. but that's pretty much gone as cool weather is going to be taking a break pushing back north for the foreseeable future. and, humidity is on the rise as our afternoon temperatures. nothing more than just a slim chance of an isolated shower. and quite temperatures and valrico is 78. upper 70s across moche of a sudden it's gone it has gone back into the sticky territory. dew point in the middle 60s maybe even upper 60s by later on in the week. i'm afraid to say, these may be one of the halloween's. but it will be warm and kind of muggy. the pictures up to 70s, that's probably best upper 70s, that's probably where we will be as
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-- and, it's upper 70s, that's probably where we will be tomorrow as well. and copies are pushing west. and, there's an outside chance that you could see an outside sprinkle east of 75. and it will last only five minutes tops. and right through thursday and friday and right next week, we are in the same kind of pattern. none of our long-range models with stro through the end of next week. and, that's where the forecast of high will be on wednesday. but we will be in the same ballpark for the first week of november. we continue to talk tropics even though the season ends at the end of november. as a mentioned a little while ago, today 95 years ago, the last time that a major hurricane hit the bay area head- on.
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it is at this point in terms of development. so we are not expecting anything popping. so, here's a locator hour by hour forecast. temperatures come wake up time, only cooling off into the middle to upper 60s. and, that refreshing taste the fall is gone. and, middle 80s writer halloween, the weekend looks good it will be a little warm and muggy. bu and we will be about 2 degrees above normal. and looking ahead to the trick- or-treaters on monday night and partly cloudy skies and a little bit my gear with temperatures in the upper 70s. we're going to go to some breaking news in utah. a live picture in sandy utah. officers telling us that two students got into an argument and, emergency crews rushing
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and, they have arrested the other child they will keep you updated on this breaking story. and, the cubs in indians, we have the world series pick
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hello folks, here we go, the world series matchup, that many wanted to see, hundred eight years removed from a world series title against the indians who last won it all. progressive field, the side of game one and game two, two lovable teams, with long life managers. some say very similar in their thinking. maybe in their uniform, take
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>> i know that he rides his bike a lot. and i prefer to take the hog every day. i don't want to exert more than i have to. i used to drink boones farm when i was in college. i am not a big wine drinker. i really don't know much about wine. and if i started to act like i did, i would just embarrass myself. >> as for game lester i'm among the one suffering cubs fans who grew up in chicago. so i have to have their back. and, up in toronto, then bishop will start his plan to play both bishop and grassy has little to no wiggle room and i can see his thinking. >> it can be unfair to the guys
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saying, i need my guide us grew up. i just don't think that is how it should go. so, let the plan workout.
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tonight, tonight, breaking news. the emergency in midair. the passenger jet taking off from the u.s., the pilots and the entire crew suddenly falling ill. the pilot then medical emergency at 37,000 feet. on edge. the manhunt at this hour, now statewide. two dead, two officers shot. the officer who managed to shoot back. and where is the suspect now? donald trump telling supporters, we are winning. and what trump asked his workers to do in front of the cameras today. then, taking aim at obamacare. and colin powell tonight, revealing he's voting for hillary clinton.


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