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tv   Action News at 430AM  ABC  October 26, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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a kids' football game ends with a mother in handcuffs. that mom is facing felony child abuse charges. >> today hillary clinton will rally in how her visit will affect traffic and where donald trump is campaigning. good morning, thank you for joining us on this wednesday, i'm deiah riley. >> good morning, i'm dan shaffer. we begin with the latest in the presidential election. hillary clinton will make two stops in florida including downtown tampa. >> she will be at palm beach state college then curtis hixon park this afternoon. her visit to downtown tampa will affect traffic. the city is shutting down part of ashley drive. northbound and southbound lanes
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twigg street. they will be closed from 1:30 until 4:00 and detours will be in place. yesterday clinton and donald trump made stops in florida crisscrossing the state. >> clinton attacked trump for refusing to accept the outcome of the presidential election and trump doesn't understand the constitution. >> this is serious. you know, first thing a president does is to take an oath to preserve, protect and defend the constitution. i have serious doubts about whether donald trump even understands what that means. >> clinton went on to say that trump attacks everything that made our country stand fourth 240 years. trump will campaign in washington, d.c. and north carolina. yesterday he made stops in
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capitol that he would love to take vice president joe biden up on his over to settle things. biden criticized vulgar's comments about women and he would like to take trump behind the gym to settle things. trump said biden is only tough when he is standing behind a mic. >> he is mr. tough guy behind a microphone. >> he wants to bring me to back of the barn. if i said that, they would say he is violent. how could he have done that. >> trump's rally and tally was the final stone of a three-day blitz through florida. colin powell is joining the list of republicans voting for hillary clinton. powell recently engaged in a public fight with clinton when he denied clinton's claim that he advised her to set up a private e-mail server but in
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a national disgrace. marco rubio will debate patrick murphy as they compete for a senate seat. they will debate at broward college in davie. you can watch the debate starting here on your abc action news station at 7:00. a youth football game got so out of hand st. pete police arrested a woman that reportedly punched a cheerleader on a rival team in the face. it happened during the packers and greenwood panthers. police say cheerleaders started taunting preston and pulled her hair. her dad said there is a lot of bad blood between the teams. >> they pulled her hair. she don't know, i don't know who did it, but then -- so she swung her arms. i don't know if no kids got
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video of the incident. a rapper caught in a viral video that appears to show him kicking a fan is going on trial for what the camera recorded. a teenager reached tout grab kevin gates pants during a performance in lakeland. that teen told police gates slashed out and kicked her in the stomach. gates said he was defending himself. we are getting a look at chilling surveillance video. you can see it over my shoulder showing two burglars creeping around inside of a closer look shows one with a gun in hand. take a look on the couch. you can see a young child sleeping through the whole thing. deputies are looking for the intruders. right now a young manatee county boy is recovering after falling out of a second story window. it happened at the royal pam terrace apartments in bradenton. the 2-year-old boy fell while
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something about going out the window, she ran to him but it was too late. her son was on the concrete below. >> my first reaction, i would pick up my child and make sure that he was okay but i would be thanking god. >> deputies say the boy appears to be fine but he was taken to the hospital just in case. it appears to be an accident but they are investigating. hillsborough county firefighters are looking into a condo fi yesterday afternoon at river rooks condominiums near sligh avenue. firefighters say flames started in a first floor unit and reached the second floor. no one was home in either condo when the flames broke out. the cause is under investigation. people in a west chase neighborhood say the power company is putting them in a dangerous situation. streetlights along country way boulevard are not working. west chase resident bill flood said he has asked teco for six
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streetlights working and nothing has changed. is worried that the lack of lighting could lead to accidents on the road that is used bicyclists and runners. >> no reason when you call in a request to a utility company that they can't take care of it. >> teco claims it received one phone call six days ago reporting one light out. now teco says they will have it working today. disturbing picture they are looking for the person that shot and killed a black bear. a woman found hit lying in her front yard. we check in with ivan for florida's most accurate forecast. >> looking good. temperatures in the 60s to lower 70s. st. pete may not go below 70 and that is the case.
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points in the mid-60s as well so the temperature can't fall below the dew point and you get fog if that happens, if they match. an indication of where we will be this morning. cooler across the nature coast. not as cold as we had the last couple of mornings with temperatures in the mid-40s. high clouds down to the south may clip us but it will be a gorgeous day. lots of sunshine. that will allow temperatures to between 1:00 and 4:00. a quick check of the roads here. i-275, a ghost town near pinellas point drive. we will check the roads in about 15 minutes. so far so good. if you drove southbound on himes near i-275 you probably got stuck in a big traffic jam because of road closures. some drivers are so confused they drove around the barricades to get on to i-275
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under the interstate that is leaving drivers confused. >> i tried to go around it and it gets worse because all the traffic is also trying to go around it. >> the city says work will continue until friday afternoon but more work may be needed in that area next week. happening today, the walk with care drive aware campaign kicks off in madeira beach. the news conference is set fo 3:00 this afternoon. an orangutan escapes from its closure at a kansas zoo forcing it to close down. why it tried to hide in the crowd and how they got it back in the enclosure. the world's first commercial shipment of beer delivered by a self driving truck. where the more than 100-mile
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investigators are looking into what made the entire flight crew sick on a british airways flight. passengers new something was wrong on the san francisco to london flight when the pilot
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there were toxic fumes in the plane. the crew is fine and out of the hospital. so far firefighters found nothing toxic on the plane. a kansas city man is in jail charged with tricking dozens of women into having sex with him. he told women he was a casting agent for an adult film company. he promised the women thousands of dollars and work as adult film actresses but first they had to shoot an him. detectives say when the women complained about not getting paid, he sent the videos to their bosses and boyfriends. he is now behind bars charged with cyber stalking, extortion and wire fraud. police in utah say a 16- year-old boy shot at his middle school is in critical condition. a 14-year-old shot the older boy twice at point blank range.
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in a car dealership. they sneak around the building before pushing in a window a.c. unit to get inside. they made off with about $8,000 in cash. phoenix's tough talking sheriff is charged with criminal contempt of court and facing up to six months in jail. the justice department accuses the sheriff of ignoring another judge's order in a racial profiling case. he is up for reelection than two weeks. if you fly delta, keeping track of your bags is getting easier. you can follow your bag's journey on a map. you can see when it reaches the plane, any transfers it makes and when it's time to pick it up. they attach a radio tracking device to each bag during check in. delta says it's the first airline to offer the tracking tool. great idea. >> that is. we have a consumer alert that parents and young kids
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being recalled. certain parts of the straps have been known to break off causing a potential choking hazard. stop using the seat meal and contact the maker. ford is recalling 2015 and 16 edge s.u.v. the vehicles were updated with the wrong software for brakes and stability control systems. if the system malfunctions, no warning light will fixing it for free. anheiser busch delivered the first shipment of beer with a self driving truck. it drove 120 miles through colorado to make the delivery. a professional driver was on board to monitor the trip. anheuser busch says it hopes to see self driving technology wildly. >> fall has gone. it's not with us any more.
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time. temperatures are warm. by the afternoon, 85 will feel like 87, 89. so, no question about it. i don't see any fronts coming in any time soon. we will stay mild at night, warm during the day. in fact, 24-hour temperature change, remember where we were yesterday? we are 10 above where we were yesterday across the nature coast. the rest of us between 2 and 4. that continues to climb. i haven't been able to shoyo high clouds down to the south. mostly sunny today. futurecast, easterly flow persisting. very little moisture. showers have a hard time going. itching we stay dry through the upcoming weekend. as far as temperatures, mid- to upper-80s. this is above average. we should be 81. we should do that with lower humidity. not the case. high dew points as well. not late summer, dew points in
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late. mid- to upper-80s for tomorrow. we will lock this pattern down through the upcoming weekend. so, trick or treaters, the costume, it will be warm through the early evening. otherwise we are in good shape, dry. small craft advisory is the issue for boaters. gusts to 20 this afternoon. there is the dry and warm and not fall like at all seven-day forecast with highs well in the 80s and upper- 60s. part of your morning commute, i-275 at 31st street in st. pete. not a lot of traffic out there this early morning. janelle is watching the cameras. she will have a full look in about 10 minutes or so. the lightning beat the maple leafs and now focus on the con iniad yens and cleveland indians take game one against the cubs. tom korun has the morning
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everybody. knowing but net so far for the lightning as they power their way through the canadian part of the six game road trip. it took them over a minute into the game to light the lamp. stamkos is there and scores. lightning lead it 1-0. less than six minutes later, alex scores his 5th goal of the season. later in again. this time he will one time the pass from schuster. nobody saw it coming. then in the second, ben bishop takes a puck to the face mask. it got through where it knocked out a few of his front teeth. bishop stayed in the game. bolts won 7-3. they go to 5-1
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going to the cleveland indians last night. the indians scored two quick runs in the first inning and then they added this run right here in the 4th. roberto perez, solo homer that comes back off the stairway pole. perez later hit a three-run homer in the 8th. 6-0 the final. game 2 tonight. one bucs note they resigned wide receiver dan toy wide to the buccaneer squad. they are 1 1/2 point favorites over the raiders. that's the morning sports update. some cubs fans, one in particular are pinning the hopes of a win on earlier book post. in 1993 high school senior
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first. >> so cool. a disgruntled employee opens fires on his former coworkers at a plant in virginia. we have an update and why the gunman was fired. >> uber eats is expanding into st. pete. we will take a look at the new
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we check in with current temperatures in the mid-60s. milder than this time yesterday. that will be the case through the afternoon. not a huge difference like this morning's temps but mid-80s. higher humidity making it feel less comfortable out there.
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the next hour. apple is reported the first annual sales decline in 15 years. sales for the fiscal year that ended in september fell by $18 million compared to the previous year. the sales decline is closely connected to a drop in iphone sales. customers are taking longer to replace their phones apparently but the report comes before an apple event set for tomorrow and they are expected to update mac prod without pumpkins. check out this time lapse video showing a master sculptor carving a face on his pumpkin. you see the face there starting to take shape. we will show you some completed pumpkin creations in the garden. cool. it features a 425-pound pumpkin that collectively tell a halloween story. cool. >> wow. today hillary clinton is making two stops in florida
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traffic. we are looking where donald trump will take the campaign trail. the seven is on for the thieves behind a rash of smash and grab robberies in clearwater. who the crooks are targeting and the surprising pattern. >> busch gardens closed the
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now at 5:00 a dead heat. the polls show hillary clinton and donald trump within a few points of each other in florida. with early voting underway >> the stage is set in downtown tampa. hillary clinton is ready to rally the democratic faithful. >> tie gears are an animal that is possessive of something they have. >> that man defending the tiger that sent his fiancee to the hospital. he said the tiger wasn't trying to attack her.
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action news. i'm dan shaffer. >> i'm deiah riley. first let's check in with ivan for a look at the forecast. we knew it wouldn't last long. fall is gone. >> it's hard to lock it in this early in the season. november then you can talk about really going through the end of the year and into next year. for now, we see the temperatures here -- what a difference. yesterday morning we talked about moderating flow from the atlantic. it is doing that. temps are yesterday was 13 cooler. you get the idea. warmer temps and higher humidity. we don't rain. that is good. despite the flow, it's dry up above. we are looking good. temps in the mid-80s this afternoon. we will look at the extended forecast and see if we can get a cold front through in a few minutes. good morning. we are starting to look at your drive in pinellas county where traffic is looking great on the interstate. i-275 at pinellas point drive


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