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tv   Action News at 9AM  ABC  October 26, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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clearwater police sending series of smash and grabs. the victims being targeted, women. what you need to know ahead in a live report. >> a horrific theme park tragedy 9,000 miles way is impacting a park in tampa. details on the precaution they are now taking. [ indiscernible ] how trump is
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comes to obama care. >> good morning. thank you for joining us. we begin with a crime alert. police in clearwater are on the hunt for the person or people behind a string of vehicle break-ins. >> the crooks apparently are targeting women. abc action news reporter rodney dunigan is live at her rei tan united met though -- heritage united methodist church. >> this church parking lot is used as a drop off and pick up points for parents using the hit. >> it's shocking. it's sad, though. you can't take your kids to school any more. >> if they are that bold to do that, what else would they do. the m.o. was the same in every crime. they left their purse in the vehicle. the suspect smashed the windows, grabbed what they wanted and took off. >> gone a second and it doesn't take very long. >> reporter: a church employee
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police report break-ins at several other locations around the countryside community. the they have appears to go after vehicles with purses inside. in one they left behind cell phones and a laptop computer. parents that attend a -- that have children that attend a school have been target. signs are posted warning people not to leave valuables behind in cars locked. >> i only walk right there, but they could get it in that time. that is scary. >> my purse comes with me every time and keep the doors locked. i don't lock my car doors to take my wides kids to school. >> reporter: there has been one other car break in in a popular dog park not far from here. police say this is yet another indication that we should all be aware of our surroundings. for now reporting live in clearwater, rodney dunigan, abc
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>> thanks, rodney. happening today a rapper caught in a viral video is on trial. a teenager reached out and grabbed kevin gates pants during a performance in lakeland last year. she said he lashed out kicking her in the stomach. a horrific theme park accident halfway around the world is shutting down a ride at tampa's busch gardens. >> busch gardens announced they have closed the congo river rapids ride, similar to the australia. >> abc action news anchor james tully is live in tampa at busch gardens. any word how long the ride will be closed? >> reporter: deiah, it's important to note that no one was seriously injured at the congo river rapids ride or any problems but the park wants to wait to see what the investigation in australia reveals until they reopen it
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queensland, australia, right now as many as 30 investigators are trying to figure out what happened at dream world. until they do, the condo river rapids ride at busch gardens will be shut down. >> we will leave no stone unturned. the police will do a thorough investigation as with the coroner. we need to ensure that this never ever happens again. >> reporter: we influence over the river rapids at busch gardens yesterday. like the ride in australia, it takes op a manmade river while a conveyor belt moves them along. at dream world one of the rafts flipped over sending the riders on the conveyor belt where they were caught in the machinery and killed. two children, a 10 and 12-year- old were on the raft and swam to safety. their mothers were among the four that died. >> frorom what i have seen almost a miracle that anybody came out of that.
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is closed until friday after which they will hold memorial services then reopen the park. busch gardens, it's just the ride that is closed. the rest of the ride is open and operating on a normal schedule. james tully, abc action news. >> thanks, james. now to democracy 2016, with less than two weeks to go until election, the clinton and trump campaigns are making a big push. >> they are focusing on campaign stops like the one hillary clinton has pl she will be in lake worth this morning then attend a rally in tampa at curtis hixon waterfront park at 2:45 in the afternoon. gates open at 12:45. ryan smith will have a live report at 9:30. donald trump is taking a detour off the campaign trail and will open a hotel in washington, d.c. after that, he will campaign in north carolina. yesterday he held two rallies in florida where he promised to
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some called it disastrous noting premiums are increasing next year. >> together we will deliver real change that once again puts america first. >> that begins with immediately repealing and replacing the disaster known as obama care. >> he added that clinton would make it worse putting the government in charge of care. tune in to abc action news tonight at 7:00. we are airing the second and final debate in the tight senate race between marco rubio and patrick murphy. that starts tonight at 7:00. it is live from broward college in davie.
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we got rid of fall. we are late summer except for the rainfall. i don't think we will be raining here. a few clouds this afternoon. a lot of sunshine as we have been showing you. titan doppler radar, say the and radar looks good -- satellite and radar looks good. winds will be gusty. we will talk about that and the weekend forecast in a few minutes. good morning, northbound i-75 just before you get to i-4 you can see the inside lane is blocked causing a slow down for those of you approaching i-4. we have a crash on the courtney campbell causeway taking about 30 minutes to get across from pinellas into tampa. you can see the backup to the bayside bridge. the howard frankland is moving better at this hour. just a head's up because of the clinton rally downtown, they are shutting down ashley drive at 1:30. take a look at the map.
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until 4:00 between cass and twiggs. back to you guys. >> thanks, janelle. st. pete police say a youth football game got so intense they arrested a mom who punched a preteen cheerleader in the face. the cheerleaders started taunting ashley preston and according to the report pulled her hair. preston's father said there is a lot of bad blood football teams and his daughter whose son plays on one of the teams didn't do anything wrong. >> they pulled her hair. she don't know, i don't know who did it. [ indiscernible ] >> the cheerleaders aren't talking about what happened. but police are talking to witnesses and reviewing a cell phone video of the incident. right now a young manatee county boy is recovering after falling out of a second story window. it happened yesterday afternoon
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apartments in bradenton. the 2-year-old's mom was cleaning the apartment when she heard the other young child say something about going out the window. she ran to him but it was too late. her son was on the concrete below. >> i would thank god. i would pick up my child and make sure that he was okay but i would be thanking god. >> the manatee county deputies samir rack say miraculously he appears to be okay. a central florida woman is outraged after this video caught a postal worker tossing packages on the porch. then she walks off. the apopka woman recorded the postal employee throwing two
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this month. the off the office will follow- up and take the appropriate action. iraqi special forces are moving more than a thousand people from villages near the front lines in the battle to retake mosul. residents were brought to a camp for their safety. the mosul operation is expected to be the most complex yet for iraqi's military. isis militants have suicide car bombs and mortar bombs to slow the advance near near mosul. a deadly police shooting in maryland. why several officers are on leave. >> how fast time was instrumental in capturing photos of a suspect in an armed robbery. how the victim's girlfriend may
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take a look at this right here. this is a frightening attack on a texas college student. he is beaten, robbed at gunpoint while face timing his
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scratching at the door of his apartment. the 19-year-old opened the door and these men barged in, starting beating him up with pistols. his girlfriend was on fast time watching what was unfolding. at first she shout it was a joke but then realized it ways real. >> i was scared. they were saying i'm going to blow your head off, kill you. >> you are looking down the barrel of a gun hoping you don't see >> his girlfriend said she started grabbing screen shots of what was happening while her dad called 911. at one points the suspects disconnected the computer and the fast time connection was lost. the robbers stole thousands of dollars in music equipment. no arrests have been made. several maryland law enforcement officers are on leave after killing and shooting two fugitives at a hotel. a man and woman were shot after
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the officers were trying to serve arrest warrants. the guns were pellet guns. maryland state police say one trooper is on administrative leave. the local sheriff's office says three officers are on leave. an oklahoma man wanted in a double murder and shooting two officers had a hit list targeting two other people. authorities are extremely concerned about the people whose names are on they are providing protection for the people. vance posted live videos to social media during a violent rampage including the shooting of two police officers, armed car thefts and the killing of two relatives. take a look at the flames that you see behind me burning down a migrant camp in france. this is called the jungle. it has become a symbol of europe's migrant crisis.
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migrants out. thousands were living there for months hoping to settle in the united kingdom. more than 4,000 migrants have been bussed to temporary shelters since monday. they have two choices, stay in france or go back to the country of origin. the four suspects in the shooting of tyson gay's teenage daughter appeared in a kentucky courtroom. they are charged with wane tan endangerment in connection with the shooting that killed 15- year-old trinity gay. th custody waived preliminary hearings without testimony. the cases are moving to the grand jury. the only suspect in custody received a new date for his hearing. temple university is increasing security after authorities took four teenagers into custody after a series of brutal mob attacks on students and other bystanders near campus. take a look. a large group of youths targeting people
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attacks. temple university said the groups appeared to have organized online. if you need extra cash, this is the best time of year to add a job. they are adding seasonal workers through christmas day. consumer reporter john matarese shows you who is hiring so you don't waste your money. >> looking for part-time work or want extra money for the holidays? you may want to know about nine major companies hiring thousands of w titusville the season to spend but -- advertise the season to spend -- tis the season to spend amazon, 120,000 temporary workers at its fulfillment centers. target 70,000. kohl's 60,000. j.c. penney 40,000. radial that does warehousing
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20,000. toys r us 10,000. ups is hiring 95,000 workers and fedex 50,000. from the doesn't that sting file, money says you won't get full time health benefits in most cases and don't expect training for front line jobs which may have you saying doesn't that stink. expect to do warehouse workings not driving the big delivery truck to someone's front door. benefits, a seasonal job can lead to full time opportunities and at least a resume builder. so consider it and don't waste your money. john matarese, abc action news. beautiful wednesday morning. it's been a string of beautiful morning. >> beautiful mornings. not as cool this morning. you will need the jacket. looking for super cold weather,
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before you have to reuse the sweaters and the jackets here. we will stay with this warm spell over the next few days and it will be in the mid- to upper-80s with more humidity starting to feel less like fall. certainly this morning it was different with temperatures in the 60s for the most part and comfortable. not what we were over the weekend with 40s and 50s. on the water you have the east wind. we had a front come through, not changing the temperature here but gusty winds. base choppy. small craft advisory. we will show you that in a second. of temperatures upper 60s to 70s. uniform across the panhandle. widen more and there you see the southeast relatively mild. the cold air is bottled to the north and west. we have a trough with cool air to the northeast. none of that is coming in our direction. we stay with high pressure to the north and an east wind and
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days. even rainfall won't be with us. that is received for our good friends in south florida. a couple of showers may try to survive the trip from 95 to 75. i don't think they will make it. staying dry. temps mid- to upper-80s. above normal for this time of year. sunny and mild. mostly clear. 69 at the airport. st. pete 71, 72 and the rest of our area in the 60s, mid-60s in the morning. not bad at afternoon. there is the small craft. northeast winds at 20 knots. choppy conditions. there headquarter the tides the next 12 hours. extended forecast through the weekend, looks good. steady as she goes. mid-80s. overnight lows in the upper 60s. coming up, self driving semi makes a 120-mile beer run.
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positively tampa bay. we are wrapping up national domestic violence month. you will hear from the spring
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it's coming up on 9:24. anheiser busch made history delivering the first commercial shipment of beer with a self out how to hack this and get the trucks straight to a frat house. it hauled more than 50,000 cans of budweiser from fort collins, colorado to colorado springs, 120-mile journey down an interstate. there was a professional driver in the cab to monitor the self driving system and handle the exit ramps. it went well. don't expect them on the road
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while not losing out on business. owners of volkswagens with emission cheating software may be able to sell their cars back to the automaker next month. the judge has approved the buy back deal to get the cars off the road. owners who don't opt for the buy back can have their cars repaired. mercedes benz in on the luxury pickup truck business. plans announced in 2015. these are the first renderings that we have seen of t late next year in parts of the europe, africa, south america and australia. unfortunately these will not be available in the united states. >> in honor of national pumpkin day -- i didn't know it, krispy kreme will make history with the glazed doughnut. >> they are selling pumpkin spice doughnuts for one day only today. this is the first time in krispy kreme history that the
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the biggest is trumpkin. she also made hillary clintons and put kin. trump and clinton weigh about the same. putin is a whooping 341 pounds. the artist said the russian president is his big influence on the election cycle. ouch, the tooth hurts. >> a rough game for bishop who lost teeth during the lightning game last light.
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the stage is set in downtown tampa. warehouser away from hillary clinton's rally this afternoon. coming up, i will have her plans to push early voting in must win florida. plus, a former nurse accused of killing her patients. one of the victim's sons is speaking out about the heinous crime. >> what we are learning about the moments leading up to a tiger attack in pensacola. the big cat sending a trainer to the hospital. this happened in front of a group of kids. >> good morning, thank you for joining us on abc action news at 9:30. i'm dan shaffer. >> i'm deiah riley. we need to do a travel forecast.
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we will warm up nicely by later on today. this is what i'm talking about. the temperature difference, the east wind, this is much warmer than this time yesterday. this morning a good 15 degrees warmer. that puts us well into the 60s. we had 40s yesterday. we are warm, a bit more humid, no oppressively so. we will have temperatures in the mid-80s. warmer than usual. we will talk about coming up. hurricane season is not over. major hurricane in the eastern pacific. update on that in a few minutes. a fight to the finish line in florida is key. hillary clinton is hours away from a campaign stop in downtown tampa. >> abc action news ryan smith is live at curtis hixon waterfront park with the plan to get voters to the polls before election day, ryan? >> hillary clinton campaigning
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urging people to get out and vote early. we are set up close to the stanley behind us but they just activated a security sweep so we are pushed off the property which is standard since the event starts in a couple of hours. you can see crews putting finishing stages on the stage. this is part of a two-day swing across florida, early voting in the biggest in florida, clinton has a slight edge over republican donald trump up three points. that falls within the margin of error. right now it's a dead heat, a virtual tie. nationally a cnn poll shows seven of 10 people believe clinton will win the white house. she told a crowd in south florida she is not taking anything for granted. >> i feel good but i am not taking anything for grand.
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can between now and the close of the election. >> reporter: at this point we learned that both candidates have stopped personal fund- raising. with just a little under two weeks to go, it's about getting out the vote and conducting these huge rallies and spreading the message to as many people as possible. this event downtown, this rally, the reporting live, roy january smith, abc action news. donald trump will campaign in north carolina after wrapping up a three-day swing in florida. in the last florida event in tallahassee he promised to create millions of jobs. he wanted to knock out hillary clinton. he talks about fighting for real with vice president joe biden in reaction to what the vp said last week. >> i will get myself in trouble zahn and say something like i would like to take him behind
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school. all kidding aside, wouldn't you? for real? >> did you see where biden wants to take me to the back of the barn. me. he wants to. i would love that. >> i would love that. mr. tough guy. mr. tough guy. you know when he is mr. tough guy, when he is standing behind a microphone by himself. >> the latest polls carolina show clinton leading by 3 to 7 points. one poll has trump up by 3 points there. looks like justin timberlake won't be charged for snapping this voting selfie. he lives in california and flew to tennessee to vote. he posted a selfie at the voting machine. that is a no no in tennessee. last year the governor signed a bill allowing people to use
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informational purposes only. take a look at this chilling surveillance video. that is a burglar creeping around inside of a broward county home with two children asleep on the couches there. take a look at the window. the see it there? that is another intruder with a gun pointed inside the house at those kids. the family had no idea what was going on until the next morning when they checked the camera and saw the intruders only feet from their kids. another neighbor said the intruders tried home, too. the suspects are still on the loose. joe arpaio has been charged with contempt of court. he has been ordered to stand trial in december. he is accused of disobeying a court injunction barring his officers from stopping and detaining motorists based on a suspicion that they were in the country illegally. the 84-year-old is seeking a 7th term as maricopa sheriff. he is facing a difficult
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democratic challenger paul panzone. a nurse accused of killing several of her elderly patients over a span of several years. eight nursing home residents were murdered in ontario. the nurse is charged with eight counts of first-degree murder. investigators say the alleged victims were between 75 and 96 years old. the son of one victim is talking about this heartless crime. >> first you think he is at rest but then you have to dig it up and go through it again. i don't want to go through it again. this person has no heart, no humanity and no soul. >> police say the murders were committed over a seven year period. the homicides were discovered last month after an anonymous tip. this morning we are finding out what lead to a tiger hurting a trainer during a show for children. it happened during a demonstration for children at a
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fair. the trainer was taking the bengal tiger over hurdles. the fiance says paige tripped which triggered the instinct of the tiger to jump on her. >> he never bit. it wasn't a vicious attack. he never growled. oh, we are playing? he grabbed her with the claw. >> the crews rushed her to a hospital for surgery. she will be okay. the tiger show is canceled this is the first year the show had come to pen so -- po pensacola. the dow's is down 97 points. >> uber eats is expanding to st. pete. it will be up and running in time for lunch. uber eats just launched in tampa last month. "tampa bay times" business journal reports that the service in st. pete will start at 11:00.
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at restaurants like the taco bus, urban brew and a lot more. drivers will bring it to you. for a limited time, the delivery fee is waived. eventually it will cost you 5 bucks. that is ivan when he tested it out in tampa a month ago. >> i paid last time. >> thank you again for that. meanwhile, another service is offering to bring you what you need right now as well. google express launched in tampa bay. it allows users to buy things from costco, walmart, foods, petsmart and other retailers and have it delivered within two days. you can sign up for $95 a year membership or pay 4.99 delivery fee on every order. google off officers a free three month trial. they don't deliver refrigerated goods or alcohol. the fight override sharing in hillsborough is getting nasty. the public transportation commission seems to be turning on itself. they are investigating their own executive director about
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companies that he is supposed to be regular guy lating. at issue whether he favors the cab companies ex -- at the expense of uber and lyft. there is strong support for cab companies on the board. the vice chair even comparing uber to killers. >> bonnie and clyde had a big fan club, too. at the end of the day they were just bang robbers. >> the deal to legalize uber and lyft in the county that was supposed to happen in a couple of weeks may not happen. a man with the last name of trump has his vanity plates
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it has been 108 years since the chicago cubs won the world series. >> they hope the game tonight will be better than last night. the the cubs. perez hit two home runs for cleveland. first pitch tonight at 7:08 an hour earlier than normal because rain is in the forecast. despite the loss, cubs fans are pitting their hopes on a world series win on an old year book post. back in 1993, michael leigh predicted that the cubs would win in 2016. , he wrote on there, you saw it here first. we will see what happens.
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second of six straight road games in toronto. it was a painful game for goalie ben bishop. hockey masks are supposed to prevent injuries. it didn't on this shot. it hit bishop's mouth so hard it knocked out the two front death. bishop retrieved the teeth from the helmet, stayed in the game and got the win. lightning won 7-3. a fan falling 60 feet at the denver broncos stadium. it happened at the game monday night. he was sitting on a railing when he fell. he was rushed to a hospital where he was pronounced dead. the broncos said the team is reviewing the tragic incident and will continue to maintain all necessary safety mess saucer for our fans. police say the penn state crowd that flooded the streets after sad night's win against ohio state caused $30,000 in
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beaver avenue that night. police have identified 11 vandalism suspects so far. an oregon man is finding out it's hard to have the last name of trump. bryan trump got a vanity license plate sporting his last name. since donald trump announced his candidacy, bryan and his car are turning heads on the road. >> i got a couple of thumb's up driving by vulgar language, mean looks, flipping you off, that kind of thing has been more common. >> he is not ditching his vanity plates but will add a sticker saying it's my last name and i have better hair. a north carolina woman's team to teach her husband a lesson about lottery tickets back fires big time. her husband asked her to pick up a couple of powerball
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point that the tickets were a waste of money, so, she bought a ten dollars scratch off ticket instead never expecting to win. >> she did. it was a million dollar winner. they took the lump sum, 415,000 after taxes. they plan to buy a new home and set up college funds for the two granddaughters as well. >> her husband says, see. >> if they followed instructions, they may have won the powerball. >> 450,000. >> the retirement plan is working. >> excellent stuff. election day, are you doing early voting. >> yeah. >> you may want to. >> the polls on election day. >> i like that feeling, too. the lines can be a problem sometimes. the reason we are talking about that, look at this gorgeous shot from the circles at a polo beach cam. this is fantastic weather. when is the next cold front? perhaps election day with
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40s on election morning. this is way out, right, november 8th so keep checking back with us. but that is what i see as far as anything cool coming our way. right now we are on the way up as temperatures are going to climb into the 70s. we are in there and now back to the 80s. as far as any rainfall, if you are hitting the turnpike or heading down to south florida, they are seeing clouds out there. showers are in the forecast. that would be about it. for us, mowed -- easterly flow will moderate temperatures. 85 to 87 will be the range. nice and warm with higher humidity so not feeling as fall like. tropics quiet where it matters. this is quite a feature. my goodness, look at the hurricane. this is seymour out to sea. thankfully.
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you can see a well-defined eye. it will head up to the north and fizzle out. that is fine with us. 85 in tampa this afternoon. 87 apollo beach. some areas will see upper 80s. well above the average. should be about 82 with lower humidity. we are not going to get that. staying warm, mid-80s tomorrow and the next day. into the weekend as well. it's not quite over. a quick check of the halloween forecast for monday, out trick or treating, mild as well with temperatures in the evening in the 70s. >> thanks, ivan. abc action news is supporting community events all month long benefiting the local domestic violence shelters. >> how fundraisers help the
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>> people think about domestic violence centers and they think we are shelters. they don't realize we have a 24- 7, 365 day a week hotline that somebody can call in the middle of the night if it's a safe time to call or a teenager can call and ask the question is what i'm going through in my relationship, is that dating violence. >> last year 29,000 domestic violence cases were reported in the tampa bay area alone.
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need alone. local domestic violence centers depend on community support in dollars and volunteer hours. visit to learn about the volunteer opportunities available to you. we have the centers listed
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a lot of sunshine. temps in the mid-80s this afternoon. a few clouds. it will be fantastic weather through the end of the week. >> ivan you are probably good at solving a rubik's cube. >> with my eyes closed. >> check out this kid. he can do it with his feet. he is from tucson.
9:57 am
his hands. the personal best with his hands 37 seconds. >> i'm out then. >> that is cool. we have continuing coverage of the day's top stories at >> "tampa bay's morning blend"
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captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e- mail: comments@c i'm carley boyette. >> i'm shawn daley filling in for natalie, who still hasn't sent me a postcard. >> it's in the mail. >> oh, oh, i've heard that before. [ laughter ] we'll talk about halloween just a few days out. people are still figuring out what they are going to dress up as, but there is a new costume that's gone viral. >> it is viral and weird.


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