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tv   The Now Tampa Bay  ABC  October 26, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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today, hillary clinton's turn in tampa and today we are looking into just how much crowd size really matters>> have been to two trump rallies. >> and she's not the only one, but they are telling us about rally turnout. and, bush gardens is shutting down because it's similar to the one that people died on in all still you. the steps they took before deciding to reopen. and, swimming with the tiger cub, is now under investigation.
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have found your problem. it will explain how to get your time and money back. and here we go, hillary clinton is live on stage at citrus hixon park into the just moments ago. >> and today is her 69 they tampa is her second stop. she started with various star power. and, you know her from movies. and also, a native of st. petersburg. she was one of the celebrities who warmed up the crowd. >> by the way, i meant curtis hixon park. trump is focusing on north carolina. he is going to be happy with how things are looking in florida. that's because a new bloomberg poll is in with a two-point edge over hillary.
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marco rubio leaving in the same poll for that senate seat in florida. >> and they polled registered voters. and, as a fight for the white house is about rallies, we're looking at turnout, this is a birds eye view of chumps rally on monday and you can see the crowd there. many of you mentioning about the difference of the size of really matter? nicole greg is looking into past elections in the strategy behind the campaigns. >> it is like comparing apples to oranges. but no matter where you live passion is there. >> i think everything she says makes a lot of sense. >> rally size is actually part of the campaign strategy.
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it also brings major news networks out to them. but everyone here, doesn't mean they are necessarily voting for them. >> some are there to see trump because he's trump. >> thank you. >> and hillary's campaign tends to stick to the smaller venues. that's because, it said in overcrowded is better than another crowd. but what is history tell us? in 2004 john crowds but he lost to george w. bush. >> i can choose only one running mate. >> president. obama junior a crowd of 100,000 in st. louis during the 2008 election. but he was the first african- american to run. in 2012 that romney was drawing crowds over 10,000 people but he lost.
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rally admit they went to see trump as well. >> i have been to both. >> they just wanted to see what it was about. and back to the message that hillary had for tampa >> rain is live there right now. what's happening? >> reporter: well, she wrapped up not too long ago quick speech about 30 minutes. every desktop about 5000 people stashed -- every guess about 5000 people. and, they packed this place in good. a lot of people couldn't get in. the biggest message, get out to vote.
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florida is a key swing state. then, some are saying hillary is so confident and is working on the rest of the ballot. but today shows that the hits directed at her opponent keep on coming. >> you know has stood next to donald trump report .5 -- 4.5 hours proving conclusively i have the stamina to do the job. >> reporter: most polls here give clinton a slight edge. but as you mentioned, there's a lot of talk about this poll out today. it shows that trump has a two percentage point lead over clinton here in florida which is basically a dead heat. >> thank you. the congo river rapids ride
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that is the ride that is similar to the one in australia that malfunctioned killing four people. bush gardens told us that they were shutting it down just as a precaution to make sure everything was working safely. and, i talked about that right in australia and this is what they are still dealing with. they plan to open on friday. and, two people were thrown from a wrapped into others we capsize. again, all for the people were killed. all right. let's take a look here. a beautiful evening to go outside. >> yes. >> this is kind of a stretcher you can look at the seven-day forecast. and in the summer time we are used to that 90 or 91. the cold front that we had this
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now for folks interested in the warmer air may be alone and more humid it's back. -- maybe a little bit more humid. temperatures are in the lower to middle 80s. then, a throw in the high humidity and all of a sudden you really start to notice that warmth out there. and, i guess this is a bright spot. and, we pretty beautiful weather in terms of sunshine and we are not anticipating any rain whatsoever. and, quite possibly the next week and beyond. the only change, there may be some fog. and, as things are cooling down. and you're starting to see some foggy conditions. and, partly cloudy to clear
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and, who will take a closer look at that coming up. perfect timing. thank you. candid moments on the campaign trail. this is hillary clinton ingesting pictures here it's her 69th birthday. and in florida she got a little bit of a birthday cake surprise. and while hillary was celebrating her birthday trump was getting hammered. not that kind of hammered. i mean literally hammered. a guy smashed his star. that happened this morning they have all ready replaced it. the guy who claims that he did it he said he wanted to sell the start after the election day. trump's star has been vandalized several times before. california national guard
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someone mistake in others were just fraud. the pentagon want to the money back and was garnishing wages putting them in a tough spot. and, defense secretary ash carter said enough is enough. they won't be going after that money. president. obama begins -- agrees with that. what happens to those who did pay the money back. that still have to be worked out. hurricanes and upcoming election were probably going to have a few unused vacation days left at the end of the year. >> yes, and there's a business that wants to make sure that you get paid for your unused time.
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we have breaking news out of sarasota. we just got these pictures of the house that caught fire. there were two people inside and they both died. this all happening on sugar lane. we do have a crew on the way to the scene. for those of you who don't use your paid time off, there's a company trying to put it to good use. >> 222 million vacation days are lost each year. so this company would like you
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even a charity. because time is money. >> has. but it's not accessible to everyone. and, as we mentioned this is just the start up time as the -- magazine is reporting there's only one client. but you never know. it could take off. storm the street view of bing maps, -- the street view of bing maps, our new station. right there. but then there's a different view in baltimore caught in the moments right after murder. here it is. you can see the police officer and a man lying on the ground behind the car. that man later died at the hospital. >> inevitably, you're going to capture something. and, this is just happening to
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>> baltimore police, they're trying to remove this picture. >> when research is area, this is what we found. and, you can see the difference here compared to the last picture. and, the technology automatically blurs faces in license plate for your license plate but it was neighbor whoever becomes president is going to have a tough road uniting the country. more than half of likely voters are worried about the possibility of violence on election day 40% say that they will have a peaceful transfer of power those results are from a usa today poll.
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recognize hillary clinton as president. breaking news people in italy are feeling strong aftershocks after a powerful earthquake hit that area. looking at that map, you can see the latest hit was about an hour ago in central italy near rome. a 6.3 magnitude are ready being filled all the way inland as we see. let's get a live look at the moment. probably know this well. they seem unharmed but we are being told that the buildings in rome were swaying and in central italy, the buildings re damaged. -- all ready damage. >> i love this. ashely glass has been home with her beautiful baby but she's finding out, that diapers are expensive. so here's the deal you don't
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that means this pack, to diapers goes from 42 $99-$25. there's a bit of a catch, you have to be in amazon family member to get that 40% off. and, every little bit helps. but if you haven't heard of amazon family don't you worry we haven't heard of it either. it's free if you're a prime member. i put on my facebook page go to my twitter page. oh boy, i know i've been bishop wants for christmas, his two front teeth. and, if they 722 victory. but here's how tough this guy is, he stays in the game after he search for a short time for his teeth.
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you lose your teeth, then followed by but then you find them. >> and, they block the pup anyway. >> i mean, hockey players are men. they really are. they will go off the ice and get all stitched up. >> this is the kind of stuff that you see as your out of the lightning cage. and, very warm as it is across the entire area. it's a beautiful day and just the refreshing air. three or four days, not taking a break. this is totally wind, bringing in moisture. and tom a few showers -- and, a few showers are popping up.
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or a spritz. and, at this point in time we are not showing that locally but i would not be surprised if early evening there might be a couple in the eastern poke in highlands county. temperatures right now in the lower to middle 80s. so, when we start seeing 84 and 85 we are above normal. and those are numbers we will not just the next couple of days. so, in our weather. which means, beautiful days outside. and, maybe a bit of fog at times across the northern counties. but otherwise, with the futurecast maybe just a spritz or a sprinkle at any point in the afternoon. and, for all practical purposes, you can count on rain preconditions.
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cold front, you have to hope that this area comes through the day. and, we walk through our area, there's no blue. wednesday thursday right here next weekend. and you notice, there is a child i the end of next weekend and maybe another one building. so there's a hint possibly by election day we could see this area come on down. and, the gfs maybe. something to look forward to. so, what we are seeing now is what we are going to get for the foreseeable future which isn't too bad. temperatures are in the middle 80s and the only thing is, the trick-or-treaters it's going to be warm, it's going to be humid. have you ever pulled close out of the washing machine and noticed that parts of them are
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can figure out that program best problem.
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welcome back. i was just telling my colleagues, this is my wash
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aren't doing their job leaving your clothes smelly and dirty. >> they are the energy- efficient machines and, they are the older models. and, and then, they might be causing a big problem. >> that. and, i have dry spot after they pulled the washing machine. and guys getting my close what. >> i feel for the guy. and, ed wallace, they tried using the deepwater setting. and as soon as it draws --
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things. and, they are looking into it, and they stressed other models do not have this problem. >> and something you want to keep in mind, if you're ever making a big purchase, save your receipts and your paperwork and read the warranty. and, and if you smell and take it back. college tuition keeps going up. and, up. 10% over the past five years and they go up 12% at private schools and that's at the same time income only went up 7%. but, please tell me that there is good news. because i have two kids and
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going up as much as in the past. for this school year the average price went up about 2.5%. and if you stay in state and go to a public college in-state public tuition runs about $20,000 a year. here in florida it's a little cheaper than the national average. public coverage will cost you about $15,500 a year here in florida. and, over the past five years. >> i can't homeschool and, if the place for you can swim with the baby tiger. -- and, this is the place where you can swim with the baby tiger. and, they are being sued for
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justin, new information about the boating accident that killed the marlins pitcher,
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an affidavit just released suggesting that he and his friends maybe heavily drinking. he had a strong smell of alcohol when the drivers found him. there is also evidence that they were speeding when it slammed into the jetty on miami beach. >> law enforcement is getting involved as more and more people are seeing this youtube video and, they are saying that it shows some abuse. >> and eric takes a look at this video and why the owner tells us that it doesn't tell the whole story. >> this is video secretly required -- recorded. it's been viewed 42,000 times. and, they say that it shows a newborn tiger club -- club, a dead pub on the ground, and others being forced to pose for pictures and swim as part of the up close encounters. >> they are absurd -- observed
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to swim with patrons. being yanked by their tails when they tried to escape or get out of the full peer >> the sheriff's office took a look at the video >> and we need to investigate to make sure that if there is abuse going on, that we take the appropriate actions. >> and, against them earlier this month alleging mistreatment. and, things owner cathy stern say that peter targeted her place for years and her trainers love the tigers and have taken great care of them for 20 years. stearns didn't want to come on camera today, but said the peta operatives working for her purposely neglected their duties to make the things seem worse. she also said, the video doesn't show the whole story. for example, she said the mother tiger had just killed one of her cubs and they were pulling others to safety. the wild things say they're working on a lawsuit against the former employees who took the video after signing a
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say that all three were fired for not doing their jobs before the video surfaced. the sheriff's office is handing the matter over to the agricultural unit. and, people who are looking to sell the house, home prices kept rising and just a few weeks ago we told you about bank rates estimating that tampa bay area homes to 20% higher than ago. but before you get excited, they are getting concerned about the local housing market. they do not think we will see a bubble burst like we did 10 years ago. but they are worried about the world pool and cheryl williams. and, happening right now, still waiting on donald trump to come on the stage in charlotte north carolina, the podium is empty it won't be for long. trump having a little bit of a
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bloomberg poll. it has an edge over hillary clinton. and, hillary clinton wrapping up her rally in -- her rally. and in the meantime, the goldstar father who blasted donald trump for his comments about muslim americans is campaigning for hillary clinton. here is video of him visiting a mosque in norfolk, virginia. >> donald trump as a candidate has proven himself temperamentally unfit to be the commander-in-chief of this great nation. >> and, he also raised concerns about him leading our armed forces and controlling our new their weapons. and remain -- you may remember,
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and cocked getting a quick check of some of the early voter turnout in one of our counties. hillsborough county updating their early numbers every 10 minutes now is 43,000. another 105,000 mail-in ballots. so we're talking 150,000 out of the 844,000 registered voters. the turnout numbers are running about the same so far. by the way, pascoe county doesn't start early voting until saturday. >> slave a lot of turnout and talk about voting accuracy or rod depending on who you ask. so we asked officials how do you know that your boat is being counted correctly? >> each counted as a systemwide test of all of the voting machines, and that happens before early voting even starts. in my drawer in the booth, you won't get a receipt of who you voted for because of state secrecy laws. many are kept private. this is it designed to protect the process that someone can turn around and show who they voted for and get paid.
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machines are audited and they hand out a paper ballot to compare with the results from the machines. >> it seems that there's been a lot of conversation about winning the popular vote as opposed to winning the electoral vote. so what you really need to do to win the election? while pop quiz, let's do this ensure false. how many electoral votes you need to win the white house? >> -- each state gets electoral vote for house of representative member that they have. every state has two u.s. senate is. so, california and florida and texas have the most electoral college vote. if you win the popular vote in the nation you automatically win the election, false. the wind to 2000, al gore had more votes across the country. but, george bush still one.
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bigger states. the huge month, with the most electoral college votes. and it came down to florida, with a 29. money for sale online. and copper far less than what they look like they are worth. we will tell you the reason you don't want to get this stuff and how it could end up costing
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updating, and arrived over the house. a third person went to the hospital. this all happened on sugar lane.
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they're trying to talk to firefighters right now. it will have a lot more information coming up. and, what a deal you can buy a wad of $100 bills for just $10. >> that sounds like a safe bet. it is fake money that they are buying and trying to pass it off as real money it's doors in kansas city. >> >> they say right on them motion picture use only. they are not real they have no value. people aren't taking the time to look at the bills i think we have gotten into such a hurry trying to get transactions done so that we can get onto the next person that they aren't paying any attention. >> well and way money circulates it could get as cash back. so we started looking and moving money is really easy to
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you would hope that the big bold letters reading motion picture would be a giveaway that it is fake. but watch out. you should build a whole the real stuff up to the light. there are other ways to spot phony hundred dollar bills. >> about to show you. like the watermark. okay. so you have got all of this happening. you have the watermark. and, of course you have the bottom right corner and change. and cup premiums are going up for the affordable care act there are things that you can do to keep costs down.
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, -- in italy there are experiencing strong aftershocks in an earthquake that happened there after a couple of hours ago. buildings damaged in the screen. and, the entire corner of this building is justin pieces. luckily the power is still on in that area. some places are without power. so far, no reports of injuries. but, that could change as crews assess the damage. and, that's why this picture is dark. keep watching the developing story. meanwhile, what may finally be a break from those outrages epipen prices. and, new competition.
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market. they recalled it because of incorrect dosing. the company is not saying exactly how much you will have to pay for the epipen alternative. just thought it would be a very low-cost. and health insurance premiums are going up for people covered under the affordable care act. >> but that doesn't mean that everyone will be paying more. we are looki impacted most by these changes >> reporter: the >> you got our letters. >> he was not expecting to pay more next year. but he will be. >> do you know anything about the $55 more month. >> it's not too great but i feel like it's okay. >> premiums are going to rise by an average of 22%. and, it can vary from state to
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that much of a hike in most people will not see a hike at all. >> the same thing happened last year. the rates went up. >> he works at the state health care exchange. and, they get federal subsidies, which can lower the premium to left in 10% of their income >> the premium goes down if their income is lower. and the cost of insurance >> and, >> that she says most time people think they won't qualify so they don't apply. >> they hear a lot about the premiums going up but they are not aware of this program to help them absorb that. >> and, at least it is there. >> navigating health care. >> what you do?
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>> and, staying covered despite changing costs. >> and, federal leaders claim 77% of people will be able to find a plan $100 or less. the chief is in for shay. >> a new weather producer. this is antonio. look at the camera. >>[laughter] >> there are 11 billion people. >>[laughter] >> i just did a consultation because i was wondering if they're going to get rain there are some scattered showers popping up. and, if the east-west flow and another beautiful day at the beach. and another stretch of gorgeous weather.
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weekend, next week, we are good to go. i rain chances and our immediate viewing area, are less than 5%. and, there are a few isolated showers on the east coast, but by the time that that tries to move into the neck of the woods. most of it fizzles out. the most you will see is polk county, maybe a spritz that will last five minutes. and around the east side of the better chance of and, you want to go a bit further than that, let's talk about tonight game. hopefully tonight game in cleveland because, there's a little bit of rain. they actually bumped up the first pitch ahead one hour but i want to show you something you see this in michigan, that is snow. member lifetime joe maddon was in the world series with the raise. and they had to go through that mess with radiance no they
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of course, there stone the fields we will see whether or not they get that in. and then, closer to home, beautiful weather with temperatures right back in the lords and ladies and a dew point on the rise and the refreshing air that we had last weekend's gone and i don't think it's coming back from another 10 to 14 days that would be the soonest that we might see our next cold front. and, it will drop into the upper 50s. tampa to lakeland down to st. pete. and dropping down to 69. here's a look at that satellite picture. and, otherwise things are quiet and they will stay that way. and, we will see a shoe showers /a few showers over on the weekend. this sticks through the weekend and writer next week as well. the tropics has one bit of good
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so our forecast, there may be some patchy fog. temperatures in the upper 60s. in his a look at your poured a forecast. and, rain chances are less than 10% and a little bit better chance towards the end of next week or maybe even for election day. and, by election day a front, that's a possibility. -- >> i think antoni is ready to produce the next forecast. as you know, the supreme court vacancy is pretty much on hold until after the election and for a lot of people it's influencing how they vote. and if suggesting nine out of 10 likely voters consider this election of a new supremes the court justice important to their choice for president. seven out of 10 believe that the court should make his decision based on how the constitution as written and on legal precedents.
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justice are more important. meanwhile, justin timberlake in the voting booth is bringing major attention to whether or not you can actually bring a camera into the voting booth with you. >> it's a legal in tennessee where he did it it's a legal here in florida, and he has since deleted this picture from instagram and the higher ups the -- say they doot charge them. and, todd walker is looking into be as close -- loss. >> early voting is underway. dropping off the ballots, they can drive right through and in many other states, early voting is underway. and, right now, it's legal to show it to you. and, if i filled it out, filled
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suddenly could be a misdemeanor crime. it's like that in several other states. and, take a look at this map. showing the different laws and different states that prohibits you from taking a selfie. it is being challenged in court right here in colorado. in fact, the circuit court because it violates the first amendment rights under the constitution. so the laws have been in place for a very long time and it takes a long time technology. and, we spoke to the aclu here in colorado and they say it appears to be a violation of their first amendment rights. and, it will take challenges to get these laws change. >> the challenge in making these laws is that they have to be carefully and narrowly tailored. and, then the act of selling votes. but don't make it a crime
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lawsuits as you are across the country to get these types of laws struck down. here, they are hoping to have the settled before election day. well, to older adults, what do some of the wisest and most experienced americans think about the election? inside of the senior independent living community there are several people turning 100 years old or older. and yes, they are planning over the course of their lives they had seen 17 presidents the starting with woodrow wilson who served from 1913 to 21. nine of them republicans, eight democrats. and when you are more than 100 years old and don't want to waste any time getting in your boat. >> -- boat -- vote
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>> she was a little hard to understand but she said she didn't want to not get her vote counted. >> it's really important to them. sue are thinking who did they pick, they said, that they were voting for hillary. and game two is starting earlier tonight. forecasted rain, and the first pitch hopes of avoiding a rain delay. and, it was six to nothing. and the lead picture, -- pitcher pick >> that was a great game. >> at this, tickets selling for thousand dollars and counterfeiting is becoming a problem. in just remind you we want
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house buyers to people died in sarasota. and wendy and jameson are getting in brand-new information on the ground. and they are putting together that information for a part of the broadcast coming up shortly. women over the age of 40 are exposed to get that are supposed to get a mammogram -- women over 40 are supposed to get a mammogram every year. >> susan g koman volunteer spends the wheel each card has an important question. >> they are full of important information. >> they can get breast cancer in their 20s, true or false. >> i was 29 pick >> here in this clinic, they tell us their survivor sisters.
4:58 pm
to confirmed. >> i am blessed that they caught it. >> handles was discovered with an ultrasound. mammograms don't work for them. >> you really have to be positive. so, they want a clear picture. >> and, they said dense breast have less fat and more tissue making the mammograms harder to read. see the image on the f effective. >> lizzie told me if you have dense breasts, ask your doctor what's the best way to get screened. they may order another test and there's a good chance your insurance would cover it. the mac this is not machine that does -- >> this is the machine that does a 3-d mammogram. it is said to be better than one of those with dense breasts. they said, don't be shy for
4:59 pm
others for support. >> i wanted to hug you. >> [laughter] >> and it's important to know, if you need more than a mammogram and they do not cover it, you may want to check with susan g koman if they offer free screenings. abc action news at 5 pm starts right now. >> breaking news, were on th they confirmed this fire killed two people and crews had to break through a concrete wall to rescue a third person. >> you can see all the smoke there. and, you can see all those fire truck surrounding the home deputies say a third person down inside of the home is in the hospital right now
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he will check in live as soon as she gets there. battleground florida is still front and center. good evening everyone. >> big crowds greeting hillary clinton. >> as the democrats worked to get out the vote. >> and she will need all of the votes because of a big pole. showing that trump leads clinton error, they are in a dead heat. >> why hillsborough county could be instrumental in these final days. >> yes, consider this, voters have selected the winner in the last 19 of 20 presidential elections. that's why here in the home stretch your seeing so much of


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