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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  October 26, 2016 11:35pm-12:37am EDT

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from hol from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight andrew garfield, chef mario batali, the fourth annual canine costume parade, and music from cono and and now, what do you know -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: hi, >> jimmy: hi, very nice. welcome. thank you. hi, everyone. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the
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it's very kind. i'm glad you're here. this is night two of the world series. game two between the chicago cubs and the cleveland indians is happening as we speak. the cubs have not won a world series since 1908. the indians haven't won since 1948 which means it will be a very big deal if either team wins. it will also be a very big deal if neither team wins. [ laughter ] that hadn't happe we showed this clip last night of a passionate chicago cubs fan reacting to the realization that his cubbies were going to the world series, watch this. >> he's 35 years old. he's from indiana. and he had just been waiting his whole life for this moment. so those tears he was crying, like so many other tonight in wrigleyville, crying tears of just unbridled joy for this team. >> jimmy: so i love this guy.
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and right now he is with our very own guillermo at slugger sports park in wrigleyville. here he is. [ cheers and applause ] how's it going, fellows? guillermo, have you told everyone in the bar that you're a big indians fan yet? >> guillermo: no, jimmy, that's not true! [ boos ] >> jimmy: ryan, how are you doing? >> we're doing great. thanks for having me, jimmy, i great. >> jimmy: thank you for doing this. what did it mean to you to see the cubs win the pennant? explain what was going through your body at that time. >> well, you know, in 2003 i was in iraq. i didn't get to see the whole bartman situation. now that i was where i was freaking out, oh my god, i'm sure they're going to mess this up somehow. this was the eighth inning so i'm sure that's why you saw all the people in the background not having any reaction at all. i'm hyperventilating.
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to get through this so i can relax and go drink and have fun. that's what i was thinking at the time. >> jimmy: did you know a tv crew was taping you at the time? did you know you were on camera? >> jimmy, the last 48 hours of my life has been absolutely ridiculous. [ laughter ] no, i did not know i was crying on camera. my life has been slipped u i don't know what to do with myself these days. you think i'm single and i should be a bachelor, i've got a beautiful lady that's waiting for me right here next to me. >> jimmy: you do have a girlfriend. if you propose you better cry, you know. [ laughter ] you'd better cry at every major event of your life from here on out. >> yeah, thanks for that pressure, i appreciate it. >> jimmy: was that the happiest moment of your life so far?
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actually answer that. [ laughter ] it reall it really was -- [ cheers and applause ] at >> look at this crowd, i mean, seriously. i mean, listen, jimmy. >> jimmy: yes? >> i've been following the chicago cubs since i was a little kid. that is an amazing moment for me, we're in the world series. i hope we take it all the way. if we don't, no big deal, but this lineup can't los >> jimmy: don't say things like that, that's bad luck. you can't say they can't lose, you don't say things like that. we are going to send you to the game. you, your girlfriend -- [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: ther >> jimmy: there we go again.
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>> jimmy: tha >> jimmy: that's a man right there. i don't care what anybody says. >> thank you, jimmy, i appreciate it so much. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: all right, ryan. thanks for talking to us. and guillermo, buy a round of drinks for everybody in the bar, all right? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: >> jimmy: oh, boy. oh, great. work, i really do. hey, we had a major act of vandalism on hollywood boulevard. early this morning across the street from our building, donald trump's star on the hollywood walk of fame was destroyed. at 5:45 a.m., somebody went out there. this is what the star looked like beforehand. this is what the star looks like now. he smashed the star, this guy, in protest. "deadline hollywood" got this on tape. you can see there's the star.
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[ laughter ] >> jimmy: there's the guy. you can see -- oh my goodness. oh my goodness, he really, really gave it to it. >> sorry. >> jimmy: yeah, we all are. you could see the rest on amc. it's negan versus trump on "the walking dead" next week. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: meanwhile, and i'm not suggesting cosby's star is just fine out there, no problem. [ laughter ] the election is 13 days away now. both candidates are making their final push. donald trump was on the herman cain radio show yesterday. remember herman cain? he's got a radio show. donald trump was on there criticizing of all things wind. he said wind turbines. you know the wind mills you see in the desert, a whole farm? he's against them because they're killing eagles and thousands of other birds.
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[ applause ] >> jimmy: i happen to know why donald trump is against wind power and i'll tell you, it's not because it kills birds. donald trump is against wind because of this. because of what it does to his hair. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that's the real story. who takes a stand against wind? just put it in perspective, you know how many birds are killed every year by cats? billion. if donald trump really cared about birds he wouldn't be shutting downwind mills, he'd be out there grabbing pussies. [ [ drumroll ] [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ]>> jimmyi >> jimmy: this is how much donald trump loves birds. donald trump loves birds so much he eats them by the bucket. that i can tell you.
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tallahassee yesterday where we slowed him down to half speed for tonight's edition of "drunk drunk donald trump." [ tape playing very slowly ] >> should i do it or not? aah. aah. maybe i will. i'll mention you folks when i do. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: moving on. bill clinton is trying to figure out what his official title would be if his wife becomes president. hillary has said that she likes the term first gentleman. she hasn't been able to say it without laughing but she likes the term. [ laughter ] bill has suggested first volunteer, first dude, and first laddy. which if i had a vote i would go with the first lady's man. right? secretary clinton yesterday made a campaign stop on -- this is a
11:44 pm
"elle gordo y el flaca," it means "fat means "fat guy and skinny woman." >> hillary clinton! >> it's good >> it's good to be here, thank you. thank you so much. >> welcome to the show. >> jimmy: wow. what the hell is that? about the wall. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: he's going to need a trampoline to get over it. today is hillary clinton's birthday. as is her custom, every year she spent a quiet evening drinking the blood of her enemies. [ laughter ] focus testing gift ideas. she tweeted a message to herself. this is real fro from @hillaryclinton. happy birthday to this future
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a jinx. is it appropriate to tweet happy birthday to yourself? isn't that kind of like liking your own status update on facebook? [ laughter ] if you do, are you then on the hook for all the other holidays? like mother's day do you have to make yourself breakfast in bed? i don't know how it works. since it is hillary's birthday we wanted to do something fun to exem rate it. this afternoon we went on the street, asked people who said they're donald trump supporters to say something nice to hillary clinton on her special day. and this is how that went. >> today's hillary clinton's birthday. can you say something nice about her? >> no. >> n after the h, i can't really come up with anything. >> i can't say anything positive. i'd ask her if it's truly her birthday or if she's lying about that too. >> yes, she's a great con artist, she's great at deceiving the public. >> she's the devil. >> in her 30 years she's done nothing for the people. >> i don't have nothing to say nice about her. i won't even wish her a happy
11:46 pm
birthday? >> no. >> it's just for her birthday. which is today. >> okay. she didn't call and wish me a happy birthday, so no, nothing. >> happy birthday, hillary. i hope that you get what's coming to you. >> happy birthday, hillary. i hope you get arrested. >> she can have a happy birthday, i just don't care if she has a happy birthday. >> i hope you have a great day. >> that's something. >> that's it. >> that was really nice. that's all good, right? you're a liar and a murderer. and i like your hair. [ laughter ] ? happy birthday to you ? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: all right. we have to take a break. when we come back from the break, we put dogs in halloween costumes. it's our fourth annual canine costume parade so stick around!
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>> jimmy: wel >> jimmy: welcome back to the show. andrew garfield, mario batali, and music from conner oberst is on the way. it's time for canine costume parade. hello, how are you? this is cat, she owns estrella pet pet grooming. you do amazing things with dogs? >> i do, thank you so much. >> jimmy: you won some kind of a grooming competition? >> yes, i did, in las vegas. >> jimmy: in las vegas. before we go through with this, i would like you to explain that these are -- because we have a lot of people who like to complain about nothing when they watch this stuff on the internet.
11:52 pm
all the colors are pet friendly, made for dogs. they're vegetable or plant based. and all the dogs really love it. they love the attention. if there's, you know -- if they don't like it, we don't do it. >> jimmy: does it hurt them emotionally, being humiliated? >> no. >> jimmy: it does not, very good. let's bring out our first dog, bebe. come on out! look at that. >> bebe is an adorable powder puff chinese crested. >> she belongs to a friend of mine. >> jimmy: okay. >> and she's dressed as the cowardly lion. >> jimmy: that's the cowardly lion, all right. def bebe is definitely playing up the cowardly part. [ laughter ] and bebe again has no idea what's going on right now, right? >> no. >> jimmy: okay. >> she's like, all the lights and the stage. >> jimmy: yes, right. bebe was not made for show business. all right, bebe, thank you for being here. [ cheers and applause ]
11:53 pm
kobe. kobe, come on out. this is kobe. [ cheers and applause ] this is somet this is something else. >> kobe is dressed as "inside out" characters. >> jimmy: the movie "inside out." >> yes. on this side, sadness. and disgust. >> jimmy: wow. >> and then over on this side he has fear and anger. >> jimmy: on his face he has confusion. [ laughter ] >> he has adorableness on his face. >> jimmy: yes, he does have adorableness. >> then these are the memory balls. >> jimmy: how do you get kobe to sit down long enough to do this? >> we just work on it a little at a time. so it's only like an hour or so a day. >> jimmy: can people do this to their children as well? [ laughter ] >> their children have really good hair? how long will this color stay in kobe's fur? >> it stays in until i cut it off. >> jimmy: you give it a shave? >> a good shave.
11:54 pm
come on out. there's jasper. crap. jasper is -- >> jasper is a paws-idential candidate. candidate. he's donald trump. >> jimmy: jasper is donald trump. >> complete with his american flag tie, his toupee, and his wall. which he plans to build. >> jimmy: wow. [ cheers and applause ] >> can't forget the spray tan. spray tan on his face. >> jimmy: and the white circles on the eyes too. >> the white circles, yeah. >> jimmy: does jasper also want to deport chihuahuas? [ laughter ] >> he has a problem with chihuahuas. >> jimmy: does jasper hump people's legs? >> when they're not looking. >> jimmy: jasper, i'm sorry, but yes, it's an election year. i don't know what to tell you. all right, thank you, jasper. next up we have ginger. ging ginger, come on out.
11:55 pm
>> jimmy: what >> jimmy: what the hell is this? >> she's another powder puff chinese crested. she has "finding dory" characters. >> jimmy: oh, yeah, my daughter would love this. >> we have hank, he's an octopus, with beautiful coral, then on this side there's dory and nemo. >> jimmy: look at that. wow. that is pretty crazy. kids must go nuts. >> they do. kids love he >> she does. she likes everyone. >> jimmy: all right, all right. well, thank you. just keep swimming. [ cheers and applause ] finally, zeland. come on out. [ cheers and applause ]d zeland's good at this. >> she is. >> jimmy: gets right up on the table. >> zeland is a show dog, she's used to tables. >> zeland is dressed as?
11:56 pm
[ cheers and applause ] the hair blowing in the wind. can she sing? >> she can't sing. >> jimmy: will she smash in your windshield with a baseball bat? >> she'll put her paw up. >> jimmy: all right. well, we'll let beyonce go before she makes lemonade from this fan. [ laughter ] thank you, pat. thank you to the dogs tonight music from conner oberst, mario batali is here, and be right back with andrew garfield! owe owe best. >> dicky: portions of "jimmy kimmel live" brought to you by
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>> jimmy: hi, >> jimmy: hi, there. tonight he's the co-host of "the chew" and an author too this is his new book "big american cookbook" mario batali is here to chat and teach us how to make things too. krm [ cheers and applause ] then his latest album is called "ruminations" conor oberst from
12:02 am
tomorrow night miles teller will be here, science bob pflugfelder has experiments to share and we'll have music from alessia cara. hey, let's check in with guillermo at slugger's sports bar in chicago. he's in wrigleyville. hey, guillermo. this is what happens to dellermo if you get him wet, he multiplies. guillermo, who is that right now with you? >> guillermo: this is my uncle. he's a good hombre! >> jimmy: what? >> very drunk. but he's a good hombre right here. >> jimmy: all right. yeah, i got that the first time. hey, what is your name? >> adam. >> jimmy: do people tell you you look like guillermo? >> yeah, they do. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you work there at the bar? >> yep. >> jimmy: yeah. guillermo is not able to fulfill his duties, would you be willing to step in? >> yeah.
12:03 am
came in, he goes, there's guillermo working. i said, no, my name is adam, guillermo's coming later. >> jimmy: well, thank you. >> guillermo: jimmy, can i tell you something? >> jimmy: yes. >> guillermo: if you replace me, i'm going to start crying. >> no, no, don't cry. it's a team. >> jimmy: guillermo, buy another round of drinks for the bar, what do you say? [ cheers and applause ] >> guillermo: yeah! >> jimmy: there you go. our first guest tonight takes on the role of a real-life world war ii army medic in the mel gibson-directed movie "hacksaw ridge" it opens in theaters november 4th. please welcome andrew garfield!
12:04 am
>> jimmy: very >> jimmy: very good to see you. i first want to mention i saw your movie, you are fantastic this inn this movie, it is really unbelievable. >> you do have to say that because i'm here. >> jimmy: no, i don't have to say it. if you watch closely you'll notice i rarely do say it. no, but that was something else. >> oh, thanks. >> jimmy: yeah, mel gibson, he might an little nutty. but he knows how to direct a movie. he really does. >> yeah, he really does. >> jimmy: were you worried about working with him? you're jewish, right? >> i am. >> jimmy: did you think, oh my god, what am i getting into? >> no, no, not at all. i met mel -- first of all, i read the script and it's this undeniable story about this man who i want everyone to know about. because he just lived his life from this place of pure love. and in the middle of a war situation, he went in without a weapon and --
12:05 am
>> so he was labeled a conscientious objector but he relabeled behind as a conscientious cooperative. he wanted to serve but he wanted to serve in his way. >> jimmy: he enlisted, he wasn't drafted? >> he absolutely enlisted. he could have had a deferment. anyway, so i read the script. more about that, the story, later. when i heard mel was doing it, i was incredibly excited because he makes films for everybody. he makes films that get to the core of our humanity. and everyone i think leaves his movies feeling deeply moved. so the story needed that. second of all, i sat with him, i met him. i got to know him in a real way. in a deep way. without all the noise and the nonsense getting in the way. i felt good enough to go -- >> jimmy: had he seen you in spider-man? did he know you were spider-man? was he aware of this? >> i think he saw, yeah. >> jimmy: that spider man costume you were wearing earlier, did you bring that from home? >> yes -- i mean -- you know.
12:06 am
outfit? >> it was last night. no, two nights ago. [ laughter ] it's like my teeth-brushing ritual, it's a comfort thing. [ laughter ] keeping the flame burning as long as i possibly can. >> jimmy: last halloween did you dress up? >> halloween. last halloween i was in australia, sydney, shooting with mel. >> jimmy: oh, okay. >> and with vince. >> jimmy: vince vaughn? >> vince vaughn is in the film. unlike you've ever seen him before. >> we know how funny and genius he is. but he also has this incredible kind of core humanity -- he's just amazing. you'll see, you'll get it. i don't even have to say it, you'll get it by seeing it. >> jimmy: i know it sounds like a lot of bull [ bleep ]. >> even though it was a grueling shoot we would hang out on weekends, the three of us, kind of get to know each other. so halloween came around. vince was like, hey!
12:07 am
vince vaughn, i'm going to be the drunk favro of that situation, "swingers." the movie "swingers." >> jimmy: you guys are not making out with each other, you're saying -- from the film "swingers." >> right, exactly, exactly. so he had bought these kind of silly halloween masks so that we could be relatively anonymous. it's hard for vince to be nom miscellaneous especially because he's 8'5". >> jimmy: right, big >> incredibly recognizable. so he got us these ridiculous masks. i don't know, it was ridiculous. mel shows up. we get in the car with him. and he gets out this mask. and it's like a "mission impossible" mask. it's the most detailed -- like it's as if -- imagine your face but on mel gibson's face. >> jimmy: if i peeled it off? >> yes, and he can talk in it, and it's flush to his face. and the mask kind of looks like a lumberjack from oregon or something.
12:08 am
line. you don't see any seal. it's flush to his eyes. it's the most -- it must have cost like $50,000, it's this insane thing. he kind of went out in this mask. insofar as -- it's so good that we would be at a bar or whatever and he would be talking to someone with the mask on. so this person thinks they're talking to a lumberjack from oregon. and the person would turn away to grab a drink. and like in a flash he would take it off so when like, aah! it was that terrifying. it got to the point where apparently he told me the story like he would prank his friends. he would have his friends over. there was this one time he had this male friend over. they were looking at his bookshelf or whatever, talking about books, i don't know. doesn't matter. for the purpose of the story, that's just the setting. [ laughter ] he was like, oh, yes, this is my favorite, i want to show you a great old copy of something i
12:09 am
the mask on. and like comes in. in this threatening way. his friend, who's this big built guy, punches him in the face. like hard enough to the point where mel was kind of laid out flat. and mel's like laughing his ass off. and like takes the mask off and he's bleeding all over his face. >> jimmy: wow. >> it's like that good. >> jimmy: wow. >> that scary. if you see a lumberjack from oregon -- >> jimmy: >> it may be. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: andrew garfield is here. "hacksaw ridge." we'll be right back! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> dicky: portions of "jimmy kimmel live" are brought to you by ally. do it right. to be a great athlete or whatever but, you need to make sure you get your college degree. sometimes i call the house, just to hear her voice. (phone ringing) answering machine: hi, leave a message after the beep. (beep) hey mom, this is larry.
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he's a c.o he's a c.o., sir. you'r >> you're a conscience, objector? and you joined the army? >> no, sir. i'm a conscientious cooperator. >> are you screwing with me? >> no, no, sir. i volunteered. i ain't got no problem with wearing my uniform, saluting the
12:16 am
and taking a human life. >> you don't kill? that's all? >> yes, sir, that's all. >> jimmy: andrew garfield in "hacksaw ridge." it opens november 4th. yeah, so you guys, you got a -- it premiered at the venice film festival, you got a ten-minute-long standing ovation, which is impressive but also seems very uncomfortable. >> deeply uncomfortable. >> jimmy: like at what minute do you go, i wish they would stop? >> it's funny. it was incredible. my experience, maybe because i'm english or something, it's like -- >> jimmy: this is a real accent you're doing? >> yes, sorry, this is. >> jimmy: i'm confused. that and thes going on with you. >> i'm just as confused as you are. no, yeah it's like -- god, yeah. it's just weird, isn't it. you make a film. and of course you hope people like it. and with a film like this, as i
12:17 am
i really believe in this man's story. having the power to -- the potential to send ripples into the world. >> jimmy: tell everyone about this guy. it is an amazing story. you see the real man at the end of the film. >> you do, yeah. and it's kind of remarkable what he did. it's unfathomable what he did. he, in the course of 12 hours -- this is just one of the insane things that he did that we depict in the film. in the course of 12 hours, after the army has tried to kick him out, court-martial him, thr because he refuses to carry a weapon. he ends up with some legal loophole being able to stay and serve the combat medic, that was his calling, what he felt his calling was. and he shows up. his whole battalion of 150 people detest him, loathe him, they don't trust him because he's not carrying a gun. and he gets out there and there's this horrible assault that happens. and half of the battalion are
12:18 am
the title of the film. he stays up and he rescues 75 men in the course of 12 hours, through the night, alone. he was built like me and he was carrying men the size of vince vaughn and lowering them down off of this 100-foot-high ridge in the middle of enemy gunfire and hiding in japanese -- he even saved japanese soldiers in the middle of okinawa. this is insane. >> jimmy: wow. >> it's insane. he didn't understand the concept of enemy. he saw a human being in need, that was wounded. he went in, dove in, healed that wound. he didn't discriminate. he would send japanese soldiers down the ridge and the u.s. army officials were like, what the hell? yet they were like, we're going to throw you out, threatened to throw him out again, he kept saving the enemy, quote-unquote. but he transcended war. he was a man that was so full of
12:19 am
the absurdity of war, all he wanted to do was heal. this is a story i think for the times we're in right now feels incredibly urgent. >> jimmy: it sure does. >> with the division that's happening. >> it's an excellent movie, you did a great job. it's called "hacksaw ridge." andrew garfield. mario batali, we'll be right back! [ cheers and applause ] ? 23rd times the charm. shhh. (clink) boom. yes! 23rd time is the charm, cliff. yea, you showed me. yes, you did. (shelly thinking) this must be how odell beckham feels when he scores a game winning touchdown. touchdown! odell beckham jr. (crowd noise) (odell thinking) this must be how shelly felt when she won that purple bear. ? ?
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relief doesn't get any better than this.
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>> jimmy: our >> jimmy: our next guest is one of the great chefs and livers of life in the world. he is co-host of "the chew" and just released his 11th book "big american cookbook." please welcome mario batali. [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: hey, >> jimmy: hey, you cooked at the white house the other night. >> sure did. >> jimmy: that was all right. the prime minister of italy? >> yes, it was the last state dinner of the obama administration. >> jimmy: incredible. and what did the prime minister of italy say after you prepared the meal? did he speak to you? >> fantastico! >> jimmy: this book, i asked you
12:25 am
that i discovered. my wife is from st. louis. this book you've got different regions of united states and foods that are specific -- i think that's kind of great and amazing that we still have that, that you can go from one state to another state and get something that nobody has any place else. >> the beauty of it is that each of those states represents a different kind of finger or idea of where we came from as we emigrated into the country. all of us americans weren't started here, we started somewhere else. >> jimmy: most of us, >> jimmy: i was here originally. >> i know you were. the long tradition of kimmel-americans. >> jimmy: we founded this country, it's ours. tonight's recipes are from the "heartland" chapter. we got a couple of things i've only ever seen in st. louis, missouri. >> toasted ravioli. and gooey cake. >> jimmy: gooey butter cake which is like delicious. >> works on every level. first a cocktail. >> jimmy: a cocktail first.
12:26 am
>> jimmy: this is a st. louis thing? >> no. but they drink them in st. louis. when they're not drunk enough. >> jimmy: i see, very good. >> we're going to start with vodka. bailey's. cream and coke. this is kind of a white russian someone decided to throw coca-cola in. >> jimmy: a white russian with coca-cola. >> are you pouring or am i? >> jimmy: either way. this seems like a disgusting beverage, i'll be honest with you. >> you are going to love it. >> jimmy: i am, okay. there's nothing in it. there we go. >> it's really >> jimmy: this is something you could have for breakfast, really. >> at my house this is a breakfast drink. ready? >> jimmy: oh, that is really goose. >> not bad, right? >> jimmy: really good, yeah. all right. >> now we have -- >> jimmy: i feel really -- >> you can buy ravioli already made, you can make them yourself, you can buy the jimmy kimmel brand at the store -- >> jimmy: i don't have a brand. >> dredge with me.
12:27 am
made with farmers cheese, a cog nate of cottage cheese. >> jimmy: you broke one, the hell with that one. >> what we've done is blanched them first. then we dredge them and we shock them in water. >> jimmy: blanching means you put them in hot water? then you put them in cold water real quick. >> with ice so that it completely stops the cooking process. weren't you going to help me? >> jimmy: i was but i got hypno tised watching you. >> there you go. be gentle. >> jimmy: i'm not being gentle, >> jimmy: we've got enough. >> there don't have to be too many. >> jimmy: guillermo's not here, we can eat all we want. >> he looks good, though, the crying dude. fantastic, america at its greatest. >> jimmy: i agree with you, i could not agree more. >> so we're going to take basic tomato sauce. onions, garlic, thyme. cook the tomato in it. take these with tongs. flip them. we've got that going on, we're
12:28 am
have you been to the hill in shoes? >> jimmy: yes, i have. >> it's a very cool little italy. >> jimmy: it's an actual hill. >> it is actually a hill. it's delicious and simple. we toast them like that, they might throw them in a deep fat fryer but we don't. >> jimmy: we'd never do that. this is a better-looking version than the toasted raf y'ally i've had. >> you probably never went to sasha's. >> jimmy: you're right, i did not go to sh towel. >> jimmy: oh, boy, look at that. >> sprinkle them with a little bit of fresh basil. and you go like that. you put the tomato sauce in just like that. and boom shala boom. we're italians in america. [ cheers and applause ] >> we're feeling really good. >> jimmy: that's italian-american right there. i will dip it. >> here a gooey butter cake, a buttery regular cake that they drop goo in which is cream
12:29 am
it in the oven. >> jimmy: that is a million times better than any toasted ravioli i've ever had. >> that makes me happy, i'm going to kiss you. >> jimmy: we're italian, it's okay. [ laughter ] >> then you cook this. you mix it up. you make a regular cake batter. you take the goo and spread it over the top and it sets down into it. what you do, here's your job. sprinkling. >> jimmy: a little bit of powdered sugar? >> let me show you. like that. >> jimmy: oh, okay, all right. >> makes it individual portion or like so. >> jimmy: this is like a cake that didn't make it. but it tastes delicious. right? >> i think we should have a piece like that. because it's almost cheesecaky, it's not quite caky. >> jimmy: it's like cake that didn't cook all the way and you gave to it your friends anyway. [ laughter ] >> because you used good ingredients nobody's going to die. >> jimmy: because we're
12:30 am
butter cake into the deep fry pan, into the hot oil, and see what concoction we get. >> that's why you're at the top of the food chain. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: mario batali. "big american cookbook." thank you so much. be right back with conor oberst! >> dicky: th >> dicky: the jimmy kimmel live concert series is brought to you
12:32 am
>> dicky: the >> dicky: the jimmy kimmel live concert series is brought to you by new crown royal vanilla whisky. vanilla so good. >> jimmy: we >> jimmy: we got the gooey butter cake going here. i'd like to thank andrew garfield, mario batali and apologize to matt damon we ran out of time. "nightline" is next but first his album which i don't have is called "ruminations." here with the song "till st. dymphna kicks us out" conor oberst! [ cheers and applause ] ? rise and shine
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? oh we can keep drinking till st. dymphna kicks us out yes we can keep drinking till st. dymphna ? ? kicks us out ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
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this is "n this is "nightline." >> tonight, inside the final 30. duking it out. he says he's trump's strongest supporters. >> i believe in making america great again. >> david duke, former grand wizard of the ku klux klan. but trump says he wants nothing to do with him. >> i disavow, okay? >> why some proponents of american hate -- ? from the ashes we shall rise ? >> say they're supporting trump this year. plus a happy medium. this psychic to the stars is becoming a celebrity in his own right. >> did you always know that you had like a gift?


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