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tv   The Now Tampa Bay  ABC  October 27, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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i'm laura harris. >> and i'm paul lagrone, we found out what the driver who caused this crash was doing just minutes before it happened. witnesses were telling the police it was street racing but that is not the case. caught on camera, a convenience store clerk shot and killed and the bad guys take off his pants. the reason his friends and say
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picking donald trump and jill stein on the same ballot, one problem people are making right now on their mail in ballots. what you need to know to make sure your boat gets counted. the mistake you are making right now that is driving up your car insurance rates. it is 4:00, time for "the now tampa bay" breaking news happening right now look at this, a warehouse burning in tampa right now, expressway a couple of blocks away from waters avenue, we just found out they are randomly stopping traffic on the expressway where all of that smoke is going over, you are looking at different viewpoints -- viewpoints of the fire. this is the rivergate tower on the right where you can see the smoke rising in the distance, this place is filled with cleaning supplies that could be highly flammable.
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before the fire started. this is a view from the company website called renew it supply tampa a lot of chemicals so far, no reports of anyone getting hurt, that is the good news, we will follow this throughout the hour passing along any updates. >> we are live on martin luther king, a terrible accident. this is the engine in the middle of the ro we have been finding more people posting video of the moments after that horrible crash last night, five people including a mother and two of her children are dead. this happened out in west tampa kind of near where the old everest university is. the family lived in the stable ridge apartments in the area, it is a wide road three lanes
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this site even areas for bus lanes and bike lanes and they have a median, normally plenty of room to get out of the way, the story is so heartbreaking that we are getting pictures of the victims. >> absolutely heartbreaking, look at this beautiful family, we are getting these pictures today tragic doesn't begin to describe this. a mother of three children, two of the kids died years old, is about 10 years old and the young men and women -- woman in the car also killed. brendaliss gonzalez joining us from the crash scene. you found out a lot more about the driver today.>> reporter: right now i want to show you this spot this is where the family then caught on fire, this happened after
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car then went through the median onto oncoming traffic. i spoke with a friend of his who did not want to go on camera but tells me he was with him before this happened, they were all just less than one mile away at an indoor golf go cart racetrack about one mile from where the accident happened. they were headed home when pablo cortes sped off with his date, florida highway patrol says racing was not a factor in the crash but he was speeding, his friend confirms he was going very fast on the road. here's what it looks like after he hit the van had on. a family of five inside, two other vehicles were hit, in total five people were killed including pablo cortes and his
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69 in a 50 zone. brendaliss gonzalez for "the now tampa bay" that is a hard story to cover. in the last two hours, we found out who died in a house fire, we covered this as breaking news yesterday, benjamin and cynthia langford both 68 years old. firefighters were able to pull a third person out a life but out, today we are waiting to find out who he is and how is doing and what started the fire in the first place. >> where do you live? >> i'm homeless. >> moments before police got into a shootout with the new york harming suspect last
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, accused of planting bombs in new york and new jersey. now charged with attempted murder of police officers and using weapons of mass destruction. >> 11 days until election day. now, it is all about swing the swing state voters. >> donald trump about to step on the stage in ohio right now he has already done one rally in springfield today, another one tonight. >> release involving the clintons. >> today we read about clinton confident bragging he funneled tens of millions of dollars to build clinton inc. through the foundation paid speeches and consulting contracts. he called the arrangement unauthorized. the rest of us call it outright
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>> the women for trump bus tour is in lakeland at the trump pence campaign headquarters. >> in hollywood police busted the guy who destroyed donald trump's star on the hollywood walk of fame. is taking a hammer to it. going to work. police say his name is jamie otis, he dressed up like a construction worker using sledgehammer ripping apart his star. he says he wanted to sell it after the election, also donald trump is changing his stance on the women accusing him of sexual misconduct. when asked if he will sue them he said let's see what happens with the election we will find out. >> when you hear folks talking
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saying the election is rigged, understand they are trying to get you to stay home. >> clinton bringing in the first lady with her today. the first time we have seen them side-by-side on the campaign trail, north carolina a must win state for trump. >> 11 days from election day i just checked 114,000 people have right.>> trump and johnson or clinton and stein, in other words people thinking they can vote for a president and another person on the list as a vice president. >> that was a florida election official talking about how many mistakes people have made on their mail in ballots. it took eight hours to discern a couple hundred.
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your ballot, first and foremost use only black ink. when you get your ballot you realize who you want to vote for you bubble it in make sure you stay within the lines. that is all you do. don't try to match up a presidential candidate with somebody you want to be the vice president because that will get thrown out and then you don't have to worry with all the different sections. if you are want to fill it out, you don't have to, just put it together, fill out the one you want to, don't make weird marks or cross anything out, if you make a mistake, they are stressing take your ballot to your local election office and they will give you a new one. a live look outside, shay
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outside but nice. >> it is really beautiful, on the warm side, a lot of sunshine, 84 degrees in tampa, brandon at 83 degrees in brooksville, 84 sarasota. if you're barbecuing outside take a look at the forecast, a lot of sunshine we will be in the 80s and then falling into the mid-70s after that under clear skies, no worries of rain messing up will let you know if there is rain to mess up things for the john passed seafood festival kicking off today i will have the forecast coming up. we are following breaking news in tampa you're the veterans and waters avenue a huge warehouse fire the warehouse filled with cleaning supplies burning, thick black smoke rolling over passing cars
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department battled this thing
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and update on a major breaking news story, a warehouse full of chemicals on fire. >> we're going live to the scene.>> reporter: according to the hillsborough county fire rescue there are no injuries, they are on scene, they have blocked off benjamin road and barry road, working the fire is contained to the warehouse. it is called renew it a discount cleaning supply, that have hydraulic hoses, janitorial supplies and it is a multi use building. we are waiting for an update, another update from the fire department as we wait but we
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investigating this and they told me there were minor very small explosions that is why they are keeping everyone from the scene, as soon as we get information we will get to that information, marisela burgos abc action news. struck a better look at the damage in italy after powerful earthquakes there the good news, no reports of injuries, some of the buildings are historic dating back to the 14th century. the earthquake hit 50 miles north of the massive earthquake in august that killed 300 people. early voting in florida, 36 other states as well. >> it appears hillary clinton has the advantage nationwide within 14 million people have voted so far and that is a lot more than what we had in 2004. voting shows donald trump may
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drop in ballot requests. and, at the same time there was an increase in white voters requesting ballots. in georgia ballot requests are up among white voters but clinton could be pulling ahead of other battleground states, north carolina, nevada democrats have submitted a lot more ballots than republican voters. how is florida looking at this in possible the biggest battleground of them all. >> statewide we had the same number of democrats and republicans that have voted early. that is a big deal for clinton because most democrats don't vote this early, assuming they are not voting across party lines. democrats have more ballots turned in in colorado. which is not typically the case. looking at two of our biggest counties in the area, hillsborough, democrats
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a couple hundred more republicans have voted early but under 1000 more democrats have voted early. pasco county starts early voting saturday. in pinellas county we have video of election workers counting the ballots. they are doing that and helping other people coming out to vote early, nicole grigg shows you there is a completely operation happening >> you would think it is a telethon. but really, it is just confused voters. >> i have been averaging 75 calls per day. >> in all people with pinellas county supervisor of elections are answering 1500 calls per day since early voting started. >> 10 minutes between walking
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people want to know where to go to vote early and there are a lot of mail in ballot questions. >> a lot of questions can be found on your supervisor of elections website, so track your ballot, that can be done you want a sample that can be done online. >> we are open every day. >> the staff is here to help. so much they offer a drive- through drop off for your ballot. that sound will soon fade with one and a half weeks left to go. shay ryan, what a stretch of whether. >> beautiful, even with the warm-up and above average temperatures it seems all right. >> it is all right to live in florida. >> yes it is.
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fairweather clouds, we are not seeing any rainfall across central florida this afternoon, things are looking nice, we have extra cloud cover in spots we have the easterly flow bringing moisture across the state so we will get extra cloud through the afternoon, but we will remain with mild if not warm temperatures in the afternoon, but more mild overnight and a light breeze, tomorrow we will get breezy conditions hopefully that will help it more comfortable as we heat up to the overnight lows will be much like what we have seen this morning with upper 60s to about 70 degrees, 73 in saint pete, a little bit warmer in saint pete. so if you are planning on going to pinellas county tonight or through the weekend, you are going to have some beautiful weather for the seafood festival tomorrow, a nice mix of sun and clouds the gates
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and they continue until 11:00 they will do fun stuff with the hollering street party tomorrow evening, 84 degrees the high, saturday and sunday, no rain expected with highs in the mid- 80s through the weekend, so ahead we have some fun festivals and a fair as well, i will show you the forecast coming up. when we return, three companies hiring right now in tampa bay giving you so much paid time of just getting these live pictures, you can see the burning warehouse near the veteran and water avenue, some animals were inside, thankfully they escaped. there may be more inside, we are talking to firefighters
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major breaking news in the temple, a warehouse full of chemicals on fire.>> we have hillsborough fire rescue spokesperson with us, we are seeing that black smoke traveling over the roadway. what does traffic look like right now?>> fhp has been intermittent veterans. as the fire moves through this 14,000 square foot warehouse and the smoke picks up there shutting down the interstate until the smoke lightens up, they are handling that right now. >> we are hearing reports of animals possibly in the warehouse. is that true? >> we have had reports of animals inside, cats have
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we are trying to make progress in the fire. inside firefighters are working diligently. >> what a mess, we are looking at this, action air 1 about 30 minutes away from rush hour the fire is still going, we will check back in with you. there is the live shot, chemicals and animals inside. hillsborough firre will be checking this all throughout the show. who doesn't love weekends and taking extra days off? glassdoor just announced the top five companies when it comes to getting the most paid time off. coming in first, this company called amgen employees get 15 days off two additional weeks around the fourth of july and christmas, coming in second,
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cancer center. 20 vacation days plus holiday paid sick days and personal days. neither are here. so, what tampa companies are doing what we want to see? >> cosco, they ranked number eight and have openings employees start with paid time off. next on the list, capital one after 90 days on the job employees get four weeks you can actually purchase extra time if you want jumping to 17, fed ex employee start with two weeks and it goes up every five years. caught on camera. a store clerk shot and killed and then the bad guys take it one step further.
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a recap of news we have been following out of tampa, a warehouse full of cleaning supplies burning near the veterans expressway and waters avenue, on the left a live picture from action air 1 the thick black smoke coming from the roof, there are plenty of firefighters and trucks battling the fire, on the right, you see the inside of the warehouse, this video was posted on the company website. we just talked to one of the
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, they are telling us there were animals inside the warehouse then he have escaped, there is a chance a monkey is inside. thankfully, no people have been hurt, traffic around the expressway, a serious issue. if you know anyone in the area, tell them to avoid. >> that could be an issue toward 5:00 rush-hour. another story hard to believe, people in eastern polk county are talking two men out there who shot and killed a convenience store clerk as he was heading home. >> this whole thing caught on camera. to make matters worse the men then ripped the victim's pants off. ryan raiche is following the story and explains that act is what might lead police to the killers.>> friends filled with
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over the years and the clerk of this convenience store ambushed. he just closed up shop and was walking to his car when two men came upon him. surveillance video caught the scuffle and a man pointing a gun. >> we can't put our hands on the suspects fast enough. >> before the suspect opened fire police say they forced the man to take off his pants but that was plan be met. they wanted his nightl instead they got away with what was in his pockets. under the surveillance camera providing a clear picture after they shot and killed the man you can see them running off with his pants.>> friends and neighbors described him as the perfect clerk super friendly and willing to spot you a dollar. that may have heard him in the end. >> somebody had evil on their
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full search mode looking for clues to lead them to the men. >> looking for evidence. >> killing a man for his pants make investigators believe they would do it again. ryan raiche, "the now tampa bay". the va has seen controversy over the last two years, we are learning a former position assistant is on trial for sexually abusing veterans at a hospital in allowed to retire before the investigation finished allowing him to collect and if it's from taxpayers. >> that is what is so infuriating. it is like, to come back make it through all of that just to come back and have to deal with
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heart recipient one of the dozens of patients accusing him of inappropriately touching him. he has admitted to doing this to one person. he is due in court next week. he says he is not a hero but tell that to the people he saved. a mall shooting in massachusetts in may, the da finding deputy sheriff james creede justified for shooting and killing stabbing people. he was off duty having dinner with his wife when the suspect attacked a pregnant waitress. >> when i saw there was a weapon involved i took my badge of my pocket put it around my neck took my firearm started giving commands to get on the ground stop, drop the knife. >> we have talked about
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he helps and i run. sorry. but i wasn't leaving without him. >> she is actually a nurse, she stayed to help, the stabbing victim's. two people died, two others were hurt. brand-new video of a construction worker being rescued from a whole in los angeles. he stepped on a piece of plywood covering a two foot wide hole, the plywood broke and he fell down 50 feet, surprisingly never lost consciousness. if radio and a harness were lowered to him even fresh air with a space ventilation system, when he was out of the hospital
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twilight zone spooky in time for halloween, nasa releasing this picture of a star that exploded it happened a long time ago, when the picture was taken it was in black and white so nasa added a little green being festive for the holiday season. one other cool part, if you look at the center, right there, there is a starlike object generating 1 trillion volts of electrit would equate to. 1 trillion volts. we have plenty of halloween stuff going on around the tampa bay area. more on that. >> it is great this time of year, temperatures have come down even though it is still warm with sunshine we have great weather. the hillsborough county fair east of brandon not to be confused with the hillsborough
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you in, one dollar gets you tickets to write all the rights tonight through 10:00. looking at great weather this evening tomorrow breezy with a high of 86, 85 degrees on saturday and sunday. 85, no rain likely all the way through until sunday. this is the last weekend for the fair, so get out there and enjoy it. also in pasco county, this is cox elementary tomorrow night from festival to keep kids safe going into halloween temperatures will be in the mid- 80s around 5:00. and buy it a clock in the mid- 70s, pretty comfortable overall, like i said, no rain in sight fantastic weather through the weekend. the question, what will the trick-or-treat forecast be like
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driving recklessly, the one thing you are probably doing right now that is making your
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try to bite big ticket items but it could be driving up your car insurance rates as well. even if you have a perfect driving record, insurance quotes online breaking it down in a study found if you have fair credit you could pay 20% more for car insurance than a driver with excellent credit and your premium could double if you have poor credit. all right, let's connect this to florida. how do >> if you have fair credit you could be paying 36% more for car insurance than a driver with excellent credit and if you have poor credit your premium more than doubles, companies come up with the insurance scores by rating factors from your credit report that lenders use. different insurers use different methods. the higher your score, the less
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and think you will pay out of pocket if necessary. you are smart enough to not fall for phone scams right? i'm todd walker, coming up i will show you how convincing the scammers are and how far they are willing to go. an entire family of deer beaten to death. the best clue that detectives
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4:45 breaking news in tampa, a warehouse full of cleaning supplies burning your
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the ground now, you see to the left on your screen firefighters and other personnel waiting outside the building, we are told some animals escaped the warehouse, there may be some trapped inside, traffic could be an issue, you see that to the right of your screen, we are checking in with our reporter live from abc action news at 5:00. federal investigators are hoping they have made a dent handing over millions of dollars. >> the now's todd walker is breaking down the charges the arrest and the links the scam goes to. >> barely 5 dozen people were charged in this scam taking thousands of americans out of hundreds of millions of dollars. the justice department not the indictments against people who pose as irs authorities
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arrested deported or face punishment. the number of people who have fallen is staggering. more than 2 million report receiving a call like this, 15,000 have been a victim a total of $300 million was stolen, some people realized the phone calls were scams but listen to the lengths they would go to. >> when the men failed to respond to repeated phone the bank to pay four years of suppose it back taxes, the scammers called 911 posing as the victim telling dispatcher he was armed wanting to kill cops within minutes there were more than a dozen heavily armed police officers surrounding the residence where his daughter was home alone. >> no one was hurt thankfully 20 of the 24 suspects in the us have been arrested the rest are believed to be overseas one
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does not make these phone calls. they would never make you pay like this. if you get one of these phone calls, hangup and report it immediately. i'm todd walker. urologist shay ryan we are on friday eve which means tomorrow is friday. what is that look like? >> it is so good into the weekend it is not the fabulous cooldown we enjoyed last weekend but it will be beautiful, clearwater camera showing how gorgeous it is right now, it has been breezy with wind gusts around 20 miles per hour, futurecast showing no rain in sight a bit of cloud cover that is what you're getting shades of white and gray through the area. we are pulling moisture across the atlantic with that east to
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green popping up around the east coast of florida, not likely that will work its way across the state, but you can see it is try to develop with the flow, tomorrow at 4:00 no rate to mess with your drive and as first retreat forecasting goes, it doesn't get much better than this. it will be warm and muggy, you will need the bug spray if are taking the kids trick-or- treating temperatures around 80 degrees near sunset falling to the 70s through 10:00 at night, a light breeze but rain unlikely, that is setting the stage for a good halloween forecast into the next four days, 85 degrees the high tomorrow, similar forecast over the next couple of days with overnight highs in the upper 60s.
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days until the election and the polls may show clinton leading in the race for the white house but as this election has proven anything is possible. right now key battleground states are very much a battleground. nevada and florida considered tossups as we speak. the polls last week show they were in clinton's favor, no yesterday we got the bloomberg poll that had trump up by staying close to these states counting down to election day. >> polling is not an exact science -- signs but it tells that have the countries doing will have to country says we are not. we are down to six or so battleground states to decide the election. that is where the candidates
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stake the candidate needs at least 270 electoral votes to win the election. it ain't over until it is over. a new york times poll outputting clinton up seven points over child in pennsylvania. >> as the battleground state turns blue, mike sacks learned voters are very much divided. >> this is main street philadelphia suburb that is a good predictor of where voters will go in pennsylvania. >> i am a registered republican. but i am going for hillary clinton. >> i am eight democrat. >> would you consider voting republican? >> very possibly. we are considering voting for trump but i have not made a
4:52 pm
decide who is the less of two evils.>> linda does not see it that way, she is in for clinton. >> the problem, i have to hide my buttons and things like that. i have a business and i feel it is not right in your business to express political ideas because so many people around here have different ideas. >> newtown athletic club where he hosted a trump rally. >> for business, the immediate impact we had about 12 people quit the club within one day or so. so, immediate returns were not good. >> not bad enough for this delegate to stop supporting his party nominee. >> he is an imperfect candidate
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her running mate swung to the area to still -- tell state voters what they already know. >> if we win pennsylvania we will win the presidency. >> for the now, i'm mike sacks. >> another way you might guess how the presidential election will turn out is through halloween masks and sales. >> hillary clinton and donald trump halloween masks. the thrift store savers says trump masks are outselling clinton faces by 7%.>> if you're skeptical, it has correctly pulled -- predicted the political future since richard nixon ran for president back to 1968. >> by the way if you are
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to go get one. >> laura harris is one of the hardest working tv ladies that i have ever met. just putting it out there. it is fact and verified. >> it might be true, the women you know are working harder than men may be one month more we are talking every year. women are working an average of 39 unpaid days more per year than men. accordg this means reaching economic equality could take 170 years, a major setback from the estimate last year of 118 years. >> the gap is the largest at any point since 2008, the report found the biggest reasons for the drop our salaries and a low number of women holding positions also a concern for jobs like
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by technology one day. the top countries for gender equality, iceland, finland, norway and sweden. us comes in 45th place out of 144 countries. a story people can't believe, getting word about a $3000 reward for a crime that has people upset, three dear were beaten to death inside their pen, this is a place where thousands of kids go on field trips to learn about the outdoors, we had a press conference where they are releasing details as many as possible to find who did this, they are putting that together checking on the safety of other animals in the area. look for that coming up at 5:00. struck the world series moves to chicago tomorrow, wrigley
4:56 pm
have got the cubbies. >> the series now tied after last night, the series has already won you a free taco thanks to the indians shortstop stealing a basin during game one. since he did that we all get free tacos on november 2 at any talk about from 2:00 until 6:00 in the afternoon. >> indians fan for five minutes.>> it is anyone's game but one prediction from 23 years ago might make you a believer in the cubs. the diehard fan put this message in his 1993 yearbook, chicago cubs 2016 champions, you heard it here first. >> it came from when i was a kid i had a dream about it.
4:57 pm
it was pretty vivid. that is why i remembered it through high school. >> cubs win, one of his former classmates says he never forgot the prediction and he brought it up to him when they reconnected on facebook, he is the one who posted the picture that has now gone viral.>> i think cooler than that longest to see the indians make it to the world series. >> emily is 104 years old she has rated 68 years to see them in the big game. >> as long as i had a chance i watched them. >> some might say she is a bit of an indians fan. >> so far and so long. >> she is the oldest tribe fan
4:58 pm
but it never came. >> she has waited patiently, 68 years in fact since the indians last won the world series. she watched them win from the stands in 1948. >> i remember sitting on that bench. >> she has lived through a lot, what keeps her going is the hopes of seeing anothe win for her indians. >> last year she fell and broke her hip her arm in format places and her shoulder. throughout the rehab process, she kept saying i am not going to make it and i won't see my indians in the world series. >> but she did, it's -- she throughout the first pitch. >> she has seen nearly every game since she can remember
4:59 pm
a little lady with a huge heart and a larger love for the game she says kept her alive for more than one century. her shirt saying at all. >> we need to win before i die. i told them i think they know now. >> that is a real fan. i'm paul lagrone that is it "the now tampa bay" "abc action news at 5:00" starts now. fire crews are battling this huge fire at a warehouse near the veterans expressway.>> the enormous cloud of smoke causing closures on the road, within the last few minutes we are finding out monkeys may be trapped inside the building. >> marisela burgos is live from the building. >> reporter: i talked to the
5:00 pm
including birds and cats did not survive the fire. you can see firefighters out here, they've been out here for almost 2 hours trying to battle the blaze, it is difficult because the heat is being trapped because of the metal roof. that is why it is so difficult for the firefighters to put this fire out. there were several small explosions as well, the company is called renew it discount cleaning supply warehouse. the owner says there were a ton of paper products inside as well as hydraulic hoses, janitorial supplies, it is a multi use building, he was in the warehouse about 10 minutes before the fire started, his girlfriend was inside and their daughter, he left to pick up their other child when he came back eight minutes later the


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