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tv   Action News at 530PM  ABC  October 27, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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marisela burgos is live on the scene. >> reporter: it is not outcome of the problem the metal roof is containing the heat, we will show you closer look at the fire, you can see the flames through the garage door, the metal roof is containing the heat which is causing it to become difficult for firefighters to put the fire out, they have the machine they're trying to use like they will be using it soon to tear apart the building in order to put that fire out, you mentioned they have been here since 2:50, it has been difficult for them to get inside the building to put out the flames. this is renew it discount supply store, they have paper products as well as hydraulic hoses and janitorial supplies
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the owner told me he has a rescue so sometimes he brings his pets over to give them daily attention, that is why there were cats inside the building and birds inside the building as well as a monkey. he was very emotional this afternoon, anytime i talked to him off-camera he starts crying because he doesn't suspect they survived, there were some cats that did escape but the monkey did not nor did some of the birds. he told me he plans to fix the building at some point but wants to sell it, he had no insurance, this is a big loss for him, hopefully pretty soon the firefighters will get into the building to put the fire out, they have been here for at
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>> you heard is a multipurpose building, you can see some cleaning supplies they house in the building many aerosol cans and many are definitely flammable. all of that inside of the warehouse you can see it is endless with the cleaning supplies, we will closely follow the story, stay with us for the updates on-air and online at a family known for inspiring others is grieving after a deadly early-morning crash. erik waxler tonight is live where the crash happened. as tragic as the accident was you found out it could be worse. >> we are in front of the heritage harbor neighborhood about 2:30 this morning to a six-year-old max holloway camera on the curb, loss control hit a utility pole and some of these trees and came
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children, none were hurt but the son of a former nfl star did not survive.>> at jefferson high school this morning, the announcement that a star football player max holloway had died. denny lee was his defensive line coach. he says holloway coached and taught at the school a >> he would have been great whatever he did. everybody told him you're too small to play big-time college football and he showed people that wasn't to pick >> holloway started boston college graduating in 2011 their head coach says our thoughts and prayers are with the family and loved ones no word from the sheriff's office on what might have caused the crash, they say his dodge charger ran off the road
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garage. holloway is one of eight siblings, his father was brian holloway who helped his son achieve his own football dreams. >> my father would come after the game. >> now brian holloway is a successful motivational speaker. >> i want them to encourage and support them to be leaders every chance. >> in jefferson high school counselors were available for students affected by the loss, his old coach will never forget. >> he ran every sprint as hard as he could. he finished everything he started. >> reporter: while holloway did not get to finish in his father's footsteps he played one game for the tampa bay storm and the team president said they are shocked and
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turning to the race for the white house, donald trump is raising the possibility of election rigging look at the tweet he posted earlier today, a lot of collins about vote flipping people are not happy so what is going on? the tweet follows unconfirmed claims of the voters having ballots changed, officials say the machines are not malfunctioning but some voters are making errors. in new ap poll shows trumps claimed the election is rigged has taken root. 64% of trump supporters are more likely to have doubts about the accuracy of the count if he does not win only 30% of clinton backers would be reluctant to accept the results. 69% of clinton supporters will
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the clinton campaign unveiling a strategy to target voters. they've launched a youtube video series entitled one vote at a time. designed to target millennial voters in key swing states in florida pennsylvania and ohio. the series helps to encourage voters to go to the polls vote early and for hillary. new numbers showing florida and nevada are very much battleground states, this is this snapshot gives clinton 272 election votes from states that are leading in her direction, trump has a total of 179 votes leaving 86 up for grabs, all you need to win is 270 which is why states like florida could
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temperatures in the 80s, we are being free and we will stay rate free for the foreseeable future but we still have clouds with temperatures back in the low to mid 80s we should typically be 81 this time of year but the wind made it feel nice into the afternoon hours. a look at the satellite picture, definitely had club cover, this afternoon more clouds than son and we will be partly cloudy tonight d to the lower 70s, the warmth has returned and it is not going anywhere anytime soon. get used to that. we do see changes down the road, not so much overnight or into tomorrow, we will talk about that coming up with your forecast in a couple of minutes. deputies need help arresting the man you see in this picture he robbed a subway
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west grandin boulevard, he ordered a sandwich and then pulled out the gun. deputies are hoping the surveillance pictures will help identify him. he took off with the money in a black pickup truck crimestoppers is offering a $3000 reward for information leading to an arrest , if you know anything give them a call. officials are looking for the people behind this jewelry heist, this happened at earlier this week the men wasting no time when inside they go through smashing glass cases ripping some apart and snatching up the jewelry. the two men entered the business as they were closing for the night forcing workers to the ground while they went through and robbed the place. >> a naples man facing charges accused of hiding under the bed
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her bed as she was getting ready for school monday. the man you see was hiding under the girls that. the child's mother had just left the apartment when the girl noticed the man, when police got there he was gone. they did find a note written on cardboard left on the nightstand. police found him outside of an apartment and arrested him. a community making neighbors question their eyesight, a monkey on the loose what wildlife experts say you should do if you spot it. cuba paving the way to stop lung cancer, the vaccine that could be available in the us. and unthinkable light, we uncovered the scheme that tricked a family into thinking
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the hunt is on for a monkey
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county, isabel rosales went to find out if the sightings are real. >> i was determined to find some sign of the rhesus macaque the last time this monkey was seen was many years ago. the monkey avoiding capture. folks in the neighborhood snapped these pictures of the beast overlooking the water. an unusual sight since the monkeys are not native to florida. a lot of other creatures commonly stop by. >> records, armadillos, possums. >> kathy sees them all the time. >> the fact that i do life and spiritual coaching. >> a monkey, he has never seen one roaming the streets. signs of wildlife, but not quite a monkey. but i did find something close.
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thing i thought it was a. i said that is bigger than a cat. >> that is when it hit him he sorry monkey. the commission does not know how it found its way to the area. >> i could see the sharks and the dolphins but never a monkey hopping down the street. >> if you see the monkey give the fwc a call. i searched high experts say the creatures can be dangerous to humans and could carry herpes b virus. >> this is something humans and primates can agree on. in pasco county, isabel rosales abc action news. a truck driver finds $100,000 sports car just too tempting instead of delivering the car to a texas dealership like he was supposed to, he
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was caught on camera the owner watched his dash cam video and he wasn't pleased. >> [ indiscernible ] >> the nissan gtr was told for a routine check but he did not get there until monday afternoon. the tow truck driver drove the at one point the man called friends to get pictures with the car. >> this is somebody that has been paid to do a job. they did not do their job. >> police are looking for the man who drove off with the car, the company has apologized but says the driver was a contractor ever and does not work for the company. we are getting an inside look at a large jail fight, the brault that broke out injured
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this is video from the cook county jail. you see the fight breakout by the stairs and it moves toward the door. it does not take long for officers to enter the maximum- security area to break up the fight. one of the deputies was struck with a food tray that was thrown by an inmate. officials are investigating tonight. exactly what caused the fight. a weird crime camera police looking for thieves who stole nearly 200 pumpkins. surveillance footage of all of it, four people caught stealing pumpkins they made three trips to get away with more than $2000 worth. the owner of the farm hopes the cameras were able to get the license plate of the getaway car. now, abc action weather.
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weather last week starting to warm up. >> that is the problem, when you carve pumpkins in the area they are full of bugs after one or two case unfortunately that will be the case we are doing pumpkin falluja on sunday. >> the weather will be nice. it will be nice to the next several days but one thing you notice, a lot of mixed in with sunshine at times, look at this picture in july we would say we are getting thunderstorms, into late october and november it is just dry, lots of sunshine through next week, the humidity remains high, so with the heat, no changes not even until the following week probably. we are in a pattern, it is not going anywhere but the breezy weather we have had today that
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high humidity and heat throw in 15 to 20 mile per hour wind it is feeling comfortable, still dry with cloud cover and temperatures right now upper 70s to the middle 80s topping out in tampa the afternoon high hit 84 or 85, sarasota 86. still the temperatures remaining across the viewing area with highs, 86 sarasota, 82 lakeland, 85 winterhaven, a lot of heat, humidity moisture to worry about rainfall. there is that breeze gusting up to 25 miles per hour you could see flags blowing in the wind, palm trees bending over i actually thought this is only 10 miles per hour shy of near tropical storm force winds, very breezy across the area and that continues to grow, 83 mostly cloudy at the airport in tampa, we ended up topping out
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69, 79 saint pete, mostly sunny st. petersburg and sunny in sarasota, 84 degrees, winds gusting higher than 20 along the coast, satellite looks familiar. similar to what we had yesterday and what we will see tomorrow, they clearly you can see with futurecast, cloudy periods and sunny periods still breezy weather into the weekend, no matter what your plans are indoor or outdoor will cooperate just a little warmer than typical this time of year. rainfall should not be an issue, we look through tuesday with the european model, maybe .01 inches possible on the eastern side of the viewing area, the tropics we have made it through, the storm never developed, now for the time being the season remained active until the end
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accurate seven-day forecast, northeast winds at 10 to 15 knots, right through the next 15 days things are nice. halloween looks nice, the weekend leading up to it may be some festivals outside, the weather will be very nice, for trick-or-treaters the only thing, it will be warm and muggy, the winds will come down by then soapy warm but to worry about in terms of rain, temperatures in the upper 70s to the low 80s. still to come, a terrifying wake-up call, officers with guns drawn bust into an orange county man's home but all for nothing. next the mistake officials made leaving a lasting impression. walmart caught throwing perfectly good food in the trash.
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tampa walmart worker tells his
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the us government says they are holding onto workers americans seeking unemployment fell by 3000 suggesting hiring is solid, new numbers are close to a level not far from brand-new poll showing and uptake in positive views for the country, the best since january the best since january 2007. overall 57% say things are going well a reversal from late july when 54% things were going poorly. the new numbers are good news for president obama his approval rating held at 55%.
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several walmarts are tossing out good food because of how it looks, it may be happening here in the bay area. fruits, vegetables, baked goods even frozen foods were thrown away most before their expiration date. this is too familiar for it tampa walmart employee. he says he regularly tossed good produce but the store did use compost bins but this seemed wasteful becauson walmart salary the food he could afford was lower quality than the food he was throwing out. a groundbreaking clunk cancer vaccine given the green light for approval in the us. a form of immune therapy from havana, manipulating the body immune system to block a type of protein that cancer cells need to grow. the trial is expected to begin next month in new york
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tests have showed a significantly higher rate of survival. here is wendy ryan with a look at what is happening at 6:00. >> the precious moment told that workers found at a dump in the region deputies are turning to you for help. and these top stories. a warrant just released describing an elaborate scheme of insurance that one woman faked the death of an unborn child to get nearly $50,000. i have got news tonight on the tampa bay town trying to use that field of dreams too low dash -- lure the tampa bay rays. >> buyers had no idea they bought a rack on wheels until
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live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. my husband and i were so upset when we found out she supposedly lost the baby. >> the worst day of their life turned out to be a lie, we uncover a chilling scheme that tricky family into thinking
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thank you for doing this i'm wendy ryan. >> and i'm jamison uhler. authorities have not made an arrest but only abc action news reporter clifton french reveals the shocking search warrant. >> reporter: this is the warrant that was used to get inside of a doctor's office act there. inside they got medical records that prove this woman faked the death of her unborn child.>> i was livid. >> the mother involved in a fender bender more than three years ago. both drivers exchanging information and drove away. >> we looked at our daughters car and there was no mark. >> an insurance claim was filed where the other driver said the accident caused her unborn child to die. for months they believed the story keeping it a secret from their daughter. >> we can't tell heard the


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