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tv   Action News at 6PM  ABC  October 27, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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thank you for doing this i'm wendy ryan. >> and i'm jamison uhler. authorities have not made an arrest but only abc action news reporter clifton french reveals the shocking search warrant. >> reporter: this is the warrant that was used to get inside of a doctor's office act there. inside they got medical records that prove this woman faked the death of her unborn child.>> i was livid. >> the mother involved in a fender bender more than three years ago. both drivers exchanging information and drove away. >> we looked at our daughters car and there was no mark. >> an insurance claim was filed where the other driver said the accident caused her unborn child to die. for months they believed the story keeping it a secret from their daughter. >> we can't tell heard the
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the whole thing is a lie, this is a search warrant for medical records. we are not using her name because it is an active investigation and charges have not been filed, the warrant describes an elaborate scam where this woman used documents from imperious -- previous pregnancy. those documents included sonogram pictures, fmla reports and a handwritten statement supposedly from a doctor saying that she miscarried accident. the total payout, nearly $50,000. a portion was supposed to go to her dead child's memorial. we attempted to track down the woman, she did not answer the door. a family member living down the street met us on the sidewalk with choice words and it appears the only reason investigators are looking into the case is because of another fraud investigation.
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what she has done to get caught, but good. >> how was the woman able to get away with such an elaborate scheme? according to this warrant, she worked in the church industry and had extensive training in insurance fraud. reporting in tampa, clifton french abc action news. breaking news in hillsborough, firefighters are using heavy equipment to tear into a burning warehouse. this is a look at store, right off of veterans expressway, in the last few minutes the owner tells us a monkey, birds and cats did not escape, the owner said he has a rescue and he brought the animals to this warehouse to give them better care. now, abc action weather. good evening, you are
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are not nearly as much moisture so the doppler radar remains rate free, temperatures are still warm, low to mid 80s, no record breakers today, well above normal and the dew points are very much on the muggy side but what made today pleasant is the wind, it was breezy all afternoon, winds gusting up to 25 miles per hour, tomorrow and saturday will be another windy day, we will have partly clo it will remain warm, but how long will it remain warm? coming up in a couple of minutes. a vision for a brand-new baseball stadium for the devil rays. these renderings were released this afternoon, leaders are trying to prove their city is a viable place for the tampa bay devil rays to call home. that not everyone thinks the city plan is a grand slam.
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>> let's map this out, the stadium would be right next to tampa bay downs off of racetrack road you have a chokehold of traffic at the intersection of racetrack and tonight residents are telling me they are worried this field of dreams will clog up the daily commute. in a town known for the races. oldsmar may be the dark horse in the tampa bay rays. >> this is the center of the bay area. >> today the mayor unveiling new plans for a brand-new baseball stadium. trying to bring the raise closer to hillsborough county . >> a lot of people up here are millennial's with young kids. they live by the schools so they come home from work pick
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the field of dreams? across the street right off of racetrack road, 120 acres of undeveloped land that is ready to play ball. >> the rays are coming off another season with the worst attendance in baseball. the injection of more traffic into the already clogged roads is a real concern. >> traffic not a good thing. >> it would take the shine off of his commute. >> it traffic. >> over at daddy's grill the owner says the influx of customers would be good for business.>> bring in some business helped the businesses. >> city leaders got to first base today. but, this field of dreams is still a long way from the major leagues.>> keep in mind there is competition, the city of st. petersburg they are very much
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pitching a complete redevelopment of city-owned land next to the top with a brand-new shiny stadium you can bet this off-season will be very busy for the future of the tampa bay rays. we know that you want answers about the issues facing all of us part of our commitment to take action for you, we have way for you to let us know what you are wondering about. tell us what we can get to the bottom of for you. deputies are working and unusual missing persons case trying to find a family who lost and earn. workers have found the earn. deputies tried tracking down family members but they have not had any luck. detectives are asking for help finding family members be torn --
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a driver losing control their coconut palm drive last night a crash killing five people total critically injuring two others, the youngest victims, nine-year- old john and 10-year-old isabel, grief counselors were on hand to help students deal with the tragedy. >> they wanted to support the family. while they were grieving there were trying to extend to make and they were thinking about them.>> students made cards to share condolences. turning to democracy 2016, someone using the election to steal personal information. deputies say someone approached students at st. louis -- leo university asking for information even social security numbers. if this happens to you give deputies a call right away. in the meantime tim kaine
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auditorium, the clinton campaign did not give a reason for canceling the event, mccain is scheduled to speak tomorrow in tallahassee. donald trump continues backing his claim of a rigged election singh 14% of noncitizens are registered to vote november 8 while clinton claims her track record proves she can come across the aisle. claims that we are putting through the truth >> from continuing his claims of a rigged election at this cleveland rally. trump stating 14% of illegals are registered to vote. the candidate citing a controversial study that was refuted by the researchers who collected the data trump is using. politifact looked into it. >> it is inaccurate but he is
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they are messing up the statistic pick >> information continues to make the rounds on the campaign trail leading political to read the claim as false. >> clinton touting her record as a new york senator who had her hand in hundreds of legislative bills and also did so by reaching across the aisle to republicans to get the work done, when politifact digging into her track record they found different numbers. >> she is somewhat correct working with republicans but exaggerated. >> clinton passed three of her bills and an additional 74 she cosponsored, roughly one in four had support from a republican. numbers that only make her claim half true.
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election day both candidates expect to hit crucial swing states like florida. trying to convince the undecided voters the best vote is for them. the i-team goes undercover to discuss the hidden dangers of used cars. authorities raid the wrong home, federal agents coming just inches from an innocent child. what they did after realizing the mistakes making the situation even a lot of clouds out there, so i said how is the weather this time of year on facebook.
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used cars advertised like new but some turn out to be a rack on wheels, we are committed to arming you with information
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undercover finding hidden problems that could cost you and put your family in danger. her dream car. >> there is a rattling and the beeping. >> it turned out to be junk.>> when i read everything my jaw dropped. >> after she bought the infinity she discovered the last owner >> carfax estimates 1/3 of car buyers purchase their right from a private seller via craigslist or other advertisement. we found the sellers don't always disclose or know about major defects. >> there is no regulation to it, people can put anything online. >> researched ads found a dozen vehicles with serious problems,
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odometer rollbacks and severe structural damage not mentioned in the ad or by the seller. i set up appointments with the sellers bringing an undercover camera to show you the problems. we found this 1996 acura showing 112,000 miles, the carfax reported 161,000 miles back in i questioned the seller, he said he had no idea of the mileage and his family only owned the car for two years. next an appointment to look at this 2003 nissan, describing the ultima as immaculate, the owner claims the vehicle was never in a wreck but carfax shows a crashed causing structural damage in 2003. the seller said he bought the car one year ago and knew
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we met with another seller in newport richie to look at this 2008 mustang describing the car as great condition. check out the title description listed as clean. it look like new with only 43,000 miles, carfax painted a different picture, the dmv issued a salvaged title in 2010 meeting someone totaled the car and rebuilt it. when i asked this seller he admitted it was branded as salvaged but did not want to disclose that in the advertisement. >> they are luring you in and they make the vehicle seem immaculate. >> please do your research. do your homework. >> a devastating case in point regarding the pitfalls of not
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full inspection. board you will never know what is hiding under the hood. jackie callaway taking action for you. >> you can check the odometer reading for free through florida's dmv you can use carfax and other resources to run a vehicle history before you purchase. just go to and click on taking action. now, abc action weather. >> asking the question how i some folks are griping because we were teased last weekend we had a taste of fresh air, opening the windows letting out the air. it is still nice in clearwater, but i threw this question out what do you think of the weather? to warm, too cool or just right? as you might expect close to 70%
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too warm, how many people thought it was too cool? not many, 1.4%. only a few folks want it warmer. but a good amount of people said it is right and today felt that way when you had the windy weather. thank you for taking part on her facebook page you can stop by we like to update things 24 seven even when the weather is quite. and it is with titan radar showing rain free conditions right now. temperatures primarily in the upper 70s, to the lower 80s but when you factor in the dew points which are rising from the human too muggy area as opposed to the dry and pleasant we had earlier then it starts to feel more comfortable. we are closer to the comfortable and sticky area which is where we will be,
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tampa checking in at 82 degrees mostly cloudy clearwater and saint pete close to 80, a few more clouds and periods assigned today that is a trend we will see a little bit of moisture from both sides of the gulf, the high clouds bailing the sunshine it will keep us from seeing blue skies and sunshine all day long, with futurecast you can see overnight maybe more clouds waking up to partly sunny skies. either way, through the afternoon, more son then clouds and then it is back to normal, the windy weather continues, winds up to 25 miles per hour, small craft advisory in effect at least until saturday, maybe sunday. other than that the weekend looks good, for the buccaneers game and the usf game the weather should be beautiful with clear skies, warm conditions, but it will be rather muggy with temperatures
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newport richie at 84, bradenton 87. over to lake placid and bartow in the mid-80s, looking for some blue to coalesce down, through next week and next weekend, none of it. at this point in time i don't see significant cool down for at least the next couple of weeks. for the boaters kind of breezy small craft winds at 15. moderate choppy bay water temperatures at 74 degrees. the hour by hour forecast, partly cloudy skies mild with temperatures in the upper 60s to the low 70s here's a look at the most accurate seven-day forecast in florida. mid-80s each day continuing through seven days and beyond focusing on the weekend, 86 and 85, morning lows in the upper
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mild, warm and muggy temperatures in the 70s. our first look at damage left after a case of mistaken identity, the fbi and orange county deputies busting into the wrong home this morning. authorities smashing to the front door and the windows, one window just inches from a seven- year-old boy. agents were supposed to go to the house next door and to make things worse authorities onl to repair the damage caused including wording up the windows and putting up a new door. coming up are the buccaneers looking to make a
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lightning is don't turn your back on the canadians, this should be an interesting game tonight. montrial unbeaten in regulation play this season. despite not making the playoffs last season they did sweep the bolts in their series without their goalie. canadians have added pieces like shea weber who scored the winning goal against the >> they improved their team, not just price being back but weber they have added key pieces, i knew they would be eight editing. it should be a good game. there's chatter that the buccaneers are looking to trade
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buccaneers helping to trade banks or possibly a draft pick, the deadline tuesday at 4:00. i have one major concern on sunday and that is the raiders wide receiver tandem michael crabtree and amari cooper. along with the cornerback delivering. >> those two receivers cooper and crabtree they will be a handful, they have done a very good job, they have the quarterback who gets the ball out of his hands, a quick release and he does a good job with his eyes jerk -- moving the defenders. >> we will see you back h@ere a
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tonight, tonight, breaking news. the new polls just out. as michelle obama joins hillary clinton for the first time on the trail. what they reveal about each other. just as questions about millions made by bill clinton. and donald trump tonight, appearing to surprise even melania. the new video tonight. the deadly six-alarm fire here in new york city. the dramatic rescue. the major storm hitting. snow, ice, freezing rain from d.c. to philly to new york. the college student accused of sexual assault, and tonight, the list of women. what was allegedly discovered in the book next to his bed. diane sawyer is here tonight. isis in america.


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