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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 28, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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making new making news in america this morning, runway scare. a plane carrying vice presidential nominee mike pence skidding off the runway. the technology that stopped the plane from highway and our abc colleague on board describing the terror. and the presidential candidates react to that accident as donald trump hints at suing nbc over the leaked "access hollywood" tape. plus, hillary clinton facing more trouble from leaked e-mails. we're live with the very latest. flip or flop under fire. the couple behind the hugely popular reality show accused ofrying off customers who attended their classes.
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three. the world series heads to chicago where ticket prices are reaching super bowl prices. good mo good morning, everyone. a busy friday morning. we start with thatover night breaking news. a major scare on the campaign trail. >> a plane carrying republican vice presidential nominee mike pence skids off a runway in new the ntsb is now sending a team to the site to figure out exactly what went wrong. >> now, get this, the plane was stopped by a special concrete. you see it there, meant to crumble when a jet speeds over it. the concrete broke apart as it's supposed to. that prevented the plane from sliding into a busy highway that runs past the airport there in queens, new york, just yards from that runway.
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airport. >> reporter: that emergency involving the campaign airplane of republican vice presidential nominee mike pence, the front wheels of the boeing 737 coming to a stop several feet off the runway after what was a terrifying landing. >> we saw kind of bump. >> they had >> they had caused the plane's departure from iowa to be syria veerly delayed and tossing a football on the tarmac with his daughter and staffers. no one could imagine the rough flight ahead. passengers say the aircraft appeared to fishtail after hitting the ground at laguardia. >> we're all a little rattled. everybody is safe. there is no apparent damage to the plane. the governor then came back to talk to us and asked us if everybody was okay and that's we realized something was wrong. he told us there was mud on his windows in the front. >> reporter: within a minute
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the runway on the right side of the arrester bed. it looks like it's intact. we are on the scene. i'll keep you advised. >> reporter: arrester beds working as designed stopping the jet after it left the runway and preventing it from hitting a highway. governor pence exiting then a short time later sending out this tweet. so thankful everyone on our plane is safe. grateful for our first responders an the concern and prayers of so many. back on the trail about the accident. >> he was in a big accident with a plane. the plane skidded off the runway and was pretty close to grave, grave danger but i just spoke to mike pence and he's fine. he got out. everybody is fine. everybody is fine. >> reporter: overnight governor pence giving reporters the thumbs up as he arrives at his
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and now we'd like to show you a live picture of laguardia airport at this early morning hour. you can see the plane there, it is still sitting there at the end of runway 22l as it's called at laguardia. it is still stuck in that concrete but we've noticed this picture and seen crews around them and they plan to lift it up any time soon. >> presumably part of the reason they haven't so far is they want to see what happened and piece together what happened. >> you see the tire, the tire, rear tire of the plane in the mud where that one crew member is standing. it was described as a very, very rough landing. the plane fishtailing at one point. a lot of work ahead at laguardia airport and we should point out that will have an impact for air travel throughout the day there. >> thankfully no one hurt because the pence family was on the plane along with press and campaign staff and thankfully no
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what was a hiccup in his schedule. he missed a fund-raiser. hillary clinton offered her regards saying glad to hear pence and his staff, secret service and the crew are all safe. >> indeed, well, on the campaign trail donald trump and hillary clinton are sharpening attacks as they hop from one rally to another. >> the first lady helped draw one of the biggest crowds of her campaign and trump is drawing attention for his choice of words. this time under fire for h description of black neighborhoods. we get the latest from abc's kenneth moton joining us from washington, d.c. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, kendis and mara. this is the first full weekend of early voting in dozens of states and the campaigns will be busy. donald trump was so confident in ohio he actually said that the election should be called off and canceled and definitely called for him. donald trump and hillary clinton working to keep their campaigns on course with just 11 days to
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them ghettos. >> we're going to work on our ghettos issue later on fox news' "the o'reilly factor" he hinted at suing nbc a at suing nbc after his comments were leaked. >> that was a private dressing room. >> are you going to take any action after the election against nbc. >> you'll see. >> reporter: bill clinton stopped by rocker jon bon concert in pit concert in pittsburgh and the and reveal how bill clinton's aide pressured companies to donate to the clinton foundation. the campaign said the state department made clear the former secretary of state never made decisions because of donations to the foundation. clinton shaking it off in north carolina. >> i couldn't think of a better place to come back to with another woman whose voice we need now more than ever. >> reporter: embracing first lady michelle obama on the
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she has more experience and exposure to the presidency than any candidate in our lifetime. >> reporter: and the president will hit the trail again today for clinton in orlando, in fact, in the final week before the election president obama will actually be on the campaign trail nearly every single day, kendis and mara. >> all right, kenneth moton live in washington, thanks so much for that. so, here's a look at where everyone is going to be. hillary clinton is targeting early voters today at rallies in iowa. tim kaine will be in florida joined by former congresswoman gabby giffords and her husband the astronaut mark kelly and donald trump is hitting three states today campaigning in new hampshire, maine and iowa. and mike pence, he's going to be back out on the campaign trail at a rally in pennsylvania before heading to north carolina. even before the election is decided word this morning the clinton camp is already working on its cabinet. vice president joe biden is
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secretary of state. a source telling politico the clinton camp is trying to figure out how to persuade biden to accept it should she win. some extreme weather from coast to coast. first up in california, worries are growing about the potential from flooding and mudslides. damage from wildfires and drought has left dry conditions throughout the state. any heavy rains could lead to floods and some areas of southern california could see 3 inches of rain today. a half mil have been burned throughout california in just this year alone and on the east coast, the storm that brought the first snowfall of the season is moving out. there are still some areas of rain and snow in new england. some parts of massachusetts received 6 inches of snow. glad to see that snow is going away. way too early. keep it moving. still ahead a late night decision from a jury. this is a very serious story. they're warning a woman --
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saying something found in most medicine cabinets caused her cancer. video of this shoot-out caught on camera. police and protesters clashed as demonstrations over a
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gunfire. gunfire. >> you're looking and listening to a dramatic shoot-out captured on camera in tucson, arizona, it started when police tried to pull over a man on a motorized bike. he crashed it trying to get away and then opened fire. an officer fell to the ground when he was grazed in the head. the suspect continued to pull the trigger until he was shot and wounded. the officer is expected to be okay. >> wow, powerful video there.
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the ongoing provide test at a controversial pipeline that has taken a violent turn. more than 140 people have been arrested after demonstrators clashed with police setting fires and throwing objects. there were at least two incidents of shots being fired. protesters will likely move to another spot nearby. they say the pipeline will endanger drinking water and disturb sacred native american burial sites. a couple gained famed by making big money flipping houses. they're accused of misleading customers looking to achieve the same success but they insist they did nothing wrong. abc's kayna whitworth on the controversy. >> reporter: hgtv house flipper, tarek and christina el moussa under fire with complaints about their workshops. doug stevens says he attended one of their seminars. >> you think you're getting taurek and christina, you are not getting them but some sales
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zurixx. nowhere on any of our marketing does it state that the el moussas will be live and in person at any event. >> we'll do over 100 houses. >> reporter: we caught up with christina at this workshop in long beach thursday. >> i stand by our product. it's our tools. it's our system. i've only heard very minimal complaints. if i really felt that a lot of people felt that way then we would make a change. >> reporter: i'm kayna surprising find about cranberry juice. scientists are now debunking a popular belief about its health benefits. plus, a driver hits a police car, but it's what she was doing during the accident that's getting all the attention. you don't want to miss this one. ? really? yes, really! don't sound so surprised. let's see it! -oh you're ready. alright, here we go. let's hear the crowd. ahhhh! i go to the right. i go to the left.
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nearby. well, they've also been spotted in other places around town. the scene looks more like a scene out of alfred hitchcock's "the birds." that totally freaks me out. >> it's too early for black friday. >> i get it. it took me a minute. >> checking morning road condition, it'll be clear in houston and across most of the middle section of the country. some slippery surfaces in new england and rain from the northern rockies to southern california. >> delays are possible in los angeles and san francisco. a woman in california has won a lawsuit stemming from the use of baby powder. >> she sued johnson & johnson claiming use of the company's powder caused her ovarian cancer. now, a jury in st. louis has awarded her more than $70 million. johnson & johnson says it sympathizes with the woman but it plans to appeal. it's accused in about 1700 lawsuits of ignoring studies
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well, say good-bye to another folk medicine remedy. seems that cranberries in any form won't prevent or cure urinary tract infections. a study found no difference between women treated with cranberry capsules than those given placebos. it focused on older women living in nursing hopes because utis are fairly common in that environment rmths a 19-year-old student may have one of the worst days ever, slamming into the rear of a trying to send a topless photo to her boyfriend. a short time later miranda was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of whiling intoxicated. she told police she was trying to take the photo for snapchat like that's an excuse. no, miranda. in san diego, the u.s. coast guard offloaded more than 39,000 pounds of cocaine confiscated from drug smugglers. about 5600 pounds of that was
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trafficking. it's been a record-setting year for the coast guard with nearly $6 billion worth of cocaine seized. time for sports including some nba and college football. >> we turn now to the guys from espn. good morning, america. lisa kerney, john anderson, world series day off. still stuff happening in chicago. chi-town, a hometown guy making his debut, d. wade spent 13 years here's his intro. >> dwyane wade. >> that's a welcome debut. bulls/celtics. from deep, shot clock running down. three from wade downtown. wade, 14 points in the first half. shot 16% from three last season. three of four from three on thursday. butler driving, loses it.
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rebounds and 5 assists. college football on a school night, acc stuff, virginia tech, pitt, james connor, panthers star running back. he's a decoy because look out for big brian o'neill. 7-0. one more time. misdirection and he's race him. he got there. that tied it all up at 29 apiece after the two-point converse but then va tech. like he's good on top of good. that put them up 39-29, such a good catch, virginia tech, 39-36, a winner. >> that was a sweet snag. >> that's all i have. good morning, america. >> good morning. okay, so the cubs and indians get back to business tonight at the world series as it moves to chicago. as expected tickets for games three, four and five at wrigley field are ridiculously expensive on secondary markets.
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$3,000. >> the median. >> that means there's some that go for more. the cubs are in position to win it sunday we could see the most expensive scalped tickets in u.s. sports history. up next in "the pulse," a celebrity fight over the election. plus, a woman wins $43 million on a slot machine but she's not getting a dime. why the casino says it's not paying up. aughs) what does cleanripple texture do? catches all the stuff that you want to get out. this is really nice. this one is, like, it goes the extra step. it gets it all clean. how does being clean feel? kind of sassy. uh, breezy. hands up. weeeeeee. my bum is saying, "thank you very much." cleanripple texture is designed to clean better. go cottonelle, go commando. when you ache and haven't slept... you're not you.
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media biased and manipulation by people like anderson cooper. >> bill's comeback. if our father were alive today he'd smack you in the side of the head for supporting donald trump. sounds like something the older brother would say. >> remember back in the day sflgs too many of them to keep track. the millennials are making it clear they're not happy with the choices for president. >> some would choose the end of time. a recent poll asked people who are 18 to 35 years old to choose president, trump for president, a random lottery to choose the president or a meteor that ends human life. >> well, 25% of the millennials chose the meteor and of those four choys clinton and trump were the worst case scenario. >> so you'd rather the end of time. >> okay. let's just say that. >> 18 to 35, oh, yeah, no, i'm
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this story stresses me out and the stress is on almost. want to show you katrina bookman looking happy smiling, taking a photo that said she just won a nearly $43 million jackpot. >> the single mother of four started thinking of all the things she was going to buy, of course, she did but that excitement did not last long. the casino told her it malfunctioned and was only entitled to $2.25. >> wait a minute. they also offered her a s she's getting lawyered up. >> i imagine she is. working pro bono, i would guess. more news coming up. >> on vacation. aon vacat. [ crowd noise ] ] when your pain reliever stops working, your whole day stops. try this. but just one aleve has the strength to stop pain for 12 hours.
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looking good. we're clear and just a few clouds out there. very nice with temperatures in the 70s. and all a slight chance of terrors out there. we'll keep an eye out for that. otherwise, weather not looking scary at all. coming up next, abc action news
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. >> incredible new video showing a young couple speeding just before a deadly accident that killed them and three other people. >> breaking overnight, prison officials deny parole for the right-hand man of charles manson. why they made the decision and when he's el available for parole again. >> and president obama is campaigning for hillary in central florida. >> and thank you for waking up abc action news. i'm dan schaeffer. >> i'm deiah riley. we're hearing from witnesses of a horrific four-car crash on mlk that killed five people including two children wednesday night. >> and this new video shows the driver speeding at more than 115 miles per hour missed


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