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tv   Action News at 530AM  ABC  October 28, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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. a look inside the car blamed for a deadly crash. the video posted minutes before that accident on mlk and the man who said he barely escaped the tragedy. >> and this morning, we're learning more about the family killed in a tragic tampa accident. ahead, reaction from loved ones and the conditions of surviving victims. >> and such a tragedy. five people including a mother and two young children died in that crash and we'll have more on that in just a second. and i'm deiah riley. >> i'm dan schaeffer. first, let's kick off friday with traffic and weather together. >> and looks great out there and for today, a lot of sunshine from mark; a gorgeous sunset last night and near
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weather conditions providing us with shots and skate right now and generally the upper 60s and low 70s and the closer we are to the coast, we'll see plenty of sun and clouds as well and a few disturbances and high pressure to the north with the easterly flow. and you see that into south florida, a couple of showers there and cloud cover moving in from the gulf. neither of which will bother us too, too much. looking good and low to mid- 70s. by the afternoon, the temps the mid-80s. and good morning, everybody. watching the state road 52 and east of u.s. 19. traffic finally moving again and looks look the crash is in the clearing stages there. and checking out the drive-thru the area, good morning to you. things are looking great here on i-75 and up to speed in both directions. a check of your drive on the toll roads. the veteran's expressway and both of those roads are looking
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downtown. back to you guys. and thank you. right now at 5:30, the first time we're hearing from a man who witnessed the horrific car crash in east tampa that killed five people on wednesday night. near seconds save heads life. action news anchor lindsay logue is live with more and we know the driver who caused the crash was speeding at the time. >> reporter: and a snapchat video taken on the franklin bridge shows cortez going 115 miles per hour. that piece of video was posted 9 minutes before the crash happened here on mlk wednesday night. to give you a better idea of what the road is like out here, it's a wide open stretch of highway on mlk. you have three lanes in either direction and very long stretches. more than a mile in some cases
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wednesday night and saw a car that vw golf driven by pablo cortez speeding in the other direction down mlk. and even if he could have anticipated a crash, he said there was no time to react. >> and it was going so fast that it hopped the median and flew over the car and hit the car behind me. directly behind me. right and i escaped and that is the minivan that immediately bust into flames, he said and that there was nothing he could do. inside that vehicle, a mom, her three children and another child all of them on wednesday night were coming home from church. and that snap chat video is at the center of the deadly crash investigation. we posted it as exclusive to abc action news and you can see it on the website or on the facebook page. check it out there.
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by the tragedy. we're hearing from loved ones of the victims and abc action news runner rodney dunegan has more. how are the families holding up in is. >> reporter: they're heartbroken this morning, especially for the 19-year-old still recovering in the hospital this morning and they tell us she's in crit cool cap and the mother and little brother -- critical condition and the the crash. >> and when she wakes up and realizes her mom is not here, her brother and sister is not here, she was like a mom to her little brother and sister. she was so attentive and made sure they did their homework and yelled at them like a big sister and she loved them. >> i 19-year-old lena burnell and her cousin lisa remain at tampa general. nine-year-old john, 10-year-old
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that wreck. maria and open went to mango elementary where classmates made them cards and the deaths hitting students and staff very hard. >> we try to let the students know they're resilient and they capable of handling difficult things. >> grief counselors will be on hand at the school and to offer support to students and staff and there is a third victim in this crash. the 54-year-old remains in the hospital and in in serious condition. and 25 minutes until 6 right now. a close call for naples family. a little girl found a man hiding underneath her bed. the 11-year-old girl was getting ready for school when she found the man and screamed
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he's in jail now in charge with aggravated stockings. and johnson&johnson has been ordered to pay a woman $70 million after a jury found their baby powder contributed to her ovarian cancer. the jury found the company was negligent when making and marketing the powder. this is one of several recent cases raising health concerns about talcum. some of the lawsuits have been thrown out and one judge saying there is not enough evidence to prove baby powder is linked to cancer. >> danger by four-wheelers. the battery on this ride-on vehicle can overheat and start a fire. at least one child has been burned. there are three reports of vehicles overheating. and meanwhile, baby products manufacture evenflo is warning customers about the problem with the evolved 3-in-1 combination booster seats. they have an adjustment button
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of a injury in a crash and registered owners will get a repair kit free of charge. the product codes and recall details on both of these and we have that information posted now on and 4:36. and hilary clinton will receive help today as she tries to leave the white house. president obama will campaign for clinton in orlando an it's better than trump's and he will encourage floridians. and clinton is heading to the homestretch. they more than doubled the money that trump and his allies do and team trump has 73 million. and she almost doubled trump's fund raising. and he might have to pony up his own carb. he wanted to spend 100 million of his own money on the campaign and right now, he's short 44 minute of that goal.
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clinton. >> curing the -- during the performance, he introduced a surprise guest, former president bill clinton and they had fund raisers for them and other celebrities campaigned on behalf of the clintons, including jay-z, jep ferperry and jennifer lopez. >> and this basically coming down to who votes. she will win if you vote. >> and the latest polls show trump shaved about a point off of the lead from last week and most polls show her leading by 6 points. give or take a point. >> and trump is not talking much on camera about i he is tweeting about it and said a lot of call-ins about vote flipping at the booths in
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appears to be backing him off. >> and i heard the same stories and we know that dead people crossed initialing -- across mark are voting miraculously and we know some are voting twice. >> and a representative, this representative did admit he didn't think the issues would be widespread enough to swing the election another way. voters have posted online that machines flip the republican votes to clinton votes. texas election officials are blaming user error for that. and if you received -- in pasco county, check the inform action. the republican party of florida apologizing for mailing out some and in the week, they delivered the flyers and they missing. three of the locations and the dates indicating when early voting starts and ends were
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cautious at all times because of the continued allegations throughout the last few elections that things have not been on the up and up. >> and i don't believe that there is a lot of voter fraud. everything i have read, everything i have heard indicates that that is an overplayed card. >> florida gop sent us this statement that reads earlier this week we sent out a mailer with erroneous information regarding early voting county and we sin sorely apologize and we're taking every step to get the correct information out to voters. >> i am going to vote early and -- . >> that is the way to go. >> my goodness. 71 this morning. good morning, we made it to friday and almost there, right. if you're working the normal day shift here. 85 in the afternoon and a nice way to take the lunch outside. the humidity is in check and sounds nice.
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cooler temperatures and we'll get those for you coming up. and still to come, worries about one of the lightning's key players. the big hit that could sideline kucherov. >> and urging parents to be on the lookout for a man who tried to lure a boy to go with him instead of school. the one thing he used to try to
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>> and authorities are searching for a man who tried to lure a child on into the woods with candy. ryan smith is live in wesley chapel with the pasco county sheriff's office. they want parents to be on guard. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: good morning to you guys. yes. certainly a scary encounter for all parents to be aware about this morning. this man reportedly trying to lure an 11-year-old boy away from his bus stop and into this dark wooded area behind me. the boy yesterday he was walking to that bus stop around 7:45 yesterday morning when a man approached him in the 6400 block of mangrove error error drive in wesley chapel. you can have candy if you follow me. the pcso said the 11-year-old took off running to the bus stop for help and left in the opposite direction. >> and that is a little extreme
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more precaution. we'll be on the lookout now for that for sure. >> and having more patrols in this neighborhood and near that bus stop later this morning. they tell us the man is between 20 and 30 years old with hazel eyes, olive skin and dark hair. if you know anything about this incident, call the pasco county sheriff's office. that is the latest live in wesley county this morning. facing charges for causing an accident while trying to take a topless selfie. the 20-year-old woman drove into the back of a parked police car. and the officer said when she walked up to the car, she was trying to put a -- and a topless snapchat photo to sunday to her boyfriend. and okay, we're looking good out -- send to her boyfriend. >> and we're looking good out there. a few clouds rolling in from
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right now. we're seeing a lot of upper 60s and pleasant stuff. the breeze is out there a bit. the temperatures are warm this afternoon again in the mid-80s. and the forecast will not disappoint if you are either here or you live here or you're visiting from the north and it's been snowing. the snow video for you the next hour. yes, the first snow of the year and we have cloud cover rolling in from the activity out there. nothing tropical or anything. and just some thunderstorm activity and elongated area of low pressure, if you will and with that to the south and high pressure to the north, that is what gives us the wind and it will be gusty this afternoon. and so we'll watch for that. there is the dip in the jet stream here. north of the jet, cold, south, warm and when you get dips like that, you get lows along it and it's snowing across the northeast. and there is this torrent of rain coming in out of the pacific and getting california with some fantastic and beneficial rain. that is good stuff. notice a good chunk of the south and the southeast under
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we need the jet stream to dip lower and see if we can get fronts through here and watch the clock through november and ridging towards the end of the area here by november 6th, seventh and may get colder air and that is not going to be anything to get too excited about. the temps this afternoon, steady as she goes for the afternoon high temps and above average for this time of the year and by tonight, once again, you will wake up tomorrow and if you do wake up early enough, that will be the upper 60s. otherwise, you will get into the warmth quickly here and both weekend days look great. halloween itself looks good with temperatures in the mid- 80s and we'll continue with the stretch of weather through the early part of next week and into november. good morning, everybody. we're starting off with very top-of-the-sunshine skyway and that is where traffic is looking great. if you're heading across the big bridge, no issues to slow you down. nine minutes to get from toll
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and eight minutes across the courtney campbell and into that any, andy bridge and no problems or construction cleared and i could-4, i-75 and 275 in pinellas county. >> and look at my shoulder here and there is some chaos going on and that is the driver. high got off of the city bus in atlanta and put the bus in park and walked off and that bus full of passengers and is going to start to roll away. and one passenger manages to fight to get towards the driver's seat and hops in the seat and steers the bus away from a crowded sidewalk. finally, hits the brakes and a spokesperson said the driver is going to be retrained. the buccaneers will face one of the best teams in the nfl this sunday. the oakland raiders. they have plenty of weapons, including quarterback derek
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iconnor. the rookie cornerback e vernon hardrigs faced cooper in college and knows firsthand, how tough it's going to be to guard against him. >> i am glad i got to see that early in the college career. someone in his caliber and i think it prepared me well. like i said, i can't wait to get out there and get him again. >> and the bucs can take over first place in the nfc south for the win and a loss by atlanta. the kickoff is set and this morning, the tampa bay lightning are concerned about kucherov. me slammed hard into the board. he left the game and didn't come back and the head coach hopes he won't miss too many games. the canadians beat the lightning 3-1 and remain the only team in the nhl without a loss in the regulation. and people this weekend could go a long way to determine which college football teamsnd up qualifying for the 14 play-off. this year's championship game
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they see florida playing georgia in jacksonville. usf will host the 22nd-ranked team. third-ranked clemson plays at 12th ranked florida state. and coming up, a long- running christmas light fight in south florida is finally over. >> and we'll tell you who won and a little girl goes above and beyond to help a neighbor who lo the halloween display
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. good morning on a friday here and looks good out there. mostly clear skies and we have temperatures in the upper 60s and the low 70s. and some of us are, all right, by 8:00 and jumping into the low 80s by noontime. the warm temps this afternoon into the mid-80s and i will go play with my new app, something called a vine. you get six seconds, plays back. >> oh, you know, maybe you didn't hear. [ laughter ] >> and that company win. >> oh? >> >> it's over? >> that's right. >> and oh, man. today is national chocolate day and you have that going for you. we don't want to force you to celebrate, of course. and who can resist. >> yeah. >> it's chocolate. >> most americans eat an average of 9 and a half pounds a year and we have a lott long way to catch up to the swiss
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a year. >> and i do that every weekend. [ laughter ] six in 6. a south florida family won their legal fight to keep the extravagant christmas light up. >> and the city sue the family saying it brings unnecessary traffic noise and trash. the judge ruled in favor of the hyatt family saying the city failed to show the lights are a public nuisance. and it that display features 200,000 lights and attracts thousands to the neighborhood every year. it displays about property rights and religious freedom. >> and she vindicated our family and our ability to bring the christmas spirit to many of the residents here in south florida. >> and they will not seek reimbursement for what it cost them to win the lawsuit and that christmas display is know annual tradition for 10 years now. >> a 95-year-old upstate girl is making headlines for an
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of the money in her piggy bank. that fire cost $25,000 in damage. when she found out the family wouldn't be able to rebuild the haunted house, she gave them the money she was saving for disney vacation, a little over $133. >> a little girl from down the street, five years old, came knocking at our front door with a little piggy bank in her hand and she handed that to my husband. i am going to cry. >> the guy that owns it, up, my >> and she has been going to that haunted house for two years and couldn't stand the thought that it would not be there anymore. and when a cafeteria worker took lunch away from kids because of an overdue balance, an angry california mom posted her frustration on facebook. >> and that post went viral. the cafeteria worker took the entrees off of the kid's trays because the family owed the school district $24.
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said no. >> it's absurd. i mean how can you do that? that could have been your child, your grandchild, niece, nephew, you know? you don't do that to a child. >> the school is apologizing and saying it's against policy to leave a child without a lunch and they say the employee is going through training. and toys "r" us is making a come back in the tampa bay area in time for the holidays. >> and good news. the business journal is reporting that two locations are hosting grand open had a store within tampa city limits since 2009. the toys "r" us stores in the bay area are lot inside brandon, north lakeland, citrus park and also, they have one in the wesley chapel area. the citrus park location, by the way s new while the others were renovated. and coming up on abc action news at 6, we have exclusive video posted moments before a horrific crash that killed five
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encouraged this. >> and plus, both candidates weighing in on a scare involving mike pence, the
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. new at 6, breaking developments. a look inside the car that caused a deadly chain-reaction crash. the driver speeding topping 100 miles an hour and that crash just minutes later killing five people, including two children. now calls to change this social media app with fears it promotes dangerous driving. >> and plus, a warning before you send your children to the bus stop today. the story that one child is telling about a suspicious man


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