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tv   Action News Weekend Edition at 6AM  ABC  October 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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a lot of lives and it could have been avoided. reckless driving up to five people including two children were killed in a horrific crash. donald trump says the political system might not be as rigged as he thought. the shocking revealing emails about hillary clinton.
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stole the groom's heart i love that story. a jam packed show for you. thanks for waking up with us. i'll lindsey logue. i'm wearing a lot of polyester this year to be comfortable for trick-or- treating. >> you probably want the temperature to be closer to 75. >> yeah, that would be nice if it's cooler. >> that's what it will you're done trick-or-treating. >> well, that's something. i'll get to the halloween forecast coming up. let's look at what's going on now. nice and dry out there. looking fantastic as we start off our saturday morning and whatever you have in mind to do outside today the weather is working in your favor. take a look at the temperatures now. 70 in tampa and six in loots
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mid-60s. crystal river 64. beverly hills also at 64. let's look at polk county. 68 in lakeland and 69 in lake wills. these are mild temperatures for this time of year. we should be starting off closer to the low to mid 60s across the area. great weather today if you're headed out tacular. this is good family fun and great for little kids. temperatures are topping out today in the mid 80s. there's a nice breeze hopefully to keep you comfortable. i'll have the trick-or-treat forecast coming up. breaking overnight, i want to show you police arrested
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he admitted to driving the student off campus to have sex. he faces unlawful sexual activity charges. troopers investigate a hit- and-run. the accident left one person dead in a polk county deputy with broken bones. this is a new picture tweeted from the vooen by polk count woman after she crashed into a tree. a vehicle entered the median hitting them both and then left the scene. the woman died at the hospital and the trooper was hurt. when we get more information on the vehicle or suspect, we will pass it along. a car crash in tampa killed five, including a mother and children. the driver who caused the crash
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attended a vigil last night. investigators say he was driving at an extreme rate of speed. a snapchat video obtained by abc action news shows him driving 115 miles per hour on the franklin bridge. it was posted to snapchat nine minutes before the wreck. his friends say he made a mistake and should learn from it. >> next time we want to go harder on the gas remember what we could lose. >> along with those killed three others seriously injured in the crash. they are all recovering at tampa general this morning. hillsborough county deputies on the hunt for a driver of a truck involved in a deadly motorcycle crash.
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ten minutes later the motorcyclist crashes killing the rider. his family identified him as 21- year old zachary markano. his family suspects this was not an accident. >> what happened was someone got angry with him and hit him on purpose. >> it was not an accident. anybody that met him loved him. he might make you mad sometimes but he had the biggest heart and everybody loved him. such a good guy. >> if anyone has any information about the driver of the blue ford ranger call the hillsborough county sheriff's office. a woman charged with human trafficking. she took in a 14-year old run away and gave the child a motel room and sold her for sex on back the 14-year old is now in protective custody. new information this
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edith camp died last night. her 92-year old husband shot her before killing himself. a family member found the couple in their home. they were both suffering from long term illnesses and left a suicide note. a plane explosion in fort lauderdale. there was u.s. mail on the plane that exploded and burned. the faa says the plane's landing gear collapsed causing a fire. both pot safety board is now investigating. new video inside a burning american airlines jet that was heading to miami. you can see and hear frantic passengers pushing to get out. an engine failed forcing the pilot to abort the take off. 20 passengers did suffer injuries during the evacuation.
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looking for a killer. this man killed an orange county barbara shop owner saturday night. it shows him days before the murder seen running up to the same store pointing a gun at the people inside. he came back and fired the gun and killed one and hurt another. the department of justice is investigating after a controversial shooting in north miami that happened in july. you may remember the video of charles kinsey lying ground with his hands in the air right before an officer shot him. at the time he was caring for a man with autism who is also seen here in the video. the doj will determine if the shooting violated the americans with disabilities act. in democracy 2016 the feds
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investigating whether anthony weiner sectioned with an underage girl. he's the husband of hillary clinton's aid huma abedin. an investigation was launched into the allegations that he sectioned with an underage girl. they have since separated. clinton did speak about the latest investigation while campaigning in iowa yesterday. we'll have her response coming up later in the show. donald trump says the political system might not as rigged as he thought. the fbi has decided to new emails found in the probe of clinton's private server. at a rally in manchester yesterday trump praised the fbi. >> the investigation is the biggest political scandal since water gate and it's everybody's hope that justice at last can
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. >> that's a new tune for trump who has repeatedly complained the washington establishment has rigged the political system against him. he says he's proud of their actions. voting in full swing in all bay area counties. if you're voting by mail your completed ballots must be mailed aweek ahead of time. you can always drop it off at a polling location. to figure out a good time to vote, check out this article on our website. early voting and election dates and times are on our website. a county by county break down for everything you need to know on our website at still ahead this morning at 6:00. >> i battle #d depression in middle school but as soon as i
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>> why thousands of students say they need your support this november. drama in the world series in the 9th inning. how game three unfolded against the cubs and indians. temperatures starting off here 70 degrees and we're topping out in the mid 80s. a nice breeze out the gorgeous and no rain in sight. i'll show you when we see a cool down ahead coming up in
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a special tax that programs. voters decide on it every four years. gonzalez shows you where your money is going. . >> reporter: it's inside dixie hole lynns chiropractor and theater class that students find more than just time out of math and science. >> this is why i come to school.
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middle school but as soon as i joined theater, i found what my life was meant for. >> they will decide whether or not programs like this are worth paying for. >> everybody who works in the field are concerned about it. >> reporter: residents much choose to continue the programs that support art, reading and music around county schools. >> arts in the schools couldn't really do the referendum. >> reporter: students wouldn't know what to do without the classes. >> if i didn't have theater i wouldn't look forward to anything when i wake up in the morning. >> it's for everyone. 0. >> reporter: for them --. >> having an artistic society is part of having an educated society. >> reporter: this election is
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benefit truly for education. >> reporter: it's about keeping the music. >> this helps me live my life and a lot of other people like that. . >> there are a lot of people using referendums on the ballot this year. there's a great story on our website and i just posted it to my facebook page. it's all the amendments written out in plain english so you know what you're voting for. >> you don't want to have the ballot in front of you and not be informed. >> it's great to be here. always good to hang out with you guys. what a wonderful day ahead in the weekend. it's going to be a little warmer than average but it's florida. kand of expecting that now and then. river gate tower camera showing it's a gorgeous start to the day and nice and dry. as we look at the radar, more of the same.
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cast zooming through to noon and we are nice and dry. a few clouds out there. nice breeze out of the east looking fantastic through 8:00 tonight. so taking a jog and taking the kids to the park, we may not see any rainfall. if you're taking a trip this weekend you may enkinter rain but not in our neck of the woods. the beach looking awesome. 85 is the high. water temperature down to 74. light breeze at the beaches as well. gusts up to 20 miles per hour so keep it nice and comfortable given the humidity. a lot of questions about halloween trick-or-treaters. the sunset will be 80 degrees. mid 70s by 10:00 at night as things wrap up so another bug
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more comfortable as you're headed around your neighborhood. partly cloudy skies and no rain. things are looking good for trick-or-treaters. we should start the day around 64. already above average temperatures. 66 in brooksville and crystal river down to 63. st. pete at 72 degrees. warm and with the highs in the mid 80s. definitely muggy. things are looking nice though. very consistent on the dry side over the next several days. so for today and tomorrow that light breeze will make it more comfortable with a high of 86 but no rain in sight tomorrow. less wind and they aren't anything that's problematic, just something that will help to keep it more comfortable. take a look at friday. temperatures beginning to fall. our next front looks like it's
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front but it's bringing the humidity down into next weekend. let's get an update on sports. good morning, thanks for stopping by. october 10th, 1945, a month after world war ii sended the last time wrigley field hosted a world series game. that's 71 years ago. there's been 45 different ball parks that hosted the world series. 26 of them no longer around. even velcro and micro waves were not invented then and alaska and hawaii were not states then. so wrigley field long overdue to host a game. let's see how last night's game unfolded. no score all the way to the 7th
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running at the corner. cocoa rips a base at the right field and martinez scores. they pinch an rbi single 1-0. cubs have runners at the plates the 2-2-pitch and struck him out. indians win 1-0 and take game three of the world series. the tribes there. it's the fifth shut out for cleveland. that's a new major league record. what a game in chicago. both starting pitchers did great but cocoa crisp came out on top. game four later tonight at 8:00. two questions surrounding
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against the navy and how would flower's hamstring hold up? last night flowers didn't waste any time testing it out. he busts out for a 63-yard touchdown to the house. 7-0 bulls. next possession more running this time. johnson finds six points, virtually untouched in the end zone and here's more. marlyn mac running like a mac truck all over the defense. 85 yards to the paint. the longest scoring play so far. they racked up 28 points in the first quarter. that's the most rushing yards in any quarter in school
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the parents of children with challenges. >> there's now a new free technology to help give them peace of mind. >> reporter: tray young loves school but only can tell you that by using this special tablet. he suffers from severe autism and can't talk and needs a feeding tube, diapers and constant supervision. >> we watch him like a hawk. >> reporter: he still managed
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word for it. it's one of the things you think won't happen to you. >> reporter: he got a medical alert bracelet but that wasn't enough. they have also made improvements in their harm like an alarm that sounds every time the door is open. her family justeded an extra layer of security, this tracking bracelet. thanks to leo, a new partnership for autism and related disabilities. >> as soon as they put the of relief that i haven't felt the entire time he's been alive. >> reporter: if a child wanders off the parents call 911 and give the tracking number they roll out on foot and in the air. >> reporter: radio frequency trackers ping the bracelets as it gets louder.
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more than 200 bracelets are available right now for kids with autism. >> we feel very strongly this is a very big part of helping to keep people safe in the community. if you or someone you know would luke a tracker for a child with autism, we have info there on how you can get one. also you can get one for the elderly through your local sheriff's office. forget what ha this heartwarming reason the grooms men spent their money on something else. it gave her a bachelor party
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this is abc action news weekend edition. i'm james tulley. . police arrested this bus driver after driving a student off campus to have sex. the two chatted on social
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he's facing unlawful sexual activity charges. more than 100 people showed up to the vigil last night for the driver of the car that killed five people. frebdz of his car community say he made a mistake and they hope people will learn from it. three people survived the crash and still recovering in the hospital this morning. the fbi dropping a bomb shell on the campaign trail. the feds investigating new e- mails of hillary clinton while they investigate anthony weiner for a sectioning scandal. huma abedin, his wife was hillary clinton's top aid. investigators investigate a hit-and-run.
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with breken bones. he was trying to help a woman after she crashed into a tree. while they were standing waiting for help, a vehicle entered the median and hit both of them. the woman died at the hospital. great weather this morning rment. >> how are things going this weekend? >> things look amaze. what do you have planned? >> maybe the beach. >> >> and there's a nice breeze out there. gusts around 20 miles per hour so breezy but that's going to help keep it more comfortable. 85 by 85 by the way at clearwater beach today. so not bad at all. the water temperature at 74. looking great. the live radar now scanning the skies not seeing any rainfall across central florida. check out the temperatures in lakeland.
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67. brooksville 66. just looks fabulous this morning with partly cloudy skies and 70 in tampa. clearwater starting off at 70. as we move through the day, this mild start, a nice mix of sun and clouds and breezy through the day with gusts around 20 miles per hour. warm and dry through the afternoon with a high of 86. i'll show you how long this weather sticks aroun . new this morning, hillary clinton is calling on the fbi to release all the facts about its new investigation into the e emails. she wants an explanation woet delay. >> the latest on this developing story now. >> the american people deserve to get the full and complete facts immediately. >> reporter: in a letter sent to eight congressional committee chairman, james comey
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mails that appeared to be pertinent. he wrote, another i agree the fbi should take appropriate steps designed to allow investigators to review the emails to determine whether they contain classified information and assess their importance to the investigation." the fbi discovered the emails as they investigated anthony weiner, the former congressmen and estranged husband of clinton top he's being investigated for sectioning with a young girl. the e emails are not from clinton herself. little is known about the messages. >> it's impair tiff that the bureau explain this issue in question, whatever it is, without any delay. right now your guess is as good as mine. i and i don't think that's good enough. >> reporter: donald trump wasted no time to pounce.
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hillary clinton's corruption is on a scale we have never seen before. we must not let her take her criminal scheme into the oval office. >> reporter: we're . >> i believe that it's one of the most consequential elections ever so we'll continue to discuss this. let's call it the $43 million selfie. failing to pay out. she took this picture in front of the slot machine that shows heroining $43 million. the employee says the machine malfunctioned and offered her a steak dinner. >> like that's going to work. the max pay out is $6,500. the machines as you see, have plaques on them that read a
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>> and a steak dinner. two days away from halloween. the government wants to make sure you and your kids stay safe this year. the consumer products safety commission reminding 4400 were hurt had halloween related activities in 2014, many comes from when people fell. a big chunk of injuries being blamed on pumpkin carving so be careful making the jack- lanterns. kids are more than twice as likely to be hit by a car on halloween than any day of the year. proper trick-or-treating hours are being 5:30 and 9:30 at night. one dad built the ultimate costume for his son.
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imus prime built with scrap foam. it only took six hours says the dad. it even has lights for safety. >> i bet dad is not spending that much time next year making a costume. >> don't be surprised if donald trump and hillary clinton show up at your door. mask sales have correctly predicted u.s. presidents since nixon. the value village says trump masks are outselling clinton masks by 7%. >> there's another poll for you. one man's bachelor party going viral after a new mom crashed it. the groom and his party were making breakfast when his hungry dog showed up at the door. >> she just looked very skinny and yeah, you could see her ribs and she was definitely sniffing the bacon good.
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the groomsmen noticed she was protecting a spot in the woods and noticed a puppy sticking its head out. they pulled seven puppies from the hole. they changed their beer fun to puppy fun. eight dogsnd eight men so they took one home each. all eight dogs live five miles from each other with family and friends in michigan. >> i'm glad i didn't do the spoiler alert and story ahead. i love it. >> it's a sweet story. a popular zoo now the center of an animal cruelty investigation. the video says they're missing
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enjoy the vintage home and
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and 5th. tickets are on sale now for the tree of life breakfast to benefit the army. join me for dinner at the e boar city museum state park. it's part of the traces of cube exhibition. cube -- -- cuba. law enforcement is now getting involved more people see a video on you tube that shows animal abuse at a pasco county zoo. >> why the facility owner says it doesn't tell the real story. . this is video secretly recorded at dade city wild thing. it's been viewed more than 24,000 times. people for the ethical treatment of animals shows a
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through a cage and others being forced to take pictures and swim. >> they observed exhausted weak schooled tigers at dade city wild things and being forced to swim with patrons and being yanked by their tails when they tried to escape. >> the pasco county sheriff's office took a look at the video. >> it doesn't look right and we need to investigate to make we take the appropriate actions. >> peta filed a lawsuit alleging mistreatment of the tigers but the owner says peta has targeted her place for years and her and her trainers love the tigers and have taken great care of them for 20 years. she didn't want to go on camera but told me over the phone the opp tives neglected their duties to make things seem worse.
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killed one of her cubs and trainers were pulling the other cubs to safety as quick as possible. all three employees were fired for not doing their jobs before the video surfaced. they are handing the matter over to another unit. still ahead this morning, finally, homeward bound. >> details on e month search for this guy -- this inhibitor tort oise -- --. you buy a new car to find out it has a similar problem. the most dependable suvs and cars to buy new.
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. this is a story about a family never giving up on their missing pet. >> we're talking about a 75 pound tortoise. this morning cliff ton french retraces the steps of a wild tampa animal adventure that ultimately led right back home. >> reporter: he may not be fast but go light the definitely determined -- heavy sturdy and always hungry -- -- goliath. >> reporter: it's not uncommon for him to get loose but he doesn't get far until a few months ago. >> he bullied his way out of the fence. it was meating season and he did it the year before and i found him right away. >> reporter: this time he
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for me it's a 7 minute walk. this is where his adventure sped up. a man driving by stopped to help him. >> he moved him to river crest park. >> reporter: amy learn about the adventure and went to the park and searched for days and put out flyers and posted calls for help. >> i had a couple ladies that took their dogs out and took their box with rfrnlts a tortoise can't swim. her worst fear is he went in the river. for three months no sightings. >> he was tiny, about the size of a tortoise. >> reporter: a neighbor spotted him in this home's backyard. it's only fitting his two mile trip lasted 84 days. >> we're glad to have him home.
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-- . two miles in 84 days. that's a slow mover. >> sure is. . as far as weather goes, not changing very quickly either. take a look. nice and clear out there. dry and looking good. as we're starting off the weekend, also on the mild side. take a look at temperatures -- 70 in tampa now. clearwater at 70 degre the winds -- about 10-20 miles per hour winds. nice breeze and will help to keep you more comfortable through the afternoon with temperatures in the mid 80s later on. 70 degrees in tampa. 68 in plant city. zephyrhills at 66. crystal river at 63. sarasota 81. we have an east to northeast flow today so trying to bring
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not doing a good job as far as rainfall is concerned. high pressure is building in the southeast and that's going to act like a bubble and keep the storm clouds out. warm and dry today, still going to be a bit humid out there. if you have a round of golf in mind, looking fabulous. 5-10 miles per hour winds with gusts up to 20 so the breezes could have an affect on your golf game but the temperatures and sky conditions looking fabulous. up to 80 by noon. 86 as the high. this is a little on the warm side for this time of year. if you're dressing up for halloween and headed out tonight, try to wear something more light weight because it's on the warm side. tonight kicking off around 7:00, the pumpkin king parade and costume contest and dj
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ween festival. the temperatures fall through the night but still at 71 at 2:00 a.m. as things wrap up. this is in ebor city. it's 21 and up only. and you don't have to wear a costume. friday into saturday the next front is rolling through and i think this one will be stronger in the sense that it will bring some cooler, drier air it. but we're not going to see a ton of rain out of it. just a few showers possible and extra cloud cover. it will at least bring temperatures down to at least average if not below that. in the meantime, we're staying well above average over the next couple days. lots of sunshine in store. mid 80s all the way up to thursday and friday. that's where we start to see temperatures coming down as the next system approaches and gets
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is what is helping us keep comfortable. right now not as much wind tomorrow but we'll keep an eye on that. no rain in sight as we head through this weekend and into halloween. very little chance for rain and maybe on friday we'll have a 10% chance of shower later in the afternoon and into the night as the system approaches. this is florida's most accurate seven-day forecast. lindsey, back to you. when you car, you expect it to be problem free but that's not always the case. the cars likely to spend a good amount of time in the shop. consumer reports released reliability ratings this week, the both are most hybrids. the most reliable compact cars are the chevy cruz and toyota corolla. on the other end, the least reliable car is the cadillac
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compact car. the jeep cherokee is at the bottom of the list in the suv category. >> many new options at the movies this weekend. i know you're a huge movie goer but one new release starring tom hanks. >> i have been reading mixed reviews about this. a sneak peak at "inferno".
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-- sounds like it's guaranteed today bu at the box office. here's a look at "inferno". 0. >> there was always a way out. >> nice to have you back, professor. >> reporter: tom hanks is back in "inferno" his third dan
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is along for the adventure involving a virus that kuld could kill half the people on earth. analysts expect a debut of 25 $25 million not bad but a far cry from the davinci code 77 $77 million debut. but still could finish number one. another hour of abc action news you don't want to miss this saturday morning co get around downtown tampa, a new service but why some say it could be dangerous. the most effective and free
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a lot of lyes were lost and it could have been avoided. >> a call to end reckless driving after five people including two children were killed in a horrific crash. hillary clinton gets caught up in another controversy and donald trump throws out
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until the best way possible. the guest that stole the wedding party's heart. >> that's my favorite story of the entire week. thanks for being with us. first, shea ryan with us this morning with florida's most accurate forecast on what is shaping up to be a beautiful saturday. >> yeah, it's really looking great, like you said. as far as throughout the weekend it's working in your favor if you have plans outside, especially looking good. take a look at the radar, you see we don't have any rain across central florida. south florida may catch a shower or two but in our area things are looking fantastic. we'll check out the temperatures across hillsborough county, mostly in the mid to upper 60s. further to the south we'll


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