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tv   Action News Weekend Edition at 8AM  ABC  October 30, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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live from the station taking action for you, this is of the road to dine -- that just shows what kind of person you are. >> the driver who killed a motorcyclist comes forward this morning and says, the crash was not entirely his fault. >> it is pretty strange to put something like that out with such little information right
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on the fbi. it is the video we cannot stop watching this morning. a dog's favorite toy comes to life and his reaction is everything. i watched it yesterday and i watched it again this morning. >> about 10 million views and you are responsible for about 40,000 of those views. >> 40,001, i am thinking. thank you for waking up with us. i am lindsay logue.>>, -- caramel apples from lindsay logue this morning. we will check and see what your weather is like for the trick- or-treaters. though rain in the forecast for trick-or-treaters which is great.
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that is your favorite! it will be warm and dry today with a mix of sun and clouds and a bit of a breeze. a nice day to go out. many outdoor activities that we expect over the weekend in the tampa bay area. current conditions in the low 70s with a mix of sun and clouds. the winds are between five and 50 miles an hour. the breezy spot is st. petersburg. east, north our highs today will be warm and we expect to see temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. paula beach, 88. brayden schenn, sarasota, 88. that is above average. but on radar, no rain in the forecast. even for the next several days.
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or-treaters because as you head out tomorrow night, is warm for the goblins and rain free. about 80 degrees and temperatures will drop into the 70s. i will have your 7-day forecast and let you know when we could see change coming up in the weather. we have an update. the southbound lanes have reopened after investigators were working on a deadly scene and we are making calls to police to find more information about this crash. one person died. as soon as we get that information, we will bring that along to you. the polk county sheriff making a promise to work day and night to find a hit-and-run driver who hit and killed -- who hit and seriously hurt one of their own. >> investigators have very few leads and need your help over
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>> reporter: jessica found herself in trouble this morning while driving on state route 60. >> she had a crash eastbound and her car had gone off the road. she came out into the median like someone down for help. >> reporter: her rescuer's deputy adam goeddel. he calls the investigator but suddenly, his radiocommunication goes silent. paramedics arrived a few minutes later. >> they found jessica unconscious with injuries. >> reporter: but whoever did it left the scene. the impact killing. the deputy left fighting for his life. >> there was not a lot of evidence left at the scene. >> reporter: the young company only on the force for two years . his wife, also a deputy. >> they have their whole lives ahead of them and hopefully, they will be able to continue
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>> reporter: analyzers looking at thereby video but are hoping a tip will solve the case. >> they will face very serious charges. >> reporter: nbc action -- abc action new information on the and-run death of a motorcyclist. zachery marcano. the airport lorenzo came forward yesterday and investigators say the two of them had an argument near college avenue on friday night and said gilbert drove off. that is and he followed him on his motorcycle and pulled right in front of him. gilbert could not stop in time and struck the bike at an intersection. he was struck from behind and died. gilbert is charged with leaving
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>> to leave him on the side of the road to die, that just shows what kind of person you are.>> the funeral will be this week. the clearwater man who bonded out of jail for involvement in the death of a school crossing guard was arrested again. officials say julius johnson ran from officials during a traffic stop on friday. they were able to stop his car but continued to run on foot. he told them that he ran because he did not have a valid drivers officers also found cocaine in his car. a woman found burned to death at the assisted-living facility. firefighters believe she may have been smoking and using her oxygen tank at the same time yesterday. she was a resident of the facility. new information on jose fernandez. the medical examiner released a
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blood-alcohol was twice the legal limit when two and -- when he and two of his friends died last month. the reports also show that the other two men had been drinking and one of them did had cocaine in his system. all three suffered trauma to the head and body. now to democracy 2016. hillary clinton is asking the fbi to release all of its information. benton calls the timing suspicious and do polls. elizabeth has more. >> reporter: hillary clinton is pushing back hard, rocking her campaign. >> it is pretty strange to put something like that out with such little information right before an election. in fact, is not just strange. it is unprecedented and deeply
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stunning move. >> voters deserve to get full and complete backs and we called on the director to explain everything. put it all out on the table. >> reporter: for donald trump, this could be the last chance to turn his campaign around. >> hillary has no one to blame but herself for her mounting legal troubles. willful, deliberate, intentional and purposeful. >> reporter: james comey opened the latest probe after new emails were discovered while investigating a sexting scandal involving anthony weiner. the estranged husband of the top clinton aide. the emails found on the device shared by the couple. an internal memo to fbi and
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we don't know the significance of this newly discovered collection of emails, i don't want to create a misleading impression. there is no evidence of wrongdoing by clinton and -- by clinton." and he does not know how long the investigation will take. susan mcmanus will join us live in studio. we're getting her take on this latest situation with the fbi and how it affects the race. what the polls are looking like and again, she will be joining us in just a few minutes. early voting is in full swing. if you're voting by mail, your completed ballots must be mailed in ahead of time for it to count. you can always drop it off at any polling locations. to find one near you, but for this article on our website. abc action and there is a county by county break
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trick-or-treaters ending up with drugs? it is a thought that would frighten any parent but today, we are revealing how often it happens in the bay area. don't miss that, next. some good news for trick-or- treaters and that means warm conditions and it will be rain free. but what about your forecast
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just the day before halloween, there is a warning about marijuana laced candy. the real threat is -- what the real threat is and how you can keep your family safe. >> chocolate chip cookies or pop tarts. >> it is children love sweets and they want to make sure your little ones are not eating something they should not. with the legalization of medical marijuana on the table, they. kids could collect edible marijuana or edibles on halloween. >> i think it is certainly possible. >> the florida sheriffs association is warning parents about pot candy and some say
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not because it is halloween but because it is election day. >> anything like that is always going to be perceived as highly political. on the other hand, we have a pretty good history and of concerns about objects and things in children's candy, something that we talk about. >> remember to check your children's candy and make sure the wrapping is from the manufacturer. poison control says the calls they get we did chat with the hillsborough county sheriff's office and they said they have not been seen new cases of kids getting marijuana candy around halloween time but apparently, other states like washington after legalizing had some cases.
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. hershey's, mars. things like that so we have this candy bracket on abc action and right now, the top two are recess and kit kat so you can log on and vote. we are surprised by some of the early elimination. >> had it get into the final round? >> we are a big fan of almond joy. >> no one but me and jane. here is a live look on bayshore boulevard. what a beautiful start to the day with temperatures in the low 70s. i'm sorry. it has been a long morning. we are seeing a mix of sun and clouds and we are seeing a decent amount of wind.
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of the east, northeast at 14. double digits in much of the bay area. 10 miles an hour in bradenton. little calmer as you go into plant city but expect those winds to pick up as we head into the afternoon. upper 60s, 70 degrees and our highs mid to upper 80s. normal for this time of year and it is about 81 degrees. above normal temperatures and titan doppler radar shows no rain on the radar and we do not expect to see any rain over the next several days. we will put our futurecast into motion with few clouds moving across the bay area and that is about all we will see. we will widened out so that you can see where the more stress. most of it pretty much stays to
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hours, any rain pretty much dissipates so we will stay warm and mostly dry. the same store today for the bucs came and if you're heading out, kick off is at 1 o'clock against the oakland raiders. temperatures will be in the of -- in the 80s. and for you trick-or-treaters, things look great because there is no rain in the forecast and it won't be cold. warm for the goblins. rain free and nearly 80 degrees. as you go into the evening hours, we will be in the 70s. here is a look it to topics and it looks like no tropical development over the next five days. if you're heading out on the water, winds out of the northeast at 15 kn with seas at 2 to 3 feet.
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sunny clouds. warm and breezy and overnight tonight, temperatures will drop down to 68 degrees and mostly clear and mild. here's a look at your 7-day forecast. not much in the way of changes as we head into the work week. the pitch is will stay into the mid-80s and a cold front comes in by next weekend. we are nine days away from election day. [ technical difficulties ] again proves to be a hotspot. the professor is with us now and help us sort through what is going on. let's start with that fbi investigation. how much impact is that going to have? >> quite a bit because there are still a lot of people who have not voted and some are on the edge.
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actually, that is what happens. the closer you get to an election, the more people intend to go back to their home , the one they are affiliated with. >> it is a huge change in just a week's time and that is how volatile the selection season has been. >> clinton and trump have very different campaigns but they are both pushing for early back to florida. proving that florida is a huge battleground state. >> i would not be surprised if they come a couple of more times and not just one. they are sending all their surrogates in here. mike pence is coming to this area and hillary clinton has her husband, you clinton and the president is coming back.
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trump cannot win without it and hillary wanted desperately. she would love to see the u.s. senate controlled by democrats. she has campaigned as much for patrick murphy has she has for herself, right now. the race has tightened as hillary clinton has done better, so has murphy. his success is very closely tied to her. as she does better, he will do better. rubio has to keep the trump people and supporter's [ null ] has to pull in some from the other side . right now, he is doing better among millinnials and a hispanic. >> do you think this race will be called on election night?>> probably not but i will tell you, however florida goes is probably going to be that the nation goes that way, as well.>> thank you so much for being with us. we will see you again and back
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we are sitting here with teresa. and she has brought in poncho. poncho has back story. it is a small miracle that he has on your lap, this morning. >> he was left in the yard with 14 other dogs. a lot of rescues came together and shipped in. there were a lot of puppies sold we are not a big puppy rescue. we like the older adults. we ended up with little poncho
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take care of him, at one point. >> you say he is very well behaved. >> he loves kids. he loves man and he is a little cautious but he has the sweetest little lapdog that you can find. >> he is just beginning. >> things are just starting for him. if you are looking at poncho this morning wondering how to make him a part of your home, you can email last at lucky or call me at 813, the -- 813777 813-777- 0945. and fill out the
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live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. you come back on this sunday morning. top stories we are following for you. deputies desperately need your help to find a driver. this was the crash we brought
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took off and deputies say there was not much left at the scene. there is a cash reward. deputies say gilbert renzo has come forward after a deadly crash. investigators say he and zachary were in some sort of argument while on the road friday night. deputies say he pulled his order cycle in front of the car and when they reached an intersection, he could not stop in tim both announced they will be coming back this week. both were just here last week. they are running very different campaigns. both candidates are pushing for early voting. some will be in miami. clinton will be in miami and boca. coming up, we will show you how to make some election theme
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it is a great day to be out having a cocktail or two in the sunshine if you dare. here's a look outside from bay shore. it is a beautiful start to the day and temperatures are in the low 70s. and what is ahead? well, a lot of the same. today, expect a warm and breezy sunday afternoon. it is staying dry for halloween and that is good news. also, some good news on the horizon. a cold front coming in next weekend. some people did not like that cold weather we saw a couple of weeks -- a couple of weeks ago. tampa, 72. the rest of the bay area upper 60s-low 70s. warm to upper 80s all around the bay area which is above
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out to the seafood festival, temperatures will be in the 80s by this afternoon. partly cloudy, warm and humid and maybe a little breezy. no rain on titan doppler radar and we do not expect to see any rain for the next several days and that is great news for the trick-or-treaters. here is your trick-or-treating forecast. after sunset, the temperatures drop into the 70s with the cloudy skies and no rain. i will have your 7-day forecast and your bucs forecast coming up witnesses are sharing their account at the scene. fort lauderdale airport with a fedex plane on fire and then, it explodes. >> let's check in with nicole. >> oh my god!>> [ bleep ] >> oh my god! >> i saw the flames in the fire. the plane was coming straight from a building.
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stopped where it did. >> reporter: she works at a -- he works at a warehouse and saw the fedex plane explode, slide and skid to a stop at the fort lauderdale hollywood international airport. the faa says the main landing gear collapsed as the plane landed inbound from memphis tennessee. >> there was a trail, a fireball , a running fuel fired down the runway leading to thje capturing the immediate aftermath on their cell phones. >> it looks like maybe they broke off the left side landing gear. however that happened and that caused some sort of fire.
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now, we are picking back up within the hour. >> reporter: and schneider goes back to work just across the tarmac from the burnt plane. at some point, a man from six insert -- bumps against her. she pushes back and then, falls to the ground. 's has prompted some angry calls from pole police at the scene were said to just try to keep the peace. donald trump's attorney. -- donald trump's attorney says trump has a gift for her. the consumer product safety commission says more than 430 people were hurt in halloween
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sidewalk so make sure those costumes fit perfectly and another check of injuries, pumpkin carving. watch those fingers! and a reminder, kids are more than twice as likely to be hit by a car on halloween than any other day of the year so make sure you are exiting and entering the sleep -- the streets slowly. there were plenty of halloween costumes bay convention center. more than 20,000 pop-culture brands are taking part in the weekend long event. a chance to mingle and get autographs. and, some celebrities. data from star trek. doctor who. and also, burton from star trek and reading rainbow. organizers say they see a lot of effort going into the
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sometimes months putting together these costumes that you see behind me. they will come and share them together which is really exciting but i would say, you don't necessarily have to come down and cost him. >> it runs again today from 10 o'clock until 5 o'clock at the convention center. today is national candy corn day. corn for you created in the late 1800s representing the bright colors. originally, it was yellow, orange and white. there are all kinds of different colors. too bad that candy corn did not make the cut for the top halloween candy. we have that for you on facebook and right now, races is in the lead in the championship match
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halloween candy until halloween night tomorrow. reese's has a pretty commanding lead so we will see what happens. >> this is great. a phenomenal halloween store going viral. a halloween recording but her boyfriend walks in dressed as a giant gumby and this is why i real! real! >> the other dog tries to get in on the action. spect is to imagine your favorite food right now.
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still to come, sending your child to go trick-or-treating by him or herself for the first time. putting three applications to the test to keep tabs on
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on november 5, don't miss the adoption rescue and education charity. the humane society is giving for -- three shots to the first 1000 dogs arriving. the annual clinic will be from
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welcome back to action news weekend edition. are you ready to linger kids trick-or-treat without you? >> just know there are still ways you can keep track of them. >> eric takes a look at the best options to do so. these kids from genesis preschool are ready for halloween. entertaining some patients at a nearby rehab center. the performance is just a wa- the mother of three says her teenage daughter asked about trick-or-treating with friends instead of parents. and it's not going to happen just yet. but parents to let their kids venture out. there are dozens of smartphone apps to keep track of them.
8:41 am
maps. on footprints, you can enter your child's route and if they leave that route, you will get an alert. >> just occasionally, sporadically, i will pop it on so that someone is where they say they are. >> reporter: these parents are very reluctant. >> i just don't trust with my son! he is my baby. >> they are rewarded with early traits. coming up, cars playing tricks on their owners. why phantom warnings are popping up and some of the messages are actually
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one family is trying to spread a very important message with their decorations. is cheap is supposed to look like it has been in a crash. and there is a sign that says, don't text and drive or it could end up scary. >> it could really happen. it is the makeup of dummies and it broke down -- and a broke down car but it does happen on a daily basis.>> it only takes a split second to change or
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tampa ranking. the best place to celebrate halloween. looking at a bunch of factors including things to do. ranking six. as for the things we do, friendliness with trick-or- treaters. it could be better or it could be worse. reporting phantom warning messages that tell them that the car is a problem when it really isn't. we love high-tech cars but one woman claims her high-tech vehicle is more like the
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>> reporter: the 2016 civics hundred link flashes with failure warnings. >> a break system problem. >> it throws a series of five error messages. just about constantly, any more. >> that i have a charging system problem.>> the even tells her to stop driving. >> have your vehicle checked by dealer immediately. >> reporter: the car has been several weeks in the shop and no one has figured out how to stop the error codes. >> they have replace the modulator a couple of times and then a series of recent. >> reporter: honda has dozens of complaints with the honda
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webpage about it. honda saying that the problem is fun related and to keep driving. >> if there is an issue, i am going to ignore it because there has been an issue for so long. so far, beating the challenge is reese's peanut butter cups and we will all get one. >> [ laughter ]she is like, i am not going to let that go to waste. >> i think it should be katz.
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from our camera. a gorgeous day to be heading out to the beach. warm and breezy and a nice day to do any outdoor activities. maybe a little bit of coughing. it is a great day to hit the link. by 10 am, warming up to 77. we will top out and 86 degrees with a mix of sun and clouds. currently, in the upper 60s to around 70 degrees. 70 in apollo beach and the kohl's 66. our high temperatures will be in the mid-to upper 80s. above normal for this time of year and write about 81 degrees. our temperatures are going to hover over the next couple of days and we will see some cooling heading our way by the end of the week into the weekend. in the meantime, no rain in the forecast and no rain at all and titan doppler radar when we put
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moisture is staying to the south. there are a few showers that may try to make their way across the state. we will stay warm and mostly dry. here's a look at bucs forecast. it should be warm and breezy with temperatures in the 80s for tailgating and 80s all the way through the game. you will probably need your sunscreen because it is another one of those typical warm ones. you can see our temperatures decrease again as we go into said that. our lows will be in the upper 50s to around 70. is a look at your halloween forecast and it looks great for trick-or-treaters. warm for the little goblins and rain free. sunset, dropping into the 70s. i loved when there is no rain on halloween. let's look at your forecast.
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. here is your forecast for today. looking nice and warm and sunny. 86 degrees and a little bit of humidity around. some dry air may sneak in as we head into the week. 68 degrees and mostly clear and mild with winds out of the northeast at 5 to 10 miles an hour. here's a look at your 7-day forecast. you can see not much in the way of changes over the next several days but as friday and saturday, that is our next cold front and things will start to cool down as we go into saturday and sunday. election day is just one week from tuesday and it could be a long -- it is going to be a long week. >> were brought in caesar from
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of your bars are becoming bipartisan. >> [ laughter ] >> what does that mean? what do you have? >> you have all different themes for whatever party you want to go to tonight so where do you start?>> i am in orlando at on the and we are doing, both for the cocktail. so we have our republic. the one in the middle is our hillarita. it does consist of tequila, orange juice, sugar. a little bit of lime. squeeze it, shake it.
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>> before we get to the last cocktail, this is our independent cocktail. and what is in the potus punch? >> we start out with brock varies. some cranberry juice. we use some of the handmade vodka and shake it up. it is delicious and fruity. >> and i don't know means for the election but you guys have a running tally. this may not mean anything but the trumptini is in the lead right now. that's make one. >> i already have some cranberry juice. some simple syrup. we use the handmade vodka.
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>> we have one coming up. it is not done yet. this is the ingredients. >> not the sparkling wine. >> we will sample these when we
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happy weekend. enjoy the seafood festival starting at 10 am with activities to enjoy. we will have plenty of candy for trick-or-treaters at 4:30 in the afternoon. halloween from 4 o'clock until 8 pm.
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with highs in the mid to upper 80s all around the bay area. the same story for the next couple of days. over the weekend, we see our next cold front. >> we have these election cocktails. election night could be a long night. you can get these from our friends here at and make them for yourself. >> that is it for us.
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starting right now on "this week" with george stephanopoulos. >> any reaction to the fbi reopening the investigation? >> october shocker. >> this is scandal since water gate. hillary clinton fighting on two fronts. >> some of you may have heard about a letter that the fbi director sent out yesterday. of course, donald trump is already making up lies about this. the fbi and justice department


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