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tv   Action News at 6PM  ABC  October 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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now at 6:00 trying to cope. a young mother killed, her children grieving and an intense search for the hit and run driver who not only took her life but seriously injured a deputy. good evening everyone thanks for joining us. it is day two in the search for a driver who killed a bay area mother and badly injured a deputy. polk county deputy adam pin nell stopped early saturday
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crashed her car into a tree. pinnell pulled over into the median and a driver crashed right into them. >> the victim's family prepares for a funeral. >> jake peterson spoke to the young children. >> reporter: after the accident scene clears and the family is notified the mourning begins. >> i know it happened but it is hard for my mind to think it actually happened. >> kenneth if he sans and i just found out about his mother mother jessica's death. >> honestly i still cry and stuff a lot about it. since i have known her my whole life it is hard to actually believe. >> reporter: kenneth was living with his mom in tampa. he says she worked two jobs to help him and his older brother
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us a roof over her head. >> it hit me hard. >> reporter: 16-year-old xavier is trying to make sense of why someone would leave the scene of the accident after hitting two people. >> i really hope it is horrifying him. he needs to pay for that. polk county deputies have little leads but they are on the lookout for a car with front end taj. they hope a tip from the public will help he needs to pay for what he did to our mother, who was a hard work and didn't deserve for this to happen. >> she was awesome. >> reporter: now these two brothers are left leaning on each other. >> she tried her hardest to support and take care of me and him. >> reporter: reporting in bradenton jake peterson, abcactionnews. also new tonight a woman in jail for trying to sell two
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hotel room paid for by the woman. both were listed as run aways. the woman is charged human trafficking. deputys need your help finding a person who broke into a home. one person was shot. if you have any information about the suspects call crime stoppers. an inmate, complaining deputies telling us timothy matthews you are looking at here collapsed in the cell early saturday morning. staff and paramedics performed cpr on the 58-year-old but could not save him. an investigation continues but his death does not appear suspicious. this man is in jail for breaking into the holocaust museum. he broke a security system allowing him to get into the
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it was a warm day across the bay area today. official temperature at tampa international airport, 88 degrees was our high after an early morning low of 71. normal for this time of year a high of 81 and a low of 64. record is 91. here's a look at our current temperatures right now. still warm around the bay area in the and tonight we'll drop down cooler than what we saw last night, temperatures generally in the mid to upper 60s. here's a look at your forecast for tomorrow. partly cloudy and warm with a high of 89 degrees. our weather pattern is not changing much. seasonal temperatures in the morning and above normal for the afternoon. warm and dry, nice afternoon or evening rather for trick or treaters.
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evening hours. after sunset, temperatures will drop to the 70s mostly clear skies and the best news is no rain for those trick or treaters. your halloween forecast and your 7-day forecast coming up in just a few minutes. got to love that music. speaking of a big event coming up here, we are nine days away from electing our next president. right now florida is leading the nation in terms of early turnout for >> abcactionnews reporter isabel rosales is at an early voting site? >> reporter: frankly it is not just you regular people who are concerned with the policies the next president will put into place. educators concerned about wheys what the nation's pick might mean for their classrooms in the future. 45,000 education and labor leaders are volunteering
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this morning dozens filled mcfarland park to spread the message. already more than 18 million americans have voted and republicans have a slight lead over democrats in the sunshine state. despite your political leading your vote is your voice and it impacts every local community. >> our work is to make sure these skids their families have what they need. that is everything from the president of the united states to >> republicans have a near 14,000-vote lead over their opponents in votes. that is actually a small margin and it has gotten closer in the last week, but these numbers are also before the bombshell announcement of the fbi finding new e-mails related to hillary clinton's private server. we'll be sure to check on how that pans out in the upcoming
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again a powerful earthquake rattles italy. the impact of the quake on the heels of one two months earlier. in florida, playing a key role. the key points in this election countdown next in democracy
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welcome back. new tonight central italy getting lit again with a strong earthquake. the most powerful quake to rock that area in three decades at 6.6. 20 people are injured so far and rescuers pulled six from the rubble. thousands have no power and thousands had their homes flattened. this follows a deadly tremor in
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maryland. an uber driver charged with kidnapping and assault. instead of taking his ride home the 29-year-old pierre took her to a motel room instead. surveillance video captured him carrying the unconscious woman out of her car and later using her credit card. an overtime let down for the buccaneers. we'll show you the surprising
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and now we go to democracy 2016. obviously a very tight race between hillary clinton and donald trump. and florida playing an absolutely key role once again. mary bruce is in washington. >> >> reporter: with just 9 days left in the race for the white house a full court press. hillary clinton in florida, rushing from brunch to church to a rally and concert. >> there is a lot of noise and distraction. but it really comes down to what k-9 of future we want and who, as our president, can help us get there. >> reporter: the democratic
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narrative about the renewed fbi investigation into her private e-mail server. rival donald trump turning it into an attack line. hillary has nobody but herself to blame. she lied to congress under oath, she lied to the fbi many times. >> reporter: clinton's campaign going after fbi director james comey demanding he release more information about the new mails. calling his letter to copping vague and short on facts. >> it is extremely puzzling. why would you release information that is so incomplete? i think he owes the american public more information. >> reporter: trump's campaign chief saying this helps her boss. >> issues like this where people are reminded she has put the national security at risk for her personal reasons is very troubling for her.
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possible. nearly 20 million americans have already cast their ballots. mary bruce, abc news. amazon is facing a massive lawsuit. a family going after the company claiming the company was negligent for selling these hoverboards that eventually caught fire, torching their million dollars home. >> the fact that a toy caused this kind of destruction to our lives, you know, is just wrong. >> reporter: the family is seeking $30 million in damages. amazon has yet to comment. the consumer product safety commission has investigated more than 60 hoverboard fires and has recalled more than half a million products. the international space station's expedition 49 crew officially making it back to. the crew spent 115 days in
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okay get this. who knew? turns out today is national candy corn day. i did some research. considering this might be my favorite. >> of course it is. >> and jamison would be so proud of this. a fill definitely man, because he is from philadelphia, created the candy in the 1800s making it from sugar, corn syrup and wax. the florida aquarium this weekend. a chance to trick or treat with over 20,000 sea creatures. entertainment and treats were also provided. i bet you didn't realize if you took the candy corn and stacked them in a circular form. >> it looks like a corn on the
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circus peanuts though? those are the worst. >> that is her favorite candy. >> he just took a bag off my desk. check this out. main sail beach resort, what an absolutely gorgeous live shot. current conditions in the low 80s. across the rest of the bay area, similar conditions upper 70s and low 80s with a good amount of sunshine. breezy conditions in the area today. 5 to 10 miles per hour winds. same weather pattern we've seen through the last few days is going to continue through the work week. halloween stays warm and dry. it will be a little bit above normal, but the good news is no rain for your halloween forecast. right now it doesn't look look cold air, but drier air. so we'll have a very, very comfortable weekend.
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particularly comfortable at the bucs game. very warm today in fact. we reached 88 degrees as our forecast high in tampa. the rest of the bay area in the low 80s for the most part. the current dew point, this kind of tells you how pleasant it feels. anytime you get a dew point of about 70, that is very humid. when you are about 60, that is right on the borderline humid. right now 60 to mid-60s, so we are seeing a little humidity. as we head through the end of the work week our dew points will drop into the 50s and that is when it will really feel comfortable. no rain on titan doppler radar. we don't expect to see any rain for the next several days. you can see just a few clouds, but that's about it. we are going to widen out a little bit, and you'll see our weather pattern, again, stays about the same. winds out of the east
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moisture is going to try to make its way out of the atlantic. it won't have a lot of success because our atmosphere is so dry. dry for our halloween forecast too for those ghoul and his goblins. your trick or treat fast looks like this. warm and rain-free. near 80 degrees at sunset. after dark temperatures will be in 70s. the good news is no tropical development for halloween. so no it looks like there is no sign of any tropical development at all. on the water mariners can expect winds out of the northeast. a moderate chop on the bay in the waters. next high tide at 2:01 a.m. forecast tonight mostly clear and mild, a comfortable evening. tomorrow another warm day, 85 degrees. lots of sunshine, warm and dry.
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have a 10% chance thursday and friday and really i think it is probably less than that. i hate to not say anything. we may see a sprinkle or two. that front comes through and dries us out and cools us down to the weekend. -- for the weekend. at 3-3 the buccaneers enter the day one game back of first place atlanta. what better opponents to beat to get over the 500 mark the oakland jamius winston trying for the first time since 1996. winston rolling out fires to the end zone leaping russell shepherd. touchdown pam aaway. derek carr connects with donald ben pen for the touchdown. yes that donald penn. the former offensive tackle for the bucs. tied at 10. next oakland drive amary cooper gets free and makes the
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lead. tampa bay now threatening in the fourth. winston rolling, trying to find it. fire the cannons touchdown buccaneers. missed the extra point so they trail 17-16. 2nd and goal for the bucs. rogers first touchdown for him in two years. bucs would make the two conversion. 24-17 until it happens. carr to michael rivera and we are tied again. in a record for 23 penalties this happens. seth roberts breaks free and is gone. that is your game winning touchdown. raiders win 30-24 and stun the
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bucs. >> you just you know, we weren't quite good enough today. the raiders they have a good football team. our guys played hard but not good enough today. we had our chances. and couldn't capitalize. >> more on the bucs tonight at 11:00. meanwhile will this be another night for a cleveland title? we'll see. a win for the cleveland indians would break another title drought. 68 years since the last time the cleveland baseball team won the world series. that is 1948. they won 7-2. chicago's jon lester faces cleveland tonight in a cubs must win. >> the only thing that changes is we'll pack our bags. because we are going to go home one way or the other. and we'll show up and try to beat a really good pitch and that is what we always do. flog needs to change.
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epiphany somehow. i think based on what never left pitchingwise, i like our chances. >> if the cubs win tonight the series shifts to cleveland tuesday for game 6. now it is not impossible for the cubs to come back and win the world series, it is just not probable. five teams in the history of the world series have come back with a 3-1 deficit. the last team to do it the royals back in 1985. again the st. louis cardinals. if the indians twin it would be the city of cleveland's second championship in the last four months after not having a title in 52 years. stay tuned.
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thank you so much for choosing abcactionnews. we'll see you back here
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welcome to "world news tonight." nine days until the election, and hillary clinton taking on the fbi. demanding to know details of the new line of investigation. as donald trump is already convicting her. >> this is bigger than watergate. >> we have the latest from the fbi. disaster zone. italy, rocked again. ancient towns collapsing. rescues under way. tonight, we take you inside the country's worst earthquake in decades. fire on the runway. passengers escaping from the burning jet.


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