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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  October 30, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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major move, the fbi obtaining a warrant to further probe e-mails from hillary clinton's top aide. good evening and thank you for joining us. we begin with democracy 2016 and another huge blow for the hillary clinton campaign tonight. the fbi obtaining a warrant to review a new batch of e-mails involving one of her top aides. and tonight both candidates, clinton and donald trump, calling on the fbi to reveal
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election day. tonight, the pressure mounting on the fbi director to say more about the case after that explosive revelation on friday. >> i think this was a terrible error in judgment by the director to release this kind of ambiguous letter. >> reporter: director comey began briefing lawmakers demanding more details about a new potentially connected to secretary clinton's private server. >> we both encouraged him to make sure the american people have as much information as possible before they have to make a decision on november 8th. >> reporter: the case was reignited by an investigation
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the focus, whether the e-mails contain classified info and are tied to clinton's private server. the fbi has obtained a court order allowing them to investigate her e-mails. justice department officials advised against alerting congress, citing department tradition of not talking about ongoing investigations and not doing anything that woulbe in its final days. >> the e-mails will be reviewed by the same counter intelligence team in washington that handled the clinton investigation from the beginning. donald trump reveling in developments about the existence of the new e-mails. trump highlighted reports that the justice department had discouraged the fbi from alerting congress to the unexpected discovery of the e-
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>> she gets a subpoena and she deletes and bleaching and nobody ever heard of bleaching. anybody ever heard of bleaching? it's an expensive process. i have a feeling they just found a lot of them. >> earlier trump bragged about leading in many polls on twitter. a recent poll shows them neck and neck in the polls. just a week ago, clinton double digits lead. big story in tampa bay, shots fired at a hotel. >> two teens were shot, an 18- year-old and 17-year-old and one of them has died. isabella joins us live from the hotel. >> reporter: police have been here since early this afternoon, and as you can see, they are still out here investigating.
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they are telling us over this way behind me some sort of a situation occurred that resulted in one young man dying, being shot at, while the other is still being treated for nonlife-threatening injuries. [sirens] dozens of police cars marking the scene of a crime at the tampa hotel. >> everybody was panicking. >> reporter: joseph thompson lives at a different hotel down the street. >> it was a guy running around here with a gun on the loose. >> reporter: he saw frightened people gathered around the hotel's fence. >> like, people was trying to get over the fence. >> reporter: he says he didn't expect this to happen at the former red roof inn, since it's got a security guard. >> the guy was not moving at all. >> reporter: at that moment, like others, he was confused
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man. i just started asking questions. >> reporter: it's precisely questions that family and hotel residents are left with. what could cause someone to pull that trigger and take another person's life? crimestoppers is offering a reward to anyone with information leading up to an arrest. >> thank you. manatee county deputies need your help finding two men that broke into a home, one person was shot and head. the suspects were able to get away stealing several items. the victims are in the hospital in stable condition. if you have information about the suspects, you're urged to call crime storms. a woman in jail accused of trying to sell two young girls for sex. officials say they found the girls in a hotel room paid for by the woman. both of the girls listed as run aways and the girl had ads out to have sex with her and the
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mother and badly injured a deputy. the deputy will undergo surgery this week. he helped woman on the side of the road. as the two waited in the median, police say a driver crashed into them and drove off. the victim's family is now preparing for a funeral. >> i still cry and her my whole life, it's hard to actually believe this happened. >> deputies say they have very few leads at this time, but they are on the lookout for a car with front ends damage. they hope a tip from the public will help solve this case to put the person responsible behind bars. an inmate dies in the pinellas county jail. timothy matthews collapsed in his cell early saturday
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the investigation into his death continues. but it does not marry suspicious. this man is in jail for breaking into the florida holocaust museum early sunday morning. police say he broke a security system allowing him to get into the museum. nothing was damaged or discovered missing. he is charged with burglary. he is now inside the pinellas county jail. are you loving it, this cooler weather? >> little warm, though, if you were at the buc's game today. but cooler mornings. >> definitely cooler mornings. maybe a few cooler mornings the next couple of days. it was warm today, pressure cooker, actually, 88 degrees. if you were at the stadium, you felt the heat. now temperatures are dropping. mid-70s under mostly clear
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miles per hour. overnight the 60s. and tomorrow, in the morning seasonal morning temperatures. by noon, high of about 85. plenty of sunshine. then in the evening nice for trick or treaters. speaking of your trick or treat forecast, check this out, looks pretty good. certainly no rain. so that's great news. mostly clear with a chance of terrors. i'll have your seven-day forecast coming up in just a little bit. a braden ton mother furious, saying her special needs son not admitted to a school dance because of his shoes. he waited in line 40 minutes and was turned away.
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the dress code and students knew about it weeks before the events. 45,000 educators and labor leaders are volunteering nationwide to get out the vote. starting the day with a rock the vote rally this morning. dozens attended to spread the message about the importance voting. about 18 million americans already have voted. >> we want them to have everything they need, everything from the president of the united states, to your school board, to the senator. >> republicans have a nearly 14,000 vote over democrats now. it's a small margin and has gotten closer in the last week. still ahead, what a man told investigators he put in his pregnant girlfriend's
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cranberries to stop those urinary tract infections.
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welcome back. central italy hit again by another strong earthquake. it's the most powerful quake to rock italy in three decades. this one at 6.6. 20 people suffered minor injuries. >> reporter: a 6.6 tremor caused widespread destruction. this drone video showing crumbled buildings in the same town that was already hit by a deadly earthquake in august, the new tremors causing even more damage. panicked residents ran to safety, embracing, kneeling, praying in the central plazas. fears rising with each aftershock as more buildings
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firefighters helped cloistered nuns to safety. their church destroyed. the bell tower on the point of collapse. one nun described what she knelt saying, there was this end of world feeling. you just can't say a tremor. it was more than that. all the house was moving. the earthquake was the strongest in italy in 36 years, hitting a mountain area just north of rome. pope francis mentioned the quake in his weekly sunday blessing saying -- the families who have suffered damage. italy's prime minister promised help, telling reporters that -- [ speaking italian ] >> reporter: we will rebuild everything, the houses, churches and businesses. that might take a long time, with thousands of people left without a roof over their heads, and churches lying in a heap of rubble. abc news, italy.
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student for putting bleach in his pregnant girlfriend's water, he admitted to doing it. his girlfriend who is two months pregnant started getting sick to her stomach and burning. she and her unborn baby should be okay. another disturbing story, this out of maryland, an uber driver charged with kidnapping and assault. authorities say instead of taking his ride home, the 29- carrying the unconscious woman out of his car and later using her credit card at a nearby convenience store. police in north dakota investigating a fire near a protestor's camp. that camp is close to the dakota access pipeline. that fire came days after the protestors opposed the pipeline clashed with police, eventually leading to more than 140 arrests.
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lawsuit this weekend. a family going after the company claiming the company was negligent for selling them a hoverboard that caught fire, torching their million dollar home. >> the fact that a toy caused this kind of destruction to our lives, it's just wrong. >> the fox family is seeking $30 million in damages. amazon has yet to comment. the consumer product safety commission has investigated more than 60 and has recalled more than half a million of the other popular products from 10 different companies. the international space station expedition 49 crew making it back to earth. the crew landed early sunday morning in kazakhstan. they launched in july. cranberry tablets might not
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think. researchers tested over 180 women suffering from urinary tract infections taking the pills and placebos and saw no difference. who knew? turns out today is national candy corn day. is there a day for everything? i think so. >> seems like it. >> for sure. i did research, considering as you both know this might be favorite candy next to circus peanuts. a philadelphia man made it back in the 1800's. i posted fun recipes using the candy on my facebook page. kids got a chance to trick
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creatures. when i talked about cooler weather today, yes it was hot for a portion of the day, but don't you think it is cooler? >> in the evening it's not so humid. definitely cooler than we've seen in the early fall. >> especially in the morning. >> yeah. in the morning. in the morning and late evening. here's a look clearwater hayat cam. tampa international airport, officially 88 degrees today. normal is about 81. our record, 91 degrees. so only 3 degrees off of our record. what's ahead? expect the same weather pattern over the next few days as we head through the work week. then halloween stays warm and
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the way, but not until we head into the weekend. we'll see even drier air and that's when we'll see cooler air. we'll definitely be talking about that next weekend. current temperatures low to mid- 70s. as we head into the early morning hours they will be dropping. we'll see temperatures in the low to mid-60s. it will be rather comfortable out there. but tomorrow afternoon, it's going to be another warm one. mid- to upper same at bradenton and sarasota, a little bit cooler st. pete and clearwater. no rain expected. we haven't seen any rain in the last several days. and don't really expect to see any for the next several days. a few clouds and maybe a sprinkle trying to make their way through. but really i think it's
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days. weather pattern stays the same. winds out of the east northeast. as we head into monday, tuesday, wednesday, we start to see a little of that moisture try to creep its way in from the atlantic. but our atmosphere is so dry i doubt we'll see much in the way of rain. we don't really put it in the forecast. hour by hour forecast looks like this for monday, temperatures will climb again to the mid-80s heading into the afternoon. then as we head for treaters, things are cooling down just a little bit. your trick or treat forecast looks warm for the ghouls and goblins. rain-free. that's the great news. and temperatures will be in the 70s after sunset. overnight tonight 67 is our forecast low. mostly clear and mild. in the afternoon, 85 degrees. lots of sunshine. warm and dry. here's a look at your seven-day forecast, again, not a lot of changes for the next several
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mid-80s. our cool front moves through heading into the weekend and that's when we see a little dip in those temperatures. guys. thanks, deborah. coming up, buccaneers' overtime disappointment after a promising start they fail to capitalize on the raiders' miscues.
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we had our chances, and couldn't capitalize. >> safe to say, he won't have an easy he watched the raiders rack up a record 23 penalties, yet the buccaneers still lost in overtime. they couldn't capitalize on the penalties or put together offense drives. they lost their runningback rogers with a foot injury. early on the bucs' offense was
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catch. they led 10-0. carr connects with donald penn for the touchdown? yes, that donald penn. fourth career touchdown from the former buck. tied at 10. cooper gets free and makes the beautiful over the shoulder catch. silver and black take a 17-10 lead. 17 unanswered points by the raiders. bay threatening in the fourth. winston to touchdown, bucs. extrapoint missed. 17-16. under four minutes left, rogers up the middle. he scores. this was before his injury. first touchdown in more than two years for him. convert on the two-point try. back to a 7-point game.
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again. despite the penalties, carr finds seth roberts, misses two tackles and he's gone. raiders stun the bucs. our tom korun has more on today's disappointing loss. >> reporter: it's a big number. 626. that's how many yards the raiders racked little to no pressure all day on derek carr. >> they have a lot of six men and seven man protection and they load us down up front. we have to find a way, man. >> reporter: he threw for 513 yards on 59 attempts. and the last one was the killer in overtime. he hit seth roberts who gets by
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every week. we got to get better. >> two missed tackles. >> yeah. we didn't make enough plays to win the game. >> i'm still trying to figure out what happened. i fully take the blame as a safety. you don't let anybody get behind you. >> reporter: they remain winless this season at ray jay. no time to think about it. atlanta is next on thursday night, which winston thinks is a good thing. >> yeah, especially when you lose. >> repor thanks, tk. what a finish the falcons had against the packers. matt ryan connects to sino. they win 33-32. the bucs and falcons will face off at ray jay thursday night. history on the line in chicago tonight. stakes pretty high. win for the indians and they're world series champions for the
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loss? the cubs will earn their first home win since 1945 at wrigley field. and now cubs clinging to a 3-2 lead in the 8th. indians struck first, but ramirez homered in the second. if the cubs can win this, the series will shift to cleveland and game six tuesday and potential game seven wednesday night. lightning at the garden. calahan making his debut tonight. second period, nash gets blown past the bolts' defenseman and lights the lamps. they scored six total. get blown out 6-1. the lightning will wrap up its road trip tomorrow night against the islanders. stay tuned.
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your trick or treat forecast looks pretty good. mostly clear with a chance of terrors tomorrow evening. 78 degrees around trick or treating time. >> look at that voice. woman of many talents. >> with the chance of terrors, do we wear a coat? >> no, you don't need a coat. absolutely not. no coat at all. >> now i know. >> thank you so much for choosing abc action news. the news >> have a great rest of your night. >> bye-bye. captions by: caption colorado, llc. (800)775-7838. email:
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