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tv   Action News at 430AM  ABC  October 31, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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hit-and-run driver kills a mother of 2 and seriously injures a deputy, with detectives are looking for this morning. fight for the white house, hillary clinton crying foul, new it is finite investigation trump says it's fair, his chances to win the election improves. 2 good monday morning thanks for joining us. we start this morning with breaking news overnight out of oklahoma, a manhunt for dangers murder suspect is over. >> michael vance the oklahoma man on the run following a shooting spree that left 2 dead
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night in a shootout with deputies. he was killed near the town of leedy oklahoma, 130 miles northwest of oklahoma city. one deputy was shot but expected to survive. took place after the car he stole was spotted near a campsite early yesterday. in tampa detectives trying to determine the timeline of events that led to a shooting at a hotel on busch boulevard. >> 2 men isabel rosales spoke with a witness who describes the scene moments after the shooting. >> reporter: dozens of police cars marking the scene of a crime and the tampa hotel. joseph thompson lives in a different hotel down the street, and he heard the sirens. >> a guy running around here with a gun, a madman with a gun on the loose. >> he suffering people gathered
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the fence. >> reporter: joseph didn't expect this to happen at the former red roof inn, one of the only hotels with an actual security bar. >> the guy was laying down, not moving at all. >> reporter: at that moment others crowded behind the police take, confusion and concern. >> i didn't know what to think. i started asking questions. >> reporter: in hillsboro road -- isabel rosales action news. tampa police haven't released the names of survivor could face charges. we want to check in with meteorologist ivan cabrera for the most accurate forecasts. >> kids are expecting good weather. >> dry and warm conditions the next few days, above average this time of the year, upper 80s. that will be the case through the week. a benign weather pattern, but a cold front moves in for friday night and into next weekend. these will be the temperatures
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back with the forecast in a few minutes. a look at part of your morning commute, i-275 a candy boulevard, not a lot of traffic. janel is watching the traffic cam and she will have a look momentarily. polk county deputies looking for the driver who hit and killed a bay area mother of 2 and badly injured a deputy. deputy ada stopped to help jessica enchautegui who crashed her car. deputy adam pennell called paramedics and as the 2 waited in the median a driver crashed into them and drove off. just as children preparing to bury their mother.>> i still cry a lot about it. since i've known her my whole life it's hard to believe this
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few leads but are looking for a car that has front and damage. crimestoppers offering a $3000 reward for tips that leads to their arrest. 4:33 am, today begins the last full day of campaigning before election day. mike pence is holding a rally at 6 pm at the saint pete clearwater airport. >> hillary clinton's lead shrinks. richard tattoo explains the email controversy that could give trump the opportunity to come from behind upset victory. >> the fbi obtained a warrant to review emails found on the laptop of hillary clinton's top aide huma abedin in her estranged husband anthony weiner. federal agents discovered emails potentially related to content weeks ago but didn't inform fbi director james comey into last thursday. the next day in a letter to lawmakers he revealed the
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hillary clinton fighting donald trump. >> he is such a downer right? >> and james comey. >> it is pretty strange to put something like that out with such little information right before an election. justice department officials advised against alerting congress citing department tradition of not talking about ongoing investigations and not doing anything that would be seen as influencing election in its final days. for donald trump is windfall. >> now it is reported the doj is writing the fbi. because the department of justice is trying so hard to protect hillary clinton. >> reporter: comey, in the crossfire. >> i think this was a terrible error in judgment by the
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fbi director of being partisan and says he may have broken the law. comey has begun briefing lawmakers on the emails, meanwhile the latest national tracking poll shows hillary clinton's lead down to one point. richard cantu abc news new york. late yesterday formerly -- former attorney general and other former prosecutors and officials including some republicans released an open letter criticizing comey for his handling of the situation. they say his decision to inform congress of the email investigation leaves astonished and perplexed. 2 with election day 8 days away educators around the country and in the bay area are questioning the selection of a new president and what it means for their classroom. 45,000 educators and labor leaders many who support hillary clinton are volunteering nationwide to get out the vote. yesterday morning dozens filled campus carlon park to spread the message of the importance of voting.>> our work is to
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that is everything from the president of the us to the school board, to who will be your next senator. >> nationwide more than 18 million americans have voted, here in florida slightly more republicans voted early or by mail even though florida has more registered democrats. seabird -- st. petersburg police say burglar alarm and surveillance help them catch the clearwater man who broke into the florida holocaust museum early yesterday morning. 23-year-old that allowed him to get inside. officers say he was inside the museum for couple of minutes to didn't damage or attempt to steal anything. he is charged with commercial burglary. authorities continue to investigate the death of an inmate at the palace county jail, jeffrey s 58-year-old timothy matthews come paying of dust complained of chest pains and collapsed yesterday. staff performed cpr on him but
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suspected -- not suspected and there's no sign of injuries. he was in jail on a drug charge. the battle over water could affect millions including farmers and fishermen in florida and georgia. the state of florida claims the city of atlanta in southwest georgia farmers are using too much water upstream in the apalachicola, chattahoochee in flint rivers. florida officials say the water use is hurting the oyster industry downstream where the mexico. george argues limiting water usage will -- will harm the economy, a trial is set to begin today. coming up college student jailed, the horrible act the man is accused of committing that could've killed his girlfriend an unborn baby. devastation in italy, how thousands are coping following the most powerful earthquake in decades to hit the country.
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raiders, how this ended, plus the world series keeps going with the cubs a big game 5 victory, we'll show you what
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18 minutes until 5, uttered devastation in central italy after the most powerful earthquake to strike the country in 3 decades.
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>> nearly 10,000 people houston hotels in shelters, many in tents in cars. jennifer aniston and one of the hardest hit villages.>> reporter: a 6.6 magnitude tremor spread destruction. this drone video showing crumbled buildings in the town of every tree she central italy, the town that was already hit by a deadly earthquake in august and travers causing praying in the plaza, fears arising with each after struck as more buildings disappear in a cloud of dust. firefighters helped hoist men to safety, their churches safety, the bell tower on the point of collapse. one non-describing what she said was, there was an end of world
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the house is moving, the earthquake was the strongest in italy and 36 years, hitting a mountain area north of rome. pope francis mention the quake in his weekly sunday blessing same, -- saying, i pray for the injured in the families who suffer damage. italy's prime minister promised help telling reporters, we would do everything, the house is the church in the businesses. that might take a long time. with thousands left without a roof over their heads, churches lying in a heap of rubble. abc news italy. this morning a rocky special forces making progress to take the city of mosul from isis. the troops are 2 miles from their east end -- eastern outskirts which they hope to enter.
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advances, the operation to retake mosul began 2 weeks ago and is expected to last a couple more weeks if not months. the protests against the dakota access oil pipeline continues despite the arrest of more than 140 people last night. organizers saying gofundme account to help support their efforts has more than $1 million, most of the money spent on food, toilets and legal costs for those arrest. authorities investigating cost of a suspicious fire that burned 400 acres of privately owned land, in a protest site early yesterday morning. we'll check in with meteorologist ivan cabrera for the weather. halloween is here absolutely. we will enjoy fantastic weather. really not that cool. temperatures in the 70s, comfortable, a lot of us in the 60s, we'll drop a few degrees, maybe a light jacket this morning and by the afternoon,
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morning lows. 25 degrees warmer this afternoon than the morning. an indication of the dry air mass and that will continue to rule the game week. a few clouds by the middle part of the week, but the showers should be delegated to the eastern side of the peninsula, on the dry side, and upstream, will track a cold front moving in friday night. not much to track except the cool air just like the last one very dry passage, no showers and storms friday night but always away. mid-upper 80s later today, if you head out for gold -- trick- or-treating -- trick-or- treating looks good. tydus coming up in the next 12 hours. seven-day forecast will feature more of the same to the next few days in the week your big changeup friday night the full front move in during
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widespread those in the 50s and highs in the upper 70s for saturday and sunday. 4:46 am, a live look at the traffic, looking good across the bay bridge is. janelle martinez joins us with more traffic update at 5. 2 in maryland an uber driver arrested after allegedly kidnapping and insulting his female passenger who was unconscious. the women's friends hailed and huber after she blacked out -- blacked out at a bar. the 29-year-old was supposed take the woman home but police said instead he took her to a motel. later used for credit card at a convenience store. a uber spokesperson calls a disturbing and says. his band .'s >> reporter: amazon facing a lawsuit, a family suing the internet retailer claiming they were negligent for selling a hoverboard that had caught fire and torched their million
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the fox family seeking 30 million. this toy, this destruction to our lives. it is wrong. that family seeking $30 million in damages. amazon has yet to comment, the consumer product safety commission investigated more than 60 hoverboard fires and issued a recall on more than half companies. sunday was the day tampa sports fans would like to forget. the performance on the ice in the buccaneers missed opportunities in your morning sports. good morning and thank you for stopping by. a good chance dear qaterji and have a good night sleep. 23 penalties for 200 yards and yet the buccaneers lost in overtime.
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put alone a consistent drive in the 4th quarter and overtime. even worse they lost their runningback rogers with an injured foot, no word on the severity. second-quarter bucs offense rolling, russell shepherd, bucs lead. raters answer back first and goal derek carr, connects with donald penn for the touchdown. the former buccaneer offensive tackle, alignment scoring his 4th career td drive amari cooper gets free from chris conti and brings the over the shoulder catch, 17, 10, 17 unanswered points. tampa bay threatening, wins into the endzone, calls it down, buccaneers score. missing the extra point in they travel -- and they trail behind.
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injury. first touchdown and more than 2 years, box convert the points to a seven-point game, 24, 17 until this happened. michael rivera that is good, tied again. 24. sebastian krukowski missed 2 field goals, but it didn't matter because derek carr found this guy right here, seth roberts breaks free, to guys can tackle them in his gone. your game-winner raiders beat the box 30, rayman and mcdougal collide covering rogers down in the box fall 3 and 4 on the sunday's disappointing loss. we weren't good enough today. raters had a good team. our guys played hard but we didn't do enough. those hurt, we had our chances. we couldn't capitalize.
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night ryan callahan made his season debut, and brought them back in the lineup 2nd period, like the lamp over ben bishop, the rangers goals, they scored 5 more, 6 total, rough night. they lose 6, one. world series game last night must win for the cubs facing elimination, indians leading, aroldis chapman struck out josi ramirez cubs win 3, 2, first at wrigley field since game 6 of the 1945 world series. however indians lead the series overall 3 games to 2, the series shifts to cleveland for game 6 tuesday with a potential game 7 on wednesday. that is your morning sports report enjoy your monday. 9 minutes until 5, crash at a nascar race, coming up at 5
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dozen injured. in english cricket player dies for a ball and loses a lake, a sports plate you have to see to believe. -- dives for a ball and loses a lake, a sports plate
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4:54 am on this following monday, looks great mostly clear skies temperatures low 70s, we will stay in the 60s and 70s along the coast, drop a
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this morning and by the afternoon we warm-up, but a big difference in how we do that. we'll go from 60s to 70s but a drop off, 87 the higher around 4:00, a quick drop to 81, an indication of a dry air mass, low humidity. we'll talk about whether we get the low humidity combined with cooler temperatures in the next hour. the sport of cricket doesn't get a lot the us most americans including myself couldn't tell you the rules. >> as you will see you don't need to know the rules to see a disability can't slowdown in english cricket player. during a game a week ago liam thomas is running so hard he keeps running after the ball in his artificial leg came right off when he dived for the ball. he plays for the england physical disabilities team, the leg flipped right off. it didn't stop liam he hopped
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tossed it back. >> he blames the heat in dubai for expanding in loosening the leg socket, he is hoping the video will encourage disabled people to get involved in sports, you don't have to be afraid of what the sport is. coming up a ghost of a problem to help home buyers concerned a house they want to purchase could be haunted. a bomb scare in south florida the investigation that force passerby's -- passengers to abandon the
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now i-5 breaking overnight passengers forced off a plane in fort lauderdale because of a plans. the search and test and 5 for hit-and-run driver -- search intensified -- intensifies for hit-and-run driver, a live report where the investigation stands now. do you need to worry about your kids eating candy laced with marijuana the following , why one group of moms says law enforcement warning is a political stunt. good monday morning and thank you for joining us i'm


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