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tv   Action News at 530AM  ABC  October 31, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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i went right here to the fence and i saw the guy laying down, not moving at all. >> a teenager shot and killed the tampa hotel, the questions that remain as the investigation continues. 2 the court battle that starts today could have a big impact on fishermen, who owns the stronach happy halloween -- storm at. >> happy halloween. i'm deiah riley i'm dan shaffer if you want cool air it will be a trick, it will feel hot, upper 80s this morning. right around sunset things will cooldown and we won't have to wait all night because dry air with us.
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comfortable and downright cool. wrote on the windows, these are the dewpoints how much moisture we have low to mid 60s but as we warm-up into the mid-upper 80s expecting us to drop into the upper 50s. very comfortable and not much going on as far as precipitation. no rain as we see right now but a cold front we'll talk about. when it arrive following a fatal crash involving a hit-and-run in myakka city in the manatee county area.'s date route 64 at tail road. state route 64) both directions you want to head up to 62 instead. as for the interstate, crashes or breakdowns, looking great on i-4, right around plan city area, check out the times. this is what it should look like when there isn't traffic, 21 minutes from county line
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75 to 275. stronach 5:31 am, a teenager dead after shooting at a tampa hotel, james tully live at the scene, this is an active investigation. >> reporter: forensic units just what the scene and before that we wash them focus on this room on the 2nd floor of this hotel. as of this investigation, despite them leaving it enters its 13th hour and we have questions yet to answer, exactly what happened on east busch boulevard. around 4 pm yesterday there was an incident at the hotel between 2 teenagers and possibly others, shots fired in both teenagers were hit, one suffered fatal injuries. no names released, what led to the shooting is unknown. we spoke with one person who
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as a chaotic situation.>> i went to the fence and i saw the guy laying down, not moving at all. i didn't know what to think. i started asking everyone questions. >> reporter: questions are all anyone has at this time, we don't know the identity of the teenager shot and killed or who pulled the trigger. at last check that person is not in police custody so crimestoppers is offering a $3000 reward to whoever can lead to the arrest of the suspect. the latest this morning live in tampa james tully abc action news. ? polk county deputies need help from the public to catch a hit-and-run driver who killed of mother and we did a deputy. early saturday morning the deputy stopped to help a woman who crash into a tree on state
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deputy adam pennell pulled over and as the 2 awaited a driver crashed into them and took off . the victim's family is preparing for funeral.>> i still cry about it, but since i've known her my whole life it's hard to believe this happened. polk county deputies have very few leads but they are on the lookout for a car with front end damage. authorities want your help catching this man blamed for a 4 car crash boulevard. the highway patrol says a trooper clocked a honda civic doing 90 miles per hour and a 55 zone. try to pull it over but the driver refused to stop and slammed into another car. the 3rd and 4th car also damaged in the wreck. the driver of the civic jumped out of his car and ran through the carmex parking lot into a hotel to escape. if you know who he is contact crime stoppers. a mother furious over the
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dance. he wasn't allowed in the shooting because of issues. she says he has to wear sneakers because they are the only ones who fit his orthopedic foot brace after waiting in line for 40 minutes her son was turned away because he didn't meet the dress code requirement. school officials say he knew about the dress code weeks before the event. 5:35 am a break -- a manhunt for dangerous murder suspect is over in oklahoma. michael bass, that left 2 people dead and 4 others wounded died late last night in a shootout with deputies. he was killed near the town of leedy oklahoma, hundred and 30 miles northwest of oklahoma city. one deputy shot but expected to survive, it took place after the car bans stole was spotted near a campsite yesterday. medical services company in clearwater adding 50 new jobs, mobile ask expanding its operations, provides x-rays and lab services to housebound
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awarded to search the emails of the top hillary clinton 8. this comes as her campaign calls on the bureau to release more information. james comey set off a firestorm friday when he notified congress that the bureau was investigating emails from whom abidine, this was an investigation into her strange husband anthony weiner texting of a minor. fbi from the emails weeks ago, manyre here colder and dozens of prosecutors wrote a letter criticizing comey. trump campaign is praising him. >> this is the single biggest scandal since watergate. my contract with the us voter begins with the plan to end the ramp it government corruption. >> it is pretty strange to put
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>> investigators aren't sure how many emails there are or how they are related to clinton's email server probe, they aren't sure how many emails have been reviewed. >> the university of south florida as a message, campus after this urging students to vote saying nothing is scarier than a trump presidency. this is the 2nd week of the shuttle together program, shuttles taking students to early voting locat threatening her son telling him she wants proof he will vote for hillary clinton. her son posted video of it online after he teased her mother saying he wasn't planning to vote for clinton. >> take a picture. >> you didn't vote for hillary clinton. >> if i don't vote for hillary i'll get in trouble.
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i was seized your phone, sees your car. i am serious.>> for real. >> us for a real. >> -- yes for real. >> the mom is nigerian american, she wants to be called gigi, she reminded her son it is his civic duty to vote. this video was posted to twitter friday and had more than 31,000 retweets and less than 24 hours. amazon facing a lawsuit from a family who says they knew of product it was selling was dangerous. the family from tennessee going after the company saying amazon was negligent for selling them a hoverboard. it caught fire and torch your million dollar home. >> the fact that a toy caused this destruction to our lives. it is wrong.
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million in damages. the consumer products safety smitty has investigated hoverboard fires and recalled more than a half 1 million of the popular products. despite warnings from honda and the government, owners of more than 300,000 older honda and accurate vehicles have yet to replace airbags that been extremely high chance of causing injury or death. about 30 been recalled, about 13,000 hondas acuras had as high of a 50% chance of rupturing and a crash. for monthly are only 13,000 of those car airbags are repaired. 11 deaths in the us tied to the does, that -- to , airbags. if you had its be too many triple-a once you get home safely for free as part of the total to go program. call within 10 miles of your destination it -- even if
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morning. 855 2 towed to go. 2 the battle over water could affect millions including farmers and fishermen in florida. and georgia. the state of florida claiming the city of atlanta and southwest georgia farmers are using too much water upstream in the appalachia, chattahoochee and played rivers. officials say the water use is hurting placers downstream. georgia argues operating the trial is set to begin today. store mac -- store mac, mild out there, upper 60s, low 60s now, comfortable, low humidity by the afternoon, budtenders above average, 87, extended forecast coming up. stille, a police officer cash -- caught a woman red-handed
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that led to an accidental grand theft auto. >> a professor shames a latino student in front of the class, what the teacher did that the student said was hurtful,
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16 minutes until 6, the man accused of killing a wisconsin shares deputy in jail. investigators trying to figure out why he did it. the deputy responded to a call saturday night about a
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wasn't heard from them again. his body was called -- found in his car. authorities searching for the gunman and sunday morning they found him in his home. he fired at them once before he surrendered. a national space station expedition 49 crew making it back to earth safety. american astronaut kate rubin and the jevin us astronaut and russian cosmonaut arrived early over the weekend keswick stand. 2 viral a latina college students is her professor accused her of plagiarism after she demonstrated what he calls sophisticated vocabulary in a paper she wrote. the word that caused the problem is hands. the professor at suffolk university underlined it in her paper and wrote, this is not your word. she also said the professor said it loud enough, he said this isn't your language while handing back the paper in front of the entire class. she said the comment was loud
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the room asked her if she was okay. after class her post about the incident has been shared thousands of times. clear skies, happy halloween on this monday. the nice thing about monday when you have a holiday along with it. upper 60s and low 70s, clear skies, low 70s for the morning and a nice day. warm, the last could walk outside and not as he met. today even less so -- not as humid. today even less so dry air. the moist air, down to the florida straits, looks like a front coming in and that will help us with temperatures. it will be warmer mid to upper 80s but humidity in check so pretty good shape. will climb with the east wind the next few days and be partly cloudy by the middle of the
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fronts, another one, it's been a while since the last one. 87 for the high temperature today, and we will wait all week for the cool air. for trick-or-treaters tonight, it will be dry and comfortable. nice drop off in temperature with the dry air, through 8:00, and by then lots of stomachaches tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday more the same. temperatures drop a little, not the front but we tap into it in time for the weekend. if you have weekend plans look at that. an extra hour to enjoy your weekend. highs in the low 50s and 60s. we're kicking out your drive nellis county several
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cameras. this is what i-275 looks at -- looks like, up to speed in both directions. drive times on the major roads starting off us 19, 11 minutes from tampa road to east lake. still in the green on the veterans, 70 minutes 54 to 275 and 4 minutes from fletcher to waters, a complete closure of the veterans overnight, southbound at gone since so leave time. chicago cubs have a chance to exercise the ghost of previous decades and win their first world series in 108 years. game 5 at wrigley series last night was a must win for chicago and the cubs scored 3 times in the 3rd inning including this home run by chris ryan. aroldis chapman came in on relief for chicago recording and 8 out save for the 3, one
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buccaneers they lost to the raiders in overtime. oakland scored the touchdown with under a minute left in the extra time. the buccaneers drop to 3 and 4 of the year but they will have a short week, atlanta falcons come to town thursday. madison square garden last night, ryan kelly had made his season debut. nikita kucherov will is in the lineup, in the 2nd period rich national scored an incident get billion -- win. the most portland crime ever, woman finds her stolen super return with a polite note in gas money. the theft was a mixup. aaron hoxie, video of the woman who took her car, the woman didn't act like a car thief because the woman used a key to started and wasn't stealing anything. she was picking up a red subaru
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subarus the car worked on the car next door. i've been to the house but hadn't seen the car. i pulled up and i said that semi car. so we decided to put it back where we found it. but then the police officer came around the corner and said it was a stolen vehicle.>> the officer was skeptical but eventually believed their story.>> if you have a store credit card you more in interest. >> for some people there is a good option. a man-the crowd and tries to jump out and surprises special child but why the child was and scared at all.
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we are talking about warm temperatures this time of year, above the average highs the friday night, you to wait a week that eventually it will cooldown. upper 60s, lower 70s, mostly clear. lakeland 64, brooksville 67, 63 in crystal river, low 60s most of -- most of us except the coast, warm-up to the afternoon but not humid. dry 87 as far as humidity. comfortable and into the next
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cold front and how cool temperatures will get in a few minutes. 7 minutes until 6 the new york post says to be hedren claims elfert hedgecock sexually harassed her and structure. the near post got a look at her memoir, the actress writes the drivers -- the director used to drive by her house, and made repeated unwanted sexual advances. on the set of a secret door between her office and his dressing room. if you have a credit card you are probably paying a lot in interest rates. the reports from credit found store branded credit cards are charging record high interest rates, and average 24%, much higher than the national average of 15% for other cards. on the upside retailers give special discounts and access to special sales events for
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should be careful to read the fine print as interest charges could be costly. store cards could be good for those looking to establish a repair their credit as the standard is more relaxed. florida aquarium celebrated halloween their way. guppy wayne, kids -- kids trick- or-treating among see creatures. firefighters knocking on doors but not asking for candy. >> help trick-or-treaters be more visible's to drivers. if you want to start pulling early, there's a pumpkin decorating contest and costume decorating at 10 am, the best pumpkin winner will be announced at 4 pm. this realistic looking donald trump mask will set you back $4500. brandon myers spent 40 hours making each mask, he said trump is the most popular, he also
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>> that is amazing. >> a few local businesses offering scary good deals. >> ihop bringing back their scary face pancakes. kids 12 and under can decorate one using candy and candy corn. anyone with a costume to berger 5 can get us free small custard. chipotle offers $3 burritos couples, seltz and tacos from 3 clock until closing. your kids can safely trick-or- treat at the outlet mall. gainesville child got a special surprise on his halloween. it happened at a party. check out the video. 4-year-old jade and haze hadn't seen his dad and months because the sergeant was stationed in iraq. a few days ago at a halloween
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u.s. army soldier, costume inspired by his dad. tonight jermaine will go trick- or-treating with the sun in be dressed up as nemo. 5:56 am, a deputy injured in a young mother killed. next x6 an update on the search behind the driver for the deadly hit-and-run and the long road of recovery for the
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a polk county deputy recovering this morning, a young mother dead and investigators on the hunt for hit-and-run driver. ahead in the live report i will
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investigation stance this morning. the search is over thousand -- for a suspect wanted in it violent string of crimes in oklahoma, the tip that led police to him ending a manhunt. that morning and have to -- and happy halloween and transport. i'm dan shaffer, thank you for joining us this morning on abc action news. tempers look great out there, cool in some spots, upper 60s low 60s low to mid 60s this morning, comfortable today in warm, well above average but not humid. 87 will feel good with a breeze kicking in but afternoon that will drop to 81, trick-or-treat forecast looks good, temps low 80s and upper 70s. hello everyone, following a


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