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tv   Action News at 6AM  ABC  October 31, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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investigation stance this morning. the search is over thousand -- for a suspect wanted in it violent string of crimes in oklahoma, the tip that led police to him ending a manhunt. that morning and have to -- and happy halloween and transport. i'm dan shaffer, thank you for joining us this morning on abc action news. tempers look great out there, cool in some spots, upper 60s low 60s low to mid 60s this morning, comfortable today in warm, well above average but not humid. 87 will feel good with a breeze kicking in but afternoon that will drop to 81, trick-or-treat forecast looks good, temps low 80s and upper 70s. hello everyone, following a
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morning state road 64 is still closed through myakka city, happening at taylor road, 64 closed in both directions. this is a rural road not a large cars travel but if you do you want to head north and states -- and take state road 62. i will you know as soon as it opens back up. as for the interstates throughout the bay, pretty good shape. 1-75 at the levers summit expressway up to speed. one minute after 6, a polk serious injuries and hit-and- run that killed a young mother he stopped to help. >> the search is on for the driver responsible. rodney dunigan live, were deputy adam pennell is is said to have surgery later this week. we were told it will come later, unfortunately loved ones of the mother planning a funeral this morning.
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she always made us happy. she gave us close, a roof over our head. >> loved ones of jessica enchautegui are hopeful an arrest will be made soon. the search is on for the hit- and-run driver who hit the mother and injured deputy adam pennell on state road 60 near like wells. just as loved ones are trying to deal with an unbelievable loss. she was the wife of the party. she brought everyone together. >> investigators have little to go on, at this point they're looking for vehicle with front end damage, they are hoping with someone with information
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arrest. for nor -- for now reporting live in lakeland. democracy 2016, hillary clinton's campaign jolted with the fbi's reviews of additional emails this morning. that may be important to the clinton email investigation. the emails went to the anthony weiner sexting scandal, donald trump has a lot to say about this. >> scandal since watergate. my contract with the american voter begins with the plan to end the rampant government corruption. >> the fbi announcement about the emails comes as the race tightens between trump and clinton, we will tell you why voter turnout could be the key to the winner of this presidential election coming up at 6:30 am.
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double murder suspect is over. michael vance killed in a shootout with police last night. one deputy was shot but he is expected to be okay. the car matching the description of the one the man stole was spotted at a campsite. michael vance was charged with 2 counts of murder after a spree of crimes that started last week. analyst -- pinellas county doesn't think someone's death -- timothy's death he complained of chest pains, stefan paramedics performed cpr but couldn't save him. timothy matthews was serving a sentence for drug paraphernalia. detectives say there were no signs of trauma to his body and he had been involved in any fights. the man accused of breaking into the florida holocaust museum out of jail. seabird -- st. petersburg police say christopher venegas
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and got into the museum. nothing was damaged or missing but he is charged with burglary. he was taken to jail but has been released. nancy deputies need your help define 2 men who broke into a home, one shot at another head-to-head. they got away with several items, the victims in the hospital in stable condition. if you have any info about what happened call crime stoppers. iraqi special forces advancing on mosul from the east taking heavy fire but inching closer to thousands of fighters joining the state sanction iran-based shiite militias. 5000 joined yesterday. in the hours following the announcement of shiite reinforcements 5 explosions rocked shiite neighborhoods killing at least 17 and wounding over 60. it comes on the heels of a mass execution, isis executed 75 iraqi officers in mosul.
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in the week. isis released many of the civilians, iraqi forces moving closer to mosul's -- to mosul, they cleared out of town south of the city. 35 militants killed during the battle. devastation in central italy following the most powerful earthquake destroyed the country and 3 decades. the only good news is no one was injured or died in the magnitude 6.6 earthquake. this morning nearly 1 -- intense or cars. attorneys quake crumbled buildings and norcia, the same town hit by a deadly earthquake in august. no one was killed or injured, possibly because of powerful jolts last week prompting many to leave their homes. still to come, man's tribute to a friend who passed
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why his final goodbye was confused for a crime. something you may expect to see an encore movie that happen in real life. what this video reveals about of violent machete attack in an airport coming up next.
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by 7 am 7:41 am, upper 60s, low 80s, 87 to the afternoon high temperature. comfortable humidity, sunny conditions and changes on the way. extended forecast coming up. coming up now, 10 minutes after 6, take a look at this incredible video. newly released disturbing surveillance showing a machete attack inside and new orleans video is being released, jaw- dropping. it shows a man unleashing streams of spray on traveling -- travelers and swinging machete -- a machete before bolting through the security line. >> the man's praise chemicals in a tsa officers face and chases them through medical directors scatering krautz. the suspect died one day after
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a deputy and wisconsin shot and killed after responding to a call of a suspicious vehicle. 33-year-old damocles called in saturday night that he found the vehicle in a field but the department lost contact with him. backup arrived minutes later and he was found shot to death, officials say the suspect in the shooting was captured yesterday. more than a dozen recovering this morning after a church bus from virginia crashed into an suv headed the wrong way in from one month to 90 years old hurt in the crash early yesterday. the driver of the suv charged with driving while impaired. careless and reckless driving, child abuse and other charges. she was driving with her baby in the back of the suv. people running and screaming and blood. a little crazy.
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party. what happened coming up next.
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14 minutes after 6, san antonio police say 2 men including one dressed as freddie krueger opened fire at a house party. >> 5 people hit but officials
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investigators say it started after the 2 men got into a fight with someone else at the party. the suspect -- the suspect took -- took off, the victims recovering in hospital. police in texas -- in kansas trying to figure out who shot 2 people outside a home. and 18-month-old baby found inside the house, but the babies okay. someone in a car stopped a woman driving in the area telling her there were bodies in who it was stopped the woman. the baby is with grandparents. the pennsylvania college student in jail for allegedly putting bleach in us. woman -- reference water. the man said he tried to hurt her unborn baby. the woman got sick to the stomach and her throat started burning. she had her baby are expected to be okay but washington is facing multiple charges including attempted murder of an unborn baby. he is held on $1 million bond
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week, a junior at millersville university. authorities trying to determine what led to to death on a popular hiking trail in utah. the body of brandon rios found yesterday morning, they think he fell 150 feet hiking with a 14-year-old chinese exchange student he was hosting. the body of the teenager was found saturday, both fell from the bridal veil falls trail, authorities say that the worst injuries they normally see on that trail are sprained ankles. that there is technical and shouldn't be attempted without being -- equipment. and uber -- an uber driver arrested. the woman's friends killed and uber after she blacked out, surveillance shows and caring her from the car to the hotel room, accused of using hurt the card and in your bike and mailing -- camino escort. a fire that happen near protesters camp, close to the
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days after protesters clash with police leading to more than 140 arrest. no injuries reported in no one arrested. money pouring in from the anti-pipeline protest. crowdsourcing goal set at $5000, enough to help the few dozen people camping in north dakota but it has top to a staggering $1 million. a latino college student accusing her professor of shaming her in front of her class in an act she calls racist. she says he accused her of plagiarism after she demonstrated what he called sophisticated vocabulary in a paper she wrote. the word she used, hands. a professor itself look university underlying the paper and wrote this is not your word. martinez said her professor set out loud this is in your language while handing the paper back to her in front of
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she said has come it was loud enough people in the back of the room asked her if she was okay. after class. new york's metropolitan opera reopening after scare saturday. >> a man walked up to the stage during intermission and sprinkled a white powdery substance into the orchestra pit. that white powder believed to be human ashes. it sparked and evacuation, the met canceled its evening shows. investigators say the man didn't say anything as he spread the substance. he was seen on surveillance casually walking away.>> i've had people do this and other venues, stadiums, public places, monuments, trying to honor people. it isn't -- it something we seen before. >> the man is from out of town and there to sprinkle the ashes of a friend and mentor in the opera house. a hilarious video going viral of a maryland woman
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he wants proof he will vote for hillary clinton. her son posted video online after teasing his mother saying he wasn't planning to vote for clinton. >> if you didn't vote for hillary clinton. >> i did it. >> if i don't vote for hillary what will happen? >> there will be a problem in this house. i will cease your phone and the car. >> i am not voting for trump or hillary. >> she was serious. the mom reminded her son it's his civic duty to vote. he posted a video to twitter friday and less than 24 hours a got more than 31,000 retweets. international space station's exhibition four- person crew make it back to earth. american astronaut kate rubin and a japanese astronaut and russian cosmonaut landed early
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hollowing monday, 60 degrees in tampa, 70 clearwater, 72. the rest of the bay area very nice and cool this morning. will drop a few more degrees closer to sunrise. low to mid 60s, cooler than this time yesterday and the reason, dry air moving dewpoints are low and the fall backboard. with that dry humidity, despite the fact that it will be mid to upper 80s, it will be comfortable. dry air conditions moving from north to south. of about 5000 feet east wind, next couple of days enough
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eastern side of florida as we look at temperatures this afternoon. mid and upper 80s above average this time of year, about 81. 6 degrees above that, voting conditions northeast winds moderate, mid-70s, sunrise and sunset, completely different but by the time we get into next weekend. trick-or-treat forecast looks good heading into the evening, temperatures at 85, drop, courtesy of the dry air for 70s. later in the evening. extended forecast not showing much rain but the cold front moves through friday night and sets us up for great weekend. breezy saturday but comfortable , low humidity and highs in the 70s. i don't know if this is a halloween prank that someone reporting people throwing rocks at cars. at the howard franklin, now
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benjamin road and fly. police are trying to figure out what is going on but if you head in this direction use caution if you drive. checking your drive and sarasota not bad on interstate but reports of a stalled car blocking southbound i-70 at university parkway. still 71 miles an hour so up to speed through sarasota. a live look outside i-275 at fowler, more cars not bad. still in the green on i-275 and 75 southbound. coming up new information about what led to a bomb scare on a plane at the fort lauderdale airport. why passengers say a text prompted a man to be snatched off the flight.
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6:26 am amounts of peanuts can be deadly for anyone allergic, but this morning this a possible solution. tiny skin patch maybe the answer. researchers say it can help raise people's peanut thresholds by releasing peanut proteins into the skin and building cellular tolerance. scientists say it is the most effective on children's from 4 to 11, less effective an older people in the study. 2 vietnam reporting its first
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a 4-month-old girl with anna normally small head was born to the women who had the virus when pregnant. if confirmed vietnam would be the 2nd country in southeast asia to have a microcephaly case linked to see scott. -- tuesday,. a warning from orthodontists about do-it-yourself braces, why it is a trend among teenagers and what can happen to people who try it. how an australian t it's rides are safe, despite an
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i went right to the fence i saw the guy laying down, not moving. >> one person shot and killed at this tampa hotel, the
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questions that remain. controversy taking center stage as we near election day, clinton and her private email server. the next steps the fbi is taking as the race tightens even more. another hot topic medical marijuana and florida, how prop pot groups are firing back against the sheriff's warning about marijuana laced candy this halloween. halloween. i'm transporter. i am dan shaffer thank you for joining us this monday on abc action news, a lot of folks out about ivan. it will be fantastic weather. upper 60s to low 70s. low 60s to the north and we warm-up this afternoon. highs mid-to upper 80s, warm but not as humid. pretty good shape as we check out the trick- or-treat forecast. temperatures in the 70s and by
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6:46 am, temperatures around 81 and we'll drop into the upper 70s. good morning you might notice extra officers on the area of sly impingement, reports someone is throwing rocks at cars. don't know if it's a hollowing prank but not funny, dangerous. use caution if you're driving in that area in if you see flashing lights that's what it's about. c following serious 80 crash at directions if you want to get around even though it is rural and not of lot of cars travel, had north to state road 62 instead. elsewhere in the bay area interstates look great, no crashes or breakdowns. right at the ramp from 275 onto i-4. breaking this morning a shooting at a tampa hotel claims the life of the teenager. >> waiting to hear if police are close to making an arrest.
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full. a lot to unpack, crews left the scene a few minutes ago, after spending 13 hours on this hotel off bush boulevard. crews are focusing on these rooms i want to show you on the 2nd floor. they spent a lot of time here, a lot of questions remain. around 4 pm yesterday, there was an incident between 2 teenagers, shots fired, both teams hit and one suffered fatal injuries. no names released and what led to the shooting is not known. we spoke to one person who claimed to have witnessed the aftermath of a chaotic situation. >> people were screaming and yelling and crowding off. i went to the fence and i saw a
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i didn't know what to think. i started asking questions to everyone i could.>> reporter: questions are all anyone has at this point. we don't know the identity of the teenager killed or who pulled the trigger. the person is not yet in police custody, crimestoppers offering a $3000 reward for information to lead to the arrest of the suspect. live in tampa james tully abc action news. a scare for passengers on a spirit airlines flight at the fort lauderdale airport after a possible bomb threat. the passenger on the flight posted to twitter, telling abc news the plane was about to take off one a man started screaming for flight attendants saying the passenger next to him was tweeting about a bomb on the plane. she said the flight attendant took his phone, police came on board and took command off the
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was checked in cleared, the sheriff's office is investigating. democracy 2016, the last full week of campaigning before election day, another scandal rocking the race. hillary clinton returning to tampa and fighting back against a new fbi email probe she is coming out of bounds and deeply troubling. the fbi can start reviewing newly discovered emails that may be tied to the hillary clinton email investigation. law enforcement says the justice department obtained a search warrant. emails were discovered on a device seized during an unrelated sexting investigation into the anthony weiner. his estranged wife is one of clinton's closest advisers. the senate democrat harry reid and said fbi director james comey may have broken the law when he disclosed the email 11 days before the election. voter turnout becoming more
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slim point separates clinton and trump and the latest abc news washington post tracking poll. clinton at 46% and trumpet 45%. it is so tight that the drug by third-party candidates could matter. a new poll segments trump's resurgence custom he talked about at a rally in new mexico. >> i want to tell you the polls came out and they have been amazing even before blowup friday we're leading and many of the polls, leading in national polls, leading in ohio, iowa, and by the way we're leading and florida. -- in florida. leding big in florida. the poll shows the fbi's recent announcement that it's investigating more emails in the clinton investigation could impact the election results the right now 62% say it makes no
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moment they can to push for votes in this final stretch before election day. mike pence making a stop in florida tonight holding a rally at 6 a clock at the saint pete clearwater international airport. in florida thousands of teachers and ago door-to-door to urge people to vote. 45,000 educators and labor leaders bollywood -- volunteering, i kick off in our air yesterday with more than 21 million americans have cast ballots in early voting, the national education association wants to make sure people know which candidates are pro-education. our work is to make sure these kids and their families have what they need. everything from the president of the us to the school board to who will be your next senator. in florida roughly a quarter of voters have cast ballots, more registered
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scare tactics by the florida marijuana association. the association warned parents but the threat of marijuana laced candy showing up in their kids trick-or-treat bags. central florida, normal and can mohns holding a news conference saying there is no critical -- credible danger to children being given marijuana infused treats. this comes on the brink of a vote that could legalize marijuana and flor florida she shares association as against a person water, the state of florida claiming the city of atlanta and southwest georgia farmers are using too much water upstream. in the apalachicola, chattahoochee and flint river is. the water use is hurting the oyster industry downriver where the rivers flow into the gulf
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water use will harm and economy. the trial is set to begin this week. smacked nearly a week after the deadly same parked tragedy in australia, they say they will have every right tested by independent experts and safety officials. it's unclear when treme world will reopen after 4 people died in the raft overturned on the thunder river rapids last tuesday. 2 children survived. the congo river rapids the day later. summit investigators in virginia looking at chaotic moments outside a nascar race that ended with 22 injured. a chevy plowed into fans at the martinsville speedway after striking another vehicle it was trying to class. -- past. 9 people taken a hospital all expected to be okay. officers say alcohol doesn't appear to be involved. unclear the driver will face charges.
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engine failure for causing the fire at the runway at chicago o'hare airport last night. the flight arrested and flames after something inside the right engine broke apart sunny hot debris everywhere including the fuel tank. cell phone video capturing the panic inside the cabin. >> everyone always pushing and screaming, i ran into the grassy area, i thought it would explode. 20 people taken to the hospital with minor injuries released the runways back open this morning investigators looking at the planes maintenance records and analyzing the broken turbine they were able to find. smacked abrading school -- princeton school responding after complaints from an angry mother, saying her special needs son was turned away from his homecoming dance because of
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she said he is to wear sneakers because they are the only ones that fit his orthopedic foot brace. she says he waited in line 40 minutes and was turned away, the school said he didn't make the dress code and he knew about the dress code requirements weeks before the event. chicago cubs fans have hope their team -- their team can exercise its past demons and when the first world series in 108 years. game 5 at wrigley field a must win for chicago. cubs scored 3 times in the 3rd inning including by kris bryant. aroldis chapman came in for leave for chicago, a save for the 3, to win. cleveland indians will try to win at home tomorrow night and gave 6. -- in game 6 person a nice start to halloween monday, comfortable humidity but more
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get out of the 60s quickly and 70s by midday. high temperature 87 i will be back in a moment for a look at the extended forecast taking you into the weekend in a few minutes. the search continues for the driver accused in a deadly hit-and-run that left a mother dead and a deputy seriously injured. the clues investigators are working on. caught on camera see what happens when a man sneaks up on a sleeping giant panda after breaking
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6:43 am kicking off your morning sprint with 2 developing stories. the first in tampa were police are going over evidence to see who shot to teenagers killing one at a hotel on east busch boulevard. calls to the police department for updates on the victims and if they gunman. the search is on for hit-and-run driver who killed a young mother and left a polk county deputy injured in the hospital, the deputy is recovering this morning said to have surgery later this week. unfortunately for loved ones of the young mother there dealing with a devastating loss. investigators say early saturday morning, deputy adam pennell stop to help the woman who crashed into a tree on state road 60. investigators say as they waited in the media a car
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the mother was killed on the scene and the deputy seriously hurt. investigators looking for a vehicle this morning with front end damage hopeful someone with information will come forward. if your kids are like mine they are counting down the hours until school is over and they can head out to trick-or-treat. before he left them out the door, this is a map that shows you how -- where sex offenders are in your neighborhood. put in an address, the station's address and hit search the sex offenders that pop up in a 5 mile radius of your house. it is simple and quick to use in will keep your family safe. we posted this on our website you can find democracy 2016 mike pence will hold a rally at the bay area, expected to speak around 6 pm at the airport. donald trump focusing on campaigning and michigan. making calls to get more information on the hillary
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area, her campaign has released details of the event, the fbi obtained a warm for newly discovered emails director james comey says could be pertinent to the bureaus probe of clinton's private server. smacked a strong warning for honda and acura owners. despite warnings around 300,000 older honda and acura vehicles have yet to replace airbags that have a high chance of rupturing and causing injury or death. about 69 million to recalled, in general -- in june 13,000 condos and acura's head is highs a 50% chance of rupturing and the crash. 11 deaths in the us tied to the to , a airbags inflators. orthodontist warning teenagers about the dangers of do-it-yourself braces. it is a trend nationwide. seen on youtube videos. countless videos online one has racked up nearly 1,000,000
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braces. officers say ti way braces is a horrible idea because you can end up losing teeth. i feel like after looking at this i need to go to a public service announcement and warning. if you don't know how to move tv could lose them. >> if you search diy you can search the devastating in amazon after they say the company sold them a knockoff hoverboard that burned on their home. ryan and megan fox going after the company saying they were negligent for selling them but hoverboard the torch their million-dollar home. the suit claims the fox family thought they are buying a hoverboard with the samsung lithium ion battery but they were sold counterfeit product. the fact that a toy caused this destruction to our lives. it is wrong.
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million in damage. amazon has yet to comment. the consumer safety commission investigated more than 60 hoverboard fires and recalled more than a half-million of the products from 10 different companies. if you sign up for any store branded credit cards recently you may want to double check the fine print. a repo average of 24%, higher than the average for all credit cards which is 15%. retailers often get special discounts for cardholders, but read the fine print, interest charges for balances can be costly. in time following help her home buyers who think the house may be haunted. real estate terms, of potentially haunted house known as a stigmatize property. most states require sellers to list physical defects but what
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comes to emotional defects it's buyer beware. if you buy house and may be haunted there is no easy law to get out of the mortgage contract. a client contacted me after we closed, we find out there was a death on the property but it occurred over 10 years ago. there was no recourse. to know what you walk into visit died and for a price you can find out if there were murders, suicide or deaths on the property. one north carolina county returning the first time since hurricane matthew. educators hope hurricane kelly -- candidate will boost the morale. boxes of candy were given around the county yesterday. students missed 15 days of school after hurricane matthew which flooded any schools. talking about our drive to the brandon area. 1-75, state route 60, taillight heading south.
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still looking good on the veterans expressway, south on the veterans, a tad slow on i- 75, from waters to 275, overnight closing southbound lanes on the veterans expressway from hutchinson to gunn highway so leave yourself enough time to make the detour. they will do the same thing on the northbound lanes on thursday. above average temperatures next few days will continue, mid to upper 80s, kind of what we had yesterday but more comfortable today as we have dry air moving in that will lower the community. 87 one feel like the 88 yesterday. cold front moving, it's been a while, we have to wait all week , comes through friday night but sets us up for a fantastic weekend.
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along the coast, plenty of low 60s across the interior. clouds roll through and dry air, cloud cover, coming down on the surface. higher commissions, dewpoint comfortable range, comfortable shake. eastland will persist and get enough cloud cover and county but right now it looks good along 75 and points to the west. as far as temperatures mid and upper 80s above average this time of year. we should be 81, 87, trick-or- treat forecast as we check outside looks great with clear skies, mild temperatures only from 85 to 81 around 6, cold front coming. friday night breezy saturday but a lot of sunshine for we can days. the new sunset, clocks go back
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into a panda exposure. the panda was ready to wrestle. >> the man strolls up to the sleeping giant panda, and when he woke up he charged him, grab them by the leg and wrestled him to the ground. this is a common move forward pandas when they play with their keepers. the man for himself and left the suit without anyone stopping. locally for the man it doesn't appear he suff didn't. he was trying to impress to women. -- 2 women. by them jewelry. >> candy or flowers. >> stay with us, we'll be right back.
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good morning, and update on state road 64 now open in both directions. a live look at i-275 in hillsboro avenue not too bad right now, serious crash cleared up use caution. clear and cool this morning, warm this afternoon and humidity looks nice. temperatures climbing into the upper 80s. low 80s by trick-or- treat time. you will need off with the mosquitoes. good morning america is next. keep what us on air, on her mobile app, facebook and
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will be back in 25 minutes.
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good morning, america. breaking overnight. the fbi gets a warrant to examine thousands of e-mails from a top clinton leaders from both parties slam fbi director comey. >> it's pretty strange to put something like that out with such little information right before an election. >> donald trump pounces on the announcement. >> this is the biggest political scandal since watergate. >> the poll shows the race neck and neck with just days to go. breaking news. deadly shootout. that dangerous suspect on the run for days.


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