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tv   Action News at 9AM  ABC  October 31, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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this is assist action news. -- this is >> >> a young mother dead, a polk county deputy in the hospital. where the search for the driver stands right now after a hit and run. hillary clinton is crying foul, -- as his chances to win next weeks election improve. >> polk county is searching for a --
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right now. >> reporter: we're told that deputy had pretty serious injuries. he's set to have surgery late they are week. meanwhile loved ones of the woman killed are trying to deal with this devastating loss. >> it is hard for my mind to think that it actually happened so i didn't get time to process. >> the 11-year-old son of jess at that ca still trying to cope with her death. >> honestly i still cry and stuff a lot about it. >> deputy jessica who crashed into a tree on state road 60 near lake wells. investigators say as the go waited in the median a car crashed into them and kept going. the deputy was seriously hurt. jessica was killed. her sons say she was a special person. >> she was awesome. she was the life of the party.
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>> her family, now in process of planning a funeral, hopeful that driver is caught soon. >> because he needs to pay for what he did to our mother who was a hard worker and didn't deserve for this to happen. >> investigators don't have in leads to go on this morning, they're looking for a vehicle with front-ends damage. they're hopeful someone out there with information will come forward. for now reporting from lakeland, rodney, abc action news. breaking overnight a bomb scare for spirit airlines to evacuate a plane in fort lauderdale tplane was checked and cleared. it was able to depart for dallas/fort worth international overnight the broward sheriff's office is investigating the incident. -- it appears to show law enforcement on the plane. this morning authority continue to investigate the death of an inmate at the me nelis county jail. timothy matthews complained of
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cpr on the 58-year-old but could not revive him. his death is not suspicious and there were no obvious signs of injuries. matthews was in jail on a drug charge. deputies need your help right now to find the two men who broke into a home one person was shot and another hit in head. he got away stealing several items. the victims are in stable condition. if you have any information about what happened, call crim now recovering in the hospital after an early morning apartment fire. about 6:30 a.m., flames broke out at the -- place apartments. it is west of keen road, north of union street. fire fighters put out the flames and say they found a woman inside the cause toffish is now underinvestigation. >> -- the cause of the fire is now under investigation. >> today is the last week week of campaigning before election week next week. mike pence is holding a rally
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clinton's lead begins to shrink as stephanie reports from washington the e-mail con to service could give donald trump the opportunity to win the election. >> after the fbi droped it e- mail inquiry bomb shell, hillary clinton was on the campaign trail trying to shake it off. >> there's a lot of noise and distraction but it comes down to what kinds of future we want. >> clinton taking on her opponent, donald trump. >> it is always donald trump first and everyo e >> some of you may have heard about a letter that the fbi director sent out yesterday. >> boo. >> that letter, sent to law makers on friday where comey says newly flagged e-mails were discovered on the lap top of anthony weiner, and huma
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contain any classified information, relevant too clinton e-mail probe. comey making the e-mail public even though there's no evidence of wrong doing by clinton. >> it is pretty strange to put something like that out with such little information right before an election. >> this morning, abc news has obtained a letter by former attorney general eric holder and dozens of other former prosecutors and high ranking officials including republicans and democrats critic alerting congress, siting department tradition of not talking about on going investigations and not doing anything that would be seen as influencing an election in its final days. >> we never thought we were going to say thank you to anthony,einer. >> as for president obama's -- eric says nothing has surfaced to change the presidents views
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stephanie ramos, abc news, washington. with the election day gusseted day 50s way now, educators around the country -- day just days away now, educators are wondering what it will mean for their class room. in who support hillary clinton are volunteering nationwide to get out the vote. yesterday morning, dozens filled it park to spread the message ant the importance of voting. >> our work is to make sure these kids and their family versus what they need. that's everything from a president of the united states to the school board, to who's going to be your next senator. >> nationwide, more than 18 million american versus already voted. here in mr. slightly more republican versus voted early or more mail even though florida has more registered democrat. >> the university of south soulflorida has a message this halloween, don't boo, vote. this is also the second week of the shuttle together program.
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early voting locations. >> this morning promarijuana groups are fighting back against what they call scare tactics about marijuana-laced candy. we told you thousand association warned parents -- how the association warned parents about marijuana-laced candy showing up in the halloween basket. they're holding -- they say there's no credible danger to children being given marijuana- laced canty this this comes on the break of a vote that could legalize medical marijuana. amendsment two is on the balance slot the sheriff's administration is opposed to legislation. and on this halloween, we are starting off nice here, temperatures in low 70s. sunny sky, up to the north, though, we've had the issue of -- we have been watching the cameras up here, getting better
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the dense fog advisory through 9:00 a.m. which has expired but still patchy fog but at least we have some sunshine out there to help us out and as we warm things up and we will big time, 87 today. we will look at drier conditions in that lower humidity will be with us. it looks great for trick or treat out there. they're heading out this evening a loft people are after 5:00. look at the temperature there. 85 and already 81 a quick drop in temperatures, that's the dry air that's with us here. it will be quite pleasant, right through 8:00 with temperatures all right. good morning everyone. we still have a lot going on in the tampa area on the roadway, you are still watching that crash. we have lanes still blocked just east of 275. you can see the closure right here, this was a serious crash involving an overturned truck and not too far away. this is a crash i just mentioned. we have another crash right here in both directions and
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in roadway, some lines in roadway. not too far away, we got word of a water main break. they're both somebody lanes are blocked while crews try to fix this, no word on when this is going be repaired but just avoid the area between louisiana and curtish street. back to you guy. >> thank you. 9 minutes after 9:00. if you have a few too in drinks to night. triple a wants to take you home for free. it is all part of the tow to go destination even if you are not a member. that runs from 6:00 tuesday morning. the number to call is 855-2-tow- 2 go. >> it is also the end of national domestic awareness month. a cause we have tramp i don't knowed for eight years of course with your -- champions for eight years of course with your help. >> we had donations from all state bay offices. all part of all state's purple
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good morning. >> reporter: good morning everybody. we're so excited we can't stand this. we have got the lobby fill window item that is have been collected at three all state offices throughout the tampa bay area and this morning we are surprising the domestic violence center directors for the areas that are closest to the offices. we're going to start off with lesette and she's going to surprise ms. kelly of sun rise of passco. so tell me about this, before we unvail, when did you all start collecting this. >> we started collecting on october 17th all the way through this weekend, and we got a bunch of donations over, probably about a thousand dollars worth of items to our office. >> let's do the unvailing, not too fancy, but we wanted to surprise kelly: one, two, three, go. >> oh my gosh. >> wow. >> so, did clients come in as well, as the employee?
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come in, we actually had kids from our -- from my kids school, we had them donate a bunch of antibacterial hand sanitizers. >> wow. how important is it to have all of these base i kelly. >> this makes such a huge difference especially for shelter. these are things we use on a daily basis and thing wes are always running out of. so this is -- things we are always running out of. thank you so much and thank you, all state. >> thank you so much for coming with you. >> thank you for making the drive: you didn't even know what you w four more carts full of stuff that we're going to show you as we continue and then, we are saving the best for last, a superhuge surprise. but you have to wait and see it at the end. so back to you in the studio. >> all right. thanks. we will talk to you in a few minutes. 911 right now. college student jailed the horrible act he's accused of committing that can have killed
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targeting senior citizens. we will hear from a man who lost $2,000 in this slick phone
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>> 14 minutes after 9:00. in italy officials believe last weeks earthquake may have saved people from another earthquake over weekend. a 6.6 magnitude hit central italy yesterday. nobody was killed or even injuried because an earthquake last week forced people out of their homes and that's what kept them safe when second one struck. roughly 8,000 people have being housed because of the shelters. an earthquake killed almost 300 people earlier this year. this morning a rack special forces making progress in their efforts to take the city of mosul. they're just two miles from the eastern outskirts, which they hope to enter today.
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about two weeks ago and is expected it last a couple of weeks if not months. >> in pennsylvania a college student is in jail right now accused of putting bleach in his pregnant girlfriends water. he admit today putting the chemical in water in the an attempt to hurt their unborn baby. his girlfriend got sick and throat started pushing shortly afterwards. she and her baby are both okay. washington is facing multiple charges including attempted murder of an unborn baby. he's being held on a million dollars bond today be in court later this week. he's a junior at millersville university. if you have a store- sponsored credit card there's a good chance you are paying a lot more in interest. from credit cards did the come found they're charging record high interest rates about 24%. that's much higher than 15% for
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establish. as the standards are a bit more relaxed. they also offer special discounts, and consumers should be -- it is 9:16. a man who was just scammed out of $2,000 is coming towards because he wants to others how easy it is to fall victim to this con. we have a warning for everyone with grand parents or older money. . most of us think we wouldn't fall for a phone scam like the fake irs calls threatening to arrest us but when the caller claims to be your relative, that's something else. >> [phone ringing] >> curt answered the phone, to hear a voice say grand pa. his grand son bet had been in a car accident. >> i lost control of the car.
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desperately needed must be to pay for the house and fence he damaged. >> the owner of the property wanted $2,000 so he wouldn't press any charges. >> soubrette instructed grand pa to buy four $500 itunes gift cards. curt did it. >> i got the cards. he said well give me the number. >> curt gave bet $2,000. the only problem is the real bet had not been in an accident and he had been the victim o money via western union money gram but money grams can be traceed and western union clerks now ask questions so gift cards especially itunes gift cards have now become the scammers best friends. her father is not dumb but the scam is so slick. >> this is say guy who adores his grand children. he would give them an organ. >> debbie is now on a mission, she wants check out clerks to
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consumers but to retailers. >> maybe witnessing a grand parent being conned. a grocery store spokeswoman said their cashiers are told to look out for the fraud but sometimes these still slip through. warn your parents and grand parents. the international space station expedition 49 crew making it back to kate rueben along with a russian -- landed very early sunday morning. they spent 115 days in space. >> she did two space walks. >> yeah. >> some astronauts walking around tonight for halloween. >> i did that once. >> you did. >> yeah. it is a terrible costume, back in the 80s. >> especially in the 80s. >> made it up, card board and the whole thing. >> always a good time and people are heading out this evening, -- is asking about sun set times already. we will talk about that in a
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spooky here although further north we did have some dense fog, that's cleared out or clearing at the moment. it is not as dangerous, certainly. look at this shot here from andrew. >> oh boy, how about a day at the beach, and then you get -- that is fantastic stuff there. i want to play that as you can see beautiful blue skies, what a weekend that we did have, certainly, with warm temperatures and a bit higher humidity. that's the difference today. we will still be warm unlike yesterday the humidity will be lower. we shouldn't be anywhere near the 80s. it should be about 81 and we will fix that next weekend and then some. >> hid to upper 60s. we have a nice stretch of cool weather in mornings pretty much this time of year almost guaranteed but by the afternoon, that's when the differences can happen and today, again, i are above average for high temperatures.
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vapor. this is the moisture up above and it is stinking down. that will result in not only very few clouds but with the comfortable feeling outside. nice breeze, very warm temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. east wind will continue the next few day, that will begin to increase the moisture, right. i don't think we are talking about rain fall but just more in the way of clouds and higher humidity in the next few days as we were tougher which is afternoon climb back to upper 80s. i wouldn't be surprise today show you some ix but again, a dry here if you will. so northeast winds, two foot seas moderate chop. there's the 70s. if you are making al bean a beach day g ahead. it is -- halloween a beach day, go ahead. it is great out there. there will be sunshine, plenty of it and by 6:46, there you go. that's your sun set.
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hawaii about 7:00 you will get some daylight and after that, we drop into the 70s. 7-day forecast. there's the front, yes a cold front. it is coming back at us here friday night it will be coming in, very quietly just a few clouds with it and then saturday and sunday, both weekend days, oh good stuff. highs in the 70s. low humidity and then we can get an extra hour of sleep saturday night. how about that, for sunday with highs near 80. >> always love that. >> 9:22, coming up after the break, an english cricket player loses a leg. it is not as bad as it sounds but it is a play you have to
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>> most americans including us couldn't tell you the rules. >> but as you will see now you don't need to see the rules to know that a disability can't slow down one liam thomas lost his leg. keep watching. he's riding off the ball. that's his artificial leg. he was place window the england disabilities team the leg just flipped off but didn't stop him. he hopped on one leg. you can see there.
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back. >> -- -- adding you don't have to be afraid no matter what the sport is. authority versus just released a video of an tack at a new orleans airport and it helps their -- an attack at a new orleans airport and it helps their case. >> the truth behind a terror scare tman who triggered an evacuation was actually a big
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this is abc action news. police swarm a tampa hotel after someone shoots at two teens killing one of them. >> the investigation into what led up to gunshots and chaotic scene of the shooting. a crash at a nascar race, the accident outside the track that left nearly two dozen people injured. we will get to those storys in just a moment but first we
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forecast. of course, it is halloween a lot of kids are ready to head out when sun set. >> absolutely. >> and boo-tiful. >> it is. >> spooktacular. >> it is. all of those words. it was actually creepy. we had dense fog which is lifting now. it looks great outside. can't tell if it is january or july. that's why we live here: as we check in on the forecast, you will notice some changes as we talk about soon. there will be some differences we will talk about, but the front, that's the big story. we will move in for the weekend and it will cool us off and we are looking rats some chillier temperature, mid 60s across the nature coast. slower to warm up. we had the fog and the rest of us are in 70s. by lunchtime, despite 80s it will feel comfortable, low humidity temperatures reaching
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comfortable, less humid and mostly clear skies, we will talk about the weekend cold front coming up in just a few minute. >> >> a teen is dead after shooting at a tampa hotel it happened yesterday on east bush boulevard. abc action news anchor is live at the scene right now, james, are investigators any close tore making an arrest in this case? >> they, not that we know of. no arrests have been made at this time. we do know one person is dead but there are a lot of question that is need 30 be answered. this might this morning. on -- security ca camera, a manager at this hotel says that police have this footage and are looking at it right now. what we do know is that yesterday afternoon, two teens were shot here, one of them suffered fatal injury, no name versus been released. we did speak to one person who
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situation. >> >> he was laying there not moving at all. people were telling me there was a guy being chaisessed. he was being chased down, basically being gunned down. we're still waiting for police to identify the teen that was shot and killed or who pulled the trigger. >> crime stop sers offering a $3,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest here. >> live in abc action new. >> >> shows an attack at a new orleans airport, this attack actually happened last year but this video was just now being released and it is stunning. it shows a man unleashing streams of wasp spray on to scrambling travelers and then swinging a -- before going to a security line. he was hit in the leg after being shot. he died a day later after
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travelers also sustained minor injuries the jefferson perish sheriff says it was justified because it could have turned into a mass casualty event as this video proved. he was also carrying moll tiff cocktails and five. >> >> the hunt for a dangerous murder suspect is done. -- that left two people dead and four wounded died last night in a shoot out with deputies. vance was killed during the town of -- oklahoma about 130 miles northwest of oklahoma city. >> one deputy was shot but expected to survivor. that shoot out took place after the car vance allegedly stole was spotted near a camp site earlier yesterday. >> this morning polk county deputies continue to search for the driver who hit and killed a bay area mother of two and also badly injured a deputy. deputy adam is scheduled to undergo surgery this week. early saturday he stopped to help jessica who had crashed
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road 60 near lake wells. they called paramedics for the 33-year-old who was injured as the two waited in the median, deputies say a driver crashed into the them and kept on going. his children are now preparing to bury their mother. >> i still cry and stuff a lot about it but it is gustiness i have gone there my whole life, it is hard to actually believe this happened. >> detectives say they have very few leads at but they're looking for a car with front ends damage. they're offering a $3,000 reward for a tip that leads to the driver's rest. the authorities wants your help catching a man blamed for the -- state trooper clocked a honda civic doing 90 in a 55 miles per hour zone, tried to pull it over yesterday. the driver refused the stop and slamed into another car. a third and fourth car were also involved.
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if you recognize him, contact crime stopper. >> an update on a terror scare at new yorks metropolitan opera. it was evacuated over weekend after a man sprinkled white powder over the orchestra pit: they believe it was human ashes the man told fellow opera goers that term the remains of his mentor who was a huge opera fan. authorities evacuateed it theater as a precautious >> we've had people do this in other venue, stadium, public place, monuments and trying to honor people. so it is not something that we haven't seen before. >> they're offering refunds and asking people not to bring ashs in future. >> after a crash outside of a nascar race in virginia. investigators say that a chevrolet crashed into the fans at the martinsville speedway
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another vehicle that it was trying to pass. officials say 13 people had to be treated for minor injuries. nine were take on the hospital but they're all expect today be okay. alcohol does not appear to be involved the driver may face charges after investigators consult with the county attorney. federal officials are now pointing to a rare and serious type of engine failure for causing the airplane inferno at chicago's o'hare. that packed miami bound fl before take off after something inside the engine broke apart flinging hot debris into the tank. it captured the panic inside the cabin. >> everybody is coming toward the left side of the plane where i was. everybody is pushing. i saw plane in flame. >> 20 people take on the hospital have been released the
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the maintenance records and analyzing pieces of the broken turbine that they were able to find. >> another strong warning for acura and honda owner, despite warnings around 300,000 older honda and 5:00 your -- in extremely high chance of rupturing and causing injury or death. about 69 million air bags were recalled back in june. tests show 313,000 acuras had as high as a 50% chance of -- 11 deaths in u.s. have been tie today the air bag inflate. >> the all state foundation supports -- raising money and awareness of what these senters do. >> they hosted a collection drive in their areas and we are surprising them with those result this is morning throughout the show. heading back out now to our abc
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no. 2. >> morning everybody. we're having way too much fun. we're moving now julie with the all state office in lakeland. she is going to surprise ms. sherry texecutive director of the peach river center serving lake land, high lands and hernando county, correct. >> -- >> i am just so excited because of all of this stuff i can't see straight. >> tell us about this, julie. >> my office, through social media, we set up a drive and customers and all collected nearly a thousand dollars worth of supplies for the river, and lotions and shampoo and baby supplies so it is for moms and children. >> i know cheryl has been trying to peak underneath this. let's take this one out. >> all right. let's see, tada. >> all right. wow. >> what do you think, cheryl. >> this is amazing.
9:39 am
>> to giver these donations and generosity is so significant for our shelter and the participant that is we serve because go we go through a lot of stuff and have a lot of people in shelter all the time, and to get this really, it is just -- >> you are -- >> it never happens. >> i know. it doesn't, does it? it really enhance it is lives to have people that we serve, and it makes our shelter a funner place, new pillow, i mean and to the average person, that might not seem like >> but it is. >> but that's really important stuff. i mean if you use it at home, we use it in shelter. >> right. thank you so much for helping us with the surprises. we have got another surprise for you at the end here, casa is standing by. casa from st. pete to see their surprise and we have got a superduper big surprise at the end of the show. tune in for that. back to you. >> thank you.
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august, when spending fell. >> here a live look at the cow on 12 point, 18, 173. >> this morning a hilarious video is going viral of a maryland mom telling her son she juans proof he's going to vote for hillary clinton. her son posted video after he teased her mom telling her he wasn't planning to vote for clinton. >> take a picture. >> okay. >> i have to -- what if i didn't vote for hillary clinton. >> uh-huh. >> no, for real i am serious. >> i >> there's going be a little problem in this house. >> okay. >> i will seize your phone. i will seize the car. >> i am serious. >> [ laughter ] >> for real. >> yes, i will. >> i am not voting for trump. i'm not voting for hillary. >> do not vote for the stupid man -- >> she means business. the mom went on to remind her son it is his civic duty to vote no mat whole he votes for. the video was posted on twitter on friday. it was resweeted more than 31,000 times.
9:41 am
31,000 time. >> >> we opened it door and saw people running and screaming and blood and it was crazy. >> nightmare on elm street came too close to reality at one party. what happened next. >> the buccaneers lose to raiders in over time after a promising start they fail today capitalize on raiders misqueues: we have the
9:42 am
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>> hello, fall. enjoy a free movie under the stars. this friday night after sun set, it is the animated film the book of life: october 28 sergeant the last day to nominator apply for the be more awards for nonprofit and then on october 29th, explore the galaxy with space experts. this community calendar is brought to you by hyundai in new port richey. 16 minutes until 10:00 right now, police in san antonio texas say two men including one dressed up as freddy kreuger hope opened fire at a house party. >> five people were -- were hit
9:45 am
threatening. >> suspects later took off. no one has been arrested so far. tall victims are recovering at the hospital. >> chicago cubs still have a chance to exercise the ghosts from previous decades and win the first world series in 108 years. >> game five last night was a must-win for chicago. they scored three times in the third inning. came in on relief eight out save. the cleveland indians will try to win the series at home tomorrow night in game six. >> oak lands scored with under a minute left in the extra time. the bucks drop to 3-4 on the year, they will have a short week now, the atlanta falcons come this thursday night. the lightning hit ice at madison square garden.
9:46 am
also back in line up in the second period, rick nash scored and it didn't get any better for the bolts. they scored 6 goals for 6-1 win. i big night tonight. >> it is. >> no pressure. >> no pressure. >> oh l hasn't been pressure in a while the weather has been fantastic. >> speaking of that, if you put -- >> i was -- >> go ahead. >> no, i don't want to interrupt, but go ahead. >> we haven't had rain two week. >> are you asking for it tonight. >> no maybe tomorrow morning. >> why do you need rain? what's happening. >> we are actually above average for the year. so we're in good shape. >> i like a little rain at least once a week. >> well, you need the sprinklers unfortunately. there's no significant rain in the forecast. we have a front coming too and you're right, sometimes usually we get these fronts coming in the cold front at this time of year, the showers and storms but you need a big difference
9:47 am
talk about the temperatures in a second. friday night that is correct one also coming in dry. so, it is sprinklers for you. 60s and 70s right now, a very pleasant morning except for the fog issue that we had this morning, visibility down to nothing across a portion of the nature coast and that triggered a dense coast advisory. we will warm up nicely despite the school start and do that with dry air on top of us and that will result with the very comfortable humidity, not bone dry like out notice it mid and upper 80s unlike yesterday. look at the atl. that's respectable for this time of year, even more so further north. so record highs once again in
9:48 am
and southern united states. we will be about 87. there are pocketsover temperatures touching 90 the next couple of days but morning low, those haven't changed so another cool start tomorrow and a huge temperature climb through the afternoon. we will go from 61 to 87, 26- degrees in just a matter of hours. that's a dry air mass and what it can do here. 87 for today and one last look at the treat or treat forecast, skies. another chance to have terrors out there. >> there's your 7-day forecast, it is a dry one. dan won't like that. 10% chance, that's it of a couple of showers with that front and then setting up for a gorgeous weekend, saturday and sunday. sunday sun set at 5:42 p.m. get ready for that heading into next weekend but with fantastic
9:49 am
had a house they want to
9:52 am
our last surprise of the morning with the purple purse challenge. >> lisette is in the lobby with surprise no. only treats this morning. next we're joined by angela huggins who is the all state agent serving the st. petersburg office. tell us about the collections that you all did. >> it was mostly through our clients. we raised donations for diapers and wipes and lotions. >> what do people say when you explain that you are doing this collection drive. >> our clients are very giving. we donate throughout the year. >> through clothe drives for
9:53 am
they are used to seeing box. >> you do it. you have educated them. >> yes. >> so mrs. ann horn from casa in st. pete is waiting to see the big reveal. let's move on over here, can you help me. >> yes. >> so with very got all of this stuff we have been covering up. let's see. wow. >> and then, we have this one here. >> wow. >> oh my god. >> you're face wonderful tlook on your face. pratly. our participants, we go through this, and it is such an amazing help for us. >> we have got one more surprise. kelly and cheryl can you come on over because the all state foundation is serious about helping you. they didn't want you to have just the items. the all state foundation is presenting $2,000 to each domestic violence center. >> yea. >> thank you so much.
9:54 am
the all state, from the all state agent. >> thank you. >> trick or treat, follow folks. >> have a great day. >> thank you. . >> closed caption as good brought to you by: lakeland toyota save more on i-4. and on the next morning blends it is our halloween show down. veronica will join us with a preview of the cma awards and we will talk with the bumps series author, rl stein:
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>> there's help foho house. most states require sell terse list any physical defects but emotional it is buy i beware. if you buy a house that might be haunted there's no easy law to get you out of the contract. to know what you are getting visit die in tampa bay morning blend is
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. >> good monday morning and happy halloween. >> thank you so much for joining us. with the country music awards right here on abc just das way, we thought we would celebrate today with a halloween show down. >> who better to help us than veronica.


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