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tv   The Now Tampa Bay  ABC  October 31, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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today on "the now tampa bay" told he cannot go to his homecoming game, the reason he wasn't let in and his mother thought she cleared everything up ahead of time. hundreds of donated toys stolen from a tampa business. the way the thieves got in the store that might make you a target for a crime that happens more often than you think on halloween.
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clinton may have gotten help during the presidential debate, we are looking into the timer of all of this. we will have district -- the trick or treat forecast. we will be talking about when the next cold front will bring us or just whether. it is 4:00 and this is "the now tampa bay" i'm laura harris. >> and i'm paul lagrone, we story in pinellas county. >> a school bus driver arrested for having sex on the bus with a 16-year-old female student. this is the driver, >> we having digging into his history today. we go to st. petersburg close to where this allegedly happened.>> reporter: it is such a sickening crime according to the report the bus driver is accused of bringing the girl right here at this
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her on the bus as you mentioned. deputies even said it happen before school started thursday. and it was early in the morning and the accused driver dondre davis made the child walk to school. she is a software -- sophomore in high school. davis is no longer an employee, he was hired in 2013 but was arrested to make years prior. he only faced a misdemeanor hired according to the school hiring guidelines. the family agreed to talk to me on camera. i have been working on the interview for the past couple of hours and i will have that report shortly, as you can imagine this is unacceptable that he was a school bus driver, tonight they have a strong message not just for parents and kids but also to
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the next presidential election and another breaking email ruffling feathers today. >> first this map shows the key players spread out across the east coast, trump in michigan, clinton in the midwest, tomorrow her and her husband will be here in the bay area, one in st. petersburg and one in dade city. >> the first time since the fbi email investigation broke that she will be in flori, another leaked email showing the dnc boss donna brazile sharing a debate question in advance with the clinton campaign. cnn announced in a statement that brazil has resigned, the network accepted it on october 14 four days after the controversy broke.
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going to ohio and michigan to think anthony weiner and his wife, clinton's top aide this is a live picture from his rally in michigan. earlier in grand rapids he claimed clinton brought this on herself. >> hillary clinton's corruption, eight days, you're right a threat to democracy. and the only way to save our democracy is to get out and vote by the millions. >> in the meantime the ceo of paypal took to the media, defending his decision to vote for donald trump pledging more than $1 million to the trim campaign. >> meanwhile tintin in ohio with her top aide huma abedin. she is going to cincinnati next, tomorrow clinton will be at a rally at the pasco hernando
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in the afternoon. her husband will be in st. petersburg at the recreation center look for the final times on hello florida. >> mike pence in florida campaigning today and headed to clearwater as we speak. for a rally at the c&p clearwater airport, gates opened moments ago, the nearly every state is getting help to make sure the election systems are safe against cyber threats. >> we don't know which states for sure. >> homeland security announced at least 42 states have asked for help. homeland security says more than 20 states have had someone try to hack into their
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other election systems. >> another big story we're following. look at this mother, she was killed in a hit and run crash near lake wales. deputies now searching for the person who hit her and drove off. this was the scene early saturday morning just moments before the hit and run, she got in an accident on state road 60 rolling her car so she waited for help, someone saw her, called 911 and in the last hour we got the audio. waving down cars in the median. i don't know if she needs help or what is going on. >> the woman was found standing on the side of the road, she was hurt so he called for help, when he got there, they both needed it. both hurt badly after being hit by the person who took off. investigators think someone hits them and just drove off.
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is now in the icu there is a $10,000 reward for information. talking about halloween, looking outside, shay you are the most important person with the most important information. the hour by hour trick or treat forecast. >> things are looking great definitely on the warm side look at these clear skies we are seeing in annamaria island on the mail sail beach lot of folks on the beach today because we are getting ready for trick-or-treaters. take a look at the live radar nice and clear and dry a little bit of drizzle rolling across polk county over the last hour or so, not a big deal not causing any problems for trick- or-treaters but the temperatures, it is steamy, 86 degrees in tampa, 83 new port richey. sarasota 87, lakeland bartow 84,
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hour by hour, let's take a look , sunset at 6:46 as the kids are getting going temperatures will still be in the low 80s near 80 degrees, after sunset the temperatures will fall to 76 by 8:00. usually it is around 8:30 or 9:00 when things go bad, if not for the kids than the parents. everybody has been riled up and exhausted temperatures fall. it is going to be a warm night for sure, don't forget the bug spray because when it is muggy and humid and warm we typically see a lot of the bugs. but guess what, we do have a frontal system headed our way that will change things a bit, bring down temperatures with humidity bible time it out coming up.
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orlando must release the audio calls for the pulse nightclub shooter making to the police during the massacre. the transcript is out but what is not being released yet some of the other calls the victims made, the judge wants to listen to the calls first. a lot of the organizations want to cause public but city lawyers say they are too graphic and are exempt from the florida public records law. a loof because it would be too hard on them. this was the worst mass shooting in modern us history. most of us love fresh air but new findings show millions of kids are breathing in toxic air and for many of them it can be deadly. it has not even set sail but already they will be offering free rides on the ferry service from tampa to st.
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we are just hours away from your first shot at taking a ferry from tampa through the bay over to pinellas county. >> tickets go on sale tomorrow. you can buy them on the website for the ferry. the right start november 4 this friday. they will start with two metrics on friday, three saturd a the best part, frontier communications has signed on as a sponsor so through that deal they are offering free rides every third sunday of the month from november through april. that will start november 20, tickets will only run $10 for adults, eight dollars for kids and then when you make it to land with 149 other people the stores and restaurants will be ready to give you a discount or a freebie for taking the ferry.
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and no traffic. there you go. we all love a breath of fresh air but for millions of kids it is hard to come by. >> we look at where the impact of toxic air is being felt the most.>> across the world one in seven children live in areas with the most toxic levels of outdoor air pollution at least six times the guideline. unicef is asking world leaders take actions after their findings revealed air pollution to be a contributor factor in the deaths of around 600,000 children under the age of five. >> 80% of the air sacs develop after we are born. if kids are being exposed to air pollution this is compromising their lungs.
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lung association says the pollution is caused by the same things we see in the united states. admissions fossil fields and burning waste on a different level. look at this map, south asia has the largest number of children in areas where pollution exceeds quality guidelines. africa has 520 million in the east asian region 450 million. >> they rely on less and they don't always have the funding and opportunities to go to those the way we do. >> still everyone should be vigilant no matter where they live. >> just want people to understand this isn't just a developing nation problem. over half of the problem live in an area where they have unhealthy air. >> fighting for clean air for children across the world.
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and outdoor pollution in the areas is directly linked to pneumonia and other respiratory diseases. that accounts for nearly 10% of deaths and children. unicef is asking world leaders to reduce production and increase children's access. >> back to the big political story, the fbi still not commenting on its new review of emails collected -- connected to hillary clinton but we do know the agency has a search warrant to examine the emails. the fbi under harsh criticism that it is trying to influence the outcome of the presidential election because of the timing of the review. not really giving any specifics about what the investigation is about, the documents were found during an unrelated investigation of congressman anthony weiner, his wife, huma abedin is clinton's top aide, earlier this year the fbi ended
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committed any crimes. meanwhile today mike sacks is looking into whether or not the fbi director james comey violated federal law when he announced the email issue so close to election day. >> as the fbi looks into the emails james comey spent the weekend weathering criticism for not providing more details. >> director comey owns -- does it to the then this, former atty. general. eric holder calling on comey to correct his error and dispel the uncertainty he has created. the most scathing response came from harry reid. through your partisan actions you may have broken the law accusing comey of violating the hatch act by influencing the election against clinton. american university professor doesn't think that is the case.
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>> instead he says comey was trying to say about politics pointing to an episode before the 2004 election when comey was the number two to george w. bush justice department. >> comey and several other leaders concluded the bush administration was violating the florida intelligence surveillance act. enter the secret surveillance program comey said the program needed to stop. the vice president was adamant it needed to continue.>> incident was a secret until after the 2004 election, this time around comey felt he had no choice but to go public. should he have known better? >> there is a long-standing tradition, within 60 days of the election you don't say
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a beautiful stretch of whether we have had but it has been hot, temperatures well above average, 88 as a high yesterday with all of the sunshine today as high as 86 in tampa we should be around 81 degrees so you may be getting tired of the heat, take a look, the next cool front approaching friday we may get a few showers but the cool, drier air behind it will be a welcome relief just into the weekend so, on friday a few afternoon evening showers as the front pushes south and then cooler and less image for the weekend, once again we have a fall like weekend, a high on saturday of 77 degrees, sunday 78, lots of sunshine near zero chance for rain, cooler temperatures from start to finish along with that lower humidity in the afternoon making for a gorgeous fall weekend and the rain chances are going up over the next
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up. bread, fish even things in your halloween candy, we have five substances that are banned in other countries. we are all treats and no tricks here's a chance at some halloween freebies kids get a free scary face pancake, chipotle has an offer for three dollars off of >> find the complete list on my facebook page just searched
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you're looking at a small plane that just crashed into a cow pasture this is winterhaven between spirit lake road and vaughn road five minutes from the bartow municipal airport. you can see the plane on the ground this happened one hour ago. the pilot was the only person on board the plane and the good news nobody was hurt in the crash. certainly not a treat, check the orioles in your pantry, they may be part of a recall. >> there are two flavors that have been recalled due to a milk allergy and. packages of oreo fudge cream original and mint bradys. look at our facebook page, we put the product codes you need just search we are not trying to ruin your halloween, i don't like this
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an interesting list, five things in foods most of us eat everyday but they are banned in other countries. >> this is something to chew over. here they are. number one, artificial food dyes pretty much in all processed foods all of the candy you will be eating tonight, it is linked to hyperactivity in kids. >> yellow, red and blue. numberwo healthier and fat-free, the chips and fries it can cause problems with your intestines. >> if you have kidney issues look for something called potassium bromide typically found in flour, bagels and bread associated with kidney and nervous system damage, another one, farm salmon it is what the fish is eating in the farm ponds that turns their flash grade -- gray.
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pastas that have a chemical inside it has been linked in some studies to inducing asthma. >> obviously you can't stay away from all of this but think about the things you can avoid. if you are not taking anyone trick-or-treating tonight or not handing out candy you could be a target for crime something that happens on halloween more than any night. nicole grigg tracked down recent victims so we can learn
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have your halloween plan set hopefully you have checked the sex offender registry website, you can see all of the registered sex offenders in a radius in your area. we had this on . halloween night is risky for other reasons as well. >> we took a look at this and it turns out nationally more home burglaries happened tonight on halloween than other night. nicole grigg with why this happens and a recent victim who says she could have done things differently to protect herself. >> every night in tampa. >> we stuff everything in your. >> there is a breaking somewhere. liz carlos lost hundreds of dollars in donated toys at her used toy store. >> it was both of these windows.
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happen. >> apparently there was another breaking down the street. >> travelers insurance find in trend claims go up 24% on halloween night. >> because of vandals home break-ins and car break-ins. we checked in with tampa police to see how many reports come in locally. in 2013 there were four home burglaries, in 2014, nearly double with seven and last vehicle or reports of vandalism. >> i would have said one hundred % sure the windows were locked but i guess not. i would say check everything.>> the burglary and her business has her rethinking how she spends the night protecting her home while trick-or-treating. >> i don't want to some sort of surprise like this in my home. >> make sure your doors are
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>> keep in mind tonight. struck a massive manhunt that started a week ago comes to a dramatic ending where officers had a shoot out this is what it looks like when the sheriff pulled over the suspect, he opened fire shooting a sheriff in the arm and shoulder. investigators say he took off before state troopers caught up with him. there was a second shoot out this time the suspect killed two relatives shooting two police officers last week and then bragging about his getaway on facebook live. lets take a look on a web camera. local time just after 9:30, schools were closed today because they had another earthquake and damage to buildings, you can see people walking around the streets but
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at least 15,000 people are without homes right now. take a look at this new video some of the damage from earlier, they have had more than 100 aftershocks since the 6.6 magnitude earthquake hit yesterday, the strongest quake in 30 years. we see things like a buried car and a town that looks like it has been encased in mud. there were no deaths to the latest quake comes one week after two earthquakes rocked italy two months after another quake killed nearly 300 people. this one is hard to believe, a look at the dna from the jonbenet ramsey case there is brand-new questions today it has been nearly 20 years since she died. the colorado tv station
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just two. because of this, they are now questioning the former da decision to exonerate her family and at the time she said the dna evidence did not belong to anyone in her family, but now forensic experts do not agree. women and african- americans may wait longer and pay more for uber or lyft. >> according to a study released that says there could be discrimination going on, researchers worked together studying rides in seattle and boston. >> they found in some cases women were taken on longer routes so they ended up paying more, they also found african- american riders waited 35% longer for their rides and had twice the cancellation rates if they had names that sounded
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responded by saying they don't tolerate discrimination and are working to ensure equality. if you are stealing candy from kids or looking forward to your coworkers bringing in leftovers tomorrow, more than 70% of us admit to sharing the candy stash as long as it is not candy corn. >> sharing, stealing. i'm just helping them. there is so much candy. listen to this, ey when their kids are not looking. >> just take it, these results are from a survey by the national association showing any form of chocolate is our favorite thing to get on halloween. >> i want a recount, number two is candy corn. i demand a recount. >> try to avoid using credit
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you some of them will pay you money back especially when you shop on amazon. i want you to look at a little bit of halloween fun happening at johns hopkins children's hospital at their halloween halloween pet therapy parade. the volunteers and pets dressed
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welcome back to "the now tampa bay", inevitably you will without the credit card at some point soon so why not cash in on it.
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look at the ones they give you cash back. the sign-up bonus. you may have to spend more than you usually would to get the bonus but keep in mind you may be doing that with hanukkah and christmas around the corner. and then how about this, some cards give you the retail rewards. maybe amazon and certain department stores and since amazon has cornered the online market you might as well get something for spending that time on and finally, if you're not buying a lot of gifts for your hosting dinner parties find a card with rewards on groceries. there are those cards out there, this advice coming from nerd wallet a personal finance website they found three cards, three cards that fall into most of the categories. >> we have them, we have the checklist.
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the blue cash preferred car -- card checks off all three categories on cash back, sign-up on his, retail and grocery rewards, the chase freedom card has two of those they only give you money back on groceries in places like sam's club and costco. the cash back goes throughout the year. your turn to purchase a ticket to the world series, indians in cleveland for game six of the world series, guess what, not only do the cubs keep it alive last night but they got better ratings than sunday night football. they crushed them, 32% more people watching the world series than the nfl. the best rating for any baseball game in the last five years. >> i'm tired of watching
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did not. a teenage boy who already has had to deal with so much in his life is told he can't go to the homecoming dance. >> was physically tired and frustrated. >> the reason he was not allowed inside that has everything to do with his disability and what the school has to say. have we become too se >> the costume that has a non--- normally noncontroversial
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teenager do you think his outfit is appropriate? a school do not think so and stop him from going inside.>> the nose isabel rosales talking to his mother. >> debbie was excited her son actually wanted to go to homecoming. >> i thought he looked handsome. >> until his smile turned to tears.>> it hurts. >> school staff told him he couldn't go in because his white sneakers and a lack of tide did not meet the semi formal dress code. >> most disappointing is they didn't listen to him. >> at them try to explain. >> i have had over seven spinal
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and spina bifida that is why he has a service dog to help him walk. on this night it was important for him to walk on his own. >> sometimes you just want to be a kid. >> debbie check the dress code and called the school she got permission from the government association for the special orthopedic shoes but the tide came as a surprise. >> it wasn't clear that was mandatory. for adam to where the tie. it would have meant spending the rest of the dance in this wheelchair. it would have limited his already labored breathing. adam gave up. >> i was physically tired and frustrated. >> he called his mom. now her facebook post has more than 1000 shares and 400 comments. >> it was very strict and exclusive of a lot of kids. >> debbie wants an apology.
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news.>> we spoke with the principal of the school over the phone, steve -- she stands behind her staff and she says the rules were published two months before the dance. the school will give them a full refund. breaking news a natural gas line exploded near birmingham alabama. you can see the black smoke and the flames behind the trees. we have seen some pictures where the smoke could be seen in the distance. no word if anyone was hurt but fire rescue is getting to the scene right now. those are protesters in north dakota cheering not
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pipeline, police were making them move and then a small herd of buffalo passed by and they cheered. you won't have to call anyone to get help from the butterball hotline. >> for the first time you can take your messy hands and text in your turkey day questions. but they are not saying how long it will take to >> the turkey talk line has been taking calls for more than 30 years and the most asked question has stayed the same, how long does it take to thaw the turkey, every year i go through this. >> start calling in tomorrow and texting november 17. i will tweet out a link. i want to show you this.
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nobody should be concerned that i will be making turkey dinner. how do you get the dry spots? what is that? i'm not texting or calling nobody. >> my daughter and son, they make oatmeal able come help you out. take a look, the rivergate tower tampa gorgeous is beautiful and hot and steamy. harbor and davis islands looking cover this, tampa 86 degrees, clearwater 82, c&p 80, it is going to be pretty steamy as the trick-or-treaters get going tonight, but the great news, we are going to be rain free. futurecast showing through midnight barely a cloud in sight. into tomorrow morning we may
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can see the east to west flow with a lot of sunshine, tomorrow that means it is going to be another steamy day, and i for trick-or-treaters keep in mind since it will be muggy it will probably be muggy. get them layered up with bug spray and temperatures will be starting near 80 degrees by sunset and then it will be falling to the 70s after. the next couple of days you can see the temperatures gradually come down, for a shower friday, mainly in the afternoon, and into the evening as the next cold front approaches. temperatures would be different saturday and sunday, dennis is standing by with the forecast we will let you know how cool the mornings will be ahead of the next front as well. >> take a look at this. nasa sharing this
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a partial solar eclipse. this was not visible on earth, the solar dynamics observatory in space caught this, it lasted about one hour. some of the halloween decorations around town are so good the house looks haunted. >> but there are some real haunted houses actually up for sale on the market as we speak. would you want to live in this house that inspired the amityville selling for $850,000 on long island. the gruesome murder happened at the home in 1974. that inspired the movie, how about this home in kansas. it has been featured on ghost hunters.
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it is said to be haunted by sally the heartland ghost. this home may look pretty on the outside, but the past owner claims someone is haunting it. one of canton, mississippi's first doctors built the home. he and his first wife died there. >> since then people have experienced paranormal activity. according to the home is selling for $700,000. you may not know the history of a home before you purchase it. they don't disclose those things and not all states sellers to disclose a murder or suicide that has happened in their home, we checked in florida and it is not a law. it seems like every day we talk about a costume getting taken off the shelves are some getting into trouble because of an offensive costume, look at
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this, she and her boyfriend dressed as a pilgrim and indian at a party, social media went crazy she tweeted today i am so sorry to people i offended with my costume. it was not properly thought out and i am truly from the bottom of my heart sorry. >> if you don't want the halloween candy sitting around your house for the next month, you can give it to the troops. orthodontics will give you a pound for every dollar you bring in up to 5 pounds he will also be entered into a raffle to win a movie ticket. we have all the information on our website, right now we are looking into a story about a woman who went for an interview at a local business and then this man allegedly dragged her into
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business transportation company, our clifton french has been looking into this all day, he tracked down a former employee who says this guy has done similar things before. we will tell you what we uncovered coming up at 5:00. we are waiting for donald trump to take the stage in warren, michigan the second stop today in the state. that is bobby knight. former vascular coach bobby knight, this as we get a response from the justice department on how they will handle the clinton email investigation. they are working on that now for 5:00, also today we learned another leaked email has emerged showing a dnc boss, donna brazile sharing a question in advance with the clinton campaign. cnn in an announcement said
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days after the controversy initially broke. if you already voted there is a chance you may pick the person you don't like but feel you need to make a decision. a lot of people finding themselves in that situation. >> with seven days left to go both clinton and trump's unpopularity is unprecedented, 60% of voters now say clinton unfavorable in a new poll from today from abc news. >> almost the same amount of people think the same thing about trump coming in at 50%. they are the two mark -- most unpopular president since 1984. clinton and trump are separated
4:57 pm
that has not changed since the last poll and six out of 10 voters say the new investigation won't change their vote. the latest poll gives clinton more of an advantage up 5% over trump 47% to 42%. in the meantime, everywhere you turn there is a political advertisement. >> for the most part, they are not nice, laura sanchez looks sending. >> they are unavoidable. in your home, in your car, or your cell phone or even a night out on the town. the near constant stream of political advertisements on tv has some families in central florida counting down the minutes until november 9. >> every newscast every football game there will be a hillary advertisement followed by a trump advertisement. potentially rebutting what was
4:58 pm
the way this influences them and the whole process it is not a good example for them. >> it has been a short while the orlando home james baker, [ indiscernible ] >> morgan freeman. >> both parties have spent nearly $100 million of presidential the sunshine state. most of that here along the i- for -- 4 quarter. no other tv market in the country has seen more spending than orlando. over $25 million on the pro- clinton ads and 7.7 million for trump. >> you definitely just start to tune it out. all the messages because they
4:59 pm
that so much negativity and so much mudslinging will shape their kids. >> it is okay to argue and debate, but when you get the personal attacks the focus should be on what are the solutions and policy aspects not calling you this name for this person calling something else a different name. >> just eight more days it is almost over. i'm paul lagrone that is it for "the now tampa live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. a job interview turns into a sexual battery. a business owner accused of raping a woman who was looking for work. i'm wendy ryan. >> and i'm jamison uhler. a man accused. >> clifton french uncovering the details that are very
5:00 pm
he also spoke to a former employee who says she quit because of sexual harassment. >> according to this report, the woman was applying for a job here at tender touch transfer service inside of this building where she claims the owner sexually assaulted her. >> the report is difficult for anyone to read. >> sounds like the same thing he did to me. >> the words on this page are all-too-familiar.>> it g t behind and try to kiss me all the time. >> she worked at tender touch transport service located off of s. missouri avenue. she says she quit his six months ago because of the harassment from this man.>> he would try to remove his [null] and take it out and no. >> according to this arrest


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