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tv   Action News at 530PM  ABC  October 31, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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right now erik waxler is going through all of the calls, we will bring them to you at 6:00. a reward for information leading to the arrest of a driver who hit and killed a tampa woman answers the injured a deputy. the hit and run happened on state road 60 near lake wales, call crime stoppers if you can help. in 30 minutes mike pence will be rallying supporters at the clearwater airport. donald campaigning in other battleground states tonight. did a publix employee go too far to stop a crime? good evening i'm paul lagrone. >> and i'm laura harris. a woman who got her purse snatched is calling a grocery store manager her hero. but we found out the manager who came to the rescue is being
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>> i haven't worked since february. >> so she needs every dollar in her pocketbook. last week she needed it to get a few groceries while walking down a store aisle a teenager ran past and yanked her purse out of the cart. thankfully store workers heard the cries and a manager took off chasing down the purse snatcher through the parking lot. finally grabbing old. >> absolutely we feel he did the right thing. he was very brave and i want to say thank you. >> the purse snatcher arrested and charged with grand theft. >> nobody was hurt. it was an awesome thing. >> cheryl has heard publix is punishing her hero for his good deed. the manager has been
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policy. publix seeing the safety of customers and associates is a priority and we fully investigated the incident. >> what is morally correct? to stand there and watch someone take off? >> hundreds of people are standing by cheryl starting an online petition hoping the punished. abc action news. in all but eight states have asked homeland security for help protecting their election systems against cyber threats. concerns about attempted cyber attacks on infrastructure have increased this election cycle especially after accusations of donald trump. experts ensure americans it
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elections. the battleground of florida could be deciding the election because of that voters have been bombarded with attack advertisements. nearly $100 million being spent on ads in florida alone. most of that along the tampa bay area. voters have had enough. >> every newscast or football game you will have a hillary at followed by a trump at. >> out all of it. >> no other tv market in the country has seen more spending than orlando with $25 million on pro-clinton advertisements, $7.7 million for donald trump, temper comes in at number two met. now, abc action weather.
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lot of kitchens and living rooms, the kids are getting their costumes on everybody is getting ready, temperatures are warm there is no way around that, low to mid 80s a few upper 80s but the humidity levels are comfortable. it could be worse, it could be raining clearly things look good and futurecast shows through the evening hardly a cloud in the sky. are forecast for the trick-or- treaters temperatures cooling to the upper 70s by 8:00 otherwise we stay mild with no rain in the forecast, but i will tell you when the rain returns coming up in a couple of minutes. bradenton school administrators stop a teenage boy from attending his homecoming dance hall because of what he was wearing. his mother sounding off on facebook and tonight her post has gone viral.
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shirt with a tight and if he does he has to be in his wheelchair. because it cuts off his breathing, he also needs orthopedic shoes to walk but the high school required a tie- in dress shoes for their semi formal event. adam tried to explain but ended up leaving in frustration, his mother's facebook post has more than 1000 shares and 400 comments. >> it hurts on a lot it was very strict, it was very exclusive of a lot of kids.>> debbie wants an apology for her son. in the meantime the principal says the dress code was on the website two months before the dance. and if his mother would have spoken to upper administration he would have been but in. these teenagers are facing charges tonight after they were caught breaking into cars at
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were breaking into cars last night on 6th st., northwest, officers found the teenagers were using tools to break into the cars. fog is being blamed for this deadly crash, two trucks ending up underneath a semi truck. the crash happened in groveland on us 27, highway patrol tells us they turned into the path of the the semi was not hurt. turning to traffic alerts in the area, several overnight road projects will shut down parts of the veterans expressway this week, expect delays on state road 52 in pasco county. janelle martinez joins us with the trouble spots you need to know about. >> a lot of construction happening so let's get right to
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extra time. and on thursday they will do the same thing in the opposite direction in the northbound lanes also closures from the veterans. this is happening overnight tuesday through thursday. we also have a closure and roadwork happening in pasco state road 52 underneath i-75 in the overnight hours, expect some lane closures and a possible full closure as well. and we have construction on i-4 happening nightly, nightly lane closures at the i-4 interchange throughout hillsborough county and at times full closures here as well. for more on this and other projects happening follow me on twitter at tampa bay traffic. an older style tv like this one falls onto a three-year-old and he is now in hospital.
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manhunt in oklahoma comes to a dramatic end the tip that led them straight to the murder
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83-year-old boy from hudson is in the hospital after a television fell on him yesterday afternoon. >> an accident that happens more often than you would think. as ashley yore explains what you need to do to prevent this from happening in your home. >> officials say it was an older tube style 32 inch tv
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these can be 90 up to 100 pounds imagine that weight crashing onto a child. >> toys outside decorating the lawn of this home inside a tv toppled onto a boy yesterday afternoon. >> paschal fire rescue division chief says the tv that crashed was the bulky tube style on a dresser not secured in any way. he is demonstrating the accident and while it may be tough to watch needs to see what could happen. >> this thing starts to tumble and come down. he will fall backward like that and if this is going to tip it will tip like this. it is going to do some damage. it will cause serious trauma. >> the chief says you need to secure your tv, use anchors or
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proper piece of furniture. and make sure you know what your kids are doing not climbing on furniture. >> we want people to see exactly what could happen if the child is climbing up something and there is a tv that falls in the. >> the boy in hudson suffered dramatic injuries, neighbors say he is doing okay. in pasco county, ashley yore abc action news. this ty o safety commission a child is admitted to the emergency room with a tip over injury every 24 minutes nationwide. a developing story, officials in california working to figure out what sparked this massive fire, flames engulfing this apartment building in oakland early this morning. officials say no one was inside the building at the time of the fire. the building was maintaining
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a deadly end to a weeklong manhunt for murder suspect in oklahoma. this man was killed late last night in a shootout with police. wanted for allegedly killing two people shooting two police officers and carjacking a couple. a tip from a former led them to a spot in western oklahoma where they believe he had been camping out. one officer was shot in the arm during the shoot he is expected to be okay. this afternoon they announced they will be releasing the video of the shooting. new video showing the terrifying first moments of a vicious attack at a new orleans airport last year. you can see the guy walk up to a tsa checkpoint without a can of wasp spray and randomly starts spraying travelers.
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a machete. the 63-year-old richard white was identified as the man behind the attack last march. a sheriff's lieutenant. ended up shooting white. investigators say molotov cocktail bombs were found in the bag he left at the airport. white suffers from a mental illness but the motive remains unclear. taking action for you if you are holidays and have not booked your flight do it soon. we explain how you can find the cheapest price. >> for many travelers here is what matters. >> i try to get the best deal. >> which side will give you the best deal? consumer reports compared nine sites searching for the cheapest nonstop flights on busy domestic routes, users
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at the same time to the same airport. they found there can be big differences. in one search from new york to miami the cheapest fare was $597. on priceline, the cheapest was $459. despite its name cheap air never came up with the lowest fare on any of the routes. >> you search for flights multiple times over multiple days with and without your search history cleared. check the airline sites to see if you can find a lower fare, you can find all routes at google. vers -- fairs can considerably very just hours apart. kayak makes it especially easy. >> with prices changing all the time it is a good idea to check
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law you can cancel without penalty 24 hours after you book as long as you're not traveling for at least one week. i'm shay three for abc action news. many of you probably got into the halloween spirit this weekend but check this out. the folks at nasa taking it to another level.>> nasa staff went all out for their annual pumpkin carving competition the creations included a pumpkin now, abc action weather. >> that meteor was sweet. we have been showing some pictures. >> these costumes are amazing. >> there are some great costumes, right now i can hear it in your kitchen or living room come on let's go.
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and will not be dark for another hour but it is beautiful out. this is what laura was talking about, peggy are receptionist came over and gave me this picture saying this is someone from brandon but laura says it has gone viral and her sister in alabama has seen the picture. this is the sea which that is a great costume. that looks just like ursula. how about this, halloween a great costume love that, next this is from janet collins a nice pirate theme. and lastly, they are proud. the nerds got a love that. more coming next half hour. we are right around from the holiday season we will be
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here is a look at titan doppler radar, all is quite with temperatures very warm, near 90 degrees today. we hit 87, 88 sarasota still at 87 and the afternoon highs hit 88, 87 temple, 84 lakeland, 85 winterhaven, the warmth continues for another three or four days. then we will see a cool down, not a drastic change but you will definitely notice saturday and sunday, mid-80s in tampa, 87 degrees in the normal is 81, the record 89 last year. clearly this is unusual weather , we are about six or 7 degrees above normal, sarasota sunny at 87 degrees. east winds coming in making things more comfortable. there is the satellite, very quiet. nothing going on, futurecast shows the same thing we are
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been there for the last 10 days even though we have east to west flow tomorrow it will keep things breezy by wednesday there could be a sprinkle. we have been saying this but most folks have not had a drop of rain but that is all you will see otherwise everyone completely dry and we could use a little bit of rain it is getting pretty crunchy in terms of the overall rainfall production, by friday into friday night a little bit of a chan a temperatures come saturday and again sunday. hurricane season doesn't end until the end of november but for the time being all is quiet, for the boaters winds out of the east at 10 to 15 kn, water temperature 73 degrees. there are your tides sunrise and sunset. going out tonight, the weather will not be a problem. it will be warm but dry and a look at florida's most accurate seven-day forecast, low to mid
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the 70s for highs come saturday and sunday, the ring chance won't be much friday into early saturday i would not worry about anything being washed out, the forecast looks great. a jack-o'-lantern morning for parents, a dangerous substance in one pumpkin leaving a florida girl fighting for her life. a new treatment hopes to improve peanut allergies in children. the tiny skin
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possible breakthrough in helping children with peanut allergies. a wearable patch may now allow children to consume peanuts for
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converts a small dose of peanut protein to help train the skin's immune system to tolerate peanuts. those treated with the patch were able to consume at least 10 times more peanut protein than prior to treatment. the study found the biggest benefit came from those four from those 4 to 11 years old. the fda has not approved the patch. no tricks only treat today, directors from three local domestic violence centers got the halloween surprise of their lives arriving for interviews this morning walking out with $2000 in donations per center. $6000 total, allstate agents collected five carloads of donations in less than three weeks including more than a dozen boxes of diapers,
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as well. we have breaking news, orlando releasing the pulse nightclub sugar's 911 calls. our first listen to the chilling voice the night 49 people were killed. i want to know why he picked my child. >> a distraught mother and a bus driver arrested for having sex with her 16-year-old daughter, the reason this mom is speaking exclusive coming up we will explain the mix up that led to late- night robo calls. are the tampa bay buccaneers a trick or treat in this race? i will show you what the
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live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news.>> he prayed on the week child. >> a school bus driver crosses the line with a student the reason the mother is talking publicly and her surprising message to the driver. first. making news around the pulse club shooting. the 911 calls were released. erik waxler gives us our first listen to omar mateen's chilling voice.
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the voice of omar mateen from inside the pulse nightclub. >> hello there, this is orlando police. who am i speaking with?>> you are speaking with the person who pledged allegiance to the islamic state. >> ever not sure he was the sugar, the negotiator had to call him back more than a dozen times his message was the same. >> tell america to start responding they are killing a lot of innocent people what am i to do explosives outside that could take out a whole city block. >> coming what is in them? >> you already know. >> mateen would not give his name he also pledged solidarity with other known terrorists. >> my homeboy did his thing at


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