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tv   Action News at 5PM  ABC  November 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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his cell phone after. she told me today she so they were terribly wrong after it was the 3-year-old child who answered that phone call in tears. a marine unit wrapping its search of the alafia river using sonar technology he spotted the body of morris on the south bank a half-mile west of ireland 75. that is were deputies found his jet ski and a life night. >> he said he left and he is not here. >> reporter: we spoke with tina morris minutes before crews announced they found her husband's body. she said her son was stranded on the island by himself for at least one hour. >> i could not believe this is happening to me. i tried to figure out what could happen because i know it has been would never leave his
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picked up the film crying. >> he was crying really bad. i couldn't even understand what he was saying. >> investigators now working to piece together what exact we went wrong causing morris to leave his son behind. >> reporter: investigators telling us this afternoon they do believe as of right now this was all just a tragic accident. the medical investigating to find out exactly how morris die. ryan smith, abc action news. >> with one week to go until election day of the heavyweights from hillary clinton's camp are descending on tampa bay hoping to sway the swing state voters. the nominee in town today as you can see as well as her husband bill clinton over here behind me. team coverage from the campaign
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with hillary clinton wrapping up her speak limits ago. erik, a pretty unusual location for clinton to campaign, right? >> reporter: yeah, that is right, wendy. we had 12 people at this area outside pasco-hernando state college library. it was a small area to begin with with maybe 1100 people here on packed in tightly and heat to become leave on a stretcher but everyone very enthusiastic as hillary clinton took the stage. no one could ever remember a presidential nominee coming here before. with mommy to the pasco county 2012 but present obama has never been here and donald trump and hasn't either introducing hillary clinton today for this universe alecia machado who trump chastise after winning the title. it is the issue of how
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main topic today. >> you can go down the list of everything he has said. he doesn't believe in equal pay. he will raise the minimum wage and he says if he comes home and dinner is not on the table he gets angry. instead of supporting women who are out there, supporting their families he wants to make it even harder. >> and hillary probe into email and that is the issue that continues even now with the election just one week from today. there was a group of 50 donald trump supporters gathered on campus making sure they were heard as well. while hillary clinton was here bill clinton was campaigning in st. petersburg where we find marisela burgos for that part of the story. >> reporter: former president
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he has done this before and it is clear none of these candidates assume they have all of the votes to win the presidency. it is exactly one week before the general election and hillary clinton and donald trump are campaigning hard. bill clinton will be here in st. petersburg speaking at the thomas jackson rec center. the campaign push comes after hillary clinton is under investigation for a second time that some voters say they don't care. >> how long do we have to hear about the same thing? he has issues every day and she has one ongoing issue. >> reporter: if you don't think the candidates realize how high this state is for them check this out. hillary clinton has 21 different events scheduled for today from florida all of the way up to wisconsin. marisela burgos, abc action
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as for donald trump, he is back in florida tomorrow rallying voters as far south as miami and as far north as pensacola. his hoping to flip pennsylvania and wisconsin his way. trump is already looking toward the white house detailing a game plan today. >> i will ask congress to convene a special session so we can repeal and replace and it will be such an honor for me, for you, and this country. >> paul ryan has released a blueprint of a replacement plan but republicans disagree on its details. ryan said he did vote for the nominee. for the first time since may trump is pulling ahead of clinton in the new abc news washington pull a mere 7/10 of
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making the race a statistical dead beat. they have the upper hand on an absentee ballot thief. elections official seminole county say someone stole and forged five balance total. all of them have the same date as well as other markings suggesting the same person capable. the victims all received new balance. -- dollops. 4 million floridians already casting votes a week before election day. about 250,000 of those early voters live in hillsboro county. >> now the most accurate weather team in florida. abc action news . >> good afternoon everybody the calendar says election day is a week away but mother nature would never know. right back in the upper 80s today with dry conditions across the area temperatures in the mid to
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today so it didn't feel quite as refreshing as it did earlier in the week with the nice breeze. satellite picture still called rate covenant partly cloudy to claire but we have a front on the way and it will have a big impact on your weekend weather and i think you'll like it. we will talk about coming up in a couple minutes. >> investigators are in baltimore working to figure out what caused this crash that killed six peopl of how powerful the collision was between a school bus and a commuter bus. no children were on the bus because the bus driver was on his way to pick up his first student. at least five others were hurt and there is still no word on what caused the crash. some new pictures giving us a new sense of how much damage hurricane matthew did to florida beaches. here's a photo of a saint augustine beach. this is from 2014. now take a look at that same
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inlet right in the sand and believe obliterated 12 foot dunes. they said hurricane matthew wash 15% of the sand dunes of the coast last month. that is not as much damage as authorities feared. researchers say this data could help emergency managers predict which places are most prone to damage so that they can better prepare for future hurricanes. we are working to get you a accused of shooting two people overnight. one of those victims as in critical condition. tampa police say the second victim should survive. detectives are still trying to determine a motive for the shooting. the student is out of jail after he tried to rob a pizza delivery man. the victim told yourself police control -- usf police can travel
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are you ready to go shopping? i will tell you the best ways to save money this christmas. where is my sirens at? check it out. >> plus, live streaming emma stone police cruiser. the foolish move officers say this guy made next that helps him catch them. demo the new abc action news news app for your mobile
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new developments tonight. president barack obama making good on a promise. the present illness a nation to the family of kimberly eller along with a handwritten apology. isis captured her in syria and the president promised to send a donation to the foundation
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the family never caught that check. taylor went too scary to help more refugees. >> this pete going viral. it is in china -- this video is going viral in china. he heads the wrong way down a busy road with the police officer getting the boy to safety. now that hallowing is behind us, the countdown to christmas is on. >> tonight abc action news is helping you save some money. we have how to boost your buying power this holiday season. >> that is right and it is not too early. rate websites likely tell me not and fatwallet -- retailmenot and will tell you.
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all right tampa bay shoppers. you have got this. >> plan and strategize. >> reporter: go ahead and make a budget and start researching those prices. >> november is a great time to shop for appliances. >> reporter: timing is everything and it is not too early because retailers are known to inflate original prices to make it is summer discount look deeper than it really is. watch out for the bait and switch. >> maybe a keyboard comes along with a tablet charged more for those. >> reporter: and when you go mall hopping bring along your phone so you can price check what they say is the real price and what really is. price sites like price grabber will help you save money.
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you the best price. >> there is more power to the consumer than ever before. >> reporter: for tvs wait for black friday or cyber monday. for videogame systems you will not find deals on the new stuff but you will find discounts on the old consoles. don't be afraid to negotiate. >> everything is negotiable. and now with more and more transparency that just remember you have got the leverage. here is one you want to wait to budget. gift cards like the ones i bought for my wife she still hasn't used. you'll find better deals in december. itunes sometimes offers $100 cards for $80 and just save them for somebody who actually wants them. >> [ laughter ] >> i will take them, paul. taking action for humans listening to the things that
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we want to hear the good questions you have for us from safety and security to your family and jobs. just go to and look for the question local. tell us what you are curious about. one of the best places to watch manatees is back open. you'll watch some changes at apollo beach for the first time ever there will be a stingray touch tank the manatee viewing center as well as expanded. alien and red rocks. they actually gather in the warm water near the power plant. that will be cool. >> we see that every year. maybe if the weather gets cooler. >> we are in november and it still feels like summer. >> we have a front coming in friday. you are going to notice it and i think most of us are really going to be ready for it. it has been unusually warm but then again if you are a
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marie island and a beautiful day at the beach. here are the headlines over the next couple of days. two were warm and humid days. we have got to do with this tomorrow and on thursday and by friday we got a cold front coming. i think it will be dry but behind it on saturday and sunday we got a cooler beautiful weekend in store with rain chances still pretty an existent for the next 7 to 10 days. pretty soon unless we see some rain we will start to feel the effects of four weeks without any rain across the entire area and actually tomorrow we might be back into that real quick three minute shower pattern in polk county and highlands county but i think that is about it. the temperatures right now
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upper 80s. the dew points have been racing. the last couple of days at least it was breezy but when you see dew points in the humid area you notice the difference and even with the winds it still felt warm. but as we see they have still been casting close to 20 miles- per-hour across the afternoon with temperatures right now in the middle 80s under mostly sunny skies with satellite picture not much to track with the wind continuing of the moisture clouds are limited and rain chances are pretty much nonexistent. water vapor and the orange color is dry air. i think eventually tomorrow and into thursday a little more moisture comes in but rain chances still extremely low. the east to west low will be around. i think on wednesday and again thursday you will see a few more clouds then we had today.
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quick moving showers i talked about so i will not rule out a shower east of i-75 on wednesday afternoon. if they do pop up they will be five minutes. that is it. thursday the same thing right on through the day maybe with an interior shower and by friday what is left comes through and it is dry for us but back behind it that air cools down quite a bit come saturday and again on sunday. we times it out area on wednesday just as warm in crystal river and spring hill and brooksville and dade city as it will be across the southern counties so most everyone averaging 5 degrees above normal. who is cooler air friday that is as close as we are going to get but you will notice the change. the main area stays up to our north in the next week pretty much status quo not tremendously warm and noblesse of cool air so i think we will
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northeast at 12 knots. the water temperatures 73 and the uv index at nine with your summaries in your sunset. hour by hour partly cloudy to clear waking up to temperatures in the upper 60s and a look at florida's most accurate seven- day forecast rain chances less than 10%. they are certainly very low. by the weekend i will say zero as we have a great and morning lows in the 50s to lower 60s and next week we stay in the low 80s all week long. still ahead, a new way to get around town hitting the water this week. we are crunching the numbers to see if crushing the day on this very -- crossing the bay on this vary will save you any money. the mistake this guy made that made easy for police to track him down.
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confrontation turned physical. vickerman claim against a clearwater business owner who is already accused of sexually
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oklahoma highway patrol just released this video and it is aar man shot and killed his aunt and uncle and injured four other. they believe that vance was camping in oklahoma when someone recognized his car and called 911. three people are now in custody for helping him. this man is still in jail after he stole a police cues are -- cruiser and made videos talking about his exploits. he said an officer was taking a break and left his cruiser
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car and picked up the officers ipad and began streaming his exploits on facebook live. >> okay. if you don't believe me right now, check it out. i am in the cop car. where is my sirens at? >> during the videos he began to ramble about everything from his music preferences to his time in prison. at convince a woman to get into his car. she refused and called 911. he reached speeds of 120 miles-per- hour. officers eventually called -- fountain at his parents house. abc action news understanding open enrollment for obamacare. we clear up the point that can shooting -- confusion people are still struggling with. is soaking up the sun save you money? some owners are seeing in their electric bill by using solar
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>> closed captioning is brought to you by lakeland toyota.
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live from the station taking action for you. this is abc action news. >> here are the top stories we are falling for you. investigators find the body of a missing river they still don't know how william morris died. he went missing yesterday afternoon on a jet ski trip with his son. a good samaritan found the child alone on a small island. the final countdown to the election seven days away with hillary and bill clinton in florida tonight. meanwhile the abc action news reporter team focusing -- trump team focusing on wisconsin.
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november 1 and there is still a big problem for the affordable care act. good evening i paul lagrone. >> and i am laura harris. serena bazin has the key factor that could help you navigate to the confusion. >> reporter: three simple words describing the decision of an elise to take a new job. she is now a certified health care navigator which is a job created to help pele i believe people should be insured. >> reporter: she enrolled last year and this year she is helping others. >> it is tough because you want to make sure picked the right benefits that they are entitled to. >> reporter: on average each navigator spence two hours with each person who walks through the door. >> we have people calling worrying about hours of


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