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tv   Action News at 530AM  ABC  November 3, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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kink accident is under investigation. a south florida mailman is facing jail time for going through people's mail in the county.
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sitting in the garbage. the mailmen could spend five years in prison. a file -- a former official is facing bribery charges. he is out on bond right now. he was accused of asking mothers for bribes in order to let their children into the university. he said he would admit certain children for money. he has now charged with bribery and misconduct. we're learning that the gunman accused killing two officers in an ambush style attack, he had issues with other races and multiple confrontations with police. they say he escorted scott green out of the high school football games last month after he waived to confederate flag at the stadium. in front of black students. they've arrested green after he arrested in they better them down for a weapons to.
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early wednesday morning green a attack and killed to officers who were sitting in their -- patrol car's. he was arrested hours later. the economy could be slowing down. peril provider added hundred and 47,000 jobs in october and that is down from 202,000 in september. this is the few storms added in four months as construct chin and community push construction firms continue to soda. many jobs are required as in the past to keep up with population growth. the take a look at this it was a singing at dillard university. hundreds of students at a black olives were threatened with pepper spray and tasers as he
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grand wizard david duke debated in the race for the united states senate in. the candidate took the stage to an empty auditorium after a last-minute decision to close the event the public. the tense political scene took a toll on halloween this year to one mom in colorado took his son home early after his trump costume attracted the wrong attention. >> hello, oh no candy for you. no candy for you. they go. i'm kidding here you go. >> tonight. >> those people were polite but they said some the interactions became uncomfortable. she regrets letting her son dress up as truck. a monkey seems to be on the move in the county. several people in paul harper spotted the monkey, is 15 miles from the hudson beach area
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officers have been unable to catch the monkey. the animal is not native to florida they say if you see it don't touch it because it could carry diseases. they win the world series! after 100 eight years the curse is finally broken the chicago cubs are world series champs once again. some people are calling game seven the greatest of all time, that concluded the l it was the first leadoff game seven home run game ever four- run come back. in rain delay, in extra innings in game seven. a little bit of everything. the indians trail in the bottom of the eighth when davis smacked a two-run home run to left field. the game tied at six runs each a quick shower cause a short
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former ray had the go ahead rbi single to left. it comes to the two run lead and at the bottom of the teeth they scored once had a ring one -- winning run. , that of course set off huge celebrations all across chicago. outside wrigley field where they flash comes when to bars where fans waved the famous flags. the cubs will celebrate their way in with a parade through chicago tomorrow. did you hear about the kid that predicted this in 19 in 1993. i like to go to vegas with him.>> we will be back at to 85 this afternoon. the front will come in and clears the weekend.
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for both intensifies we're breaking down voting members throughout the area. what they mean on tuesday selection. i am lindsay and that is what his head. -- ahead. what police say was a
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welcome back it is dry:42.
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3 million people have cast ballots in california. that is far more than any other battleground state. we are live to break down the early voting numbers for us. good morning lindsay. >> reporter: good morning to you , people are on the edge of their seat ahead of this election, in this county alone half of the voters are expected to mail in a ballot vote early. this is ju county. the winds will certainly prove that. other counties are reporting hired voter turn out this morning. that is certainly on trend nationwide, get this was the 26 million people have cast a ballot across the u.s. research analyst can't say for certain if the turnout will be her -- higher this year than in past elections it may be simply the normal people who vote on
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it's convenient to vote for them to at their leisure when they can do it rather than be forced in a 12 hour window in one day. who is voting? so far in florida republicans have passed 17,000 more ballots than democrats. it does not necessarily mean that donald trump is ahead. the ballots are counted but the boats are not released until election day. if lines on tuesday info early to snow depending on the county you live in voting ends on saturday or sunday, we posted what you need to know to vote. life i am lindsay abc action news. look at the video here. is from a mall in chile. it is a 84-year-old man and the man he trip was it would be the. the 80 was it would be the. the 84-year-old took himself
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wife would be upset with him. she did give him the silent treatment for several hours. 59 in clearwater. mostly clear skies. we'll be partly cloudy later on today. 10% coverage and not a huge deal here as we are still while out of the front that will bring us the cooler conditions for this weekend. there come the olympic showers and high pressure park to the north that has been for quite some time. it is finally giving away as it searcher approach tomorrow. a few showers with it and it will be moving quickly so that by saturday morning we will be in pretty good shape. the east wind will return next week so we will be moderating, temperatures quickly. not a huge drop in temperatures as far as humidity but we will
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will not be in the mid to upper 80s like we have been. we will be back into the lower 80s that is more typical for this time of year. overnight temperatures are in the 50s and 60s. northeast winds going north at 10 knots. we will be 15 to 20 before the front with some gusts higher their saturday, keep that in mind you will need a small craft, caution advisory perhaps through saturday, breezy or the two we can days low 80s for saturday and keep in mind you we will dropped a the low 60s for the airport but plenty of areas will see temperatures in the 50s. sunday we have the extra hour, fall back, the clocks moving back one hour that means a much cooler sunset this morning. we will have daytime highs in the 80s. we started off this morning
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we're looking great on the interstates throughout the bay area, this is what i-270 five looks like. the flames are wide open right now. let's talk about construction that might slow you down in downtown tampa. starting at 9:00 a.m. at morgan the intersection will be closed the city suggest if you want to drive west through downtown you will take kennedy instead. this will take place you know the expressway you will be able to get off at morgan street. for more on this picture you are following me on twitter at tampa bay traffic. it is 5:47, some horrifying news a woman suffocated her son -- her 17-month-old son to get revenge on the child's father. >> 21-year-old started texting her boyfriend accusing him of
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when on for two hours and had a picture of a child facedown on a mattress. the father called 911 after clark's the video of her throwing the baby's body on a bed. clark is charged with criminal homicide in the death of her son in the attended homicide of her three-year-old daughter. prosecutors in china but the chinese government's help to stop a drug academic. it just killed the ninth person in the sunshin called pinky or you for. it is known to cause psychotic disorders. even outbreaks they signed an emergency order banning the drug in september. they say is difficult to stay ahead of the drug manufacturers , you for can come into pill powder or other forms. key commander.more than a
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that made him contract hepatitis c. the man ended up in the hospital. energy drink have a lot of vitamin b3 and that was what was hurting his liver. you are worth about $62 per year. >> everybody. >> the company released how much it makes off user. it makes about $16 a year worldwide on average. but users in developed countries are more valuable, all of us in the u.s. are worth $62 annually. a cat that was stuck at the top of a colorado water tower for four days is now safely back on the ground. authorities received the first report of the feline on sunday. two groups offer to rescue it wanted $2000 to do the job.
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volunteer and set a crew and brought the cat down in a carrier. it was sent to the vet to be looked at. it scales wires and bars to get there. back to an epic prank that has been running for years. it is the brainchild of a man in tampa. by steve reported the story of a twitter account, a fake twitter account, it even they have shatner and some senators. he represented a district that did not exist. it was a fake twitter account as a prank to honor a friend that died, he kept it going to mark the writ. april whose favorite
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give it up for the dixie chicks! >> that was beyond say at the country music awards, how the crowd directed to the surprise performance? it's severe weather alerts or your location.
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good morning. we have a couple more days of the sunrise
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be for 7:00. 81 by lunch time and by pickup time will be warm again with temperatures in the 80s.[ music ] that is queen bee and the dixie chicks. they brought the last night with their performance of the hit daddy lessons. fans went crazy. beyonce a open up the cma's. the whole night was one to remember. even award winner safest -- the show was so good they had to pinch themselves to make sure it was real. chris stapleton was one of them. he won male vocalist of the
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everybody and the music i grew up on i want to thank everyone, i love you too sir! >> he is visiting our area this weekend and playing the country flow of music and camping festival on sunday. he got to meet dolly parton, she received a lifetime achievement award and a serenade from several country stars. [ music ]? love you. notes back -- ? would you let your daughter start competitive boxing? >> they won a national boxing tournament in missouri last
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in the olympics in eight years. the fourth-grader trains with her dad and uncle. to transfer two hours a day monday through thursday. when her dad gets off work he picks her up to take her to the gym to train. >> he's been helping me reach my goal. he takes the to the event and he goes with me wherever i want to go. >> when she has kids she will be able to get her kids love i give her. she started boxing two years ago. her goal is to box in the junior olympics next year and then in the summer of the beginnings in 2024. that is a plant. the challenge for the bucks tonight stopped at the office. the falcons have scored the most points in the nfl this year. tonight's game will be special for a few reasons. the bucks will be wearing all red uniforms and they will be honoring legendary safety john lynch at halftime.
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bucs winning a super bowl in 2002. coming up at the noon at six. the reason opponents call it misleading. the plan they have for today to get the message out. the cubs celebration, so many of you are still talking about the tense moments with the world series coming down to the wire. the reason that when was historic.
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from the station taking action for you this is abc action news. a fight to get the seller a minute -- amendment off the ballot. this is going to be a tough
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series! >> the curse reversed many people waking up tired this morning after watching the win last night. a lot of big moments in just a few minutes. >> first we are falling breaking news. nato is conservative -- confirming that two nato soldiers have died. two other soldiers were wounded while on a suspicion. so far the been identified. we have your forecast for this thursday. good morning, we're looking ahead 60s right now, much more of the same heading into the afternoon. we're looking at partly cloudy skies. temperatures in the low 60s from crystal river and warmer with temperatures in the lower 70s. time for the low radar. we have seen easterly flow heading down towards sarasota, this is not going to amount to


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