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tv   Action News at 9AM  ABC  November 4, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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the mother of a west girl missing for five years set to speak with investigators this morning, what they hope to learn as well as her connection to this area. the fair grounds will be packed with trump supporters, final push for your vote. that is coming up at 9:00. again this morning with breaking news, right now u.s. intelligence sources are warning a possible al-qaida
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possible preelection day attacks in new york, texas and virginia. the outlet cited anonymous sources. we are continuing to monitor this breaking news, updates on air and online. take a look at this massive fire that is burning at a palette yard in san bernardino, california. firefighters are working to extinguish the three alarm fire. you can see the smoke and flames. the fire department doesn't have any idea what sparked this fire. a couple hours from now we'll be learning more about the woman arrested and charged in the death of her 3-year-old daughter. arrested lena lunsford for what investigators believed happened year ago. rodney is live, she will be speaking with investigators in west virginia today. >> reporter: and dan, that should be happening in the next
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there of lewis county, west virginia plans to hold a press conference later this morning details more information about this case. >> my baby is -- >> reporter: aliayah went missing, the case sharked a nationwide search. more than five years later she has never been found. now a new lead in the case leading home in st. pete where they arrested loan a lunsford in connection with the case. her charges child abuse causing death. lunsford moved to the area. loved ones believe they are one step closer to getting closure in this case. >> this is what we've been working for the whole time is to get closure, you know, to find answers. for the truth. >> reporter: the girls parents lena and ralph have been in and out of the jail on other
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relatives told our west virginia affiliate they always had questions. >> we've all had our suspicions, we've all had our ideas of what happen. and everybody -- everything goes back to loan a and ralph. >> reporter: lena lunsford spent 8 mops in prison on welfare fraud charges. at a hearing in 2012 found the parents had more knowledge about the wher that information to the court. >> reporter: and that press conference in west virginia is set for 11:00 a.m. this morning, we are expecting to get more information about this case at that point. reporting live at the pinellas county sheriff's office. we just confirmed this morning 71-year-old charles lewis is going to appear in court this afternoon for the hit-and-run crashed that killed a young mother and injured a
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enchautegui and deputy panel -- panel. says he knew he hit something but he didn't know what he hit. asking for witnesses to come forward in this case. we'll have much more coming up at 9:30. an accused serial flasher is off the streets and set to appear in court this morning much deputies say 24-year-old all while touching himself. pasco county deputies said this happened four times. now to democracy 2016 it is the weekend before america elects a new president. >> both have rallies planned for florida this weekend, the first in tampa tomorrow. anchor lindsey logue is at the
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donald trump has planned for the weekend, mike pence is focusing on the battle ground states including florida and north carolina. democratic presidential hopeful hillary clinton has 33 rallies scheduled and helping her on the trail will be presidents clinton and obama along with jay-z and rocker john bon jovi, showing an incredibly tight race one that right now is too close to call. an indication that it could be a late n voter turnout is higher than in past elections with more republicans casting ballots in our states than democrats so far. and trump has gained ground in a number of swing states. capitalizing on the fbi investigation into clinton's e- mails. this weekend as rallies in the bay area are free to attend but you do need to reserve a particular he, plus a full list of who is coming and the schedule that is on our website right now at
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logueabc action knew. time is running out for you to vote before election day. 8 of the 11 bay area counties. meanwhile early voting lasts until sunday. and we are making it easy for you right now to find your early voting location go to you will see a list of voting locations right hereby county. we have dates, times for all 11 by area county. we want to check in with ivan. on a friday here, a cold start off across the north, st. pete went below 70 degrees. of course surrounded by the warm water. 56 in breaksville. 55 and even 50s in polk county.
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lower 80s. not because a front has moved through already, it's the clear sky and calm wind allowed for us to lose the heat efficiently overnight. now the front is on the way, we'll talk about what that means for our weekend coming up in a few minutes. and good morning everybody. it's not the way you want to start off your weekend with a fender bender, it's off to the side, no one is hurt but just seeing a little bit of a slow down, look, still 7 minutes to get across the howard franklin. i 2759 right at busch that is one of our slowest spots left this morning. already in the groan in the middle. 275 southbound 60 average speed. looking great on 0 the veterans and i-75, dan. 9:07 now, manatee county
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coleman is facing felony charges. and detectives say they found more than $3400 in cash during the search of the cafe, they seized 79 computers. well the okeechobee county sheriff's office says there is no evidence of murder or sexual abuse at the florida school for boys in the 1950s and 60s and investigation is now officially closed. more than a year and a half ago investigators spent three days with cadaver dogs searching the campus. the dogs didn't detect any bodies. a disturbing story out of south carolina we are learning new information about the man who police say held a woman captive, chained at his property for nearly 70 days. deputies finding the woman missing since august. they discovered caleb brown
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buried on the property, one might be her boyfriend, he is still missing. he is a registered sex offender and realtor. take a look at this right now, it shows the chaotic moments during a power outage, it's kind of hard to see but the electricity at the paris resort was out for much of the night forcing thousands of guests to evacuate. the dark and firefighters ended up rescuing 11 people from five different elevators. folks couldn't go back to their rooms to get important medications. we found out that the power was restored early this morning. one gap letter says -- gamblers says they were afraid to leave their slot machines. >> my friend had money in the slot machine, i had money on the table, they weren't cashing any chips, they within -- it was everything was shut down.
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is expected to reopen on sunday. the company colonial pipeline announcing the news late last night. we apologize this is not the video we were thinking of. gas prices start rise in the southeast. the same pipeline was shut off for 11 days back in september to repair a leak. happening today, thousands of chicago cubs fans will be turning out to honor the wld starts around 10:00 local time when the cubs leave wrigley field stepping off about an hour later. the cubs game 7 victory breaks the 108 year drought so fans have a lot of celebrate to go make up for it this morning. well this weekend have you your first chance to try out the new ferry between tampa and st. pete. the cross bay ferry took its
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tickets are on sale right now, the first trip leaves tonight leaving st. pete at 5:15. last one leaves tampa at 10:30. it's 10 bucks each way for adults and 8 for children. enjoying daily cup of coffee, you would like it morph it's free. it's free coffee day at every wawa location in florida celebrating the grand opening of their 100th floor store. it's brandon. beginning answer a few minutes. still to come, he barely weighed one pound when he was born, after spending months in the hospital this baby is finally coming home, we'll tell you about about his medical journey. mens soccer team suspended for the rest of the season, we'll show you what got them booted off the field coming up
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a sexist tradition is keeping the harvard mens soccer team off the field. the university says it made the decision after an investigation into reports of a custom of raking women soccer players, the so called scouting report evaluated the women on their looks and sex appeal and offensive descriptions. discovered that documents from 2012 but harvard's president said the appalling actions continued into the 2016 season. the life of suspect accused of shooting and killing two iowa police officers earlier this week. 46-year-old scott michael greene was facing intense money problems, we've learned a judge found that he hit and financially exploited his mother. and was ordered to move out of her basement hours before the shootings. greene is charged with two
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right now iraqi special forces are beginning their assault into more urban neighborhoods of mosul. all part of the latest push to drive isis fighters out of the city. militants are fighting to hold iraq's second largest city as iraqi forces and kurdish forces squeeze in from all directions. state capital in north dakota went on lock down, police arrested 14 people, members of the group clergy for standing rock. protested that dakota pipeline. some protesters demonstrated outside the governors mansion calling for a meeting. mississippi police are now interviewing a person of interest as they are calling him about the burning of an african american church, also spray pained with the words vote trump. officers say the man voluntarily spoke to investigators several hours on
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damaged. dr. matic video to show you where a traffic stop turned into a lifesaving mission. >> oklahoma police officer pulled over a speeding truck earlier this week. the driver stopped and jumped out pleading for the officer's help. it turns out his wife was having a heart attack. the officer calls they get there. the woman survived, she is recovering this morning thanks to her hero. >> first time it has ever been truly saving somebody's life. >> the family got pulled over they had a 20 minute drive to the hospital. the woman probably would not have survived that drive, cpr had not been delivered just in time. this morning discount coupons from major retailers are popping up on social media.
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money. >> before you start planning your black friday shopping this year we have a warning, it concerns a 50% off discount coupon popping all over facebook again and that people are signing up for and trying to use in stores. we all know black friday weekend means sales. just 50% off your purchase at kohl's or 50% off at tar viral on facebook this week. only problem, they are fake. that 50% off should be a red flag. no store can offer discount that big on everything. the coupon links to a website where you are asked for personal information, kohl's and target have nothing to do with this. some florida stores do have coupons for extra money off. will you find them on the store's website or show up at
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a baby boy born weighing less than a pound is finally home with his parents in nebraska. when nathan came into the world he was one of the smallest babies ever born, he weighed just under 15 ounces. the skin was nearly translucent. he is finally home. nathan now weighs 15 pounds, 12 ounces, he has chubb cheeks to prove it. >> from the minute first ultrasound i knew he was going to be a fighter. he had his hands up to his face, fists up. >> nathan is relying on machines and lots of medication, hopeful within a year he can get off all of those. >> miracle. >> is he a miracle.
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on friday. first weekend in november, it is going to be another beach day today. a little less humid and we'll have gusty winds to deal with tomorrow, otherwise spectacular view, by later this afternoon pretty much the same. east wind is not with us for now, and so we'll be able to continue with mostly sunny skies a few clouds this afternoon. temperatures right now in the mid and upper 60s. but it's struggling to nature coast. quite a range of temperatures this morning with happen with clear sky and calm wind and we also had patchy fog that is all done as i widen out the shot, up above this is the boundary here, moderately getting into this behind it, we'll turn noticeably less humid over the weekend. the front goes down to the
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the better part of the day. sunday will be less windy. temperatures this afternoon in the lower 80s. mid-80s across our counties, nice here with temperatures in about 91. a couple degrees above that. so, what we have to look forward to, not only nice weather this weekend but an extra hour of sleep as we switch the clocks back saturday night, about 1:59 and 1:00. if you are working overnight shift it's a terbl if you are sleeping fantastic stuff. sunday by the way, the sunrise is now coming up quarter before 7:00, daylight out there early for you and 5:42 that is always the shot by sunday evening the sun will disappear early. temperatures low 90s, keeping it nice and mild heading into the early part of next week. and good morning everybody, i'm lisa, positively tampa bay, we are shining the spotlight on what the tampa museum of art is
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our local veterans this is
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look at this. i get no love at all right now because i don't have the treats. friday pet of the week time. >> favorite time of the week.
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character. >> they do. >> rex and foxy. >> there you go, you sing. >> we are trying to keep the numbers. tell us a little bit about rex and foxy. they need to be adopted as a pair. >> they are what we call is a bonded pair which means they get really stressed if they are not together. foxy is 6.5 years old is a corgie mix. >> and rex is two years old and he is a jack russell terrier mix. and they are quite the pair. >> they are going to keep you busy. >> they want everything in this bag. we need some for the trip home. they are great but they are a bonded pair much a lot of people having a hard time taking in two dogs but they are
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each other and they are little. you know, these two together don't make half of my dog. >> exactly. they would be perfect for the right family. >> if you got two kids, there you go. >> one for you and one for you. day deiah happens to have two kids. >> we have lots of dogs. >> there is a big need out there. >> there is. >> well. we sure hope they find home. coming up it is becoming known as the leaning tower of san francisco. the building is at the center of the lawsuit, why the city is suing the developer. air travel of course can be a real hassle, when it comes to airports sock are better than others, two major airports in florida rank on the list of best and worse in the country
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good morning and thank you for joining usa bc action news at 9:00. we start with breaking news right now. we are going to get to that in just a second. first we watch to check in with ivan i think we are going to ivan with a look at the forecast, first. >> yeah, it is nice out there. it's time for the weekend, low 70s out there, clear skies. i climbing nicely, although by the time we get into the afternoon, almost 25 degrees, as to low 80s. doppler radar quiet here. hour by hour forecast will take us into the 70s and low 80s which is where we'll peak as far as temperatures this afternoon. of course we've been talking about this front that will move in. a few things as far as the forecast, mess up the winds for
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coming up in a few minutes. 9:30 right now the driver accused of deadly hit-and-run killing a mother and seriously injuring a polk county deputy. >> isabella is at the court house, how did they finally find him? >> reporter: yes, that crime happened nearly week ago, yet lewis was just booked into jail here early this morning, all of it thanks deputies say they are still needing witnesses to step forward with am i information. early saturday morning, deputy adam pennell stopped to help jessica ann ann as she -- enchautegui as she hit a tree. now crimestoppers tip about a blue ford pickup truck brought deputies to lake wales where they arrested lewis.
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she was -- jessica was jessica, she was array of sunshine. >> reporter: deputy pennell's recovery could take as long as a year. lewis flee admitted to drinking that fight. he said he felt like he hit something but he didn't know precisely what it was that he hit. now lewis is scheduled to face a judge today at 1:00 p.m. live in pole rosales. following breaking news, we just learn that had two american military trainers have been killed during a shootout outside a jordanian air force bait -- business. there are conflicts reports about what happen. initially there were reports that the vehicle that the two were riding in failed to stop at a gate outside the base and was fired on by jordanian security forces. again conflicts reports or other reports say that the two were killed through an exchange
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injured. we are working right now, trying to get more information bringing you the latest developments as soon as we can sort them out. democracy 2016 going into the last weekend above the presidential election, brand new abc news washington post poll shows this morning showing a momentum for hillary clinton. >> she has a 3 point lead over trump. trump is coming back to tampa holding a rally trump finished thursday in north carolina. polls show it's a tossup right now. meanwhile texas senator ted cruz is firing back about his support for trump after he campaigned for him in iowa but never said trump's name. >> i will make a point i'm getting ready to get on a gigantic airplane with donald trump's name on the side. i voted for donald trump, i voted for mike pence. >> trump has a busy schedule
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and pennsylvania. it's a busy day of traveling for hillary clinton as well with stops input pitt, detroit and cleveland. -- pittsburgh, detroit and cleveland. she'll get help on 0 the trail in florida with tim kaine and sarah society a tomorrow, president obama in kissimmee on upon day. donald trump links hillary wiener." using trump's own words criticizing minorities against him. expected to spend more than $53 million in this final week compared to the $30 million trump and his supporters will spend. senator marco rubio will be visiting our area today. spring hill and the villages making a pitch to voters that he will act as a check on presidential power no matter
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and senators to do that. >> according to the latest poll rubio has a 6 point lead. murphy is getting big support from democrats, he joined the president at a rally in miami yesterday. the president slamming rubio's voting record. murphy will be campaigning in north miami later today. a desperate call for help from a woman at a senior center. she and her squirrel with an attitude . the angry squirrel is inside the building attacking seniors. here is a listen to the 911 call. >> and it's jumping on people and biting them and scratching them. so we need help. it's still in there and the people are bleeding. >> police say one of the seniors tossed the angry squirrel outside. volusia deputies aren't saying how many seniors were attacked.
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unemployment rate ticked down from 5%, adding 161,000 jobs in october. here is a live look at the dow unchanged at 17929. >> a new report is ranking orlando international airport add top ten worse in the country. orlando coming in number 6 on the worse airport list. that's according to the points tampa comes the best airports. based on things like access be, amenities and timeliness. data shows security lines at tampa are about 5 minutes faster than orlando. as for the very best, that goes to the phoenix airport and the new york areas airports claiming the top three for worse. delta is adding luxury to economy class unveiling the premium economy class called delta premium.
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additional leg room. if you are looking for a new job or a better career you can take the first step to your future at hills borrow community college. 50 employers including amazon, gt financial, mosaic and wall greens are participating in the annual job fair. running from noon till -- runs until noon, it is going on right now. lasts till noon. services building. there is also fair this afternoon. we have all the information posted on facebook and on our mobile app. it's still all two beef patties, but, some little and big changes are coming to the big mac, can you tell i grew up in the 0s, can you try them out in florida. mcdonald's launching the mac
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and i can't wait even though i say this, the big mac is one of my favorites. new burgers only available for a limited time. >> thanks. well this morning the bucs one of two nfl teams still winless at home. they got ripped apart by offense. pat ryan threw 4 touchdowns and no interceptions in the game. bucs quarterback quent better he earlly -- especially at home. >> i have to play better at home personally. and i'm going to face that. i think that is the main thing. the quarterback has to play good at home. >> the next chance for bucks to get a win at home happens november 13th when they take on the chicago bears. still ahead, a massive superman will be lighting up
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more details about the deadly bus crash that killed 6 people in baltimore, why state officials say one of the drivers shouldn't have been
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on november 5th in lakeland don't miss the palooza. the humane society of tampa bay is giving free shots to the first 1000 dogs arriving on november 5th. the clinic will be from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. mark your calendars for the holiday gift market junior league of tampa. community calendar is brought to you by mosaic. we are tracking new information this morning about the deadly bus collision imbalance more. >> state officials say the driver of the school bus shouldn't have been behind the wheel at all. he also could have been kept off the road because he pleaded guilty in 2012 to second degree assault. a state board of education regulation says a school system may not permit someone
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eshapelle was killed along with five other people. a tilting sky scraper in san francisco is now the center of a legal battle. the millennium tower sank 6 inches and tilting by 2 inches. saying the problem was never disclosed to residents. building's developer says the city's lawsuit has no merit. the building is also in a major earthquake zone so residents see cracks in the sidewalk they fear for more than their investment, fear for their safety. happening today, the paris agreement to combat climate change becomes international law. the un says this shows the countries are serious about addressing global warming. 96 countries joined. limiting global warming to 3.6 degrees.
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heavy rain, wind and lightning were reported. well the biggest superman in decades will be taking over the november sky mid month. >> if you want to see it mark your call ebb cars for november 14th appearing the biggest in the morning around 9:00 a.m. eastern. scientists say this month's super moon will be the biggest so far of the 21stcentury, bigger in fact than it has appeared at last 68 years. we won't see one again like it until 2034, it becomes full at the same it reaches its parogy when it's closest to earth. >> 14th is a upon day, so if i want to -- see it you can watch it here.
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that is why it is going to appear so large in the sky. it's called a paragysissagy, it is going to look nice. we'll keep you posted on the weather conditions at that point. that can wreak havoc on our events in the sky. look at that shop. somebody that nice? a lot of sunshine. not much in the way of clouds a and ha is the way it is going to stay through east wind bringing us all the cloudiness. well, temporarily ha is being shut down by the front. 70 degrees in tampa and st. pete. 50s up to the north. 60s all of us getting into the lower 80s. there is the front and it is not that impressive as far as showers and storms. this piece of it here in fact you can see it on water vapor
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should be shouldn't be anywhere near the 80s. we missed a couple weather highs this week. back in the low 8 east. mid 90s inland by tomorrow we are doing it with less humidity. feeling nicer. the issue will be boating. northwest winds at 10 knots. bump i don't out there for small crafts. probably need a caution if not an advisory as we head throughout the day. we'll call it breezy, partly cloudy. at times having the clouds roll in from the east as a new area of high pressure takes it over. rain chances remain low, so i think we'll be in good shape. both weekend days look good to slight chance of a sprinkle in our inland counties with east wind of the patches of clouds rolling through, it will be dry this weekend with low 80s. overnight temps in the airport in the 60s, usual cooler spots
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we get the extra hour saturday night. clocks go back an hour and we'll set the stage for a nice start to the work week next week. preparations are under way for ceremonies and parades for veterans day. >> tampa by, see how the tampa bay museum of art honors veterans year round.
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good morning everybody. the by area is home to two of the nation's largest veterans hops and three major military install layings, tampa, clearwater and st. pete. veterans are part of the fabric of our community. tampa museum of art. not just on veterans day or the month of november, the museum invites veterans and their
9:51 am
some of the sessions drilling address post traumatic stress disorder, depressions. we want to welcome michael tomer and brittany bevel. thank you so much for coming in. michael, tell us about this program, how you came up with this idea and how it's going to star far. >> well -- so far. >> as ivy always said we steal our best programs from others that do working with people who are already convening for different reasons and those with trauma and post traumatic disorder in the military in general come together for like minded reasons. the program offers an opportunity for them to have open ended discussions in a space that is safe. so we've been doing this program quite a bit.
9:52 am
brings people together, hence the name connections, it brings the caregivers, spouses and children together with the people who are suffering from trauma and into the museum gallery to look at art and have great experiences. >> it's the conversation starter. >> it is. >> it opens the door to so much more. >> something different, like maybe working at a -- looking at a work of art it could be a pleasant memory, color, something from their childhood that can keep their themselves for awhile. >> brittany, you have like a front row seat to all of these wonderful interactions. tell us specifically what you all are doing with clinicians so they can take that information back when they go into their practices. >> yeah, so we have had sessions with clinicians as well as with patients and our goal is to show them the power of the artwork and to really look and discuss and talk. and it's actually a lot of fun.
9:53 am
get returning visitors who never thought of coming to the museum before, now they become members and they go to other museums and they get invested in cultural institutions. >> having better hearing skills? >> yeah, they are learning a technique of these are usf students, most of them interested in going no the med fields, they are learning how to listen to their participants and actually interpret what they see and what they say. >> it's fascinat after the commercial break so don't go away, we'll have more on facebook. if you would like to learn more about this program or many other programs at the tampa museum of art, please visit
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nice kickoff to the weekend, sunny skies and the temps in the low 80s. it doesn't feel like christmas, our nation's capital is preparing to deck the halls. a tree is on its way to washington d.c. officials say the 80-foot tall spruce was chosen among four finalists and cut down in idaho. so we've gottenning coverage of todd's top stories on >> tampa bay's blended morning
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captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 >> i'm natalie taylor. as always, we appreciate you joining us for "tampa bay's morning blend." it's been a long week of late nights with so much good stuff on tv. i'm still trying to catch up on my sleep. >> you are not alone. i think it works out that it is the time changing season. >> i know. this is exciting for most of us, right?


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