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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  November 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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fo >> a new scam bringing criminals and their victims face to face. the phone call you need to watch for.
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the crime spree next. live from the station taking action for you. this is abc action news. all new at 11. a scam so good people are handing crooks their debit cards. thanks for joining us. >> and i'm jason uller. they are after your cash. we explain how it works. >> this scam all starts with a phone call but the scary part is that after that call, a short time later the criminal shows up at your front door. take a good look at this surveillance video showing a woman walking out of a pinellas grocery store.
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account. >> they tell the victim there is a problem with the debit card and they will respond and take the debit card and pin number and have a new chip card sent to prevent fraud. >> hillsborough county has one case pinellas county got three more. >> the sergeant says the victims are 75 years old and up targeted. >> somebody is getting in a neighborhood phone book. >> tonight he worries about their safety. >> violence can very easily occur. if they are trying to get money. how far do they take it. >> detectives believe there are a lot more victims across the bay area. they want everyone to know that banks do not send employees to your home in pinellas county. abc action news.
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intercepting conversations about a potential al qaeda attack monday. the chats focused on new york, texas and virginia but no specific locations were mentioned. u.s. authorities are taking it seriously. though the sources stress the intelligence is being assessed and credibility is not confirmed. >> the department of homeland security talking about a the government saying they are concerned it could cause confusion and they say they are confident no breach would affect the outcome of this election. and new tonight clinton campaign ads say they are winning by 200,000 votes but the donald trump campaign says it is a toss-up. the candidate that wins florida will likely win the white house. >> that means we have not seen the last of the candidates and a few events are planned
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tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. and doors will be opened at 7. bring your coffee. earlier trump made three stops in florida in one day. also tomorrow hillary clinton will be in south and central florida. her running mate tim kaine will for hillary clinton. these guys steal holiday gifts off of your front porch. marisela burgos has what you need to do. >> porch pirates have no shame quickly snatching packages from the front step of this davenport home. >> it is getting out of hand.
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39 reports of stolen packages. 22 of them happened in december alone. it isn't the holiday shopping season and so far they are investigating 33 cases. >> you would think now at the rate it is going it will surpass last year. >> deputies don't wantth, if you order stuff online. >> i would say two or three packages. >> don't make yourself vulnerable. >> you need to put it where it is not visible and that's >> jeremy daly has no clue there was a second package waiting for him outside. >> it was sitting where anybody could see it. >> he tries to protect himself. >> make sure that the company delivering is very specific and you make sure that they put it in a very safe location. >> deputies want you to track your packages and make it so that you have to sign before it is delivered or ask a neighbor for help you.
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and i said no recently. >> betty leonard watched out for her neighbor when her camera spotted a thief walking away with a package. >> even if we were gated it could still happen. marisela burgos abc action news. good evening everybody. we are looking at some rain out there, that front that we have been tracking for the past four or five days is moving in from the north and that means rain right now across eastern pasco county. sumpter county and in to polk county as well. the heaviest rain just west of u.s. 91. eastern polk county and otherwise you look at the big pick, most of the rain will be overnight and you sleep right through it and tomorrow morning when you start your day bright and early. skies will look clear and the rains would have ended and, in fact, we are going for partly sunny skies first thing in the morning and what you will notice is lower humidity. cooler air and more than the cooler air it will dry out and
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morning and then a cool-down as well as another, maybe a stronger front down the road and we will take a look coming up. >> a teen facing charges. an argument over beer. jacksonville investigators say 18-year-old dillonbron got to a fight with his 69-year-old grandmother. you can see the holes in the wall all because she hid his beer. she died about a week after attack. imagine living next to trash. cameron polen explains it is not the first time someone has tried to trash their neighborhood. >> pure frustration. >> i look out this way and instead of seeing natural beauty i see this mulch growing. >> that is how we will be to
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way past the trees and goes over there. i asked about the size of the football field. >> the property owner is dumping tree mulch for years and more than an eye sore. >> we get all types of ants. >> the material is dumped a few times a week and we reached out to code enforcement and are investigating and in march the same company was investigated for dumping concrete. >> there is a limit when you are taking away property values. >> he worries the value of his home has dropped and hopes that code enforcement will force the owner to clean it up. i'm cameron polen, abc action news. the faa giving disney world
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disney asking for this for entertainment purposes. only in florida police in daytona beach looking for the owners of this guy. an american yorkshire pig was found wandering i-95. friendly and appears to be well cared for. he will go up for adoption if the owner does not come forward by the time the 72 hour hold expires. a judge trying to help with the human trafficking. >> amount of money. it seems unwise. >> the i team uncovers millions that have not helped a single person and why the governor is not upset about it. a couple of important recalls. the two things you may have in your home that could make you
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if you eat them. learning about the two officers that were shot. one officer died. he was a 19 year veteran and leaves behind two children. the other officer was wounded and is recovering. new details in the case of a missing woman found up in south carolina. the woman claiming colhap shot and killed her boyfriend. police found a body on the property but have not identified it. >> millions in state money used to fight human trafficking now sparking controversy in the bay area. while some are getting millions, others are having to close their doors after helping
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how the money is getting dished out. >> this is the house where women found healing. >> is it tough to know it is shut down. >> mickey cross with star ministries helped victims of human trafficking get back on their feet. >> some have gone on to have some really terrible things happen as a result of not having that sanctuary. that safety net. >> hard for her to see because mickey understands all too well what they when she was 15 she was kidnapped and locked in an attic for a year with two others. she was abused every day. >> there is a bond between survivors. >> she says the sanctuary house was the first of its kind in pinellas county. just last year she received the governor survivor advocate award which she accepted with the stuping reality. >> i stand here with a heavy heart because we are so close
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percy's house. >> she needed $350,000. nicky says that even though the governor says she would help she never received a dime from the state. >> and i remember him saying to me that we would get help. >> governor scott did help other organizations since 2013 he has been granting millions of dollars to groups helping victims of human trafficking. earlier he granted $6.8 million to it is this local organization creating controversy in tampa bay bridging freedom. the state gave them a one million dollar grant in 2015 and this year the state gave them $1.2 million in grants that reoccurs every year until it is changed. >> where beautiful paths lead to garden. >> they want this to have housing and horses. >> i remember when the 1.2
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that doesn't exist. i was horrified. >> lynn peppers frustration comes from the fact that bridging freedom was established in 2011 and as of today no one has put a shovel in the dirt to build the campus. >> i have a problem with that amount of money. it seems exceedingly unwise when we have immediate services. there is no sense. >> where is the accountability what are they doing. >> kathy arnold is a human traffic survive er. > we had an interviewed scheduled with the president laura hamilton and she canceled and when we rescheduled she declined but we caught up with governor scott. >> everything goes to the budget. you have to make sure the dollars are spent well and the way they said they would be. hoping state grants are reviewed more carefully.
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i know that there are some that not only should not be receiving money but should not be open. >> i'm verify jarrod holbrook taking action for you. air pollution is more unsafely but deadly. unicef says it kills 600,000 a year. the organization calling on world leaders to reduce air pollution to save young lives. a health alert from the centers for disease control. the agency announcing the u.s. cases of a drug resistant fungal infection. the cdc says 13 people have become ill with an infection to become deadly and it causes outbreaks in health care facilities. more people have died but not clear if the fungal infection killed them. a consumer alert. mcconnell's fine ice cream recalling certain flavors solidified in florida because they could make you sick. the company saying 7 flavors of
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contractor could contain listeria. those flavors include vanilla bean and dutch man's chocolate and salted caramel chip. we have more information to see if your pint is part of the recall on the abc action news mobile app. a possible listeria contamination forcing another company, norwegian salmon and butter fish. they were distributed in vacuum packed bags. the florida department of agricultural catching the listeria before reported getting sick. of course all of the info for this recall on our abc action news mobile app. now, the most accurate weather team in florida, abc action weather. the weekend is here. it sounds like it will be cooler. >> it is. a little breezy and cloud cover at times. almost everything except for rain. we are getting the rain now. some of us are. you look outside and that blue line, that's the cold front and those arrows are showing you the direction in which the cooler air is traveling. down towards our area.
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blast of cool air. what you will see is it will feel dryer and breezy and the mornings especially sunday will be cooler. you can see the front and as it comes through it will push some of the showers through the overnight from the northern counties right down to the southern counties. moderate rain from dade city and san antonio and zephyrhills coming your way and consider yourself fortunate. if you don't see rain this evening and the rain chances are pretty much nonexistent through next weekend. we are in a very dry stretch. for the folks visiting us for the snowbirds coming down for the winter i'm sure they are loving it and we need rain. it is dry and this is all we are going to see at least for the next week, maybe even longer than that. the showers taper off overnight. winds picking up on saturday. not necessarily windy but breezy right through the afternoon and for that matter to sunday as well. we will see a mixture of clouds
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blue skies and not a bad day and rain chances remain extremely low right through next week end. temperatures now in the lower 70s and the dew points are rather high. temperatures will be dropping in the mid-60s maybe some low 60s up north and i think they are are about four or five degrees cooler by sunday morning. tampa, clear water and st. pete low 70s unpartly sunny skies and if you live close to the beach the rain chances lower than if you live like i said by sunrise this is a long gone moving down to the south and as quickly as this front comes in, the winds will shift over to the northeast and that brings us back to the same kind of pattern we have had of late. there is the dryer air. you can see it moving in from the north and it extend up into georgia and this is the good news in terms of the refreshing air and lower humidity and still with a northeast wind it will be around and you will see it with future cast and the
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the west side. we have seen this lately. through the afternoon cloudy period and some sunny period and breezy weather. i still would not write off the chance of a sprinkle eastern counties but not many. on the east coast maybe, sunday, same deal. partly sunny skies and still breezy and a lot of sunshine and then at times some clouds. and maybe a sprinkle over on the east coast. not a lot of change in terms of the cloud cover. but you are going to notice the change especially sunday monday morning because it will feel cooler and a lot dryer with those breezy conditions. now overall the european model through next week. not a lot of rain less than a tenth of an inch. high temperatures on saturday, in the mid to upper 80s and 88 in sarasota and 87 in tampa. tomorrow we will be closer to the upper 70s and low 80s which is where we should be this time of the year.
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downtown and i think the same ballpark again on sunday. for the voters small craft advisories. if you are thinking about taking the boat out. never a bad thing but it will be choppy out there. moderate chop and northeast winds up to 20 knots and water temperature, clear water, 73 degrees and the upcoming tides and the sunrise and sunset that goes an hour back tomorrow night. hour-by-hour forecast. partly cloudy skies and morning mostly sunny. in the afternoon we will see clouds from the east and the temperatures topping out in the lower 80s. here is a look at florida's most accurate forecast. breezy saturday and sunday and highs in the 80s. long range forecast with a strong front and a taste of cooler weather. this week seasonal. good way to describe it. highs in the low 80s and like i said tomorrow night you will get the hour of sleep back when
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fall back, two a.m. set your clocks back to one a.m. not tonight tomorrow night. thank you, dennis. a running back with the bucks putting your season in jeopardy. tj explains and what is coming up later on night line. donald trump raises his profile are his businesses on the decline? some say his brand has gone from coveted to cursed. plus trump versus clinton father daughter style
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come back. hello. the buccaneers have two players with concussions and two headed for injured reserves. mike evans in protocol and the same for penfile and evans expected back at practice on monday. the two players lost smith and jones. but quarterback jamesis winston is fine. for the bucks defense that's a real problem these past two weeks. john sabol has more on this. reporter: the last two buccaneers games some of the worse offensive football in the nfl against the raiders and the falcons thursday night the defense gave up a combined 73 points in nearly 1100 yards of offense. >> we just got to be better.
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the stats are what they are. we got to get better and that is no secret. >> the question on the minds of bucks fans today, why is this happening? >> we are talking about communicating all of the time and making sure everybody is on the same page and we are not doing a good job. >> the defense should have upgraded but instead the bucks are one of the worse tackling in total defenses ranking at the bottom five in most yards and points given up this season. >> they beat us, we are giving up too many plays. >> the faith in the defense is question thursday night after atlanta did not get a 15-yard face mask penalty. it would have been the falcons on a 3rd and 22 instead atlanta then faced a 4th and 7 and opted for a 41 field goal an. cutter now regrets 24 hours
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that's on me. and i don't have confidence, i do. that was a bad decision. >> if there is any good news they welcome the 2-6 chicago bears next sunday. the bears offense is the 3rd lowest scoring team so if there was a game the bucks defense could bounce back, this might be it. john sable action sports. let's hope the lightning has more jump in their step against the devils than these two goal deficits becoming unfamiliar. the lightning in a shoot out and getting a point but the two goal deficit thing has to stop. >> as the season goes on the teams are tougher and gets more defensive and harder to score and being down two goals in the season is pretty insurmountable. we have to do a better job of having a better start to get the first one for us and it's
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league. if some were seeing upwards of 5 million people showed up for the cubs victory parade. i think that may be great hanging outside. there were a ton of folks and the cubs rolled down to grant park. i saw kids, moms and dads and generations of cubs fans joining in on the celebration and ben zobrist enjoying his time. have a great weekend everybody. we change. closed-captioning brought to you by lakeland toyota.
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i-4. abc action news brought to you by the tampa bay home show. the rain will be gone by sunrise. leading to a pretty nice day. very breezy. if you are going to the beach temperatures in the upper 70s to low 80s and that's cooler than our upper 80s we had today. and remember tomorrow night we get an hour more sleep. i will take it.
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continuing coverage on have a good night and a
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jimmy, hi, jimmy, hi, welcome to my dressing room. it's your dressing room! ha ha ha! oh, thank yo oh, thank you so much for having me on the show. it's a real big deal for me. my book comes out tomorrow. my show on cbs. "the great indoors" premieres on thursday. my appearance on your show is literally the most important one of my life. >> jimmy: oh. wow. you know, i was going to talk to you about that because we have a little problem. >> oh, your infection flared up again? >> jimmy: no. >> what kind of problem are you talking about? >> jimmy: let's see. it's a -- we got a bigger guest and you're not going to be on the show tonight problem. >> bigger guest?


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