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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  November 6, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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now at # 5:00 clinton cleared again. the -- 11:00. clinton cleared again. the fbi decides not the purr shoe charges in the -- not to pursue charges in the latest
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stable. >> thank you for joining us, i'm sarina fazan. we begin with breaking news in democracy 016. today, fbi director james comey saying hillary clinton should not face criminal charges in the latest probe of her e- mails. the decision coming in the final stretch and ferocious fight to the finish. the final countdown of the campaign and hillary clinton has a new reason to smile. this letter a last-minute november surprise. by its decision not to bring a criminal case against hillary clinton for her use of a private e-mail server. it's been nine day since fbi director james comey rocked the campaign by announcing a renewed investigation into clinton's e-mails. now, he's informed congressional leaders that based on our review, we have not changed our conclusions that we expressed in july with
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prosecuted. >> we're glad that this matter is resolved. >> reporter: on the trail sunday, clinton did not immediately address the news. >> i hope ohio will turn out in the biggest recorded vote in history on tuesday. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: the democratic nominee instead calling on her star supporters like nba champion lebron james as she campaigned in battleground ohio. >> i was around a community that was like -- also doesn't >> reporter: clinton is gaining ground in our latest news abc news/"washington post" tracking poll, up 48% 43% against donald trump. trump ignoring the fbi news during a stop in minneapolis. >> don't vote for her. she'll be a lousy president anyway believe me. >> reporter: trump making most of this weekend push targeting five states, including one
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they said mr. trump you don't have to, you're leading by so much you don't have to. i said what do you mean i don't have to? i want to go to iowa. which is true. >> reporter: now clinton campaign spokesperson says they remain confident the fbi would come to the conclusion. so sources told abc news many of e-mails they siftedly contained duplicated -- sifted through contained duplicates. a federal appeals court ruling in favor of blocking of a broad district court order concerning allegations of voter intimidation against the campaign and o ohio republicans. the court's order provided no reasoning for its decision and was issued by three judges who were nominated by republican presidents. in new tonight, pinellas park police investigating the murder of a man with this case taking a very unusual twist. >> a detective are at that home right now.
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kera? >> reporter: definitely not the usual way that detectives were able to locate a suspect this way this all ployed out. i want -- played out. we're here at the park plaza apartment building, actually right now they're still waiting on a search warrant in order to go into the apartment where this happened which is actually on the backside of this building so they can start to comb through ask collect evidence of the scene here, police e murder o caring in the victim's apartment. no -- occurring in the victim's apartment. detectives only learning the shooting even what happened when the suspect -- happened when the suspect himself called treasure island police to say that he had killed someone. police there met you want with him and -- up with him and then met up with pinellas park police. officers found that back apartment unit was open when they got there and the adult male was inside shot death. the suspect -- shot to death.
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other. >> this gentleman apparently is cooperating at least at this point so we're hoping that we'll have a better understanding you know, sometime tomorrow or late tonight, as to why this happened. but you know certainly not a way to resolve any issue. >> reporter: now right now the suspect is still being interviewed by police and victim's family members being notified. the names of both being the crime scene unit to arrive here to continue this investigation. reporting live in pinellas park, kera mashek, news. a polk county father headed north near state road 60. he lost control and ronald greene hit a concrete barrier
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his partner tiffany young. between and the couple's two kids died. young is in the hospital and troopers are still trying to figure out if speed or alcohol factored into the crash. right now ate citrus county officials are looking for three robbers. two men there robbed the cafe on the road and at the extreme internet cafe next door. now suspects robbing the customers as well as the businesses at gunpoint. deputies say they drove away from a -- in a any tips. right now officials are saying they found a body saturday afternoon in orange county. they're identifying the body as a man who went missing during a fishing trip on friday. a rescue team found his boat on lake conway shortly after the body was pulled from the water. the exact cause of death is still as of yet unknown.
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looks like ith it may -- it may possibly get even cooler. >> that's way down the line. i should have never told you that. ten days. i should have never told you that. we are looking way ahead to the computer models in the short term things won't change too much. we had a high today of # 4- degree -- 84 degrees and current conditions right now upper 60s to lower 70s. right now 66 brooksville and clearwater and 70 bradenton and 68 in bartow and 70 in avon park. titan doppler radar looks clear. not much in the way of rain. in fact no rain at all in the forecast as we head through the next several days. here's a look at florida's most accurate day planner you're going to wake up tomorrow morning to a very comfortable start once again with temperatures in the low 60s. by noon, seasonal temperatures
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remain -- about 80 and then remaining pleasant. guys? thanks so much. what a stinky mess in largo. over 18,000 gallons of untreated west water overflowed from a manhole near overbrook and west bay drive into mckay creek. as a precaution, they're testing water at the creek and posted signs that say flow is back to normal since this happened on saturday. they are also reasewerring the public that there are no early voting is now officially over in the state of florida. we're learning nearly 6 million people roughly half of the sunshine state's voters, have already cast a ballot. early numbers are indicating a close race in the bay area. donald trump winning the seven bay area counties by about 29,000 votes. but losing to hillary clintonpy about 7,000 votes all day long there was a steady stream of voters turning in their voters at this location in downtown st. pete for voting.
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count. this was so important for us because it was his first time voting. >> they voted because they didn't didn't want to risk possible long lines on tuesday. dozens celebrating in hillsborough county. hundreds gathering on martin luther king jr. j.. it's all part of the -- boulevard. it's all part of the souls to the polls event. a push by pastors and other organizations the get african- american voters to the polls. and president obama making a late push to vote for hillary rally singing a song customizing it especially for hillary clinton. obama spoke about trump and the state of the country. happening tomorrow, vice president joe biden and his wife jill making a last-minute push for clinton. campaigning across florida. they'll first stop at famu in tallahassee and then head to st. pete for a get out the vote concert with jimmy buffett. it starts at 5:00 at the park but teem can get there as soon as 3:00 -- people can get there as soon as 3:00.
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at a town hall event in new hampshire. she had a small round table discussion with leaders in the area and mike pence spoke to sporters in north carolina -- supporters in north carolina pushing economy and national security. still ahead on abc action news at 11:00, inconceivable crime. a teen accused of beating to death his own grandmother all for something he brought home and she decided to hide. caught in the crossfire, a 10-year-old girl shot in the face.
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and tonight just a mind- boggling crime out of jacksonville. a high school student arrested for beating his 9-year-old grandmother -- 69-year-old grandmother to death over beer. yes you heard correctly. deputies saying 18-year-old dylan browman got upset when his grandmother hid the alcohol. they say she did it because he was too young to drink. tonight the victim's daughter
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but he does have some issues and he needs help with those issues. >> witnesses say they heard the grandmother screaming for help. detectives say the teen repeatedly beat her in the face and kicked her. and we have new information tonight a south carolina judge is denying bond for todd kohlhepp. he is recently charged with holding a woman captive on his her boyfriend. the man got a fight after a road rage incident. and an off-duty officer was in the area and tried intervening. but that's when police say shots were fired. >> and off-duty cpd sergeant that was on his way to work in uniform observed the subject at that time shots were fired and the subject was fatally struck. the officers and the fire department member was taken to the hospital for injuries. >> the off-duty police officer
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injuries. a 0-year-old girl is recovering tonight after being shot in the face. police say she was leaving a store with her family when it happened. they say a woman started arguing with the family. she left only returning with a gun. the girl hit in the crossfire can rushed to the -- and rush to the hospital. she will be okay. the nra thinks gun supporters and gun control advocates should vote on different days. the nra posted a photo on instagram showing two election dates. the picture shows the side building reading remember your assigned voting days second amendment supporters november 8th. gun control activists november 9th. election day for all registered voters is coming up tuesday here the 8th. and how about this? the familiar look for a political figure, the star of the united kingdom's bonfire night. the figure blowing up at several celebrations in britain saturday. traditionally burns a figure of guy folks.
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parliament years ago. moments after donald trump was rushed off the stage in reno on saturday, the suspect says he was simply holding a sign and someone in the crowd yelled they had a gun. well, it was a very big day for marathon runners in new york. with today marking the 40th anniversary of the new york city marathon. here are the women taking their marks before getting started and then the men got started. this woman you see approaching the finish line? finished in first place. completing the marathon in two hours 24 seconds rather 5 seconds. -- 25 seconds. and tampa bay's premiere latin festival was this weekend. it was held at aloe pose park earlier today. the -- al lopez park earlier today. the event features much dancing and singing while onlookers moved to the beach. a man hacks amazon echo's automated voice alexa to come from a singing fish. and it's pretty weird.
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45 degrees with showers. [ laughter ] >> now, who do you think would do such a thing? >> wow. >> i love alexa. do you have alexa? >> my parents do and they use her all the time. they play with that. when i come to visit -- >> cousin of siri? >> apparently. >> it's funny. >> siri and i don't get along. >> the talking fish on the wall that was popular i think ten meteorologist when you have a -- why do you need a meteorologist when you have a talking fish to give you the weather? you have some good news for us. >> stop talking about that. i told them about a cold front that may come through in ten days we're not talking about that yet. going to talk about what's happening right now. here's a live look outside from our river gate tower cam. it was a beautiful day today. gorgeous day right in that area for live in the park. our highs today topped out at 8 # degrees after an early morning low of 64.
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80. with a normal low of 62. so slightly above normal even though we did have a cool front come through and drop our temperatures a little bit. but it did do for the most part though was bring us drier air. check out this picture from andrew dees in clearwater, he sent us a scientizes from over the -- sunset from over the weekend. now remember our sunrises and sunsets are now an hour early. because daylight saving time has ended. here's a look at headlines. expect a cloud is sin mix through the next couple of days -- and sun mix through the next couple of days. we had clouds earlier in the morning and then the sun peeked through. on and off clouds and sun. mainly dry though for the workweek. not much in the way of rain at least for the first part of the week but a few changes maybe on the horizon. current temperature right now around the bay area in the upper 60s to low 70s.
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river. but the dew points is what really has told the story. and all you need to know about the dew points is that it measures the moisture in the atmosphere and tells you how comfortable it is. when you have do you wants in the 50s it's -- dew points in the 50s it's really comfortable. 60s it's relatively comfortable. so fast not nice at -- 70s not nice at all. sometimes dropping into the 50s. that's why it felt so great around here. titan doppler radar shows no rain right now. and it remain rain free over the next couple of days. but going to take a look at the weather pattern and winds out of the east northeast. and then as we back out a little bit we'll see in our futurecast, that it will be mainly dry for the first a half of the week. even though the easterly winds are going to try to pull that moisture in. it's really not going to make its way over to the bay area. most of it will just kind of evaporate before it gets to us because the atmosphere is so
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midweek we could have had a system move closer to us, at this point we're not really surepy midweek, but we are putting a 0% chance in -- 0 % chance in for -- 20% chance in for wednesday. here's a look at the hour by hour forecast, temperatures in the 60s when you wake up and then 8 # by the afternoon --82 by the afternoon for boaters winds out of the northeast 15 knots and here are the tides at the st. petersburg pier. this. overnight tonight and early morning monday, we wake up to # a degrees and -- 65 degrees and partly cloudy and comfortable and could even open the windows tonight if you'd like, nice enough for that. then in the afternoon, 82 degrees with a sun and cloud mix. a light breeze and winds out of the northeast at 5 to 0. here's a look at your seven day forecast. again, not much in the way of changes as temperatures stay in the low 80s. we did put that 20% chance in as that front moves through the
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could dry us out for the weekend. and then we talked about in ten days we may have a stronger front but we'll talk about that later in the week. guys? coming up, defensive struggles. why is the buccaneers' defense having so many problems this season? drew cutter weighs in. plus, is johnson closer to return? injury update and much more
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when the lightning hit the ice tomorrow night down? sunrise the bolts hope jonathan drew win will be with them. he missed two games including last night's game after taking a hit to the head tuesday night against the islanders. he practiced yesterday before the devils' game. that was his first practice since suffering that bad hit. now the bolts won't say when he'll return just to-day. however they recalled one from syracuse to give the lightning some depth and of course if he can't play tomorrow night conquer is available. they finally woke up saturday against the devils, the lightning started the game slow getting outshot and trailing 1- 0 early. it wasn't until the second period that the bolts finally woke up. the lightning scored twice in the second and twice in the third to eventually win 4-1. knew one of those goals coming up right here came from the rookie braden point. his first career nhl goal.
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starting to get sluggish in the first period, well, that needs to change. >> it's an issue there's no question. so as a coaching staff, we got to -- figure out a way to make sure our starts are better. >> every season you have to improve on and something you want to get batter -- better at. right now it's the first periods and going through every season ownership sure we're going to find another achilles in the game. but at the same time, you got to find ways to win and good teams do that and we do meanwhile no bucks' game today. they had sunday off after playing thursday against atlanta. so much went wrong for the buccaneers thursday night we don't have enough time to go through it all. the glaring problem for tampa bay? the play of its defense, struggled big time the past with weeks against high powered offenses. they have given up more than 1,000 yards in back-to-back games. you are not going to win that many games when you give that up.
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worst defenses in the nfl. ranked in the bottom five in most yards and points allowed this season. they have coach drew cutter why is the defense having so many problems? >> not everybody's able to just line up and read their keys and play fast. that's what you want to do at every position. and we're just not doing that right now for -- it could be different reasons on different plays. but you know, we're not -- we're talking about communicating all the time. and making sure everybody's on the same page. and we're not enough job of that right now. on good news the bucs face the bad offense this team in the chicago bears next sunday. carter said friday evans should practice on monday and he's among six bucs to be hurricane isaac on thursday with smith and -- hurt on thursday with smith and jones suffering season ending knee injuries temperature induction of john lynch in the bucs' ring of honor, now the ninth member at
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he has a red ring of honor malaysiaer and hopes to -- blazer and hopes to exchange that for a gold malaysiaer, these stats but -- blazer, he has the stats but he hasn't earned enough votes to be inducted in canton. he deserves to be in the hall of fame but he knows it might take more time. >> you know i think those things come when they're supposed to come. and you know, i know that -- that that's for other people to decide. and you know, i'll -- the last couple of weaks have been -- weeks have been incredibly you know just unbelievably humbling for myself and for my family. and if that were to happen it'd be a nice cherry on top. >> we hope he gets in. busy day in the nfl without the bucs, tampa bay said good- bye to second place in the division thanks to new orleans' win over san fran. and not only do the bucs lose the second place finish in the
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nfc south. cam newton and the panthers beat the rams this afternoon 13- 0. buff -- 10. bucs and philadelphia 76ers will meet again -- panthers will meet again on new year's day. that game will be at home for the buccaneers but they have just three home wins at the stadium in the last three seasons. they'll try to chianti next weekend against chicago. stay with us, more news -- change that next weekend against chicago. stay with us, more news after
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well, the pleasant and comfortable weather continues into the workweek. we'll see highs in the low 80s and lowed in mid 60s and -- lows in the mid 60s and it's relatively dry. so looks -- looks like you'll enjoy the workweek almost as much as the weekend. too bad that you might have to go to work. [ laughter ] >> and only 20% chance of rain on wednesday so it's going to be -- beautiful. >> that's right looking pretty good and pretty nice for veterans day too on friday. >> and for -- election day. >> election day. that's right. absolutely. no excuses not go to go to the
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the news continues now on >> have great rest of your
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[ guns cocking ] [ guns cocking ] the worst. these guys are beyond dangerous.


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