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tv   Action News at 9AM  ABC  November 7, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. it is almost over. we're less than 24 hours away from the presidential election. >> and with so much hillary clinton and donald trump are making one final push for votes here in florida. >> we begin with democracy 2016 now at 9:00. they are still close and they are still unpopular, apparently. that's what a new abc news washington post tracking poll is revealing this morning. >> nationwide 47% say they're supporting clinton with 43% backing trump. 60% percent see trump unfavorably. here in florida the newest poll shows the fight for our state
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>> this morning we have team coverage, campaign heating up here in the bay area. we begin with anchor james tully live outside the sarasota fairgrounds where crowds are already gathering to hear donald trump. >> reporter: dan, that's right. a lot of people here. this is a really must win state for donald trump. if he were to lose florida's 29 electoral votes he had to make it up somewhere. that would require breaking through and winning states that clinton has been favored in for the entire election cycle. speaking to supporters here morning, i'm not sensing any nervous energy. people are confident, and they're very confident he's going to win despite the latest developments coming from the fbi. that's what we expect trump to address first when he takes the stage here at 11, a response to fbi director james comey's letter to congress sticking with his july decision to not file criminal charges against clinton. last night in virginia trump said she's still guilty and supporters here are in disbelief that clinton was cleared of any wrongdoing.
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because they had said when they were going to reopen it it that it would take month goes through all those e-mails and for it to get done in 8 days, what's wrong with that picture. >> tell all of my people at work for me, the death of our country, the death of our country if she gets in there. >> reporter: consider this. if florida voters put this state in trump's column tomorrow night, the winner of the state of florida has won the presidency in nine of the last ten elections. this is the first for trump here at the sarasota fairgrounds. he's set to take the stage at 11 a.m. after that he's going to go to north carolina, then new hampshire, then pennsylvania, and finally late tonight an 11:00 rally, 11 p.m. in michigan. live in sarasota, james tully abc action news. thanks james. vice president joe biden is visiting st. pete today. abc action news reporter rodney dunigan is live in with details
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clinton rallies, this whole get together is part of a big concert that's happening tonight. >> reporter: that's right. today will be more of the same. jimmy buffet expected to perform around 5:00 tonight. this is one of two visits the vice president will be making around florida. i did speak with a number of voters out here this morning s they tell me they're simply tired of this entire election cycle, and they'll be happy when it's all >> the setup started bright and early here at albert wooded park. crews gearing up for a big crowd expected for tonight's visit from vice president joe bidenen and performance by jimmy buffet. >> it's awesome to see everybody this area. the other night they had the event at the state theater and now everybody here. >> for some the excitement heading into tuesday's election overwhelming. >> i think it's really going to encourage those last few people who are on the fence maybe who might be frustrated about this
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>> the feeling not shared by all. a number of florida voters simply have election fatigue. >> actually, i'll be glad when it's all over. >> i'm tired. i want to get it over with. i want this to be done. >> biden's visit, part of a series of get out the vote events hoping to energize hillary clinton's supporters. biden and his wife jill appearing at two events in florida today. voters speaking with us simply want a unified country come wednesday morning. >> and i want our country to be strong with whatever candidate is chosen, i want and i want us to get on with what we need to get on with and fix what we need to fix. >> and the gates here for this event open up at 3:00 this afternoon. the actual concert kicks off at 5. now hillary clinton will not be making any stops today in florida. however, she will be visiting trees three other states today. for now reporting live in st. pete, rodney dunigan abc action news. thanks rodney. and a brand new poll shows florida is still too close to
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clinton leading donald trump by 1 point. 46 to 45%. that is within the margin of error. gary johnson and jill stein are together receiving 3% which is enough to swing the vote for clinton or trump. we're looking at the key states that will decide the election. while trump appears to be behind clinton in electoral votes, polls show that he can still win. it won't be easy, though. the states in the dark gray you see behind me here are that could go either way. florida, north carolina, new hampshire, utah, and nevada. out west. well, the red states are leaning republican, utah, nebraska, iowa, and ohio and georgia. the blue states are leaning democrat. colorado, wisconsin, michigan, pennsylvania, and virginia. now if trump wins every battleground state he'll win the election. he can also win if he loses an important state like north carolina for example but flips
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states. if clinton win's florida's electoral votes odds are she will win the election. you may have seen tv commercials asking you to vote yes on amendment 1. that's the controversial solar energy amendment that some critics calls a scam by utility companies. it claims amendment 1 would safeguard consumers by offering them new protections. our partners at politifact looked at what the amendment does and compared it to current florida laws. it found the amendment 1 would offer no protections for consumers they don't already have. we turn now to a prime alert. a fight after a basketball game ended with a person be shot yesterday. we're told several people were playing a game at the holiday rec center when an argument broke out. someone in a white nissan followed the victim who was driving alone on u.s. 19 and fired several shots. the victim was hit by bullet and taken to the hospital. we're waiting for word on how
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victim's identity. 9:06. sad news this morning, janet reno, the first woman to ever serve as u.s. attorney general has died. she held that position from 93 to 2001. reno faced heavy criticism during her tenure from the decision to storm the branch dividian complex in waco texas and her decision to send armed agents to seize elian gonzalez from a south florida home so he could return to cuba with his father. reno died from complications parkinsons disease. she was 78 years old. happening in hillsborough county, hillsborough deputies saved an elderly couple from a burning apartment building. another woman did have to be taken to the hospital for observation. that fire broke out at the park at sienna apartments around 1:00 this morning. all 30 units had to be evacuated but we have heard that some people were allowed to go back to their homes later this morning. i want to check in now with ivan for our most accurate forecast on this monday morning. >> happy monday.
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we're in the 70s, and it's going to be in the 80s by later on this afternoon. by the way, the humidity is still pretty low. the dew points generally in the mid and upper 50s. when you're doing that this early in the morning, an indication of a dry afternoon as well. these tend to go down as we warm up the surface here. i think we'll do that. low 80s, comfortable humidity, not a bad looking day. we'll have a few clouds on the visible satellite. some rolling in from the gulf. the east wind will get us a cumulative clouds. a dry one with temperatures in the lower 80s. we do have changes on the way of a cold front moving through on wednesday. we'll talk about that, and of course the election forecast for tomorrow straight ahead. good morning everyone. we're about two hours away from that trump rally in sarasota, and i mentioned this morning you might see extra congestion around the sarasota fairgrounds, robartz arena. fruitville just a mess. if you're heading out the door
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you may want to try bay of vista instead down there at the bottom. also through sarasota county, we have crash i-75 northbound. is this a right through north port right before you get to river road. we are still seeing a backup on i-75 and i-4 seems to be clearing out and nicely now. we have this crash still off to the side, but, again, we are seeing some improvement, about 30 minutes to get from lakeland into downtown tampa. 9:09. pinellas park police investigating the murder of man at an apartment complex. it happened just off park boulevard at 76th street. the suspect called them and admitted he killed someone. officer says they did find a man fatally shot inside an apartment unit there. police say the suspect and victim are actually family members. that suspect now in custody. the victim's family is being notified. detectives in st. pete are investigating a possible murder suicide. they believe a 69-year-old woman murdered her 90-year-old mother before taking her own life. the bodies were found in an
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yesterday morning. a 19-year-old returned to the apartment and found her grandmother and great grandmother dead from bullet wounds. a man accused of running this yacht aground off palm beach and leaving it there for weeks is due in court today. thomas baker ran his yacht aground last september. police say baker told them he'd been drinking before the incident. authorities have charged him with boating under the influence. a deputy shot while breaking up a fight at a kissimmee bar is now on the mend. deputy john rios was arrest angel manuel lopez. lopez fired his gun hitting the deputy in the leg. the 28-year-old is in jail facing eight charges. rios is out of the hospital. government agency authorities are giving disney permission to use drones. the faa gave disney a waiver that's good for four years. it allows the park to use drones day and night. operators must be certified as
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any time. disney had asked for permission to fly the drones for entertainment purposes. some sources showing disney patents. the holidays are rapidly approaching, and that means a shopping list is probably continuing to grow. you're probably wondering on where you can get the best deals, person with amazon a click away. >> still ahead we're putting retailers to the test to find out how amazon compares to warehouse scores like costco and sames club. carolina man accused of kidnapping has expanded into a serial murder investigation. how investigators are working around the clock to search for clues as more remains are found
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investigators are looking for human remains and other clues on a south carolina property. >> that property belongs to the
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tom kohlhepp is accused of seven murders after a woman was found chained inside a metal storage container. he confessed to a notorious quadruple murder in 2003. he's also charged with killing that woman's boyfriend. he led them to the grave sites of two other victims buried on his 95-acre property. a 5.0 magnitude earthquake shook up the town of cushing oklahoma. did major damage to the town there. there does not appear to be any damage to a massive oil storage facility. town that bills itself as the pipeline crossroads of the world. the quake was felt as far away as kansas city and little rock. >> i just felt it all shaking. my aunt went and grabbed my cousin off her bunk bed and we ran outside. the after shakes were just crazy because they were just like. >> oklahoma's had thousands of earthquakes in recent years with nearly all traced to fracking. we're now learning new
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jordan on friday. the defense department says they were from kansas, arizona, and texas. the department said the soldiers were assigned to the 5th special forces group out of fort campbell kentucky. new jersey police have taken a person of interest into custody in a weekend knife attack that left two children and a woman dead. jeremy arrington was taken into custody late last nights after he barricaded himself inside his newark home. he was identified by police as a person of interest in the saturday afternoon attack th police say arrington has not been charged in the stabbings but he was wanted on charges of sexual assault and aggravated assault for an unrelated incident lastmont. twitter's website briefly went down this morning shortsly after wikileaks reported a cyber attack on its e-mail publication servers. websites say an outage hit twitter for a few minutes. that ended around 1:30 this
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service attack on its servers. relief for travelers through pennsylvania or philadelphia specifically as the transit strike has finally ended this morning. septa and striking workers reaching a tentative agreement. local officials were concerned about the strike hindering people trying to vote tomorrow. there's a new contender in the big box store wars. many are turning to amaz their family because it's so convenient. is amazon really offer better prices than warehouse stores like costco and sames club. john matarese has the surprising answer for you so you don't waste your money. >> if you want to save money on household products, and who doesn't, the best way to do that for years was to join a warehouse club like sames or costco. is it still worth the membership fee?
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prime, frankie brinkman says she won't buy household items anywhere else. >> i am total costco. love costco. >> then there's busy mom ellen glassgo who gets everything sneads from amazon prime. >> it's been a blessing. >> her smartphone replaced her car. >> quick 2 minutes, order it and know it's going to be set or in the mailbox at the front door the next day. >> you can get crock pots, clothing, paper towels easily fighting back with products that are not so easy to get with the click of a mouse, such as discount tires installed while you wait. don't need tires, what about prescription drugs or hearing aids or eyeglasses. hey, i think i look good in this pair. consumer reports magazine says sam's and costcos prices on those services are lower than most other chains. what if you just want household goods.
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joanie beamer. her team compared prices on 170 items, so the price winner costco with the lowest prices overall. >> we found much to our surprise costco is still 12% less in average price of those. >> sam's club was in second place, 5% higher than costco. joanie warns that costco's high $55 member fee means you need membership worthwhile you need to be spending $600 or more per year just to break even. >> amazon was the most expensive in her test, even with free shipping. >> when it comes to costco versus sam's club. if one warehouse is 10 minutes away, the other is 45 minutes the closer club will almost always make sense so you don't
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why do anywhere else, when you've got beautiful weather here. >> absolutely. >> maybe a little variety sometimes. >> a vacation's a vacation. >> if you're coming from the north this is the time of year to come down here. a lot of sunshine throughout the day. this will not be a disappointing day for anyone, whether you live here or are visiting. temps in the 70s right now at this time of morning. it's very respectable. i'll show you the forecast for tomorrow, nationwide in a second here and be able to see that we're temperatures with our friends to the north, at least on the eastern side of the country. a couple of showers in the forecast not today, not tomorrow, wednesday as your front begins to roll in. what we will have is patches of clouds throughout the day. at times mostly sunny, at times partly cloudy, but dry, so that is the key. we have a front well to the north and west. this area of disturbed weather, there's some rainfall across portions of texas and into louisiana. that will continue moving ever so slowly to the east so that
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beginning to roll through here. again, i think we're still dry. the green you're seeing here is that easterly flow and i think those will be the showers that will be impacting 95. for us we'll wait until wednesday. 20 to 30% showers. nothing severe. certainly something to keep in mind. that will be the wettest of our entire week. after wednesday we dry out again. futurecast not showing much, just sprinkles out to the east, and then again some partly cloudy skies for us today. that will be the case again as afternoon, not too far away from normal. we should be about 80. some of us will be in the mid- 80s. i think generally in the low 80s for today, about 83 right at the airport in tampa. so for tomorrow, the big day across the eastern seaboard we have very warm temperatures. i've highlighted the tossups here. you can see which areas will be impacted. 60s in new hampshire in november. that is something else, so it is going to be very warm
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corridor, no issues. no issues out west weather- wise, but there's the front from texas, and then it will stretch through the mississippi and then heading into michigan, ohio will get involved with that. nothing severe, but there will be some showers throughout the day as the cold front continues to push to the east. it won't arrive here until wednesday so out ahead of it, we're going to be dry tomorrow from, well, beginning to end here with temperatures climbing into the low 80s again. the seven-day forecast will show the front after that, we in the upper 70s for veterans day. that will set up a great looking weekend with low humidity and comfortable temps. coming up, while many stores have recently announced they're closing on thanksgiving, toys"r"us is giving retailers a run for their money. we'll tell you how the company is enticing shoppers. >> as donald trump and hillary clinton continue to push for more votes, one dog spa is starting a campaign of its own.
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you know, i think we can all agree that this has been one exhausting and bizarre election cycle. >> it has been. just when you thought it couldn't get anymore weird, this happens in minneapolis. a dog spa there is selling election-themed poop bags. the items have been getting a
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campaign. >> gross. >> donald trump's bag is the repooplican bag and hillary clinton's is the. referees had to stop play in the colts packers game because of the squirrel in the end zone. >> let's analyze it, that's good form, springing, yeah, i like that. >> they had some fun with it in the broadcast booth. they even fl the squirrel running in slow motion so they could check out the squirrel's form. they said the squirrel was trying to lead the packers to the end zone and that the squirrel spent more time there than the team did. >> we'll tell you why the outcome of the alabama football
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the holiday gift market is happening at the florida state fairgrounds. admission is $8. friday admission is free to veterans with a military id. >> in st. pete follow the aroma of barbecue. rib fest kicks off on veterans day. >> and it's a fall festival complete with rides and a salute to veterans friday night at 6. community calend is
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taking action for you, this is abc action news. >> a meeting happening right now that could define new zoning in west pasco county. what parents are doing to try to stop that change coming up. >> plus, the fbi making a major announcement that could impact who becomes our next president. why the agency is once again closing the investigation into hillary clinton's newly discovered e-mails and how that decision could impact the election. first breaking investigating the death of a man found floating in bagasse yay georgia bay. someone discovered the body at gulf port boulevard in south pasadena. we'll bring you updates as we get them. good morning, i'm deiah riley. >> and i'm dan shaffer. let's get an update on your action weather forecast. >> looks good. let's take you outside, show
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the 80s this afternoon. we're already in the 70s. the clocks are helping with that. 60s this morning, lots of sun today. will be breezy, about 83 for the high temperature falling back into the mid-70s once again tonight. when the front comes in we'll talk about the showers associated with it and what happens behind it for the rest of the week in just a few minutes. happening right now, committee members are talking about rezoning west pasco county schools and the changes could impact thousands of students. >> some parents are at that meeting. boundaries. ashley yore is live at river ridge high school in port richey, what are those parents saying this morning? >> reporter: i spoke with a group of parents this morning, and some of them tell me they actually moved to their neighborhoods specifically for their schools, and now that could be ripped from them. but the school district says overcrowding is a major issue. they're both hashing this out inside this room right here. now, take a look. here's a closer look inside of
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schools and high schools. today they're going to make recommendations about the boundary changes and voting on that recommendation will go to the board for approval in december. now, the district says in the opening weeks of school mitchell high school and seven springs middle are extremely overcrowded, while other schools nearby are actually under capacity. mitchell's at 118% capacity. one father tells me that he moved to schools. >> we live less than a mile away from the schools that we're zoned for, but what they're trying to do if they rezone it, we're going to live 8 miles away from the school they're going to be going to. that changes everything. that changes the opportunity for after school activities, before school activities. >> there haven't been any decisions made yet. i think there are a lot of assumptions being made at this point in time.
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keep an open mind at this point in the process. >> the district says they hope to have the rezoning completely figured out by february 1st and some parents say that is too soon to make wise decisions. there will be a meeting specifically for the parents to be able to voice their opinions, and that's happening next week. reporting live in new port richey, i'm ashley yore abc action news. in democracy 2016, just one more day until the electio shell. the fbi just two days before the election confirming that clinton will not face criminal charges related to her private e-mail server. >> we have seen director comey's latest letter to the hill. we're glad this matter is resolved. >> hillary clinton's communication director reacting to sunday's news about clinton's private e-mail server probe. fbi director james comey
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criminal charges against clinton. it comes after comey's letter to congress ten days ago saying the fbi had found new e-mails that could be pertinent to the probe. after around the clock investigation, it seems they're not. donald trump criticizing the fbi's handling of the matter. >> you can't review 650 ,000 new e-mails in eight days. hillary clinton is guilty. she knows it, the fbi knows it. the people know it. >> some democrats includin sunday announcement. >> i'm glad he came forward to clear it up. this should have never happened. >> cummings also slamming trump for his comments on the issue. >> donald trump saying that it's worst than water gate and he didn't know what the hell he was talking about. >> trump's campaign manager struggling to defend the nominee's speculation about the case. >> everybody on cnn speculated
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>> reporter: and at 9:34, global stock markets up at the start of the week, and news that the fbi will not charge hillary clinton easing investors jettest from last week. the market soaring 240 points shortly after the opening bell to 18131. hillary clinton's campaign is coming back to the bay area, but it's going to be vice president joe biden who's here rallying for her. biden and his pete for a get out the vote concert by jimmy buffett. before that they'll be at florida a&m university in tallahassee. hillary clinton is going to be in philadelphia, then she'll head to north carolina and michigan. while she didn't address the fbi's decision on her e-mails, her running mate tim kaine did. >> they spent so much time looking at it and reached a conclusion that was so unequivocal. we were glad to get that newsed
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traveling through st. petersburg saturday. kaine was not injured, neither was anybody on the bus. as you can see in this video, that bus did have minor damage. donald trump is returning to our area on this final day of campaigning. he'll be at the sarasota fairgrounds this morning for a rally that starts at 11:00. he also has stops planned for north carolina, pennsylvania, new hampshire, and michigan. trump held rallies past midnight last night. take a look at some video of a donald trump rally. we're learning new details about that man this morning. it comes after this video of secret service agents rushing trump offstage. we're finding out that that man's name is austin krites. the crowd mobbed him after he held up a republicans against trump sign and that someone yelled gun. law enforcement officials tell cnn the man did not have a gun and they have not filed any charges. many bay area counties are
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have voted early or by mail in this hotly contested election. across florida nearly half of the state's 12.9 million registered voters have voted. that percentage is even higher in hillsborough county where many voters wanted to avoid long lines on election day. right now manatee county deputies are investigating a fatal shooting after someone showed up at a hospital with street east in bradenton for reports of a shooting around 4:30 sunday. in the meantime, someone drove the victim moriah goode to the hospital. the 18-year-old later died. detectives say this is not a random case and they're asking for you to call crime stoppers if you know more. we're getting our first look this morning at the men accused of robbing internet cafes in citrus county. one man is accused of using a customer as a human shield. citrus deputies just released these photos you see right here.
9:38 am
internet cafe while a third man robbed the extreme internet cafe next door. an employee a gun and exchanged fire with the robber. the robber ran into the flamingo cafe, grabbed a customer, dragged her next door and used her as a human shield before eventually letting her go. the suspects drove away in a blue dodge neon. if you have any information that could help solve this case call crime st college football national championship game. this morning there's a shakeup in the polls. texas a&m drops out of the top 5 in the ap poll following the aggie's loss on saturday. alabama remains at number 1. florida state moves up to 20th while florida drops to 22nd after the gators lost to arkansas. good news for hillary clinton, at least according to the outcome of saturday's lsu, alabama football game, which the crimson tide won. that game has correctly
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since 1984. when lsu wins the republican nominee wins the white house. dozens of firefighters and paramedics from across the state are in the bay area right now. they're getting ready to compete to see who's the best at saving lives. the temple terrace fire department is hosting an advanced life support competition today and tomorrow. crews from 14 fire departments around the state will be graded on how well they respond and perform under pressure. the winning team prizes and of course bragging rights. >> coming up, the sound of gunfire rings out in a north carolina neighborhood. the target of these shots, this trump sign, why one man says his political affiliation is repeatedly attracting violence. >> plus what investigators believe caused this fire and explosion in arizona injuring several people forcing families out of their homes.
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enjoy the cooler temps outdoors, a holiday gift market is happening at the florida state fairgrounds. admission is $8. friday admission is free to veterans with a military id. in st. pete follow the aroma of barbecue to venoy park.
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and a fall festival complete with rides and a salute to veterans friday night at 6. arizona investigators are trying to figure out what caused an explosion that rocked an apartment complex leaving several families homeless. they believe a gas leak could be to blame. nine people were in the building at the time, six people were hurt in the explosion, one person had to be airlifted to a hospital. police witnesses. they're also checking for possible leaks in the gas line. neighbors are trying to raise money and collect clothing for those families who lost their homes. a driver in a stolen mercedes led police on an hour long chase. it ended when the trooper bumped the car from the rear and the car crashed into a barrier. the chase went down several freeways. one freeway was shut down during the investigation causing a massive traffic backup. the suspect did eventually
9:44 am
trump for president sign. he said bullets also shattered the glass in his front door and damaged the siding. someone must have fired at least 20 times. powers says his trump signs made him a target. >> never picked up somebody else's sign, hurt somebody else's sign. as an american citizen, my right to choose is my >> powers says one of his other signs was set on fire this election season. he's had to call police four times about attacks on his signs. residents in new delhi india are angry and frustrated after blaming holiday celebrations on this pea soup smog. many communities believe fireworks left behind dangerous pollution. the u.s. embassy reported dangerous levels of pollution in the weeks leading up to the festival but pollution tripled at the time of the
9:45 am
the new york city marathon celebrated its 40th anniversary over the weekend and crowned its youngest male champion, the 20-year-old from eritrea. he's the world's fastest -- also a half marathon over alt disney >> very busy. >> it was beautiful. >> the weather was gorgeous. >> how did you do? what was your time? >> right. >> i have one of those stickers on the back of my car that says 0.0. >> perfect. you were waiting with a lawn chair outside. new york was great yesterday for a marathon. we were fantastic with our gorgeous weekend weather, which has extended now to monday. we like that. mostly sunny skies out there, a few clouds, 73 into tampa. look at the dew points, they're very comfortable sitting at 58
9:46 am
what it feels like, it feels like the actual temperature. 71 in st. pete, and we're going to continue to climb out of the 70s. we'll get back into the low 80s this afternoon. above average for this time of year, but with the dew points in the 50s around 60, that's going to feel nice. tell you what, the wind, if you need a little breeze t breeze, it will be coming in gusty at times. partly cloudy at times, mostly sunny. big area of high pressure. you can see cover certainly the lack of rainfall across the southeastern u.s. that includes up to the northeast as we talked about. there it is. there's the rain that will eventually move through here, not as you see there, i don't think for wednesday. rain chance about 20 to 30%. there's a line of showers that move through. if we see that things get more moist for us here, we may have to bump up the rain chances. for now that would be our only day. we are hanging on to fantastic
9:47 am
not for boaters out there with a moderate chop. there you see the dry forecast tomorrow. front comes in wednesday: behind it it will turn less humid and a bit cooler. nothing as far as temperatures crashing. highs in the upper 70s. low 60s at the airport, which means a lot of 50s widespread across many of our area here through the early part of friday setting us up for a greater weekend, saturday, sunday, highs near 80. >> still to come this morning, a facebook mom in trouble with the law. why she should face jail time all because of a bowl of
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tv-commercial tv-commercial
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take a look at this right here. this building lost a few bricks along the way. this large building successfully made it through several blocks in denver on its way to its new location
9:51 am
circumstanceland's studio building. it's a century old. the kirkland museum for fun and decorative arts said the building arrived in front of its new home last night. it will be moved into place early this week. movers used remote controlled wheels to move the building eight blocks. the three room studio was the artistic home of painter vance cokeland. >> jail time for selling an illegal substance. >> we're not talking about drugs. we're talking about homemade seviche. seriously. the california woman had joined a facebook group where people share recipes. they organize pot lucks and occasionally sell food to each other. last year someone asked her for her version of the spanish dish seviche. that person was an undercover officer who charged her for not
9:52 am
don't have anything to take but i would love to buy a plate. they'd be off work. it was just like unreal that they were saying you could face a year in jail. >> the d. a. says selling food without a health inspection puts the person who eats it in real danger. it also undercuts business owners. the facebook group was given a warning. the ceo of star buck secret service urging his employees to embrace respect and dignity in election. howard schulz has publicly endorsed democrat hillary clinton for president but the letter does not suggest starbucks employees vote for a particular candidate on election day. he asks employees to share kindness, compassion, empathy and love. samsung is trying to redeem itself after making headlines for recent recalls. the company says it will offer a digital assistant in its upcoming galaxy s8.
9:53 am
without going through a third- party app, but by seemingly just asking the phone's virtual assistant for help. samsung is expected to unveil the next version of its flagship galaxy device. sales of the galaxy s8 will be crucial for the recovery of samsung's mobile business which has suffered big time following two global recalls of the galaxy note 7. toys"r"us is defying backlash about being open on thanksgiving with a 30-hour post thanksgiving shopping marathon. the store plans to open on thanksgiving a and stay open through 11 p.m. on black friday. the decision comes as some malls and retailers are deciding to stay closed on thanksgiving citing employee morale and slowing sales. macy's does plan to open on
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well, here we are. 83 with a high today, mostly sunny skies. partly cloudy at times looking good. rest of the day and tomorrow on the luncheon day. police officers find all sorts of crazy things during searches. but this is a new one. >> yeah ts. officers in australia found that cute little baby koala inside a woman's purse inside a traffic stop. a woman told them she found a baby koala and was taking care of it. the joey was >> vets are taking care of him before he's placed with a trained foster parent. >> looks like a stuffed animal. >> we've got continuing coverage of the day's top stories right now on abc action >> tampa bay's morning blend is
10:00 am
it's monday. good i'll carley boyette. >> i'm natalie taylor. and as always, we appreciate you kicking off your week with us here on tampa bay's morning blend. >> wait until you see our kitchen this morning. thanksgiving has arrived. when you look at it, it's just desserts over there, too. >> i'm not complaining. >> no we're not complaining. and we're going to show you how to make a pumpkin tiramisu. >> the fact that we're tackling


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